Horoscopes for the Week of Oct. 24th – 30th*

Yesterday, Oct. 23rd, the Sun transited into the sign of Scorpio at 12:51 am EDT. This week intensity builds. There’s a push to come to terms with what’s real and true. Scorpio has a reputation for being relentless when it comes to exposing what’s hidden – and some of the lies we continue to tell ourselves.. If it takes something devastating or painful to upend a delusion or lie, Scorpio is right for that job.

Scorpio is a magician, an occultist, and a transformer. He eliminates what’s stagnant and devoid of promise from your life – along with the comforting lies you might not want to release. Facing a harsh truth can be painful and challenging – but ultimately profoundly liberating.

Secrets and lies will be exposed faster and more thoroughly between now and Nov. 22nd. You might want to “get out in front of that.” Long running mysteries and cover-ups are likely to be revealed. Emotional heaviness could be an issue if you’re dealing with change or loss.

Venus in Sagittarius forms a challenging angle to Neptune in Pisces on Thursday. An old relationship, financial framework, or goal could be in the processes of weakening and dissolving. Unrealistic optimism or some stubbornly held beliefs could distort your judgement. Events and emotions could be hard to control.

On Thursday Venus sextiles Jupiter. There’s an opportunity to expand your reach within the realm of relationships or financial dealings. An opportunity involving re-connecting, socializing, and relating materializes. This could feel supportive and uplifting in some regard. Travel or a fortunate/promising expansion could materialize.

On Saturday the Sun squares Saturn while Mars transits into the sign of Scorpio. This is a test of your courage to endure a harsh truth, life-changing loss, or sudden “wake-up call.” You might realize you’re stronger than you thought you were and feel liberated, more in control, or confident as a result.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Mars in Libra continues to test your strength and endurance probably within the realm of relationships. A professional or financial challenge could feel transformative. Resisting change could apply some stress to your health. The Sun is busy highlighting a personal truth that’s hard to face. It might involve powerlessness or the assumption of powerlessness. It’s likely you’ll come to terms with what’s true sometime between now and Nov. 22nd. An emotional relationship might need to be released. On Saturday it’s time to muster the courage to face what needs to be faced. It’s likely you’ll survive and endure as you prove yourself to be much stronger, more courageous, and a more effective healer than you imagined you could be.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
The Sun in Scorpio intensifies your relationship with yourself and others. A difficult underlying truth could be exposed. You could be confronted with a relationships that’s been “in play” behind the scenes and out of sight for awhile. What is revealed could be hard to ignore. But Venus aligns with Juno in your 8th house of transformational change. A commitment to professional independence or doing it “your own way” to achieve what you want to achieve could be a transformational turning point. An opportunity may be thrown in your direction. This could be the result of some exposure or mental adjustment that’s clarifying something for you. It might be time to adjust your thinking or perspective. On Saturday you’re challenged to act with courage as relationship truths challenge your (financial) goals.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
This week there are some awkward adjustments involving love, communication, and a “behind the scenes urge” to disrupt or put an end to the current status quo. A commitment within the realm of relationships may be unrealistic, weakened, or delusional in some regard. Your profession, status, or life direction could be up for review. You might need to be the compassionate authority who intuitively knows when a delusion has run it’s course and needs to be released – maybe abruptly. The Sun is highlighting and intensifying your daily responsibilities and routines. Guilt might be easier than usual to transform as long as you’re dealing directly with what’s real and true. On Saturday your challenged to courageously face something you’d rather not. This could relate to the future, a commitment, or a liberating opportunity that’s presenting itself.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Mars in your 4th house of home, family, roots, and the past could involve some conflict within the realm of a personal partnership and the need for some transformational change. Some courageous action may be required by the end of the week. Facing what’s true could be emotionally challenging in general, but also with regard to romance, your own creativity, and/or a child or children. A commitment to hard work and responsibility opens doors related to magic, transformation, truth, and occult mysteries. A chance to “lift the veil” and to expose secret information gives you an unusual opportunity to wield more power in healing ways. It’s likely there’s some pain or vulnerability involved in achieving your own ambitious goals. An area of promise related to intuitive knowing or to accessing what lies beneath the surface of consciousness seems to prepare you for some unusual or enlightened contribution to group goals – beginning on January 19th, 2021.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
This week there’s some increased emotional intensity involving family, transformations, and ultimately, by the end of the week, an impressive “show of courage. Your job might be to keep things under control amidst lots of conflicting opinions, sibling involvement, or something that could be thrown wildly off balance with the “wrong” tone of voice” or a communication snafu. You’re likely to be challenged this week – financially, emotionally, directionally, and communicatively. As someone skilled in the art of building, re-enforcing, stabilizing, and strengthening, you might be faced with managing more than your share of breakdowns – emotional or otherwise. The weight of the world could pile up on your shoulders. Most likely that involves stepping out of your usual role and comfort zone while taking responsibility for playing a healing role. An opportunity emerges where love, expansion, travel, and committed relationships are involved.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
This week the Sun highlights your 3rd house of communication. The truth matters. But a confrontation with a personal or hidden truth might be unsettling. Resist the urge to evade and avoid. Now is the right time undermine a personal delusion or lie you might feel comfortable telling yourself. It’s tricky though. Most likely you’re not in a state of denial because you choose to be. More likely something habitual, subconscious, or a desire to avoid what’s painful is the culprit. This week is a good time to focus intently on questioning what “feels off” or more like “an excuse for not taking courageous action.” For you this might involve a truth related to finances, ownership, or an uneasy relationship between stability, expansion, and a potential disruption of routine plans for the future.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
This week your thoughts and interests involving love, expansion, and liberation align beautifully with an emerging romantic interest, or the desire to create something unusual in an unusually playful and spontaneous way. Now is the time to create something that is a reflection of who you are at your most authentic “best.” You’re likely to benefit financially. But the inherent joy involved seems to be the dominant motivation. The Sun’s transit into the sign of Scorpio yesterday could intensify your desire to to be more honest about what you want to build or create. Pushing through some fear or resistance to a committed relationship might open the door to an interest in higher education, travel, or a more exciting role related to disrupting the cultural status quo. Cultivating your communication skills to exert a stronger influence might be part of the emerging picture. Something on the “home-front” needs to be uprooted and transformed. Mars seems intent on “keeping the peace” but that seems unlikely and possibly ill-advised.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Scorpio is “in her element” as secrets are exposed and the underlying truth is highlighted. Something scandalous is likely to be involved. It’s time to get to the bottom of a lie you might be telling yourself – probably not on purpose, but as a way of evading and avoiding a truth that would require some action you might be afraid to take. There’s something more intense or threatening than usual affecting your style and approach to life. You might want to expose something potentially explosive that most likely involves “power players.” On Oct. 30th Mars transits over your ascendent. It’s likely you’ll need to act courageously and decisively, to tell the truth, or transform the nature of some powerfully corrupting influence. It’s likely you know something that someone doesn’t know you know. For Scorpio that’s likely a powerfully satisfying feeling. Your healing abilities might be the strongest power you possess.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Venus in Sagittarius aligns beautifully with Jupiter in Aquarius. An unusual adventure opens the door to new possibilities, opportunities, maybe some enlightened mind expansion, or connections with unusual new groups and friends. Most active and energized now is your 12th house of loss, things that slip away quietly, exert their influence from behind the scenes, and escape without passing through your conscious awareness. We might sense the beginning of the end, the arrival of something more emotionally intense, or beyond our ability to control. Vulnerabilities intensify. Healing energies are especially powerful when intentionally directed. The suggestion here is some kind of loss for a group or family. Memories are emotionally charged and feel active in real time. There is a push to act courageously in the interest of providing emotional support. A new beginning and change in focus is scheduled for January 19, 2021.

CAPRICORN (December 21 – January 21)
Capricorn has been in the process of a deep transformational change to their entire style and approach to life since since Jan. 27th of 2008. It’s likely you’re familiar with the process of deconstructing and undoing for the purpose of cultivating something more flexible, tolerant, and emotionally accommodating. In a sense you might be somewhat of an expert in the field of undoing or reversing course for the purpose of being able to assert your power and influence more effectively on a personal level. The Sun’s move into the sign of Scorpio in the group/community/social sector of your chart gives you the opportunity to assert your power or authority over the group or within your community. It would make sense if you’re advocating for something more compassionate, courageous, and humane. The wisdom of your personal experience can be shared to provide some emotional stability for those who might lack the ability to feel hopeful. The Sun challenges Saturn to courageously share the wisdom he’s accumulated through direct experience.

AQUARIUS (January 21 – February 21)
Saturn in your first house of courageous action moves into a challenging aspect with the Scorpio Sun in your 10th house of promoting transformational change through exposing what’s hidden and to advance the cause of healing. You might feel restrained or fearful but it looks like Venus will provide group support and acceptance that encourages you to be the unfiltered version of yourself. A disruption in family routines requires inconvenient or awkward adjustments. Mars move from the sign of Libra into the emotionally intense sign of Scorpio might signify the need for you to courageously provide some direction. Your words convey love, something entertaining, and permission for another to do what needs to be done in their own way, and in their own time. There is no “one size fits all” from an Aquarian perspective. Tradition might feel restrictive or a burden that’s hard to bear under current circumstances. A liberating message could feel right.

pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21 – March 21)
The Sun’s move into the sign of Scorpio highlights the 9th sector of your chart this week. Transformations, exposure to the truth, optimism, and future possibilities are highlighted. But there’s likely something challenging thrown into the mix that demands a confrontation with what’s actually true. Pisces is good at evading and avoiding. We all do it, but Pisces does it with flair in a myriad of entertaining, creatively artistic ways that serve to distract from the main point. Pisces is slippery and sometimes believes that what she subjectively experiences is real. But Saturn in the 12th house is likely to rein in Pisces gift for living a “dream world” free of what’s real. In fact you might have lots of access to wisdom you’ve acquired through direct experience. Make sure you’re not fooling yourself into believing that you’re dealing with the truth when you’re actually just afraid to take the action required to make yourself effective and to move forward.

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