Horoscopes for the Week of Sep. 5th – 11th

Tomorrow, September 6th the New Moon in Virgo symbolizes a practical new beginning involving your work, the nature of your responsibilities, and the direction of your focus. An upgrade or addition to the service you provide is indicated. Something cleaner, more organized, efficient and effective is a possibility. .

Uranus trines this new Moon. Something liberating, unexpected, disruptive and enlightening could be the result of a more detached or dispassionate perspective that’s clarifying. Something unexpected and disruptive is highly supportive of self-improvement, and the new beginning that’s about to be being set in motion. Introducing a new way of communicating or opening the door to unusual or magical methods of clarifying what’s hidden is a possibility.

A change in routine could be part of the emerging picture. Viewing your social life and your purpose from a radically new perspective is eye-opening. An “inner agreement or integration” brings your purpose into alignment with your feelings and current security.needs.

Mercury in Libra rules this new beginning. A rational, thoughtful, balanced approach to relationships is required – especially with regard to what you want to cultivate for the future. Communication within the realm of parenting might get easier in some regard. You might “crack the code” or discover a way to relate that’s thus far been elusive..

A difficult transformation involving relationships, success, financial realities, or your current status within the public realm might be “in play.”

If you’ve been waiting for a liberating, enlightening new beginning, your wait may be over. Cleaning, clearing, and organzing could highlight a neglected, abused, or lost piece of yourself that needs to be healed and revived.

On Friday, Sep 10th at 4:39 PM Venus leaves the sign of Libra and enters the sign of Scorpio. Before the end of this week a closer inspection of issues related to intimacy, financial partnerships, trust, or facing what’s true takes hold.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
This week Chiron, the “forever wound” or chronic vulnerability that can’t be cured, but courageously “pushed through” – is highlighted. You might be tempted to shrink from a challenge that involves work, more responsibility, the courage to make some meaningful improvements or to initiate something new. pPurify whats become contaminated, distorted, or highly inefficient within the workplace might be an issue. It might be time to clean up your diet, to get some exercise or more rest – and to address any health concerns that arise. Mercury in Libra, the ruler of this new Moon requires something more balanced within the realm of relationships – but also with regard to your work, health, and routines. Uranus promotes something surprising and liberating involving finances, joint finances, or a satisfying source of nourishment. Something transformative involving your goals, status or professional life might need to be healed. An old relationship betrayal might continue to exert an undermining influence. It’s time to clean, clear, and release what’s old and no longer useful.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Uranus, the planet of liberation, dispassion, detachment, and enlightenment is exerting an especially strong influence over you and your life this week. A new beginning or radical change involves your approach to life, your 5th house of love, and creative self-expression. You’re encouraged to clean, clear, de-contaminate, organize, and release anything you suspect is undermining your capacity to love and be loved. Something you’re deeply devoted to – protecting what’s sacred maybe – could be undermined by future concerns or mounting responsibilities that seem to be overwhelming. There’s something very promising related to communication, parenting, and disrupting the status quo. It might be time to release an old commitment or plan for the future that’s outdated or no longer realistic. Something that sets you free to love does not involve sex-abuse or neglect.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
This new Moon highlights your 4th house of home, family, foundations that support you, and dealings with the past. Mercury opposes Chiron. Something involving love and relationships reaches a culmination point. An area of vulnerability involving groups, belonging, or uninhibited self-expression might require the courage to initiate something new or to take some risk. A decision and a move toward something more balanced might be significant. Cleaning and clearing your home of past negative influences could trigger the release of something involving abuse or self-abuse. Parenting, discussions, and communication flows in a promising direction. Love, justice, and fairness predominates. There’s an opportunity to be especially creative with words and ideas. Bottom line – this is a liberating and enlightening new Moon especially if you’re willing to release the past, forgive, and to de-contaminate anything that interferes with love or what you love. Maybe it’s time to relocate. Maybe it’s time to move on.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
This new Moon highlights your third house of communication, sibling relationships, and objective analysis. Something involving b groups, friends, your social life, sudden change, or direct contact with the public, liberates you from a mind-set that’s been limiting in some regard. Old grudges involving siblings could be released. Cleaning, clearing, de-contaminating, and forgiving allows for a future of expansive, magical possibilities. Something inspiring and uplifting could take hold as a result of releasing some old self-justification, resentment, or grudge. Going through your files, organizing paperwork, throwing things out that are no longer useful, clarifying the message, and speaking the truth are all effective methods for moving forward into the future. Clarifying what your aiming for without the “old baggage” that distorts what would be truly nourishing for you and your future is the gift of this new Moon.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
This week the Virgo new Moon provides a new beginning and something more liberating and enlightening involving your role in the world or the nature of the kind of success you want to cultivate. Cleaning, clearing, and de-contaminating might involve assessing the worth and value of what you own or your personal estimation of your real worth and value. What you keep and what you discard might clarify what is most stabilizing and nourishing for you. The way you operate within a financial partnership or with regard to issues of intimacy might reveal something more about who you are, what you keep hidden, or what you haven’t yet forgiven yourself for. An imbalance could be corrected through an unexpected revelation or dealing with something difficult. The act of organizing, cleaning, clearing, and de-contaminating could clarify why you might need to fix any imbalances by doing more than your fair share share of the work.For Leo something liberating and enlightening could change your values and priorities or the nature of the kind of success you want to cultivate – and what you’re willing to sacrifice.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
For Virgo this is a new beginning involving your style and approach to life and relationships. What has been unbalanced – possibly the result of your willingness to sacrifice your own needs within a relationship – can be corrected. The remedy might be trusting your instincts to lead you in the right direction or initiating something new that deviates from the status quo or your usual routine. Cleaning, clearing, and de-contaminating anything that interferes with the health and the vitality of your physical body seems important. Mind/body alignments might need to be promoted. Something very liberating or enlightening is possible with regard to your future. The “doors could swing open” with regard to higher education, publishing, teaching, a well-planned expansion, or something more exciting and inspiring. All communications involving parents or parenting are well supported. Adopting a new and different perspective on committed relationships creates new opportunities.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
Practical new beginnings for Libra involve the most sensitive, hidden, inaccessible, or unconscious sector of your chart. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes that involves cleaning, clearing, simplifying, de-contaminating, and a willingness to release what’s no longer in your best interest. Forgiveness is key. Meditation might be especially important throughout the coming week. Nessus, the asteroid of self abuse that allows you to tolerate what may be destructive to your health – faces some strong opposition under this Virgo new Moon. Something liberating and enlightening involves a willingness to detach from what you’ve been deeply attached to, and to release some chronic resistance to what’s true. Issues related to intimacy or financial partnerships ere highlighted. Pluto in your 4th house of home and family trines Mars in your 12th house. There’s lots of support for transforming the nature of your relationship with your home and family, or forgiving yourself for not being perfect. Relationships need to be transformed in ways that could present a challenge to some aspect of your overall style and approach to life.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
New beginnings might involve a cleaning, clearing, and a de-contamination process involving your social life, friends, the community, or “the company you keep”. There’s some strong opposition under this new Virgo Moon to any tendency you might have toward self-abuse or sacrifice in matters of love. Something liberating involves a break with the status quo and old routines within the realm of relationships. Something enlightening – a flash of insight possibly – might clarify what needs to change. Surprisingly what’s been in play for a long time might suddenly cone to a close. Cleaning, clearing, eliminating actions tend to increase the power and influence of your words and ideas. Some awkward adjustments might be required as what’s been hidden under layers of distractions is revealed and eliminated.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
For Sagittarius this Virgo new Moon beginning might involve your profession or issues related to your goals and success. A cleaning, clearing, organizational effort may be set in motion. It might be time to eliminate what’s excessive and no longer useful. Your ability to get organized might determine the extent of your success. There might be some strong opposition to your willingness or habit of making things harder for yourself in some regard. On a different note it might be time to forgive your family for not being perfect – or anywhere close to it. Something your deeply devoted to – something that’s “sacred to you” might flow in a direction that involves preparation, knowing the answers, or communicating effectively in a areas that are unusual, magical, or extraordinary in some regard. Some kind of challenging concession involves an area of talent or brilliance that needs to reined in, structured, organized, and free of interesting but useless details. A monumental undertaking might need to be micromanaged by you. Something surprisingly liberating could involve your work, health, or the nature of your responsibilities.

CAPRICORN (December 21 – January 21)
For Capricorn a selective, cleaning, clearing, de-contaminating process might need to be applied to your current mindset and to the kind of possibilities you entertain as you attempt to choose what will “hit the target” you’re aiming for. Too many options could confuse what might otherwise be clarifying.An organized structure or disciplined method for arriving at the right decision might need to be consistently applied. A simplified method might need to be devised for maximum efficiency. There’s something very promising related to making improvements within a targeted area. What might be most effective is something as simple as choosing what you you love most and arranging the details around that basic imperative. It’s fortunate that something liberating and unexpected (Uranus) might clarify what you love most. This could be easier than you think. Saturn trines Ceres under this new Virgo Moon. There’s something very supportive about a few, basic, unchanging rules combined with the cultivation of a plan for the future that works. It’s good to avoid something self sacrificial that’s basically unnecessary.

AQUARIUS (January 21 – February 21)
Under this “Virgo new Moon beginning” some basic rules and guidelines make parenting or cultivating unusual interests and ideas easier – and potentially more success. Now is the time to t de-contaminate, clean, clear, release and purify anything that has the capacity to distort the truth or to make it easier for you to insist on your own fantasy version of the truth. Empowerment vs. disempowerment is the issue. Now is the time to face a truth that will align you with your most natural – and therefore most powerful – way of being. It’s helpful to refuse to tolerate anything that feels like self-abuse or the need to make things harder than they need to be by including too many variables to too much information. It’s possible a release from the past, from family traditions, or the temptation to follow in your mother’s footsteps rather than your own, might be unexpectedly liberating in some regard. Forgiveness is key. Moving forward might get a lot easier as old routines break apart. A move to different location might begin to feel important or necessary.

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PISCES (February 21 – March 21)
For Pisces this “new Moon beginning” involves a cleaning, clearing, de-contaminating process that involves uprooting old distorted patterns in relationships and the unification of your emotional needs with the central purpose of your life. It might be hard to move forward without disrupting old routines and relationships. There’s lots of resistance under this new Moon to anything that resembles meaningless self-sacrifice or self abuse. On the other hand forgiveness can be incredibly liberating. Self-talk might be an issue. The pattern of undermining things you say to yourself, about yourself might be permanently disrupted under this new Moon influence. Cleaning and clearing the distorting residue of old relationships supports your move into a healthier way of operating. Jupiter trines Venus. Your “luck in love” improves. But it’s not really luck. It’s more a willingness to let go of a style and approach to life and relationships that was role modeled for you and therefore easy to step into.


  1. Barbara George:

    And I thank you for writing and sharing, Holly. Always look forward to reading what the coming week has in store. Read your take, file it in my inner storage, forget it as I move through the week, allowing the energy of the planets to shift and shuffle my life’so journey. What an interesting journey it is and has been. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing insights. YOU ARE AWESOME!

    • Admin:

      Barbara…Thank you so much for reading what I write and for taking the time to write a note. The people I’ve made contact with as a result of my posts have been amazing. I would agree. It’s been quite a journey. Wouldn’t change most of it 🙂 You are Awesome!

      Gratefully, Holly

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