Horoscopes for the Week of Sep. 26th – Oct. 2nd



During that time we’ll have 21 days to focus on reviewing and rethinking the nature of relationships in general – and our own relationships.  Venus, Libra’s ruler, is currently placed in the sign of Scorpio. This makes the review critical in some regard. The feeling that our survival may be at stake accompanies this complex review.

On Wednesday Venus moves into a trine aspect with Neptune. It’s possible and advised to rely at least in part on your intuition, feeling, and maybe some prophetic dreams as you reconsider some important relationship decisions. Balance, justice, or fairness  could be the issue. A moment of clarity might not arrive until early next week to give you some clear direction, and to ease your way forward.

On Wednesday, Sep 29th The Libra Sun trines Saturn at 6 degrees of Aquarius. You might be able to use your talent to negotiate or compromise, as you devise some innovative plan or solution. Some rules may need to be agreed upon for the sake of your own  “peace of mind.”

But on Thursday Venus in Scorpio squares Jupiter at 22 degrees of Aquarius. The need to take action, possibly within the realm of relationships, could involve trust and some secretive tendency to overdo or over-indulge. Overspending and keeping it secret might be an issue. One partner may be hiding something from the other. This could involve a “guilty pleasure.” Manipulation and exploitation is a possibility. A reflexive urge to rebel against any rules or oversight could feel unfair and unbalanced.

On Fri. Oct. 1st Mars in Libra opposes Chiron in Aries. A mandate to “go along and get along” might conflict with your need to push through fear or an area of vulnerability and to courageously” take a stand.”   Maybe a recommended prescription or cure  conflicts with your instincts re: what would be most effective. Maybe you can trace back to a “distorting wound” that makes advocating for yourself within relationships especially difficult.  Something important could be clarified.

Also on Friday Mercury in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn. This activates lots of anxiety around resistance to releasing something you’re deeply attached to – or to revealing a truth that’s inconvenient.

On Saturday a sextile aspect between Venus in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn presents an opportunity to build trust by being more transparent, willing to release total control, or a focus on yourself to enhance personal power.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Aries is comfortable taking action. But between tomorrow and October 17th when Mercury reverts into retrograde motion, it might be time to reconsider whether past choices were made at a time when you trusted yourself and your instincts – or at a time when you were easily influenced and might have veered off course. For Aries first instincts and impressions are usually right. Your first thought is usually the best one. So unlike most, your review might simply be a validation of the choices you made. But if something you chose feels uncomfortable it might be wise to give it a second look. Maybe it’s almost right but not quite. Maybe your implementation could use some improvement. Maybe you’re not quite “all in” with your decision, or giving other’s mixed messages so they don’t know how to support you and your decision. By Oct. 7th you should receive a clarifying message that could make it so “you’re all in” if you’re not already.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
For Taurus issues this week involve a review of your relationship to your work, your co-workers, the responsibilities you’ve agreed to take on, or the sacrifices you make on a daily basis. The ongoing review will last until Oct. 17th. It might be your job to keep the “ship afloat.” But you might have some real doubts about your ability to stay strong and to carry the heavy load you’re carrying. A review of what you expect of yourself could be clarifying. You might take pride in your capacity to heal and to serve. Physically, mentally, and spiritually you might need a rest or a return to something more balanced. You might need to feel more appreciated. It might be good to have someone who’s “walked in your shoes in the past”to support and advise you. It might be good to remind your self that taking the “high road” was a choice you made long ago when you were especially inspired. This all seems naturally aligned with who you are and how you approach the world. Venus in Taurus tends to complicate relationships. You might feel your survival is at stake in some regard. Being honest and truthful seems non-negotiable, though suspicions are likely to surface. You might have to delve deep for answers.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
For most Mercury retrograde is a chance to reconsider and review in order to make some improvements and to move forward. But for Gemini this can be treacherous. Reversing course and reviewing the past might remind you of the way things used to be -or trigger some longing for the past. A tendency to remember the past as a better time could make things harder than they need to be. The past may not be your friend at this time. Any effective action you might consider taking is routed in the present moment. You might need to be especially meticulous when it comes to forgiving, forgetting, or releasing so you can take the courageous, innovative, intelligent action you need to take. Start from where you are now. Learn from past mistakes but don’t dwell on them. A fresh new start is what Gemini does best. The here and now is where all the potential lies. You can trust yourself. Your ability to switch gears with ease works to your advantage.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
This week the Sun, Mercury, and Mars all reside in your 4th house of home, family, relationships, and the past. Security is “front and center” as it always is for Cancer. Your sense of security is intricately connected to home, family and the past. It might be mandatory this week to push through an area of vulnerability in order to restore balance. Sep. 27th through Oct. 17th is a chance to review, backtrack, or to recover what’s been lost – the trust you once had in yourself or another possibly. Going along and getting along might not work as well as it once did where balancing work or your public life with your home life wasn’t as complicated an issue. The Sun aligns beautifully with Neptune. On or around Oct. 7th you might receive some clarity related to intuition, dreams, or a happen-stance occurrence that seems to aligns with the answers you need. Venus in Scorpio always makes relationships, trust, honesty and intimacy a complicated, somewhat treacherous matter.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)

It’s counterintuitive, but the key to moving though a period when things are frustrating and not moving in your favor is to release your grip on the situation. focus on something different, and remember how this has probably worked out in the past. If you obsessed day and night trying desperately to find the solution, you might have ended up being discouraged, sick, or disappointed. But if you moved on or kept moving in whatever direction was opened to you the original problem solved itself with little effort on your part. That seems to be the case now as Mercury prepares to move into retrograde motion tomorrow. “Trust yourself and trust the process” is the dominant message. Things might not resolve as quickly as you want them to, but it’s likely you’ll benefit from a flash of insight or an abundance of clarity on or around October 7th. You’ll know what needs to be pursued and what can be ignored.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
Your second house of money, financial security, values, and priorities is highlighted this week. It’s possible financial partnerships are involved. Now is your chance to review this area of life, to bring something more closely into view – or into balance between now and Oct. 17th. This could involve building a stronger financial foundation to support your self and your aspirations. You need to feel that you’re standing on solid ground. Certainty and discernment seems to be an issue. You might be challenged to choose wisely amidst an array of options. It can feel right to reject what doesn’t resonate and to align your choices with with who you are and what you want. Connecting to something deeper as you make important decisions that are right for you seems critical. Trust yourself. Asking for various opinions from others tends to scatter your energies. Stay focused as you move through a careful review. Pay attention as Mercury is likely to provide some clarity on or around October 7th.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
Now, as Mercury reverses course it might be a good time for you to review your options and choices and to trust yourself to choose wisely. Libras are often multi-talented and in love with lots of things. Sometime they get too involved in making others happy, loose their connection to themselves, or an important source of inner knowing/intuition. Now is a good time to look at options and to consider whether or not you want to pursue any of them. It’s good to feel free to reject or accept any of them based on what you love and what feels right to you. Intuitively you might know immediately – or you might have to mull it over for awhile. This should be treated as a sacred process. But it could be ideal to wait until around October 7th to decide to accept of reject an option. It’s likely you’ll have a flash of insight and some new clarity around then.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Between now and Oct. 17th is the time to re-balance the scales, to let something go, and to ask some courageous questions. In general love may be a disappointment in some regard. It might be complicated but advantageous to arrange for a release of what’s not working. Inevitably you’ll need to turn inward to look for answers. Maybe its good to be alone while you ask some harder questions of yourself. If you’re counting on another to make you happy it might be time to reconsider how effective that strategy has been. Loss might be something you struggle to avoid. But in this case it could be necessary, advantageous, and re-balancing in important ways. Some old restrictions within the family might have taught you the wrong kind of lessons. Its not generally beneficial to look outside yourself for answers or quick, painless solutions. Trusting your instincts or trusting your ability to love yourself more will lead you in the right direction.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Now might be the right time enter into a collaboration with another, to trust your mate or teammates, to take on a task that requires different points of view, different skills, and to trust another. Between now and Oct. 17th it might be time to review your approach to going it alone. Something that seems or too difficult to tackle on your own could become a reality with the inclusion and support of others. The limits of what you know could be a factor in your decision to collaborate. Others could be relied upon for new ideas or approaches. Stimulating your own creativity could also be an issue. Foreign influences could present entirely new approaches to something that once felt impossible. . Trust yourself to take a leap of faith. Sagittarians are actually really good at taking adventurous risks if there’s a chance to expand their influence and the impact they’re able to make.

CAPRICORN (December 21 – January 21)
Capricorns often feel they need go it alone even if a loyal, trusted partner can be relied upon. Capricorns have a few things to learn about trusting others and how that “act” alone tends to make those you rely upon more trust worthy. Between now and Oct. 17th you’ll be inspired to bring things into balance and to ground yourself in the reality of your current circumstances rather than the past. Restoring balance is the issue. Fear is ever-present for Capricorn. But often it’s an illusion – something that’s grown comfortable because it never leaves you. You can rely on yourself. But maybe it’s time to trust a partner – one whose demonstrated many times, in many ways, how reliable and supportive they can be – even if their methods are unfamiliar or different from your own.

AQUARIUS (January 21 – February 21)
There is a call to trust yourself more. Too many curve balls may have been thrown in your direction for you to have innate trust in the fact that things will turn out well for you. But fear is often irrational. Mercury retrograde may be showing you how to reverse course and to reconsider the option of trusting yourself. Aquarius is prone to sudden unanticipated reversals. But on balance Aquarius might experience just as many “sudden strokes of amazing luck” and good fortune. And the good fortune tends come in the form of some wildly unanticipated divine intervention and love. It’s time to be honest. When all is said and done you can trust yourself to come up with some innovative ways to navigate through and land on your feet no matter what. Perhaps you could take a few more chances in the interest of spicing things up and making it all more exciting.

pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21 – March 21)
Disillusionment might be a frequent occurrence for Pisces as they tend to live in a dream world of possibilities that don’t seem to materialize in quite the way they expected. Often the missing ingredient is a rational, realistic, disciplined plan of action. This could involve trusting yourself more to use your amazing intuition to create real innovative solutions. Emotions can overwhelm. But it’s your job not to let that happen. It’s your job to dream big and to take action to make it real. No one is better than Pisces at magically creating a dreamy scenario. But even magicians prepare in advance, practice a lot to advance their skills, and make what’s hard look easy. That’s you. Your job is to do the work, to make what’s hard look easy, and to inspire others in the process.

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