Horoscopes for the Week of Aug. 15th – 21st

For the Week of Aug 15 – Aug. 21, 2021

Leo continues to be an important focus of your attention in one specific sector of your chart and your life. It’s illuminating and energizing in ways that might be uncomfortable or reassuring depending on the aspects involved.

Mercury and Mars are currently placed in the sign of Virgo. Practical improvements involve bold, effective communication, attention to detail, a tighter focus on targeted action to ensure a measurable improvement. Being reliably accurate and informative seems important.

A Virgo Mars sets higher standards. Close enough is never good enough. A devotion to “upping your game” or improving “your craft” seems timely. Whatever it takes to compete at a higher level might need to be considered. This involves self-discipline, possibly a sacrifice, courage, and probably lots of work to get it organized. Problem solving could revolve around greater efficiency, effectiveness, or some time-saving measures.

On Aug 16th, Venus enters the sign of Libra. An opportunity to balance what’s become lopsided within the realm of relationships or with regard to finances is delivered. It’s efficient to take advantage of the fact that between Aug. 16th and September 10th it will likely be easier to engage another, to address the issue, and to make the kind of corrections you want to make. Cooperation won’t be hard to illicit. There’s lots of support for disrupting the current status quo and replacing it with something mutually beneficial. Libra is known for her extraordinary negotiation and diplomatic skill.

On Tuesday Aug 17, 2021 at 9:31 AM Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces inconjunct the Leo Sun. It’s important to use the intuitive/artistic/creative talents you possess to promote a liberating transformation that could re-energizes your life. The challenge is to detach from something you’ve become deeply attached to that might be quietly undermining you in some regard. A significant shift in perspective may be a challenge to accomplish but necessary for the sake of progress. Making the inner concession you’ve habitually resisted makes your life easier. Getting on the same page with yourself and your life purpose moves you in a direction you might be longing to go.

Saturn retrograding in Aquarius seems to suggest a return to something that worked well in the past. That could feel awkward, counter-intuitive, or regressive. But Saturn retrograde puts you in touch with deeper levels of understanding that connect you to what feels most natural and authentic for you – your life’s purpose possibly. It might be the right time to integrate an original or innovative idea.

Aquarius is defined as having “no personal concerns.” (Personally, as an Aquarian I might refute that.) But there is a strong, unrelenting urge to take responsibility for uplifting or assisting humanity in some regard. Centering your life around the idea that most accurately reflects who you are who you are can seem non-negotiable for Aquarius. Aquarius can veer off into some dark or extreme places without a larger purpose to support their reason for existing.

On Wednesday, August 18th Mars in Virgo inconjuncts Chiron in Aries. You may be blocked when confronted with an area of personal vulnerability, pain, and fear. A healing opportunity presents itself – a rare chance to integrate an important disconnected piece of yourself – to build confidence, or to finally “slay the dragon” that prevents you from feeling whole, powerful, and integrated.

On Thursday, Aug 19th, the Sun in Leo opposes Jupiter in Aquarius at 14 degrees – while at the same time Uranus shifts into retrograde motion. (Uranus’s “shift into retrograde motion” is the most important part.) Change may be initiated at deeper levels of your being. It’s possible a “flash of insight” or shift at deeper levels of awareness could begin to dissolve fear and a habitual resistance to change. Reservoirs of timeless wisdom become more readily accessible. Intuition clarifies what’s been confusing. Ancestors and loved ones who have passed on serve as trusted guides helping to liberate and enlighten you.

A course correction or reversal may need to be considered while Uranus transits in retrograde motion – August 19, 2021 until January 18, 2022

When Uranus is highlighted your choice is to change, bend or break. Uranus won’t hesitate to break you if you insist on resisting progress along more authentic or enlightened lines.

“Flexibility is your friend” when it comes to changing routines, detaching from what you’ve become too attached to, or disrupting what’s old and outdated. An agreement to soften an “inflexible stance” allows for progress.. A simple attitude adjustment could ease your way forward.

On Aug 20, 2021 at 4:06 AM —– Mercury in Virgo trines Uranus at 14 degrees of Taurus. There’s support for purifying, simplifying, and stabilizing relationships and/or financial concerns. A significant breakthrough that liberates or enlightens you in some regard is well-supported.

(If you’re feeling emotionally sensitive this week it’s because we’re headed for a FULL MOON AT 29 DEGREES 37′ OF AQUARIUS ON SUNDAY AUGUST 22ND AT 8:02 AM EDT. It’s a topic for next week but you’ll probably start to feel it build this week.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
This week your 5th house of love and creative self-expression continues to be illuminated, energized, and demanding of your attention. You might sense it’s time to showcase your talents, to be more expressive with your feelings, or more courageous and adventurous when the issue involves sex and love. Taking a few risks while expressing yourself with more creative confidence seems timely. There is some awkward misalignment that could block you though. It’s related to releasing something your attached to that seems to involve an old professional disappointment, demotion, or betrayal. It’s probably past time to let that go. Equally problematic might be a tendency to abuse, neglect, or to make yourself a victim in love. There’s a good chance Uranus might help you fix that through a flash of insight or clarity that makes you more comfortable in your own skin.

Chiron remains front and center in your 1st house suggesting the need to push through an area of vulnerability and pain related to balance, an intense focus on relationships, and a devotion to love and commitment. A healing opportunity presents itself as a rare opportunity to integrate a disconnected piece of yourself – to build confidence and “finally slay the dragon” that prevents you from feeling whole.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
The Sun continues to illuminate, creatively energize, and clarify something related to your home, family, and the past. A creative approach to family issues or relationships might be effective – especially if they involve a child or children. There’s a chance for some complete transformation and some additional empowerment involving the future and a release of the need for strict control over the future. Additionally you might need to manage a tendency to feel the suffering of the masses as though it belonged to you personally – or you were somehow responsible for it.

An opportunity to balance what’s become imbalanced within the realm of relationships – or with regard to finances is delivered. It’s time to take advantage of the fact that between August 16th and Sep. 10th it might be easier to start the conversation, to engage another, or to make the corrections you want to make. Cooperation won’t be hard to attract. There’s lots of support for disrupting the status quo and replacing it with something mutually beneficial.

Venus in Virgo currently resides in your 5th house inconjuncting Jupiter. There’s a misalignment between the expectation that everything should be fixed and fine immediately – and the need to appreciate and celebrate incremental progress – especially when love and enlightened leadership is involved.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
This week the Sun continues to illuminates and energizes your 3rd house of communication, siblings, and truth-telling. A creative and exciting approach to making the right connections or ensuring the facts support what you believe to be true is indicated. You might be proud of the ideas your generating or even prouder of your ability to apply them in useful ways. A blockage between two misaligned or opposing urges – or a failure to integrate the two might result in an error that disempowers you in some regard.

For Gemini this could involve outstanding professional expertise with regard to the public and some ego gratification that needs to be sacrificed for the sake of creative freedom – or something you value more. Maybe it’s not the right time to cultivate fame and fortune. Nessus, the planet of abuse or self-abuse may have run it’s course. An abusive cycle may be ending as Uranus in 12th house could drastically shift or disrupt the “subconscious program” currently operating within the deepest recesses of your mind and heart.

Mercury and Mars align in the sign of Virgo in your 4th house of home and family. Actively and boldly pushing forward your ideas or solutions on the home front seems non-negotiable. Asking some hard questions involving the direction of your life as well as plans that ideas that may not be fully developed or accurate is important.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
This week the Sun highlights your 2nd house of money, values, priorities, or a move into your most natural (and therefore powerful) way of being. Ideally generating an income involves doing what you love, managing your resources well, or developing some innate talent, while enhancing your sense of self worth. Ideas you may be generating this week – possibly related to financial partnerships – might be especially innovative and exciting. Saturn is urging a review of what’s worked in the past with regard to some magical healing powers or expertise.

Complications involve your traditional role within the realm of relationships and possibly some hesitation or resistance to releasing an old role. Actualizing your full potential financially might be a goal. Neptune in the 9th house might make it awkward to consider plans for future financial liberation and expansion. A devotional focus on home, family, and the past needs to be balanced and aligned possibly with a professional healing role in the public domain. More risk may be required. You might need to decide whether or not to stick with the current plan or “the story of your life as it’s currently unfolding.a’ Chances are you might need to take closer look, analyze the data, acknowledge some gaps in the plan or ideas that may be incomplete or unfulfilled. It might be time to seek out more information and to have the conversation that could clarify exactly what’s missing and what’s required. Cancer need to be secure within themselves.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
The Sun in your 1st house illuminates and energizes issues related to your physical body, your most natural style and approach to life, or your ability to courageously initiate something new. There could be some blockage, fear, or awkwardness as you strive to come to terms with fearful possibilities and harsh realities you’d prefer to avoid or ignore. (Death and dying is the issue most of us like to “edit out” of the conversation or to avoid considering within a long-term plan.) This week it might be hard to avoid reality as Uranus (or a sibling) provides a wake-up call that encourages you to move in a more balanced, realistic, or practical direction.

Love might supersede fear. It might be important for you to be operating at an optimal level when it comes to financial stability, ownership, or managing resources efficiently. A turning point or decision point may be important as you review the merits of an idea, belief, love affair, or plan for expansion. Most likely something is incomplete, in need of revision, more scrutiny, or analysis to determine where the weak points are – and to clarify the gaps that need to be “filled in.” Practical action within the financial realm might be possible, necessary, or the pivotal issue around which everything revolves. You might decide the current reality or plan isn’t working for you. A change in future plans or life direction might be necessary and liberating.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)

This week the Sun illuminates the hidden sector your chart and your life. Things we’re not aware of, aspects of ourselves and others we don’t want to know, and painful endings we don’t want to remember are illuminated and energized in ways that can feel disturbing or overwhelming. Dreams might highlight what’s hidden. Flashes of insight or the truth might clarify or explain what’s never made sense. Now you may have access to sources of ancient wisdom or memories that go back lifetimes. Inspiration and intuition flow in ways that assist you with artistic creations. The trick is to be able to integrate the information you receive without harsh judgements and with as much compassion for yourself as possible. This week could provide an amazing healing opportunity.

Mercury in your 1st house aligns with Mars to activate measurable improvements to to your overall style and approach life. Something more organized, efficient, effective or discriminating might need to be applied to your role within relationships or within the world. A choice or decision might need to be made involving the domestic sector of your life as it relates to your profession, life direction, how you define success, or what you most want to achieve. A life direction change might involve a move toward what feels most promising for you. You might have experienced lifetimes of learning how to establish security for yourself and others no matter how disruptive the circumstances were. A decision to move in a new direction might be liberating without being too destabilizing.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
Opportunities for creativity, talent development, or showcasing your talents might involve groups, community activism, revolutionary leanings, or the consolidation of power behind an idea or cause that reflects the essence of who you are. The audience you attract might be most stimulated by the innovative or futuristic ideas and beliefs you support. (As the week progresses emotional sensitivity increases especially within the most creative and loving sectors of your chart.

Venus in your 12th house of what’s hidden, subconscious, and highly susceptible to a compassionate or intuitive approach, may be having some “issues” involving overly optimistic or inflated expectations that could lead to disappointments in love. Attracting the right kind of partner or the kind of attention you want might be elusive. It seems there may be some awkwardness or resistance to aligning your expectations with an unconscious desire for perfection – especially within the realm of relationships. Lowering your expectations while working harder behind the scenes to establish a pure and internally balanced relationship with yourself seems to be the antidote that fixes everything.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
The Sun in your 10th house of your public persona, your relationship with the public, professional identity, status, or life direction is illuminated and highly energized. Next week’s impending full Moon in your 4th house of security and domestic concerns triggers a clarification, culmination, turning point, or ending. Gradually you might feel the emotional impact of inflated expectations or an obligation to return to what worked in the past, or some old basic rules, or ideas from the past that continue to survive. Devotion to a relationship that’s ended may be rooted in a desire to avoid vulnerability or pain relates to perfectionistic performances or fear of a lack of basic competence with regard to making improvements or managing your life. It may be time to address the pain involved “head-on” to push yourself through the fear. You can’t totally fix this but you can come close to “slaying the dragon” that undermines confidence.

Mars in Virgo in your 11th house seems to push you further in the direction of some courageous work that heals the masses. Mercury in the sign of Virgo triggers the need for a decision related to some area of talent or expertise developed over the period of many lifetimes that could promote something promising related to your life purpose. This seems to involve communication, writing, or something risky (personal exposure) with profound implications for healing. Secrets might need to be shared for the benefit of a cause that transcends personal considerations.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
The Sun energizes and illuminates your 9th house of the future – liberation, expansion, travel, higher education, and publishing. Future plans might be the focus of your attention. Expectations might be exaggerated. But enthusiasm, hope, and belief is likely to lead you in the direction you want to go. Doubt might creep in if you haven’t yet released some old fear or the memory of financial betrayal that “in and of itself” could derail your plans. Doubt is “deadly” when it comes to cultivating a dream. You can’t afford it. The other sticking point might be some reluctance to let go of an old source of security.

Uranus is busy disrupting old routines, habits, jobs, or your health status to forge a breakthrough. Extreme pressure or a shock to the system may be applied for the purpose of adopting a more enlightened way of being in the world. A desire for professional improvement or a move in the direction of success might entail the release of an old, out-dated, independent approach to life, in favor of something more promising involving partnership, commitment, and the cultivation of trust. A vulnerability related to doubts about love or your creative potential need to confronted and pushed through.

CAPRICORN (December 21 – January 21)
This week the 8th sector of your chart is illuminated, exposed, and the focus of your attention. Financial partnerships, issues related to intimacy, trust, power-sharing, and maybe some powerful occult influences are highlighted. The creative ideas, innovative solutions or trust you’ve built within a partnership arrangement might have increased your own personal power in some regard. Partnerships may be a source of pride this week.

But also housed in the 8th house are all the secrets involving “where the bodies are buried.” Subjects that are deeply uncomfortable and rarely surface may be on full display. If you’re trying to hide something (an intimate affair or something exploitative) this could be a precarious week for you. On the other hand the truth might be profoundly liberating.

Mercury in Virgo, a profoundly practical influence, begins to question the substance of an idea, plan, it’s financial worth, or whether expectation and what’s promised could be inflated or over-hyped. The facts need to analyzed and carefully considered. Improvements may need to be made. It might be necessary to get more information to plug any holes in your plan. It might be time to have the conversation and to get some valuable feedback.

AQUARIUS (January 21 – February 21)
This Week the Sun illuminates and energizes your 7th house of relationships. There’s a source joy, pride, or relief connected to a relationship – or your role within a relationship. It might feel feel supportive, reliable, or better than you’d hoped for. On the other hand it’s possible what’s clarified is disappointing. Either way your confidence is enhanced by knowing where you stand.

Blockages may involve a reluctance to look too closely at the substance or financial stability of a partner. Wishful thinking might replace reality. Blockages might also relate to some old, ingrained sense of guilt or heavy responsibility associated with being unable save the world – or a relationship. Saturn suggests a reversal or return to something that was successful in the past involving your style and approach to life. Something uncomfortable or hidden related to communication or an idea you’ve developed needs further scrutiny to detect weaknesses and defects, to identify specifically what needs more work, what’s worth saving, and what can be tossed. You might need to have the conversation to extract more information from those who have an interest in your service or idea to be able to focus in on what’s needed.

pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21 – March 21)
This week health and wellness, daily routines, goals for improvement, your job or relationship with co-workers is highlighted. There may be some pride, clarification, or a focus on improvements related to love and un-adulterated creative self-expression. This area of your life is awkwardly aligned with the some responsibility you have to the group or the welfare of humanity in general. Some blockages may exist as it also might feel awkward to integrate your vague, intuitive, or evasive style and approach to life into the circumstances that currently exist. Healing on multiple levels might be required and supported.

The good news is that a tendency to abuse or victimize yourself in some regard might suddenly vanish under Uranus’s shocking influence. A sudden breakthrough might change your outlook or your approach to life in general. Practicalities within the realm of relationships might be a focus encouraging you to rethink what’s familiar or an idea or plan that needs to to be refined. You might need to look closely at the details and to seek out more information for valuable feedback before launching a promising idea or service that could be better. The analysis itself might convince you to create a new strategy or plan for your life.

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