July 23rd Full Moon at 1 Degree Aquarius 26′ 10:37 PM EDT

Today a full Moon culminates in the sign of Aquarius. As with all full Moons this one features a culmination within the realm of relationships, change, a return to balance, or an end-point. The fixed signs of Leo and Aquarius are featured. They’re both famous for their lack of flexibility. If you have planets in the sign of Taurus or Scorpio, especially around the 1st degree, you’ll likely be strongly challenged by this lunation.

Full Moons involve and exaggerate our emotions. Security needs are amplified. In the sign of Aquarius the Moon is independent, detached, and always alert to signs she may be headed for some kind of entrapment that will restrict her freedom. Protecting freedom and independence is a priority for Aquarius – essentially the foundational base of her security.

What’s heartfelt for Aquarius is a broad concern for for the group, the suffering of the masses, the conditions of the community – possibly more than for a single individual or for herself. In that regard she can be considered selfless.

The development of ideas with potential to create breakthroughs to progress for the masses is central to the Aquarian way of being. Aquarius is unpredictable and by nature disruptive. She’s accustomed to feeling alienated. Conforming is difficult – almost never a viable option for her.

Aquarius is drawn to what’s unusual and outside the realm of widely accepted norms. She’s usually well-informed and friendly. Love is conveyed through expressions of tolerance, acceptance, periodic disruptions to keep things fresh, deep affection, and a type of friendliness that respects personal preferences.

Under this full Moon Aquarian qualities are considered in conjunction with Leo’s naturally opposing qualities. Some kind of resolution or meeting of the minds is timely.

An unexpected event or flash of new insight could stimulate the need for change. Change is always resisted initially and somewhat of an ordeal for fixed signs. (Aquarius, Leo, Taurus, and Scorpio).

Issues may involve pride vs. humility, self-centeredness vs. selflessness, attachment vs. detachment, tolerance vs.the need for conformity, authoritarian vs. democratic styles and approaches.

Under this full Moon there are five inconjunct aspects that reflect the need for (awkward) adjustments. A tense irritability could be associated with the need for so many adjustments. Bringing things back into alignment in a way that feels authentic and right could be a challenge.

The over-arching influence for most of this year is the Saturn/Uranus square. We’re under consistent pressure to break through personal restrictions and limitations that have become too comfortable and ineffective.

Creating a significant breakthroughs for ourself and our relationships is empowered under this full Moon.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Aside from the need to to recalibrate the balance between you and another, there may need to be some transformational adjustments to compensate for an old old within the realm of relationships. An old betrayal, chronic neglect or mistreatment may have set you up to feel that you need to be exceptional in some regard – or maybe you choose partner’s who need to be. It’s probably true you’ve been given way more than your “fair share” of talent. But it might be time to detach from an old role that seeks to highlight that fact. You might need to adjust to a new way of relating to others. Within a group setting or among friends it might be wise to practice what it feels like to “not have to be “exceptional” in order to love and be loved – to be accepted for who you are and to accept others – despite or regardless of their exceptional-ness or outstanding-ness.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Under this full Moon Taurus, as a fixed sign, conflicts with the Aquarian Moon and the “Aquarian way of being.” Freedom from something confining, repetitive, routine, or no longer interesting may need to be arranged through specific action. This full Moon might make it necessary for you to detach from an old source of pride – or an old identity related to an attachment to the past, the family, or a source of security has traditionally stabilized you – but also locked you in. A difficult challenge may be presented as you feel the need to break free of an old source of stability. Lots of adjustments may need to be made. Being a free agent or independent operator within the public realm seems important. The public might be craving the kind of talent and know-how you were born to contribute. Those talents might need to be shared more broadly in a way that protects your freedom. It could be time build something new to support your freedom and independence. A breakthrough seems difficult but likely.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
The Aquarian full Moon is is asking for something more balanced – a compromise, a concession, an insistence on something that gives you more freedom and independence, or connects you more closely with your internal source of security and interests. Expansion and liberation is required when it come to detaching from what’s “locked you in” or made your life smaller. A source of pride or something that reinforces your sense of identity – a connection to an old relationship with a sibling may need to be reconsidered in light of the need for the “free and independent” factor. A compromise within yourself or with another may need to be reached. Something is coming to a head. Something has to “give.” Black Moon Lilith might have you in the mood to stir things up, to rebel, to be the “other woman” or to say something coarse and jarringly clarifying that you might have wanted to say for a long time. It might feel right at this point to undermine and disrupt cultural norms. First you might need to disrupt your own “norms.”

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
This full Moon encourages unusual or alternative approaches to financial partnerships. You may be dealing with something disruptive or unexpected that has upended an old way of being and faced you with some uncomfortable truths. Lack of trust, a betrayal, or having the rug pulled out from under you may serve to adjust your priorities in a way that benefits you and your relationships. The message of this full Moon in Aquarius may be a clarification of the need to detach from a source of pride related to income, ownership, innate talent, or an elevated social position. Self-worth and net worth are deeply inter-twined. Your sense of identity might need to be expanded to include more than what you’ve accumulated. A deeper level of satisfaction and nourishment may be accessed under this full Moon. Lots of internal adjustments will need to be made.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
For Leo a change, ending, resolution, or “meeting of the minds” centers around balance, compromise, personal relationships, or the nature of the role you’ve been playing within the realm of relationships. Your relationship with yourself is up for review. If it’s become too confining, repetitive, or “one-track” you may need to push the boundaries further out – or consider an alternative that feels non-traditional or outside the realm of thoughts you would normally entertain. Aligning with something personally liberating or more non-traditional may be important. Inner adjustments are challenging as there are so many of them that need to be made for the sake of progress. Leo is a fixed sign. In general change is hard. Think in terns of disrupting old routines and habits to breakthrough what’s become too confining. Consider the release an old contract or financial partnership and make some transformative changes in the workplace to align with what you intuitively know needs to be done.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
This full Moon focuses you on the need to create a work-life balance, to allow for the infusion of intuitive information into the workplace, and to use it to guide your actions – especially those related to process, integration, routines, self-improvement, and overall efficiency. Lots of difficult adjustments may need to be made. The Sun is currently illuminating your 12th house of what’s normally unseen or deliberately “swept under the rug.” It might be time to relinquish some control as you allow for something more inspiring to move you forward. It might be time to express some humility or willingness to listen to that small voice within. Virgo’s think they can do it all. They are tireless workers and willing to sacrifice more than the average bear. Under this full Moon it may be wise to accept some help in the interest of providing the best possible service or the best of who you are.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
This full Moon falls in your 5th house of love – an indication that you may need more freedman and independence when it comes to being a lover, a creator, an artist, innovator, or contributor to something more inspiring for the masses – for friends, groups, and the specific audience you attract. For you your contribution may feel deeply personal, a reflection of who you are and who you are becoming. Rejection could feel especially stinging and personal. Something outside your comfort zone may need to be offered even if it feels somewhat risky. A more playful approach may be required as seek to balance what you love with the needs of the community, friends, or what you feel is ideal. Your “audience” may be a talented or demanding one. It might be wise to embrace Black Moon Lilith as your muse. She’ll give you the wisdom to powerfully express what’s true regardless of audience reaction or your desire for something ego-reinforcing.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
By sign Scorpios may be especially challenged by this Aquarian full Moon. Scorpio and Aquarius are fixed and set in their ways making it hard to adjust – or to muster the flexibility required to create something more balanced, compatible, or aligned with your need to feel secure. Something disruptive or unexpected may be impacting your home life, your family, your mother, or source of nourishment. What you need may conflict with your high profile presence on the public or world stage. You may feel exposed in ways that limit your freedom to operate under the the radar. This can be especially problematic for a Scorpio with strong needs for privacy/secrecy. It might be time to do some “cost/benefit calculations” that bring you back into balance with yourself. Pluto is transforming your thought processes and disrupting old thought patterns. Uncomfortable adjustments may be involved, but you may be freer to act in your own behalf or to pursue what you actually want if you can rebel against cultural norms and accept what’s true for you.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
For Sagittarius issues related to travel, publishing, teaching, liberation, and foreign experience may be involved. Long distance love affairs may be up for consideration – or reconsideration. Something expansive, glamorous, and exciting may over- ride what feels more authentic and natural for you. (A source of restriction may be money, values, or, for some reason, a diminished sense of self worth. Absent that you might allow yourself to move in the direction of what’s most authentic for you. As you probably know it relates to communication, connecting ideas, writing, interpreting, languages, being factually informed or using that talent to set yourself free in some regard. Making your world bigger might involve the people, places and things you encounter on a daily basis. It’s time to align your interests with your plans for the future. Pluto in the 2nd house is demanding a transformation of “what you feel your worth,” the way you earn your income, or what you assume is true re: financial dependence vs.independence.

CAPRICORN (December 21 – January 21)
Physically your body may be telling you it’s time to “balance the scales,” to adjust your workload, to listen to a partner who may be concerned that you’re spreading yourself too thin. It’s time to rest and restore as you’ve essentially been pushing yourself really hard since January of 2008. The Aquarian full Moon in your 2nd house of your physical body may be asking you to face a reality you’re resisting. It’s time for a re-balance. It’s time to rethink the value of a (financial) partnership – what you contribute and what you get back in return. Coalescing circumstances may be concerning. Adjustments may need to be made. The Sun in Leo is providing support for you to disrupt and rebel against a workload that demands you be in two places at once or carry alone the workload of two (or more) people. Something promising is coalescing in your 6th house of work if you can disrupt the status quo or undermine the norms you’ve set for yourself. Aquarius is unafraid to suddenly “shut the whole thing down” if a source of essential nourishment is being blocked. If this feels like a warning, take it as so.

AQUARIUS (January 21 – February 21)
This full Moon involves relationships and your role within them. An old contract can no longer be sustained in it’s previous form. A surprising revelation or option might “change the game.” It may feel confining to continue to play the role you’ve always played within the realm of relationships. Some new found freedom may soon be unleashed. Uranus in your 4th house of home and family has been pushing for a breakthrough in a “style and approach to life” that has felt restrictive. The need to release – or to be released – from an old relationship contract may relate to the recent infusion of something unexpected. Lots of adjustments may need to be made as a result. Something deeply disruptive to your sense of self or your self-image could result in something newly supportive of a long term commitment to someone or something you find deeply inspiring.

pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Disruptions and unexpected changes are felt at deeper levels of existence, within the most sensitive, mysterious, or subconscious realms of your life. It’s hard to decipher exactly what’s going on behind the scenes. But it could feel deeply unsettling. Intuition is especially strong but may conflict with the pride and joy the workplace or the nature of your work provides. It could be time to infuse balance – a little more humility or selflessness into your workplace in the interest of connecting with higher “sources of knowing.” Those could lead you in the direction of something deeply satisfying or a soul connection. Pluto encourages you to be a force to be reckoned within the larger world. But it might be time for you to balance that with a focus on something more emotionally nourishing centered around love and messages that encourage the freedom to choose what you love.

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