Summer Solstice 2021


Today marks the longest day of the year, a culmination of light in the northern hemisphere, and a turning point. It’s time to celebrate an abundant, nourishing “crop.” Gratitude takes hold.

At 11:36 PM EDT the Sun progresses from the busy, informative, scattered sign of Gemini, into the quieter, deeper, more personal realms of Cancer enemy. A different focus centering around home, family, protection, security, and the past takes hold. Emotions and feelings take center stage. Now is a time to “tune out the noise” and focus on how it feels.

Family relationships are often painful and complicated. Dealing with the past is a challenge. Under the Solstice Sun a move in a new or different direction seems indicated. A personal “tuning point” supports progress in an emotionally healing direction – or a chance to approach an old situation in a new or different way. We’ve come as far as we can go in the current direction. The cycle is complete. Change his indicated. Identifying an inner source of security and nourishment while connecting closely with it aligns you with the energies in play over the next month.

Jupiter retrogrades today in the sign of Pisces. Progress begins to wane, expansion slows, beliefs are “called into question” or ripe for reconsideration. Confidence and optimism may begin to waver a bit. It could be time to clarify the gains you’ve made so far. Those may begin to feel fuzzy or unsubstantial in some regard. Some “testing of your commitment to expansion and liberation” in a specific direction may be clarifying.

Pisces energy is nebulous, magical, and escapist. But it can be a confusing or disheartening influence – especially if it lacks an appropriate channel for expression. Pisces tends to work in your favor if you seek to eliminate something that feels excessive no longer useful, or unnecessary.

Relying on the power of forgiveness and compassion, allowing beauty and the arts, intuition, and sources of timeless wisdom to guide you in a healing, and promising direction feels right.

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