Gemini Solar Eclipse June 10, 2021

The Moon passes between the Sun and the earth during a solar eclipse, casting a dark shadow over the Sun – in this case for a period of three minutes 51 seconds.

This is an annular eclipse – sometimes called a “ring of fire” eclipse. The dark shadow of the Moon isn’t quite big enough to totally occlude the the Sun’s light. What you see from a location under the eclipse path is a dramatic, fiery ring around the outer edges of the eclipsed Sun.

This eclipse path runs through the higher latitudes of Russia, Iceland, Greenland, and Canada.

On June 10th the Sun and Moon unite at 19 degrees of Gemini. We have the potential to be on the same page with ourself. How we define ourself to ourself might harmonizes with how we feel. New beginnings and consequential shifts are indicated.

This eclipse is categorized into the 5 North Saros series. Bernadette Brady defines it’s influence as highly unusual, involving sudden flashes of insight with a psychic or unconscious flavor attached. Hunches, visions and prophetic dreams are experienced. Those can feel personally enriching in some regard. Ideas and information seeps through the subconscious mind and can be acted upon. Inspired action may be the result.

(The last time we experienced an eclipse in this series was on May 31, 2003.)

If you have any natal planets placed between the 15th and 23rd degree of degree of a sign, you might feel this Eclipse with an extra degree of intensity. Gemini accelerates the brain and nervous system. Learning, stating your case, making new connections, doing the necessary paperwork, generating ideas, making a decision, telling the story, communicating, and dealing with opposing inclinations or our “dual nature” is indicated.

Sagittarius – Gemini’s opposing sign – is automatically activated under a Gemini eclipse. We might seek to create, expand, liberate, or focus on a future that depends on what we know or are willing to learn, risk, teach, publish, or believe.

Mercury retrograding in Gemini rules this eclipse. Reconsiderations and some backtracking involves family, security, and the past. We might get a second chance to forge a new beginning or to heal a situation we regret. A relocation that provides greater freedom or something more interesting may be in the works.

Neptune in Pisces squares this eclipse emphasizing a healing challenge. We’re highly sensitive to ideas “blowing in the wind” Backtracking over old ground gives us a chance to heal or fix an old, unsatisfying outcome We’ll need to push through the boundaries of our limitations and fears, or break some old rules that have “locked us in.”

Parenting issues may be ripe for a healing breakthrough. Fundamentally what we’ve cultivated over time may need to change. A “shock to the system or old routines could be “just what the doctor ordered.” Old beliefs within the realm of committed relationships may need to be released. A change in perspective reveals something more joyful.

Mars is placed in the 29th degree of Cancer in the eclipse chart implying we’re at the end of the road or in the final stages just before “closing the book on something that has the potential to bring more joy, fame, fortune, or romance into our life. An area of vulnerability or fear may need to be pushed through.

Black Moon Lilith creates an opportunity to disrupt and overthrow a deeply ingrained source of stabilization and comfort. Behind the scenes an old, uncoscious strategy related to work and self-improvement may be dissolving. Jupiter in Pisces unleashes a flow of events that clears the decks and puts you back in charge of your life direction.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)

For you the dominant influence under this eclipse seems to be Mars placement in the final degree of Cancer. A “last chance feeling” or impetus to close the book on actions and outcomes surrounding home, family, and the past are activated. A feeling of closure or wrapping up a cycle that’s approaching completion takes hold. A courageous ending may need to be set in motion as you prepare to infuse more joy into your life – possibly through a romantic encounter, a creative project, or something more playful. Maybe it’s time to publish some of your writings, learn something new, or take some risk to expand into more interesting realms. You might need to transcend an old vulnerability involving “taking decisive action” or forcefully directing your life in the direction you want it go. Jupiter creates an opportunity to unleash a flow of events that could give you more control. Feel free to act on flashes of insight that inspire you or provide guidance.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)

New beginnings may be related to financial partnerships, the management of resources, income, debt, and ownership issues. Now is your chance to approach these issues in a new, more rational and thoughtful way. Better, more honest communication, new ideas, and the willingness to act on a hunch or promising idea could transform the nature of partnerships. Maybe it’s possible to be more financially independent.Liberation from an old belief has the capacity unleash a fortunate flow of events that could work in your favor. It could be time to break some rules you established a while ago. Holding onto the past for the sake of comfort and stability could create an increasingly toxic, resentful, or stagnant situation. Taking courageous action in the form of ending what’s over or what’s run it’s course seems important. Parenting issues could progress along liberating lines. A shock to the system or a much needed breakthrough moves you forward in the direction of something more interesting and stimulating.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)

For you new beginnings involve a significant shift or change in your style and approach to life as well as your role within relationships – your relationship with a partner or your relationship with yourself. Saturn, the ruler of your 8th house of power and hidden truths that need to be exposed, acknowledged, and transformed may be stuck. Fortunately Uranus is pushing for a breakthrough that liberates you from fear and the restrictions you’re dealing with. Parenting issues may be disrupted or blessed with a breakthrough. Jupiter and Pholus present an opportunity that’s characterized by the unleashing of a flow of events that moves you in a positive direction – especially as it relates to subconscious motivations. Saturn is afraid but he has the potential to be much more innovative, rebellious, and community-minded if he can move past the fear that limits your ability to envision or expect something more interesting and exiting.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)

New beginnings for Cancer take place in the highly refined, behind the scenes, most private aspects of your life. In fact you may be only vaguely aware of the specifics of where you’re headed. Other worldly sources may be communicating with you in mysterious ways – encouraging you to act on new information or to sense and feel your way forward in accordance with dreams that seems to guide you. Your work life, the service you provide, and a desire to be liberated from old routines and responsibilities may be most impacted by major shifts accompanying this eclipse. You might notice that the way you define yourself to yourself is harmoniously aligned with what you need and how you feel. Now is your chance to infuse something enlightening into the work equation. It might be time to communicate the nature of the “spiritual downloads” you’re receiving. It’s important to release some old beliefs or work strategies that may be holding you back or interfering with your health in some regard. Mars in the final degree of Cancer invites you to act courageously in your own behalf to end a cycle that needs to end. An old vulnerability may be activated in ways that encourage you too push through despite the pain.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)

New beginnings related to communication, knowledge, insider information, and relationships might inform the nature of your community involvement, social life, or friendships. Knowledgable friends, allies, and acquaintances might be helpful in advancing your goals and highest ideals. Moving the masses in a better direction might feel exciting and more interesting than simply working for your own personal goals.. But something may need to be released that feels self-centered grandstanding, or too self-serving. It could interfere with the achievement of your goals, the message you want to communicate, and the connections you need to cultivate. Some restriction within the realm of relationships could be on the verge of a breakthrough that allows you to be innovative or liberated from the fear of expanding too far or too fast into foreign territory and what you can’t predict. It’s time to take some action to end what’s run it’s course. A definitive enlightened statement, strong action, or courageous move forward might do it.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)

New beginnings for Virgo relate to your professional life, your life direction, status, and possibly some new leadership opportunities. You may be recognized for your knowledgable, communicative, style and approach. You might see a way to promote your ideas within the public sphere in a way that advances your highest goals or what you want to achieve in this lifetime. What you have to contribute may be practical, useful, and oriented in the direction of healing. A powerful creative contribution may be in the works if you can release what you may be deeply attached to. Objectivity works in your favor. It might be time to release on old belief re: family relationships, your home, source of security, or the nature of the foundation you’ve built. Now may be the time when you can “go back to go forward.” A chance to heal or repair an outcome you regret might be possible. Mars could make you aware of what’s coming to a close and assist you putting the final touches on what’s essentially over. This might relate to friends and your social life.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)

A battle of wills between the need for a breakthrough (Uranus) and a desire to stick with some old, reliable rules that restrict innovation or fuel fear is in play. Something related to parenting or the cultivation of a financial partnership might feel oppressive or complicated but a shake-up or disruption might encourage creative progress and innovation. New beginnings relate to something promising within the realm of communication. What you know or have learned moves you in the direction of an expansion or something liberating. Travel or the courage to “move into the unknown” serves you well. Higher education, teaching, and publishing, allows you to make a broader impact. What needs to be released may relate to “know-it-all-ness,” or a belief that encourages you to take a second look at how your messages are delivered and received and the kind of contentious or imbalanced relationships you may inadvertently cultivate. There is a chance for a do-over and some healing with regard to a situation or decision you regret – even if you had little choice in the matter.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)

New beginnings for Scorpio involve facing a hard truth, unearthing secret information, exposing or liberating a source of wisdom, learning to read the “tea leaves,” to interpret a foreign language, or maybe an arcane method, or ancient symbolism, seems timely under this Gemini Eclipse. Major shifts can transform and empower your ability to communicate with siblings, to heal from old, painful communications and connections that “won’t let go.” Uranus in Taurus squares Saturn in Aquarius. A breakthrough is required within the realm of relationships. But you may be (reflexively) resisting it. A breakthrough may be possible as it relates to parenting responsibilities or what it is you’re trying to cultivate. Saturn locks you into something involving family and the past that may be stultifying – or less innovative and exciting than it could be. An old belief related to financial stability, freedom, and committed partnerships may need to be released. Mars in the final degree of Cancer signified you’ve completed a preparation phase and are now ready to take your place as a “force to be reckoned with.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)

The new beginning for you involves your marriage or primary, committed relationship. A shift in the nature of your communication with a partner – possibly in the direction of something more tolerant accompanied by a healthy does of humor or an ability to take yourself less seriously may define the nature of this eclipse for you. What needs to be released – if it hasn’t already been – is a belief about commitment and possibly some past (relationship) experience that makes you more fearful or suspicious than you need to be. A change in your entire style and approach to life revolves around what you know, how you communicate, and expectations for the future of your relationships. Saturn is under pressure from Uranus to break free of the old rules and limitations that make life less enjoyable than it could otherwise be. Uranus will most likely forge a difficult breakthrough that advantages you. Your cooperation could make it easier. Now is the time to act on a hunch to move yourself forward in a promising direction. What you say and how you say it matters – a lot. A second chance to heal something you regret – possibly related to parenting but not necessarily opens doors.

CAPRICORN (December 21 – January 21)

New beginnings for Capricorn relate to communication within the work place. What you say and how you say it matters. An effort to understand the power of words to heal or to hurt seems important. An old belief or defensive maneuver – the result of something hurtful from the past – is ripe for release. It may be obvious to everyone that few know more than you do – or have the facts at their fingertips to fix what needs to be fixed, improved, or brought “up to standard.” You might expect a lot from yourself and others. Self-sacrifice might be a job expectation for you and everyone else. A shift in a positive direction might involve putting yourself in the shoes of someone with less power and influence over their work and their life. Forgiveness and compassion work in your favor. Uranus is currently applying lots of pressure for a breakthrough involving old fears related to scarcity and financial instability. Something more innovative and less fear filled is possible. A shock or a shift involving parenting and a chance to revisit or heal something regrettable is a possibility. It’s time to end an old relationship cycle in preparation for something that puts you in a powerful “center-stage position.”

AQUARIUS (January 21 – February 21)

Saturn – a source of fear and restriction with regard to your style and approach to life – is being seriously challenged by Uranus in your forth house of home and family. A breakthrough is likely when it comes to moving through old fears and regrets. A second chance to heal and to stabilize the mother/child relationship or something related to parenting may be the result of a courageous action or change in your usual routines. A severed relationship may be reconnected. Communication is key. Pluto in your 12th house magically transforms the landscape that makes forgiveness and compassion a possibility. Nothing is certain. But Black Moon Lilith disrupts what’s been crystalized. Mars ends it’s trek through your 6th house of work and self-improvement. In some regard your healing is complete. You’re more capable than you’ve previously been to freely engage in a healthy, loving relationship. If you can’t put into words what you need and want to say consider writing a letter or message filled with love. Pushing through an area of vulnerability related to communication is worth the effort. Closing the distance between you and another is supported by this eclipse.

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PISCES (February 21-March 21)

This eclipse falls in your 4th house of home, family, the past, and the sources that provide your security. Foundationally communication and forging new connections is what makes you feel secure. To the extent you’re able to cultivate a conversation with family and those who “feel like family” you’re providing what you need to launch yourself in a liberating direction. An occupation that involves travel, broad-mindedness, tolerance, or immersion in a foreign culture may feel safe and filled with meaningful opportunities. It seems important to end a cycle that might involve a romantic engagement, endings in love, or a creative project that’s run it’s course and no longer interests you. You might have a better grasp on what (and what doesn’t) feed and nourish your soul. Pisces often chooses to let things fade away rather than actively promote what needs to end. Mars would prefer something more active – a line that divides what’s current from what’s already run it’s course. Maybe a magic spell that intends to put “the past in the past” could do the trick. A new beginning might involve a service that is highly creative and puts you in the limelight. Pressure to allow for a breakthrough is ongoing. Parenting is likely to throw a few surprises in your direction.

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