Capricorn Full Moon

The FULL MOON occurs on Thursday, June 24th, 2021, at 2:40 PM EDT.

Full Moons always represents a culmination of the the promise offered by the most recent new Moon that preceedes it. In this case the Gemini new Moon of June 10th was a powerful Solar eclipse. That was a time when we intuitively received important information that compelled us to act on a hunch or formulate a plan based on invisible guidance or internal knowing.

The full Moon in Capricorn opposes the Cancer Sun. Oppositions highlight relationships, culminations, clarifications, pivotal turning points, and often, endings. Greater fulfillment is a strong possibility, possibly the result of a plan (conscious or unconscious) set in motion around June 10th.

Loving commitments, dependence, safety, and attachment is represented by Cancer. Achievement, hard work, cultivating your reputation and skillful interactions with the public falls under Capricorn’s domain.

Cancer represents the foundations from which we launch ourselves in the direction of what we feel compelled to achieved. Comfort, security, safety, and something emotionally restorative must be balanced with something more assertive within the public realm. It’s time to decide, to do the work, to materialize a goal, to nurture and restore a relationship, or to clarify the past in some regard.

Confronting fear head-on is what Capricorn does. The Cancer Sun brings the past to life. Expressing the courage necessary to confront the past may be a theme.

Capricorn puts feelings on hold. But the Moon – especially a full Moon – is emotional and needs to find ways to nurture and deal with itself. You may feel the push-pull involved in confidently expressing your authority and competence within the public realm vs.nurturing the foundation that keeps you strong and stabilized.

Family issues might move to center stage. Balance is key. Under a full Moon is an ideal time to strike an emotional balance that’s thus far been elusive. Balancing the need for control with a willingness to be accepting and supportive seems important.

What has been building inside – especially over the past couple weeks – needs to be expressed.

The Full Moon might illuminate a conflict or mis-alignment between the foundations we’ve built and our current life direction. A correction may need to be made.

Using the naturally cautious approach of Capricorn to express strong emotions seems wise under any full Moon. What we feel is currently may be raw, unrefined, or not yet well integrated.

Jupiter in Pisces trines the Cancer Sun and sextiles the Capricorn Moon. There may be a feeling of support, ease, and flow associated this lunation. We might find it relatively easy or somewhat of a relief to accept the clarifications and realizations that flow in our direction.

For Aries, Cancers, Libras, and Capricorn’s having natal planets that fall between zero and 8 degrees of those signs indicates you may be strongly affected by this lunation.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
An area of vulnerability remains strong when it comes to taking courageous action to assert your individuality. A strong expression of what most represents who you are requires courageously pushing through whatever tempts you to retreat, evade, or avoid. A strong, unapologetic assertion of your most creative healing skills may be important. Jupiter works behind the scenes in your 12th house encouraging this lunation to work in your favor. Liberation may involve the release of an old belief re: the “dangers involved” in moving into the unknown – or in the direction of what could be a more interesting future. Pluto works overtime to undermine an old sticking point involving your mother, the family, or achieving your goals. A strong expression of love and your most creative self connects you with an opportunity learn more or to share your ideas.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Most immediately there is a strong push in the direction of breaking through old, emotional sticking points related to achieving success through alternative or enlightened means. Being “normal” or sticking with old traditions may be distorting family relationships, relationships with children, or your your own emotional needs. Pluto is busy transforming and undermining an old sticking point possibly involving a sibling, communication, or insecurities involving the future of a relationship. Speaking the truth, cultivating healthy improvements, and doing what you love seems important. Jupiter works in powerful ways to support balance. Friendships, the community, or a soulful, spiritually-minded group might stimulate something more balanced and an important clarification.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
The second and 8th houses – your own personal income, how you support yourself, or the values and priorities you espouse may illuminate an imbalance with regard to how much you give vs. how much you receive. Pluto is working overtime in the darkest, most threatening, or mistrusting realms of your life to undermine whatever prevents you from attracting the (financial) security and freedom you need. It might be time to rely on your ability to disrupt or to use enlightened, unorthodox, (legal) means to restore balance and promote something liberating. Jupiter in your 10th house highlights an intuitive talent as a means to success. Jupiter seems to work in your favor to cultivate the release of an old belief regarding your most authentic direction in life, your most satisfying profession, or achievements related to creative artistry.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
The interplay between your emotional self and the grown-up achievement-oriented self involves the cultivation of relationships, partnerships, or careful consideration of the role you “must” play vs. the role you want to play. Something more balanced and courageous may be pursued by you in partnership with others. Jupiter works overtime to make sure this lunation works in your favor. Something involving the nature of your responsibilities, a work commitment, or a commitment to improvement with regard to the achievement of something more liberating may be the issue. A chance to develop a talent, to pursue higher education, or to travel outside the realm of what’s familiar seems significant. Mars in your second house supports a move into the public realm and a profession that delivers a healthy income as a result of your determination to achieve what you know you can. Pluto works to dismantle old insecurities – possibly the result of a partner’s unreliability or weakness.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
This lunation illuminates the part of your emotional self that may feel most fragile, private, personal, or confusing. As a result of what’s newly illuminated, the cultivation of sensitivity and humility, or something more balanced, your effectiveness within the workplace may increase. Taking responsibility for the impact of what you refuse to see (a personal shortcoming) and committing to improvement promotes something more balanced. Working in your favor is a sensitivity to, an accommodation for, what heals past trauma and dissolves restrictions related to old beliefs that continue to influence the nature of your relationships. Something especially promising with regard to recovering a source of creative power and the healing power of love seems likely.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
This full Moon highlights the 5th and 11th sectors of your life. The issues involve balance, illumination, clarity and possibly endings related what you’re creating – or have created in the past. Relationships, romance, love, and a receptivity to love may need to be brought into balance in some regard. The Sun illuminates an emotional connection to the group, to an ideal, friendships, or your receptivity to the infusion of more joy into your life. Jupiter works in your favor to balance the scales by encouraging you to develop a talent for intuitively connecting with a partner, or the public. Contributing something healing to the equation involves trusting your intuition and using it to clarify something painful or destructive from the past that can now be addressed. You may be able to restore or reconnect yourself with an emerging talent that could have universal application and appeal. Freeing yourself from the influence of your mother or the family seems most encouraging. Mercury says the time for review and reconsideration is over. It’s time to make a decision.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
Under this full Moon the success/achievement oriented realm of your life is illuminated in ways that may clarify the need for a more responsible approach to the nature of your foundational base, influences from your mother, the past, or the extent to which you feel free to infuse as much joy as possible into your life and relationships as possible. Pluto is working overtime to dismantle and transform something traumatic or restricting from the past that seems to limit your ability to attract the role that feels most satisfying and enjoyable to you. Most likely this involves a more balanced “give and take.” If your responsibilities at home are too demanding you might be able to enforce some new rules that improve overall satisfaction. A move might be necessary. Jupiter in your 6th house of work, health, and steady improvements involves the integration of intuition or guidance from the ancestor who loved you most.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
The 3rd and 9th sectors of your life are most activated by this lunation. Those involve communication, truth telling, the facts, and memories that might stimulate an uncontrollable cascade of events. Moving forward with confidence in the direction of the unknown might be possible as a result of a creative talent that could channel important information to you and into the public domain. If you’re engaged in learning something that broadens your reach or enhances your power and influence you’re on the right track. Pluto is in the process of destroying and transforming a communication channel or source of information that limits your ability to feel emotionally satisfied within the realm of relationships – or to attract the kind of future you envision. Mars in Leo opposes Saturn in Aquarius. Balancing fame and fortune and the cultivation of your reputation with a foundational base that revolves around something culturally disruptive, non-traditional, enlightened, and authentic seems important.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
The second and 8th sectors of your life experience are activated. These involve issues related to balance, clarification, or endings related to income, money, values and priorities. Financial independence may be an issue. You might feel that you’re falling behind with regard to your financial goals and the freedom those represent. Over-spending after a period of deprivation may be n issue. Jupiter works in your favor to connect you with family, values, and priorities that can stand the test of time. It might be more important to connect with the past in an effort to nurture what’s been neglected. Nurturing, fortifying, and healing relationships is the most promising focus and direction for you between now and Jan. 4, 2022. It looks like being with family moves you in a fortunate and more balanced direction. Emotionally Pluto may be working to heal, transform, and resolve some trauma that may have resulted from a financial betrayal.

CAPRICORN (December 21 – January 21)
Chiron – an area of chronic vulnerability – is strongly placed in your 4th house of home and family. Contact with family or the past might require you to push through an area of vulnerability that family members seem to activate. The first and 7th sectors of your life involve give and take, sharing authority, or relaxing into a flow that promotes something more balanced. You may feel exposed in relationships with family – especially those you can’t control Pluto is working overtime to transform limitations involving the need for control and authority at a significant cost to the satisfaction you could feel with a more relaxed, “go with the flow,” approach. It’s possible there’s a role for you that could feel more satisfying or deeply restorative. Saturn invites you to do “the family thing” differently this time. Something that disrupts what you rely on for stability (control) has the capacity to move you forward. But you might have to go back to go forward. Lots of self-discipline may be required.

AQUARIUS (January 21 – February 21)
Saturn in your first house encourages you to do something differently – something difficult to move past fear. You may have become too dependent on someone or something – too comfortable in your old routines. But outer events or decisions may be forcing your hand. Now is the time to break free of what’s traditional and comfortable for the sake of liberating yourself from the restrictions you’ve outgrown. Family and the past is likely to play an important role in setting you free. Freedom from guilt might be most liberating. Releasing an old belief about what’s socially ideal or how you fit (or don’t fit) into “the social scheme” could move you in a more satisfying direction with greater confidence. Jupiter supports the Sun in your 6th house of work, health, and improvement. What comes most naturally for you – a magical talent or resource you were given and probably spent some time developing provides an opportunity for a new and different kind of work. A clarification related to work, health, routines and what what nurtures and heals you may be forthcoming.

pisces otherworldly

PISCES (February 21-March 21)
This eclipse looks especially fortunate for Pisces. Something related to a naturally soulful, magical, or free-flowing style and approach to life supports your success while creating new opportunities. Making your dreams come true or manifesting a satisfying vision for the future might involve Pluto pushing for a transformation and clarification of what you want most to attract in your life – while removing the obstacles standing in the way. Most likely this involves an exuberant expression of your capacity to creatively and playfully nurture love and romance, possibly by working to expand your receptivity to love. The foundation you need to manifest your greatest success involves emotional self-awareness, family, and important memories that fill you with inspiration and important guidance regarding how to live your life.

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