Taurus New Moon May 11th

Black Moon Lilith lies within about a degree and a half of this Taurus New Moon. “Subversive” is the word that comes to mind. You might insist that others deal with you on your own terms – even if that leads to isolation or living within a “seamlessly coherent” world of your own. Clarifying the craziness and irrationality of society, the family, or your own resistance to change may be unsettling.

Neptune lifts you above the fray and intuitively guides you in the direction of boldly undermining what’s traditional, deeply ingrained, change-resistant, and no longer viable.

The tightest aspect involved in the New Moon chart highlights an important theme – in this case the need to take action to protect and nourish new beginnings. An opportunity to “weed out” what strangles growth, artistic expressions, beautification efforts, or the development of innate talent emerges. Writers, speakers, poets, and playwrights benefit as they “tell it like it is.”

Harsh truths laced with humor support an effective “push back” against strident, outdated, inflexible opinions and ideas. You may be attracted to what’s factual and true. You may “get away with a lot” in terms of “telling it like it is.” Venus in Gemini has a way with words and a phenomenal sense of timing. Adjustments may need to be made as you “pierce the veil” while unleashing an “authoritarian backlash.”

Old (marital) commitments and beliefs may be strained as the curtain is pulled back to reveal what’s suffocating or undermining future growth.

It might be time to disrupt old family rhythms, expectation, habits, and limitations. Mars/Uranus typically produces jarring, sudden, irreversible change and upheaval. Mars in Cancer recognizes the need to proceed with caution and courage as old family foundations and assumptions crumble and sensitive adjustments need to be made. You may feel especially vulnerable as you navigate around old wounds, ghosts from the past, or heightened fears.

Saturn focuses and disciplines your thoughts and words.

Taurus represents environments. As for the bigger environmental picture what’s emphasized through the lens of this Taurus New Moon is the creation of new ideas for establishing more just and fair power bases within organizations; calls for new measures for protection from natural disasters, advanced ideas involving waste processing, pollution, or mass medical care – specifically psychiatric care.

Meanwhile organized crime may increase, mutually cooperative destruction or subversion involving security agencies, the rapid breakdown of in health, and the destructions of agencies designed to help or soften the blow.

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