Lunar Eclipse 5 Degrees of Sagittarius 5/26/2021 – With Horoscopes

This eclipse is one you previously experienced in May of 2002. Whatever occurred at that point in time has come full circle over a period of 19 years. This is a chance to bring to a close something that has run it’s course in preparation for a new beginning. A New Moon eclipse culminates on June 10, 2021 in the sign of Gemini. A new beginning is indicated. To the extent you’ve “cleared the way,” under this full Moon eclipse new beginnings are free to flourish.

The main feature of tomorrow’s Sagittarian Eclipse is the Jupiter in Pisces square to the Lunar eclipse. Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius. He’s tightly connected to a tendency to “exaggerate much and deliver less than expected.”

Something related to home, family, the past, and your sense of security is always an issue whenever the Moon is involved – and most especially when an eclipse is empowering it.

It’s likely you’ll experience a culmination that could force a reckoning, a decision, clarification, or something more just and equitable.

An accumulation of wisdom is accessible under a Sagittarian lunar eclipse. You might need to rely on it.

Sound advice would be to manage expectations and ask pointed questions – especially if you’re presented with an opportunity that sounds or feels too good to be true.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
This eclipse occurs in your 9th house of future expansion, growth, higher eduction, publishing, and travel. Legalities may be involved in some regard. Because Jupiter inflates and exaggerates, what you except may be less than what was presented to you. Still opportunities may surface that are worth considering. You just need to ask the right questions before signing on the dotted line. Managing expectations – your own or someone else’s is critical under this eclipse.

Losses are often thought of as unfortunate. Under this eclipse what your losing could be a blessing in disguise. A culmination may force a decision. Vesta, the asteroid symbolizing deep devotion, protection of the sacred, an obsessive quest for perfection, or focus on minute details might force you to decide or prioritize. A clarification of what’s most meaningful to you guides your decisions re: home, family, the protection of feelings and the source of your security.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
The retentive part of Taurus might not want to let go – to change, transform, release, or move out of her comfort zone. “Good luck with that” under this eclipse – and the one that follows on June 10th. Change may be inevitable. For you this may involve exposing what’s true, a change in financial partnership frameworks, routines and priorities. Trust in the process may be an issue. Taurus can get irritable when forced forced change routines or move out of his comfort zone.

The universe is good at pulling the rug out from under you if you delay an ending or refuse to acknowledge a clarification for too long. Inflated expectations set you up for disappointment. A decision may finally be forced. What tends to disappoint or require you to “go back to go forward” may be a friendship, your social life, or your desire to move the masses in a better direction.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
For Gemini this eclipse eclipse changes the nature of relationships, or your role within them. A culmination, clarification, or ending could be in play. You might overestimate your capacity to take charge, assert your authority, or arrange for the kind of professional work you would enjoy. If someone presents you with a professional opportunity ask pointed questions especially if it looks or feels too good to be true. Manage your expectations and proceed with caution.

What you’re deeply devoted to and determined to protect with regard to home and family might force a decision regarding relationships and the role you play within them. Something promising is most likely aligned with providing information and aligning with your most natural, communicative, informative approach to life.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
This eclipse falls in your 6th house of selfless service, overwork, too much responsibility, self-sacrifice, or an inequitable division of duties. Feeling overwhelmed may be an issue. You may feel obliged to take on more than you can handle. Adjustments will need to be made. A culminating event, clarification, ending, or need to “re-balance the scales” may be in order.

Venus and the Sun in your 12th house of what’s hidden or private indicates a hidden attraction that provides a means of escape from what may have become “a grueling way of life.” Now is the time to get practical and to manage the expectations you have for yourself. It’s likely you’ll need to share the burdens you’re carrying or suffer the health consequences that will likely ensue.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)

This eclipse moves you to “center stage” in some regard. Your creative work may be admired. A child may be a source of pride. this is all very satisfying to your ego. It’s wise to be cautious of losing control or abandoning your better judgement. The Moon, especially under a Lunar eclipse, can take on an irrational life of it’s own.

Within the public sphere you may be wearing out your welcome. It may be difficult to read the signals within friendships or in groups that exist to advance a community cause or solidarity. Leo wants to stand out but he also wants to be loved. Mercury retrograde will have you rethinking what you said or how you said it.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
This eclipse highlights your 4th house of your home, security, foundational strength, family, and the past. A culmination is indicated. A change or relocation may be in the works. As you confront the need to make a decision based on some impossibly high standards its wise to avoid an overly optimistic assessment of the strength of a professional relationship. Under this eclipse we’re inclined to throw caution to the wind and to assume, possibly because we’re detailed oriented, that we won’t miss the signs and signals that would require a more cautious approach. Under current energies it’s possible to be blind-sided.

Partners may be “missing in action” too self-assured, or otherwise falling short when it comes to “minding the store.” Assuming everything is being taken care of may be a luxury you can’t afford. Professionally an intriguing or interesting piece of news seem to open doors to an enticing opportunity. But it might be more complicated or less than it initially appears. Seek out more information before deciding.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
This eclipse falls in your third house. Communications, connections, or your relationship with siblings may be highlighted. Future opportunities might require a change in perspective as the facts on the ground change. Jupiter in your 6th house might encourage you to invest more or to dream big with regard to your work, a service you provide, a chance to upgrade your skills, improve your health, or improve your status. A reasonable amount of caution is advised as Jupiter is prone to exaggerate the upside while minimizing the downside.

It might be timely to release some of your responsibilities and to be more selective in the future re: responsibilities you’re willing to take on. A deeply private devotion or obsession brings you to a decision point. It’s time to decide whether you will stick with what’s familiar and comfortable or move forward. It’s likely you’ll need to release old beliefs about communication, planning for the future, or the role you play in relationships with siblings. It might be time to travel, to expand your interests, or to expose yourself to something more interesting as you release an old tired strategy or routine.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
This full Moon may trigger an ending, clarification, change, or pivotal turning point. Issues related to financial partnerships, clarifying and acknowledging a harsh truth, or the release of something you’ve grown deeply attached to is indicated. “Rebalancing the scales” where money, values, and trust are considerations may be required. Adjustments – some of them major – may need to be made where future security and emotional needs conflict with the nature of a partnership.

Jupiter promises big dreams and expansive opportunity along the lines of romance, creative self-expression, or showing the world what you can do. A wealth of wisdom has been accumulated in this area of life. A devotion to dealing with groups and moving the masses in a better direction by exposing undermining, destructive forces might bring you to a difficult decision point. Releasing old beliefs re: values and priorities, generating an income, or defining what it is specifically that stabilizes and nourishes you invites change and moves you in a more promising direction.

>SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
This eclipse could usher in a powerful ending that makes room for a new beginning. Jupiter discourages a cautious, tentative approach preferring to go “all-in” on the big dream – something more expansive or something that liberates you from a victimizing role within the realm of family relationships. A clarification enables you to rebalance the scales and to move in the direction of something more just and equitable.

It appears you’re at a crossroads or difficult decision point where you may be contemplating the value of independence and :going it alone” vs. engaging in a partnership situation. A release of old beliefs re: your designated role within the realm of relationships may be up for discussion. Full Moon’s ignite old memories. In 2002 you experienced a lunar eclipse at this same “5th degree of Sagittarius” position. Things have come full circle. A new beginning is scheduled for June 10, 2021. The quality of that new beginning depends on your willingness to release the past.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
The eclipse in your 12th house can disrupt something from behind the scenes, something sensitive, or private that keeps you feeling lucky, optimistic, and expectant that you’ll land on feet every time. A secret may be exposed. A dream that hasn’t been defined may exert a confusing influence. An obsession or deep devotion to future plans could bring you to a decision point. Things morph quickly into something much bigger than anticipated. You might need to downplay what’s possible or keep expectations at a reasonable level.

It’s possible to lose focus this week, to drop the ball, or to interpret issues through a lens that’s somewhat distorted. It’s time to prioritize in order to keep things in perspective. The best laid plans may need to be revised – possibly more than once.

Capricorn might fare better than most under this eclipse mainly the result of a natural leaning in the direction off caution. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Capricorn is naturally prone be suspicious of anything that feels inflated, exaggerated, or not completely accurate.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
This eclipse brings change and results related to your 11th house of groups, your social life, or your desire to move the masses in a better direction. Friendships may be clarified. But it’s hard to count on your perceptions as they may be misleading. Exaggeration under the influence of Sagittarius can be expected. Throwing caution too the wind is risky – but it might not seem like it at the time.

Saturn in your 2nd house is under the influence of Uranus – a planet prone to set you free of what’s restrictive, conservative, grown-up, and responsible. So you might find yourself ignoring the guardrails particularly when it comes to spending. Don’t put too much faith in what others say they intend to do. Siblings may be especially unreliable, disappointing, or “missing in action” under current influences.

pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
This eclipse energizes your 10th house of your career, life direction, achievement, and the kind of influence you exert within the public realm. Professional opportunities presented to you sound and look good. But under this eclipse is wise to ask questions. Exaggerations and over-optimism is a given whenever Sagittarius is involved. If you jump on an opportunity you might later figure out it’s not what was initially presented. You might need to revise your approach and recalculate.

A relationship you’re deeply devoted to or obsessing over may bring you to a decision point. Can you live with someone who’s less than perfect? Can you change or revise your beliefs about how you will reach your ultimate goal? Can you change your perspective or the nature of the of conversations you routinely have family? A different kind of foundation may better support your goals or those of a family member. Relocation is a possibility.

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