Full Moon Horoscopes for the Week of Feb. 24th – Mar. 1st

Full Moons signal a culmination within a specific sector of your life experience. In this week’s horoscopes I’ll identify which area of life experience is most likely to be affected for each sign.

Virgo deals with details related to self-improvement, health, routines, or the nature of your relationship with co-workers. Precise communication, efficiency and organization is highlighted. Important, encouraging messages are forthcoming.

Under every full Moon something is likely to have been taken as far as it can go in it’s current direction. Change is inevitable and significant.

Results or answers you’ve been waiting for are likely forthcoming. And the news is good. Support for your specific goals and ambitions is promoted.

(In general Lunar events – especially full Moons – intensify emotions and can momentarily turn us into “lunatics.” The nature of emotions that surface are often surprising – and surprisingly intense. Paying attention to what surfaces can be revealing and instructive.)

Under full Moons course corrections within the realm of relationships are a possibility – especially if something imbalanced or distorted has developed between you and another.

It’s likely you will be given information you need to make a well-informed decisions. Within two weeks you might notice the seeds of something new and improved taking shape.

Uranus in Taurus is fully supportive of this Virgo full Moon. Easy breakthroughs enable progress. It’s likely your life will change as a result of an emotional breakthrough.

Mars in Taurus trines Pluto in Capricorn. A specific action triggers a transformation in your public or professional life that could change how you’re defined within the public mind.

In some regard you’ve likely come to the end of the road. You might be especially glad to say goodbye to what was and to walk through doors that are opening up.


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ARIES (March 21-April 21)

The full Moon might highlight and clarify what’s previously been obscured. This could relate to your work life, your relationship with co-workers, or the improvements you’ve set in motion. Mars in the values/income sector of your chart triggers action that facilitates a transformation within your professional/public life. Financial gain seems likely. Your public status improves in some regard. It might be time for you to take the lead and to wield more authority.

It’s a good time to clean house in terms of the responsibilities you’ve accumulated or the tasks you no longer wish to do. Improvements are possible where your health, efficiency, and routines are a concern. Behind the scenes something inspiring, loving, energizing, and kind has taken hold. A secret love affair or attraction is a possibility.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)

Mars in your sign triggers something powerful or transformational under this full Moon. It’s likely you’ll be dealing with information or improvements related to expansion, travel, legalities, the future, or something liberating. Publishing is a possibility. Routines and old habits are disrupted in ways that enhance romance or your ability to enjoy life. Your social life is likely to improve or to get more interesting.

A turning point could relate to creative self-expression, lovers, children, and your relationship with yourself. It might be time to purge the guilt, to further develop a talent, or to insist that the world revolve around you and your needs, or to play a more socially prominent/disruptive/entertaining role. Literally or figuratively it might be time for you to step onto a bigger stage as you attract the audience that loves you.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)

Mars triggers action, change, and something transformative/healing within the deepest, most private recesses of your mind and heart. Issues related to joint resources, financial partnerships, the balance of power, and intimacy needs be changing in a positive direction.

It’s likely an improvement or something beneficial will come of this. Mercury, your chart ruler, aligns with Jupiter in the disruptively brilliant sign of Aquarius, enhancing the possibility of some good news or final results that expand your options. You may be free to think bigger or along the lines of something more liberating or interesting. Quiet behind the scenes progress related to a breakthrough could completely transforms you relationship with money and love.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)

Mars and Pluto align in ways that trigger a risky or specific action. That sets in motion a transformational/healing change or upgrade within the realm of relationships. A disruption affecting the group, the community, or your social life provides an important breakthrough, clarification, ending, or change involving the way you communicate or cultivate connections. A strong dose of the truth enhances your freedom and ability to expand your reach. Travel might be in the cards. A long distance, secret love affair or romantic vision for your life may be within reach.

Your old relationship role may need to be updated in some regard. Mercury’s alignment with Jupiter brings good news as this relates to joint ownership, financial partnerships, shared resources, and increasing abundance. News you receive is likely to set you free.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)

If you’re tired of being in a repetitive holding pattern, treading water, waiting for a result, an answer, clarification, or sign that things are improving – this full Moon is mad for you.

A transformational breakthrough is facilitated that relates to your reputation, work ethic, reliability, or the nature of your relationships with co-workers. A powerful performance on a day to day basis delivers results. Venus and the Sun in your 8th house implies financial advancement, abundance and success. Good news may flow in the direction of a partner as well. You may be increasingly drawn in the direction of something promising related to community service or altruistic interests.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)

Change or endings are likely to flow in your direction in the form of some good news related to your work, health, or daily routines. A breakthrough positively impacts your future vision for your life. Your communicative, detail-oriented, style and approach to life may change. Your role within the realm of relationships may change or come to a conclusion.

What’s especially energizing – loving, dreamy, compassionate and kind within the realm of relationships – creates an opportunity for progress. The possibility of expanding your reach to include travel, publishing possibilities, higher education, and legal benefits is facilitated and empowered.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)

Breakthroughs disrupt the status quo as those relate to joint financial partnerships, emotional transformations, issues of intimacy, and dealings with occult. It’s time for a change. Something disruptive interrupts your train of thought or mindset. The long wait may be over. The news is good. Financial actions trigger transformations on the home front. Something foundational to your sense of security may change. The change looks positive.

Parenting issues may be highlighted. The need for something more balanced and equitable may be revealed. Progressive, cutting edge ideas may form the basis of a successful creative effort. A clarification, some good news, or results support your creative efforts. Unusual or unlikely love affairs could flourish. Letting go of, or delegating a task you no longer wish to do could have a positive impact on your life and your work-life specifically.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)

Mars in your 7th house of committed relationships triggers some specific action that enables a profound transformation. This could be related to improved communication, your state of mind, truths, or combining efforts to improve your image and prospects. Something liberating and expansive is indicated. Taking your show on the road or going public with a collaboration may be part of the emerging picture

Venus and the Sun highly energize your 5th house of romance, love affairs, lovers, dreams that become real, and compassion and kindness that feeds the soul. Controlling the intensity of this influence seems important. Taking your love life public could meet with mixed results. Scorpios aren’t fond of full exposure. Mixed messages could confuse the image or dilute the desired impact.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)

The full Moon in your 10th house could signify an important professional turning point. This may be related to progressive/cutting edge ideas you’re waiting to take public. The issue may be to align your professional life with a personal goal or life-long passion. Mars in your 6th house of service energizes your work. Financially things look promising if you can cultivate a smart, realistic, transformative approach to generating an income.

Venus in your domestic sector activates issues related to your security, home, the past, family, love, and a type of healing related (for better or worse) to self-sacrifice. Healing amongst family members or within yourself indicated. Dipping into the past to release old wounds or retreating into your safe space is favored. The Full Moon in your career sector illuminates a professional turning point or delivers an important truth. Issues that need to be improved or refined may be themes, as well as personal versus professional values.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)

Mars in your 5th house of love and self-expression trines Pluto. Action triggers a transformative/healing effect. Breakthroughs relate to your self-expressive abilities or a potential love interest that can be both exciting or disruptive. A personal breakthrough is indicated. The truth is fully exposed or may be delivered accompanied by an important clarification.

The news is good. It’s motivating. Something you’ve wished for and worked for is taking shape. Creative inspiration flows. You might say the right words or feel flattered by an unexpected invitation or attention. Commitments (financial commitments) in their current form may dissolve in preparation for something new, improved, and more promising.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)

Mars and Uranus are shaking things up in your in your 4th house of home, family, roots, and the past. The current status quo changes as an urge to break free of something repetitive, habitual, and outdated takes hold. Anger could be the key to an important personal transformation. It’s likely you’ll think in terms of taking action. Relocation is a possibility. The nature of a home business may change.

The Sun, Venus, and Neptune in your second house energizes and positively influences your income. It might be time to give yourself permission to get what you want. That could lead to a further clarification regarding where you most want to invest your financial or emotional energy.

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PISCES (February 21-March 21)

This full Moon favors uniting words with actions. Actions trigger a transformational or healing effect where your social life or ability to tell yourself the truth are concerned. Making new connections seems important if for no other reason than to stimulate your mind and promote some much needed progress.

Your most natural approach to life expresses under this full Moon as love, artistic self-expression, compassion, kindness, and the cultivation of dreams or a dream life. More than a touch of magic ensures movement in a positive direction. Relationships are highlighted under this full Moon. Something changes or ends with regard to the role you play with a committed partner or anothers’. It might be time to compromise less and expect more. It might be time to insist on some essential improvements or higher standards.

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