New Moon Horoscopes for the Week of Jan. 13th – 19th

The full Moon chart is filled with lots of challenging aspects. Pluto’s conjunction to this New Moon defines it’s profoundly transformative potential. It’s time to delve beneath the surface and to question the validity of simple fixes and superficial answers.

Capricorn represents the power of the government. Transformative changes are in play as governments in general struggle with wielding power effectively – and a new mandate for change.

The magnitude our own personal power is revealed as we deal with personal challenges on a deeper level. Easy answers are suspect.

Capricorn is about following the rules and achieving successful outcomes by avoiding the temptation to skip steps. Whenever Pluto’s involved facing the truth is a critical first step. Accepting your share of the responsibility is the second step, and I’m not sure what comes after that – making amends maybe.

Getting off on the right foot is important under a new Moon. (You could say that not getting off on the right foot when Pluto is involved is potentially dangerous or catastrophic. Actions taken today portend the shape of things to come – publicly and personally – for the next month and beyond.

Uranus turns direct and forges ahead in the sign of Taurus after being in retrograde motion for since Aug.15, 2020. Saturn in disruptive Aquarius is focused on change, progress, technology issues, and improving the prospects for the fate humanity.But Saturn in any sign is realistic, organized, self-disciplined, and rewarding for punitive based on the merits.

Neptune continues to square the nodes. If doing the same thing you’ve always done looks like a viable option that’s most likely a delusion. There’s something very promising involved in forging a new path. It’s most likely related to communication, broadcasting, connecting, learning, and doing what it takes to manifest your best ideas.

The Sun’s move into the sign Aquarius on Jan. 19th energizes rebellions and a push for social change.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Something painful involved in your relationship with your profession, success, the rules, or your current life direction requires a deeper look. A new emotional beginning involves a more organized or focused effort on aligning with an ideal, amassing allies, finding your tribe, and breaking free of out-dated social/cultural restrictions. What you say and how you say it seems especially influential. Pushing for protecting a source of income, old values, or ineffective and outdated priorities will be challenged by Saturn – for the sake of progress. Volatility within the community or among friends is a possibility. The order in which you arrange your values and priorities matters. As Uranus moves direct it’s time to consider how you can tap into deep reserves of power.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
A new emotional beginning involves self-discipline, determination, and liberating yourself through focused efforts to “expand your reach.” It’s important to delve beneath the surface to reveal a vulnerability related to fear, fear of the future, or the unknown – or fear for the survival of a (long distance) relationship. It’s possible for you to step into a leadership role and to influence a personal or global chain events. Taurus harbors deep reserves of timeless wisdom within that can guide the course of progressive change in a more humane, peaceful, and nourishing direction. It might be time to consider publishing, advancing your education, or using the legal system to promote hoped optimism. For you success may involve liberating yourself from old definitions of success or taking on a leadership role where stabilization is required. Clarifying and communicating what’s true seems important.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Uranus turns into direct motion today. The pace of disruptive, deeply personal change, liberation, and progress accelerates. You might feel a vague internal shift that changes the nature of your routines or your health over the next couple weeks. Within the subconscious mind or beneath some level of awareness liberation from the past is facilitated. A new emotional beginning related to financial partnerships takes hold. Accessing the depths of your power is a possibility – and a necessity. There may be some pain involved in the transformation of an intimate relationship or some fear related to being replaced, displaced, or rejected. In some regard your sense of identity is being transformed where communications, connections, and wielding influence through the power of your words is a focus.. Connecting with a deeper truth – or your true nature – is a possibility under this new Moon. A release of what no longer serves you is required.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
This new Moon involves an emotional transformation related to the reality of a relationship, Delving beneath the surface is required to come up with a more truthful assessment of some complicated involvement. Your sense of identity as a partner or your role within a relationships is being transformed. A concurrent adjustment to your role or to your most instinctive style and approach to life may be required. Your relationship style may contain undermining remnants what was inherited from your family of origin. That could make things especially difficult or confusing. It might be time to do the necessary work to liberate yourself from a financial partnership or feelings of powerlessness. Your most promising path forward might involves cultivating and gestating ideas you’ve generated that can liberate you in some regard. You might need to release some old beliefs about what it is that keeps you financially dependent or confined.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Aspects to Mercury in your partnership sector involve a disruptive or clarifying message from another. Partners may sense that your fear of future unknowns limits or confines them, or the relationship, in some regard. What’s important to another may not be important to you. Issues may revolve around the refusal of a partner to accept responsibility for developing himself or herself beyond specific “sticking points.” What seems most promising is your willingness to align yourself with significant changes your current life direction. Tinkering around the edges with different approaches to the same goals and aspirations will not improve the situation. A willingness to change might deliver better than expected results. Uranus turns direct in your career sector. Something disruptive or liberating involves a partnership and a willingness to transcend old habits and tendencies.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
A situation that needs to be corrected is brought to your attention. Something painful or clarifying involves a child, a lover, a personal expression, or a critique of who you are and what needs to be transformed. Your sense of confidence could take a hit. A disappointing result might define the outcome. But it could leave you more determined than ever to develop and express your talents regardless of the fear involved. It’s important to focus on your most valuable contribution to the world. Something may be blocking your ability to expand your reach, to change beliefs that are not supported by the facts, to travel, or to put some distance between you and those who undermine your belief in a better future. You’ll need to work hard to get around these impediments. But it looks like the reward is worth the effort. What you love most may be realized.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
New emotional beginning relate your home, family, and the past. Families can unwittingly encourage you to take giant steps backwards and destroy the progress you’ve made in trying to develop something healthier. A wound you’ve disowned or projected might quietly trigger something that throws you off track. There’s a lot to unravel that’s related to what you’ve inherited from your family of origin. It’s time to delve deeper into clarifying a source of pain that saps your power and limits your effectiveness. Look for solutions within. Old habits need to be released. Consistent efforts and a commitment to greater personal awareness leads in the direction of success. Essentially you need to be liberated to love, to express your talents freely, and to speak or to clarify what’s true. Old beliefs about communication need to released. Your most promising direction relates to expanding your influence through what you know. Publishing seems important some regard.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Uranus turns direct in your 7th house of relationships. Whats been stalled or put on hold since August 15th begins to progress. Unexpected disruptions and breakthroughs define the nature of your relationships. Something hurtful may related to what wasn’t communicated or what a partner neglected to say. Possibly an expected reassurance was not forthcoming. Your communication in the general sense may be transformed in some regard. You may be open to a deeper investigation of what lies beneath. You may encounter a truth that changes your perspective on the past. An urge to move forward quickly or to an extreme degree – way past your goal – may relate to your home, family, or a relocation. It’s likely you’ll be able to let something go or to let it die because of a change in beliefs re: money, income, values, priorities, and/or your sense of self-worth.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
This new Moon rises in your second house of stabilization. Taking a deeper look at your values and priorities or income prospects could reveal a truth that’s hard to face. Issues related to self-worth may require a deeper look. The way you earn an income may not reinforce a sense of worth. Forging a new path that’s more aligned with your true nature and most authentic self is important. The balance of power within a relationship may be “off.” a tendency to betray yourself or to allow another to betray you is important to address. Old beliefs about what can and cannot be discussed are ripe for reform. Freedom of speech may be an issue that requires more thought in your public or private life. Now is the time when the power of the new Moon can be used to your advantage to transform, renew, and liberate.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Saturn, the ruler of this New Moon in the sign of Capricorn, allows for some surprising developments in your second house of money, earned income, and ownership. Something unexpected (unexpectedly good) within this sector of life is a possibility. An emotional new beginning involves your style and approach to life, your role within the realm of relationships, the condition of your physical body, or your ability to initiate something new. This new Moon requires a deeper, more truthful examination of how your personal limitations, inflexibility, or lack of focus limit your ability to take a relationship to deeper, more satisfying levels. Something more promising involves a consistent commitment to tangible improvement.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
An emotional new beginning is in progress behind the scenes and out of sight. What you’re working on achieving or transforming is personally challenging. Working long hours in solitude may be important. Immersing yourself in a cause greater than yourself is indicated. Consistent routines and a dedication to staying organized and focused seems mandatory. You might at times feel as though you’re collapsing under the weight of too much responsibility, a heavy workload, or impossibly high goal. How committed are you to quietly cultivating a personal goal that has the potential to align you with your most authentic contribution to the world? Proving yourself to yourself might involve self-respect and reaching deeper within to find a source of untapped power. Saturn in Aquarius in your first house implies a self-disciplined, hard working approach to learning something new that empowers and liberates you.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
New emotional beginnings involve disciplined efforts to make progress within the social realm of your life. Ideals, friendships, groups interactions, or identifying and cultivating allies you depend on for future success seems important. A deeply personal organized rebellion may be ongoing behind the scenes an out of sight. Digging deep for answers that ring true seems critical to your quest for a release from the invisible “chains that bind.” There is some confusion or resistance involved in fully embracing the most promising direction for you. To the extent you can identify how you restrict yourself you’ll be able to break free. Letting go of old beliefs about what constitutes success for you may be critical. A life direction that involves a happily committed relationship is doable. Now may be the right time to pursue alternative means of making the unconscious or subconscious, conscious.

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