Leo Full Moon Horoscopes for the Week of Jan. 27th – Feb. 2nd

On Thursday, Jan. 28th, there’s the culmination of a showy, dramatic, influential, and powerful full Moon in the sign of Leo. Decisions may need to be made against the backdrop of Neptune’s square to the Nodes. We’re at a crossroads and probably unsure or confused over which direction to choose. Full Moons involve endings – possibly big, consequential one’s in this case. Results materialize, clarifications are forthcoming, it becomes obvious it’s time to address something that’s become imbalanced with a big move. Deciding how far you should go to please others may be an issue.

The Sabian Symbol for this full Moon is the following:

“A retiring author wearing her usual exaggerated costume, faces her public at a book signing. Her new book treats many serious issues but displays a lurid front cover.”

Hooking people’s interest into what you have to say or contribute seems important. You may be able to give eloquent voice to the concerns of the common man. Friendships may be emphasized in some regard. It might be time to change the nature of your social life to include more interesting, unfamiliar, or unusual characters.

It might be wise to keep your public and private life separate to prevent diluting the impact of your presentation or contribution.

Full Moon’s clear the decks for a new beginning. If something’s trying to exit your life, intuitively you may feel it’s time to let it go. Looking ahead the upcoming new Moon on February 11th it’s placed in the sign of Aquarius. Under the Leo full Moon a path is being cleared for an important breakthroughs rebellion, and support for the “common Man.”

Whatever influences are currently in play, lunation’s exaggerate those. A new cycle involving power, healing, relationships, money, and transformational change begins under this new Moon influence. We’re currently challenged to take action to broaden our sphere of influence and to highlight our most unique talents.

Jupiter’s opposition the Moon encourages a reliance on intuition to guide the direction of our liberation and expansion. Uranus challenges us to disrupt old routines and traditions for the sake of progress. Chiron’s sextile to the Sun presents us with an opportunity to clarify our fears and vulnerabilities. The Sun/Jupiter conjunction encourages us to expand the old definition of what defines us.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Neptune in your invisible, confusing, 12th house can blur the nature of your choices or blind you to your most promising course of action. The choice that needs to be made may involve a release of outdated, limiting, inherited beliefs. It’s important to confront a feat, liability, or vulnerability for clarification. The most promising direction for you involves communication, learning, telling the truth, clarifying, or coming up with the answers for a group or for the community in general. You may have discovered a method that is broadly applicable to large groups of people. Your free to be as dramatic, entertaining, creative, or attention-getting as you need to be. Growing your audiences as a result is a possibility. This week Pluto and Venus begin a new cycle in your 10th house of career goals and success. It’s time transform and empower the nature of your relationship with the public or the nature of your relationships general. Not until March of 2022 will you see the results of that effort.

Groups, friends, allies, and a cause that transcends yourself might fuel and inspire a flurry of creative work. Action is encouraged to solidify and grow your financial base. You might want to document your best ideas, or to disseminate your writings more broadly.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Neptune blurs the reality in your 11th house of friends, groups, allies, and community concerns. You might be wondering where you belong, where you fit in, or if you can. A point of reference for deciding on a course of action that involves changing your social life might be elusive. Maybe it’s time to move in a new, more promising direction by refusing to nourish old, outdated beliefs related to financial partnerships, joint ownership, and what you share with another. Intimacy or trust issues may be a concern. A turning point might involve the cultivation of financial independence or a better balance between “give and take.” The Full Moon triggers expansion and change related to your home or family, a career opportunity or choice. Venus and Pluto in your opportunities sector signals the beginning of a new relationship/financial cycle. To the extent your able to “destroy and rebuild” or leave an outdated past behind, the final results are likely to be positive. Now is the time to exaggerate or dramatize for effect Mars challenges you to act in your own financial best interest.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
This Leo full Moon activates your 9th house of travel, expansion, and a move into the future. Opportunities relate to higher education, publishing, and the enhancement of an important preparation phase for materializing your highest goals and aspirations. A breakthrough relates to doing whatever it takes (something challenging most likely) to release yourself from confining or repetitive patterns. Behind the scenes, deep within, or outside your sphere of awareness, progress is being made. Sudden flashes of insight disrupt old patterns, routines, and sources of comfort. Direct or indirect evidence of change reassures you that progress is being made – especially at deeper, subconscious levels. A new cycle involving relationships, financial partnership transformations, and healing begins this week. The results of your efforts will be obvious in March of 2022. For you most promising course of action involves a focus on yourself and the release of old beliefs related to your role within the realm of relationships.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Neptune in your 9th house of opportunity, expansion, the future, and the unknown infuses a layer of confusion and fear where making an informed decision is involved. It might be time to step back, and in a detached way, to assess what it is you believe about problem-solving, providing a healing service, doing your best work, making measurable improvements, and self-sacrifice. Your beliefs about work and service are likely to have been inherited and may currently be outdated. It might be time to break with an old routine or to change your focus in more expansive, liberating, progressive, or enlightened directions. There’s value in opening your mind to new possibilities. There’s value in “going big or going home” as they say. Big dramatic change is supported. Now is a time when you might be receiving flashes of insight and pure truth that can be applied to the work that you do. Massive psychic downloads of higher knowledge might need to be processed. Taking stock of your resources, examining your values and priorities, and showing the world what you can do with the healing talents, resources, and (occult) power you’re able to wield seems important. It might be time for a break from old friends whose interests and values have drifted away from your own.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
An area of uncertainty, confusion, or fear hangs over your 8th house of financial partnerships, how you wield power, and release and transform what’s grown stagnant or toxic. You might sense that what’s currently in play regarding financial partnerships cannot be sustained for the long haul. The choice between something promising and something outdated may be shrouded in confusion or attempts to avoid making any choice. Decisions could be delayed by design. Clearing things up requires a courageous confrontation with old, inherited beliefs related to “know-it-all-ness,” or an adherence to a self-centered formula that makes your own success and happiness of primary concern. Today a Venus Pluto conjunction begins a new cycle of transformation and improvement within your work relationships, with regard to your health, service, or issues related to self-sacrifice. In March of 2022 you’ll see the results your efforts. Leo is the best at knowing how to dramatize for effect or to make something routine, dull and un-interesting exciting and new. Your most promising direction might relate to providing a community service that benefits the masses.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
Confusion reigns in your 7th house of relationships making it difficult to decide on a course of action. In some cases the goal posts are continually moving. Uncertainty or lack of commitment makes it hard to clarify the choices that lie before you. What’s required is a confrontation with your fears, vulnerabilities, or old, inherited beliefs regarding home, family, the past or what’s most needed to support your highest goals. Those may no longer apply. What’s most promising involves a professional opportunity that involves leadership or something that advances your standing in the world – or with the public.

Based on current evidence a previously unseen, unanticipated, or unacknowledged truth residing below the surface of your awareness could be revealed. This seems related to a job change, health issue, or a disruption to your usual routine that caused you to stop and make a connection. Unpredictability could threaten your security in some regard. But self-awareness is a gift that appears to be flowing indoor direction. Knowing what lies beneath gives you power and control you didn’t previously have. Pluto and Venus in your 5th house of creative self expression heralds the beginning of a new cycle involving your role within the realm of relationships, financial partnerships, money, or the way you generate an income. Now might be the time when you can focus on creating something that’s a true reflection of who you are and what you love.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
Something murky and unclear, evasive or invisible resides over your currents choices and a move in a more promising direction. What’s confusing relates to the need for an examination of old or inherited beliefs related to communication, information, feeling smart, knowledgeable, or believing that what you have to say is impactful and clarifying. Listening may be an issue. Feeling heard or allowing others to feel heard seems important. A confrontation with a hard truths seems necessary. The most promising direction for you involves an openness to learning something new, higher education, publishing you ideas and opinions, or giving the world access to your best thoughts and ideas.

The full Moon in your 11th house suggests you will attract a bigger audience for the information you have to share. Your presentation will likely be filled with suspense, surprise, drama, embellishment, or the unfiltered version of your most authentic self. Something shocking or unusual could be added to the mix. A new cycle begins this week involving Venus and Pluto in Capricorn in your 4th house of home and family. A healing transformation of your relationship to your home, family, and the past is indicated over the next year. The results of what you’ve released and re-constructed will be evident by March of 2022.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Confusion stems from your 5th house of love, romance, personal self-expression, and issues having do with children. Uncertainty reigns in this area of life. A solid authentic expression of who you are and what you love may be hard to express. This has implications for your ability to choose your most promising direction. What is required is a confrontation with the truth related to old inherited beliefs concerning money, values, priories, or the way you generate an income. When the truth is known and acknowledged choices are clarified and you’re free to move in the most promising direction for you.

That direction might involve financial partnerships, and something easier, simpler, more comfortable, and naturally aligned. A major new cycle begins this week related to the transformation of financial partnerships, intimacy issues, and fear of exposure. Results will be clarified in March of 2022.

This Full Moon highlights the career/home/family sector of your chart. A public achievement may draw attention to you influencing your home or private life in some regard. A partner’s actions may be shocking, disruptive, unpredictable, and somewhat undermining to your sense of security. You might feel especially vulnerable or “in the dark” regarding your ability to manage progress in a direction filled with promise. Gaining control could involve flirtation, “turning on the charm,”
manipulation, or a romantic temptation.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Neptune is blurring the lines, causing confusion, and making it difficult to focus in the area of life concerning home, family, relocation, and issues related to security. There’s a choice to be made concerning your most promising direction in life. A confrontation with the truth relates to old, outdated, inherited beliefs concerning your overall style and approach to life, your role within the realm of relationships, or naming your worst fears and vulnerabilities. Once you do that clarity reigns and your free to choose the most promising direction for you.

The Full Moon in your sector of opportunities delivers the results you were hoping for. Those might relate to travel, higher education, publishing, or being officially credentialed. Big expectations are realized but quickly reconsidered by the heavier responsibilities or sacrifices involved. You may feel encouraged to take extreme or dramatic action to shock or frighten another into seeing your side of the issue. That almost never works in the long term. It seems risky. A profound new beginning involving money, relationships, resource management, or financial independence begins this week. The results of your efforts to transform and rebuild this area of your life will be evident in March of 2022

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
An area of murkiness or confusion involving communication, untruths, evasiveness, or an inability to focus makes it difficult to decide on a promising course of action for the future. An examination (and release) of old beliefs you might have inherited from your family seems wise. Fear of the unknown – what’s unseen, invisible, or existing beneath the surface of consciousness might be central to “cracking the code” or clarifying your choices. The most promising areas for you seems to involve improvements within your work environment, with regard to your health, routines, habits, and obligations to others. Disseminating information efficiently may be part of the challenge.

The Full Moon in your sector of shared resources, joint ownership, or issues related to intimacy, and trust might take center stage. Entrenched psychological hangups or a refusal to delve beneath the surface for answers might slow your progress. Showy purchases, overspending, or taking risks with a joint future plans for stability might not be justified. Something disruptive or self-involved could challenge joint goals. Venus and Pluto embark on a new cycle this week. A transformation of the essential nature a relationship begins. It’s important to release what’s outdated, imbalanced, and no longer viable.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
There’s some confusion, uncertainty, or lack of definition involved in choosing between what’s promising and what’s outdated, repetitive, or tired. Financial instability, the lack of financial planning, careful attention to managing your resources wisely, or lack of commitment to financial independence might limit your ability clarify your options. Something evasive may be in play. A confrontation with a financial truth could involve involves past neglect, lack of organization, or the failure to make some measurable improvement. It’s time to examine beliefs you’ve inherited related to manifesting your dreams and following the rules. You might feel yourself to be an exception to the rules, but where financial interests are involved that could limit your future prospects. The most promising direction for you involves unfettered creative freedom and the desire to be recognized for your knowledge, language skills, global reach, ability to enlighten, or to “get to get the heart of the matter.”

Pluto and Venus begin a new cycle this week. It involves the transformation of the nature of your relationships and your role within them It’s time begin to let go of what’s no longer useful viable. The results of that effort will be clarified in March of 2022.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Neptune in the first sector of your chart brings your attention to some area of neglect or decay related to career or home life. It may be hard for you to clarify what the most promising direction for you might be. A confrontation with the truth that lies beneath a desire to evade and avoid deciding could be clarifying. It’s wise to identify and to release some old inherited beliefs that might be obvious but limiting or restrictive. The most promising direction for you relates to home, family, relocation, and possibly breaking down, re-building, or re-configuring the old foundations that once supported your highest goals and aspirations. A home business or working form home is indicated. Relationships with friends, allies, your social life, or a community involvement might need to change or to come to a close. Releasing something old and tired advantages you.

Venus and Pluto start a new cycle this week. The results of your efforts to revitalize relationships and your will to create and beautify will be evident in March of 2022. Under this full Moon your health, work environment, routines, and responsibilities will be highlighted. In some regard you’re working “in the dark,” being guided by invisible forces, or your own intuition. Something disruptive is indicated. Too much stress or a mismanagement of stress can result in upsetting events or symptoms.

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