Horoscopes for the Week of Jan. 20th – 26th

This Week the Sun officially ignites and enlivens the part of you that resonates with the Aquarian way of being. The following is reminder of what that means.

“Aquarius is a complicated mix of disciplined structure and irreverent rebellion. From the time they’re old enough to understand language, and maybe sooner, somewhere in their brilliant minds Aquarians are asking “who died and made you the boss?”

Life is a serious affair for Aquarius. They feel the weight of a relentlessly oppressive world conspiring to have them conform to something that feels strange and incoherent. But eventually they rebel and find ways to express their ingenious, futuristic, humanitarian selves. Ultimately they’re destined to embrace an “outsider” status. And ultimately they must choose to concentrate on developing the trait within that is most unique.

Aquarians take their place as revolutionaries, born to “explode” embedded ideas and institutions that have become oppressive or inhumane. They can appear fairly mainstream, socially adept, and friendly. Inside they’re anything but. Chronically prone to question the “official story” and the “official authorities” they come to understand that social acceptance is too high a price to pay for living a life that’s not their own. They are “originals” and have no choice but to make it up as they go along.

Ultimately they accept and use their outsider status to advance the cause of freedom and justice. But it can take some time.
Relationships are tricky for Aquarians. Well meaning partners and families can pressure the Aquarian to conform. It can be painful for families to see their Aquarian loved one choose the lonely road of an outsider or to express herslef in ways that invite rejection. But Aquarius has an invisible built-in immunity to rejection. “Belonging” in the traditional sense doesn’t usually register as meaningful. She’s simply not playing the same game everyone else is playing. Her definition of success doesn’t usually jibe with standard cultural definitions.

Inventive, determined, and aware of her responsibility to accelerate progress she aspires to be known for an original, significant, profoundly humane contribution to the world.”

Inner pressures mounts this week as an inflexible Mars/Uranus conjunction inspires extreme, courageous, or disruptive actions designed to liberate you. Old rules, restrictions, and ingrained habits can to be changed, updated, or revised. But intensifying pressures from an inflexible Taurean Mars/Uranus conjunction can be difficult to manage in a balanced way.

On Friday Jupiter in Aquarius squares Mars in Taurus. There’s pressure to stick with what’s comfortable. But expansion and liberation is possible with courageous action and a determination to move forward. to detach from what’s been It might be time to begin to work on your most significant contribution to the world.

On Saturday, January 23rd, Saturn aligns exactly with the Aquarian Sun. Restrictions and limitations are clearly defined. The emerging new reality might sting. Extreme focus, self-discipline, and hard work promotes progress.

The Aquarian season lasts from Jan. 20, 2021 – Feb. 19, 2021

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Now is a time to focus on defining what your most valuable contribution to the world will be – and to take some action to manifest it. There’s an urge to expand your influence in the world, within a group or community setting. Maybe you want to expand your audience. But old habits that remain entrenched and comfortable can stall progress. Taking a different approach may feel risky or potentially financially destabilizing. Rebelling against the old, “outdated rules” for success seems timely. Designing a unique “set of rules” that align with your most authentic and natural way of being seems important. There’s lots of tension between sticking with what you know and making the kind of progress you need make. Saturday’s Sun/Saturn conjunction clarifies your new reality and giving you the strength and discipline to break through what’s fast becoming outdated.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Taurus may physically embody the tension between sticking with what is and moving forward into a better future. It seems important to take extra good care of yourself this week. The urge for liberation competes with the urge to keep it (financially) stabLe and comfortable. The old rules that used to apply for future financial success, expansion, and progress may no longer be relevant. It might be time to stop pushing your goals further into the future or procrastinating, Now is the time to create your own kind of success, to become an authority, and to take the lead. If you’ve been hiding your most unique talents and contributions it might be time to work on developing those. Aspiring to something more but never feeling fully prepared to make it happen could through you off track. It’s time to move forward.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Highly energized now is your 9th house of future possibilities, growth, expansion, and liberation. Higher education, legalities, writing, and publishing opportunities may be thrown in your direction. Travel or creating some distance may seem especially important. If you’re setting the stage to be less dependent and restricted you’re on the right track. Now is a time to take some action to identify a private fear or personal area of inflexibility. Behind the scenes you may be actively cultivating something disruptive that could set you free. If not expect that something outside of your control to be thrown into the mix to move you out of your comfort zone. It’s just easier in the long run to be proactive and take some risk. The Sun’s move into the unpredictable sign of Aquarius life things interesting.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Newly energized is your 8th house of financial partnerships, personal empowerment, and issues related to intimacy and death – all the stuff we don’t want to talk about or to have exposed. Something new and promising is emerging within this sector of life. It’s unique and different and a little risky but capable of liberating you in some regard. Issues related trust or taking a leap of faith may be involved. A breakthrough could be related to taking something public – or making something public. The urge to stay restricted but comfortable could prevent you from moving into a more exciting future. The most stabilizing (emotional) place for you to be might no longer feel stabilizing. A breakthrough could clarify where you belong, who your friends are, and with whom you feel supported and free to be your most authentic self.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
What’s highly energized now is your 7th house of marriage and partnerships. It’s time move away from the old rules that determined or defined your approach to your primary relationship. Something new and more interesting is brewing. You may need to be open to change. Adjustments may be challenging and required. It’s likely an imbalance will become more difficult to sustain. A voluntary infusion of something disruptive and exciting brings hope back to life. The need for more flexibility is most likely expressed within the realm of your career or current life direction. Disruptive actions may be required. It may be time to stop delegating all the most unusual, exciting, plans, possibilities, and ideas to your partner. It’s likely you could throw in a few brilliant ideas of your own. Being stuck in your comfort zone is no longer a stabilizing place to be.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
The Sun is newly energizing your 6th house of work, routines, and issues related to health. Maybe you’re newly motivated to be more innovated, to change your routines, to offer alternative healing methods, or to develop an innovative plan for incremental but steady improvement. Maybe it’s time for you to lead, to expand your services, or to promote something ideal within the community. You might not have to think of yourself as “not very creative.” Aquarius is conspiring to disprove that. What’s creating lots of tension is some inflexibility with regard to old beliefs, future possibilities or enacting some real change. What’s comfortable is probably something you need to move away from. Expanding into the future may require a personal breakthrough and some risk.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
Something exciting and unexpected is brewing in your 5th house of love and self-expression. A new focus on the realities involved in attracting a lover, developing your most unique talents, or creating something that attracts an appreciative, intelligent audience is indicated. It’s time to move on from the old rules and restrictions inherited from family or from past restricting experiences. Something inflexible, outdated, or undermining could relate to a fascination with something morose, dark, perversely empowering or comforting. It could also relate to a financial partnership and dependency. It’s time to focus on liberating yourself. Don’t assume that will be a lengthy process. Things happen quickly when Uranus is involved.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
It might be time to move away from the old rules related domestic issues, communication with family, and the past. You might need freer access to information, and honest answers that fill in some critical gaps in your understanding of yourself and the past – particularly as those relate to your mother. You might need to create some distance or to develop a detached approach to family (family values) and the past. But something comforting, habitual, and inflexible within the realm of marriage and committed partnerships conflicts with liberation and your ability to move on. A breakthrough is required. If you don’t update your dreams, change your communication, or the nature of your private thoughts and motivations it will hard for you to embrace something more authentic, exciting, and real. A healing method that can access the subconscious seems promising.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
It might be time to move away from old values and priorities. or the old rules for generating an income and creating stability. Your third house of communication, information, connecting, and “telling it like it is” is highly energized by the Aquarian Sun for the next month. New ideas are ripe for development. It might be time to accelerate your internet speed. A new platform for expanding your reach may be important. Getting stuck in what old and familiar or outdated place could be a problem especially where old routines, your health, and your work life is involved. Connecting with the more natural and authentic part of yourself will probably involve a breakthrough or change in habits. Being honest with yourself seems critical. What you have to say needs to be heard. The information you share may assist or support the decision-making processing some regard.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Your old style and approach to life and to partnerships may be outdated. The rules for success you assume you need to follow may no longer apply. Creating financial freedom may be a goal. But earning a living cannot require you to be the old version or who you used to be. Something more authentic and promising is beginning to emerge. Capricorn can feel comfortable or bound by habit with a limited range or inflexible perspective as it relates to creativity, self-expression, taking risk, and moving beyond the advice of the “experts. Staying within a narrow range of possibilities or imaginings can interfere with financial goals, the accumulation of wealth, and personal or professional liberation. Capricorns can feel very comfortable repeating themselves and sticking with what’s familiar. An update and a breakthrough may be forced upon you if not voluntarily pursued. Within the realm of financial partnerships, something updated could be considered.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
The old rules and restrictions no longer apply. But you may not have gotten the memo. Old habits die hard. What was initially perceived as restrictive may have grown comfortable over the past couple years. It’s time for an update and a breakthrough especially where issues revolving around home and family are a concern. Maybe you can relocate, or break free of old family restrictions, and the past. It could still feel impossible when actually it’s just more comfortable to pretend it’s impossible. Now it’s time to take action to update your life to align with current interests and the need for something new. But it might require lots of work, dedication, and a consistent focused efforts to create something that feels authentic and uniquely “you.” Most likely it involves travel, expansion, and liberation.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
The Aquarian Sun energizes th 12th hidden sector of your life. What going on behind the scenes is complicated, exciting, and highly pressurized. The feeling of being confined is real but it might be difficult to pinpoint the source. The urge for liberation might be expressed through incoherent, desperate, addictive behavior, or outer events that seem disconnected from anything you can control. If you’re staging a personal rebellion you’ll do it from behind the scenes. The old rules for socializing, dealing with groups, cultivating friends and allies, or expanding your audience may no longer apply. Spiritual progress might feel most important. Old habits die hard especially where communication and an inflexible mindset is concerned. You may be attached to something outdated that involves a sibling. Your intuition might tell you it’s time for a breakthrough you’ve been resisting.

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