Total Sagittarian Solar Eclipse Dec. 14th, 2020

Total Sagittarian Solar Eclipse Monday, Dec. 14th at 11:16 AM EST

A total solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun totally obscuring the direct light of the Sun for a period of time – in this case for two minutes and 4 seconds. The “path of totality” runs through the lake district of Chile and northern Patagonia in Argentina.

This eclipse culminates at 1600 GMT.

It’s during that time that a shift in consciousness and an “earthly reset” occurs. The quality of energy infusing itself into the world from June 21, 2020 until Dec. 14th 2020 is disrupted. There is no return to a previous identical state. We must adjust.

From Dec 14, 2020 until June 10, 2021 the quality of this new Sagittarian energy will determine what’s possible and energetically supported and what can no longer be sustained through lack of support. You’ll likely notice the change and maybe initially feel threatened by it.

The quality of this new Solar eclipse energy is defined by Saros Cycle 4 South. The theme is a challenging one. It can be compared to a similar theme that occurred around the time of the Dec. 4th eclipse of 2002 and before that the eclipse of Nov. 1984.

(According to astrologer Bernadette Brady: “Restriction, inhibition, separation, and illusions are the trademark of the 4 South Saros series. “Events occur that seem to block the individual. In this blocking the individual is very prone to misjudge his or her strengths or the situation and is best advised to wait until the eclipse passes to before taking any real action.”)

A Sagittarian Solar eclipse is a new beginning related to faith, wisdom, hope, and our vision for the kind of future we hope to manifest.

The tightest aspect in the eclipse chart is a square from the eclipse point to Eris – the uber-dark goddess of chaos, rage, and discord. An old version of faith or outdated wisdom will likely be upended. Our sense of stability, the rhythm of our routines, or main source of hope may be blocked or disrupted. Relationships and finances may need to be addressed from a more realistic or practical standpoint.

The truth is that keeping ourselves stabilized and reality-based requires an upset. It’s time to break free of wishful thinking, to boldly confront the facts, and to take deliberate action that will lead us in a new direction.

Neptune squares this eclipse, the nodal axis, and Mercury. We may currently be under some illusion, confused, or in state of denying or avoiding the facts. Evasion is tempting but ineffective and risky.

Now is the time to take direct action to learn the facts and to clarify what’s possible. Courageously asking the critical/pivotal question upon which your current hopes, dreams, and visions for the future rely is important. This action may facilitate an orientation in a new direction as false hope is released and a new path forward emerges.

There’s a strong sense of fatedness and destiny associated with this eclipse. Being caught up in larger trends over which we have no control is challenging. We may have no choice but to put our faith in something new.

The good news is that Mercury trines Mars. New ideas bravely presented or courageously accepted support something more promising that may now be well supported in ways they’ve not previously been.

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