Cancer Full Moon Horoscopes 12/29/20

A Cancer full Moon at the end of the year seems timely and fortunate if you’re trying to release what’s old and tired in preparation for something new. Full Moons signify culminations – an effort that’s peaked and been taken as far as it can go. Without a change in direction, focus, or strategy further progress will be difficult.

Full Moons clarify, force decisions, or make it clear that something needs to end. When nothing further can be extracted you’ll recognize what’s trying to exit your life.

In this Cancer Full Moon chart Uranus and Black Moon Lilith, the disruptive liberators, form easy, supportive, “opportunity generating” angles to the Capricorn Sun and Cancer full Moon. Something fairly effortless could liberate you. You may feel freer to develop your most unique talents or brilliant ideas.

Endings or a return to balance is facilitated – but an emotionally painful component is highlighted presenting a challenge. Under a Cancer full Moon feelings are intensified. Sensitivity and receptivity increase. Old or ancient memories (some of them painful) for your consideration. Letting go or saying goodbye may be heartbreaking.

You may need to initiate what you were hoping “the other” or a partner would initiate. Taking responsibility for the direction of your life could involve doing the “hard” thing.

Venus in Sagittarius (the teacher) conjuncts the South Node and squares Neptune in the second tightest aspect in this full Moon chart. You’ll have to take action to let something go in order to sustain the dream. Neptune seems to be clearing a space for an approach and a dream that feels liberating and more authentic.

Ceres trines this sensitive full Moon. Parenting, bonding, loss, estrangement, recovery, or re-unification is supported. You may reach an understanding with a child or parent that once once felt impossible. Ceres in Pisces implies that forgiveness, release, compassion, and love heals.

The once every 20 year Saturn/Jupiter conjunction expands political awareness to address collective problems and to redefine what it means to be human. Rebellions may receive more support than anticipated.

Lastly Uranus trining the Sun and sextiling the Moon could materialize a “long shot.” With the extra power of the full Moon fueling some long odds, you might be surprised.


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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
The full Moon in Cancer falls in your 4th house of home, family, and the past. Aspects from Chiron, the wounded healer could revive painful memories making them feel newly relevant in some regard. Contentious or challenging issues involving mothers, families, or your security may require you to push through and to take some courageous action. Something liberating is fortunate if you can accept the changes involved – most likely within your professional life or with regard to your life direction. Something habitual and stabilizing involving money, values, your sense of self-worth, or the way you manage your resources is being disrupted or destabilized. This looks fortunate if you’re interested in something new and different with regard to how you earn a living or make money. It may be time to release something that has run it’s course with regard to love, delusional expectations, or dreams of an escape from the responsibility to release something that’s run it’s course. What you’ve privately cultivated related to restraint or “not doing” may be bearing fruit.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
This full Moon falls in your 3rd house of information and revelations. Chiron the wounded healer in the 12th house of what’s hidden implies that something you learn or accidentally discover may be is hurtful. A flood of old hurt and hidden truths may be connected to what you discover making it difficult to manage. But an ending or something disruptively liberating related to your role within relationships, or your ability to make the kind of impact you want to make sets free in some regard. If you can adjust or align yourself with timely changes and something more expansive or freeing for the future this full Moon will feel fortunate. A sacrifice, transformation, or willing release related to love, friendships, the future, or cherished dreams, elevates you in some regard. What you’ve been cultivating in terms of mother/child relationships (what you’ve been purposefully “not doing”) bears fruit. You might receive some verification you’re on the right track.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Chiron’s challenging, hurtful, or awkward aspect to the Moon in your 2nd house of self-worth, earned income, and stabilization may be throwing you off balance in some regard. You may be second guessing what you thought was decided or agreed upon. You might have to deal with a flood of old memories related previous de-stabilizations. Something within the subconscious mind is shifting, being disrupted, or changed. An undeveloped, hidden, suppressed part of yourself seems to be breaking free and changing the game in some regard. If you can work with what’s emerging it appears an important transformational process will serve to empower you – especially within the realm of joint financial partnerships and strengthening your sense of self-worth. The death of something that’s run its course may be liberating. Venus in Sagittarius (the loving teacher) guides you in the direction of letting go of old beliefs related to love, marriage, and relationships. In it’s current form an important relationship may have run its course in its current form. A releases or dissolution seems timely.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
A flood of old memories might be released. Those may relate to the past and something hurtful involving your status, reputation, a professional vulnerability, rejection, or failure to “measure up.” In the past you might have learned that being your most authentic self was unacceptable in some regard. Under this full Moon you may be extra sensitive to any hint of disapproval related to your natural emotional style and approach to life – or to any threat to your security. Within the realm of your social life, among friends and allies, or with regard to community/humanitarian concerns, it might be time for you to embrace a changes that will encourage you to play a more assertive, confident, authoritative role within your primary relationship. Attracting a new and different kind of audience or group looks promising. For the sake of your health or work, or working relationships, it may be time to develop a different kind of routine as you release old beliefs, formulas, and methods that never really allowed for something more instinctual and authentic to guide your choices. A struggle to release the more authentic version of yourself may advance under this full Moon.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Chiron and something hurtful presents a challenge in the form of specific old memories that come to life under this full Moon. You might be extra sensitive or resistant to wishing, expecting, or hoping for something more adventurous, liberating, or expansive. Past experience might have taught you to play it safe by expecting to be disappointed whenever you envisioned or wished for something more. Underlying fear might represent something related to the “soft bigotry of low exceptions” but in this case it appears to be self-imposed. There’s lots of disruption and change stirring up your 10th house of life direction, your profession, or the public role you play within society. If you can go with it the nature of your work, health, and routines may be vastly improved or liberated under this full Moon. In some regard asserting more control over the nature of your work may be important. Venus in your 5th house of love, joy, and exuberant self expression conjuncting the south node implies the need to release something old and repetitive that’s run it’s course. You might consider indulging a new creative/artistic impulse related to something more humane, personally authentic, or of greater interest to you.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
A flood of old memories related to financial partnerships, betrayals, intimacy, or an imbalance of power that may have been exploited revives something painful as though you were experiencing it again, but for the first time. A heightened sensitivity, receptivity, or psychic intuition is operating in your 11th house of friendships, group activities, within you social life, or with regard to personal issues related to belonging and authenticity. Something is culminating or peaking within the public realm. A decision may need to be made. Future plans that stabilized you may be disrupted. Change is in the air. A creative enterprise or an opportunity to use your talents and artistic know-how in new, unusual, more authentically brilliant ways may be forming – if you can adapt to change. Higher education or publishing may be a focus. The potential for a public achievement in an area of interest to you is promising to the extent you can release old beliefs involving security, mothering, and self-sacrifice. There seems to be a message about using wisely the freedom you’re being given to create a work-life that allows you to be your most authentic self.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
A flood of old hurtful memories related to relationship disappointments and pain could materialize in ways that continue to fuel fear and a distorted perception of your role within relationships. Specific courageous actions related to taking some calculated relationship risks might be timely. There’s lots of disruptive/transformative change happening within the deepest recesses of your mind and heart. Old psychological conditioning is being unraveled. Issues related financial partnerships, intimacy, death, and betrayal are ripe for healing. If you can control your urge to resist (inner) change something promising takes hold that makes you feel more secure, at home with yourself, comfortable in your own skin, authentic, and safe. To the extent you can release old beliefs or habits related to communication, listening, controlling the conversation, over-doing, etc., something promising takes hold related to an inner relaxation, a sense of control, quiet confidence, something new, freeing, and unprecedented within the realm of love and creative self-expression.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Old painful memories related to health, routines, work, self-sacrifice, and fear may emerge to remind you that some kind of action is required to push you into a future that feels safe, secure, comfortable, and liberating. A breakthrough related to the restrictions of your mindset might accompany today’s Cancer full Moon possibilities, and opportunities for expansion. To the extent you can release some old beliefs about money, ownership, your sense of self-worth, wealth, abundance, and scarcity – there are some very powerful and promising opportunities emerging within the realm of financial partnerships. The door may be opening to deeper levels of trust, intimacy, and truthfulness – or for the revelation or exposure of the (brilliant) ideas you may be resistant to hearing or considering. What you have to say is powerfully transformative and healing. Partners or partnerships are being disrupted and changed. If you can align yourself with the change – and promote it – your words or ideas might begin to shape the kind of change that makes you a force to be reckoned with.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Something old and painful may be revived (memories) within the realm of love. Something that has distorted or restricted your ability to take risks, to trust your instincts in love, to fully engage with lovers, children, and your own creative impulses, fuels change, possibly some healing, or the need to make a decision. Extra sensitivity and receptivity within the deepest recesses of your mind and heart exposes insecurities and issues related to your safety as they relate to honesty and truth telling – especially regarding ownership, money, your own sense of self-worth. Something potentially liberating, a sudden fortunate breakthrough or beneficial financial development – might allow you to get more serious about an expansive, foreign, or unusual career – possibly related to writing or enlightened information that breaks the rules, relies on unusual methods, techniques, the occult, something culturally restricted, or misunderstood. To the extent you can release old beliefs about independence, your role role in the world, or your role within relationships, – something very promising and interesting opens up within the realm of relationships.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Old memories related to your home, mother, family, roots, and the past may surface in ways that ignite something old and painful. It may be experienced as though no time (or very little time) has past to dull the painful sensation. New challenges regarding family members, the home environment, security or safety concerns may be in play. Relationships may be challenged as a result. You may be more sensitive or receptive to the feelings of a partner and take responsibility for what does not belong to you. Something related to love, creative impulses, self-expression, children, or the infusion of more joy into your life is being disrupted. Things are changing for the better – if you can welcome change. Capricorns are suspicious of change. It’s hard for them to trust that something unfamiliar could be better – especially if it feels destabilizing. Capricorn may be considering a new, unusual, brilliant, or personally unprecedented approach to earning a living or managing resources. Something more authentic and satisfying may be explored. To the extent you can release old beliefs about about your role within the realm the realm of relationships something very promising and more interesting emerges in your 6th house of work, routine, or the nature of the service you provide.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Old pain triggers this new Moon through a flow of memories that impacts your 3rd house of siblings, communication, truth-telling, your mindset, and the information you receive or provide. Something may feel newly hurtful but it most likely relates to old family patterns, relationships with siblings, feeling hurt, attacked, being the “scape goat” etc. With regard to your usefulness or the service you provide you may feel especially vulnerable or sensitive to personal failings or falling short of what you aspire to. Your health may be an issue. Work relationships may be challenging. But something disruptively fortunate is changing the game – if you’re open to change within the deepest, most private, and invisible aspects of your life. A personal breakthrough or revelation advances you in some regard. You may be internally focused on upgrading and improving your relationships by applying something more self-disciplined, responsible, and enlightened. To the extent you can release old beliefs about the way you’re suppose to operate in the world, something more promising and creatively exciting takes hold.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Something you’ve been quietly cultivating with regard to your style and approach to parenting, children, and the cycle of bonding, loss, pain, and recovery is looking successful. Estrangements seem to be losing steam. A softening of icy boundaries that separate and isolate may begin to thaw. There’s cause for hope as long as you remain sensitive, receptive, and tuned in. Venus in Sagittarius forms a challenging aspect to Neptune. Old beliefs about professional relationships, the support you receive, your reputation, cultivating your public image, and what you must do in order to be considered successful may be dissolving. Something disruptive within your third house of communication is changing the game. Technological changes may be part of the emerging picture. If you can get on board with change and lead the way you can extend your reach, change the group consensus, and promote some deep healing within the collective realm. You may be considering offering something new, cutting edge, inspiring, and ahead of it’s time. Your are a source of inspiration and hope for many. If you can release what’s old there’s something very promising waiting in the wings related to ideas that change the foundations of our understanding about the way the world works.

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