Blog Post For Dec. 19, 2020

There’s a lot going on in the sky today – enough for me to send in a subscriber mailing in addition to the daily updates on Mosaic Astrology’s facebook page.

Today a strengthening sextile between the Aquarius Moon and Sagittarian Sun perfects. Opportunities emerge as a result of a harmonious blend between objectivity and detachment – between inspiration and optimism, or wisdom and vision. This is great for future planning, emotional breakthroughs, and taking important steps in the direction of the future you’re aiming for.

The Sun Mercury conjunction in the sign of Sagittarius energized the big picture and future expansion. Incoming information can be used to guide you in a liberating direction. Optimism and honesty are highlighted.

Mercury in “Sadge” is known for “telling it like it is” with no attempt to to soften the truth. If you need to be “hit over the head” with something clarifying, today might be the day. But that’s unlikely. You’re “primed” for advancement and progress. The downside of Mercury in Sagittarius could be too much information, too many ideas, impatience in “getting on with it,” or too much to process

Venus in Sagittarius also trines Chiron in Aries. Old wounds that result in chronic, lifelong vulnerabilities are “a blessing and curse.” But today the trine suggests the “blessings option” will prevail – in the form of love. Your capacity to promote healing or to experience it directly intensifies. Refusing to allow an area of vulnerability or weakness to stop you will be strongly supported.

On a different note mentoring may look very promising as a vehicle for expanding your reach.

Jupiter’s move into the sign of Aquarius today promotes progress and new frontiers we’re on the cusp of “imagining into being.” Logical conclusions and solutions involve the welfare of the collective – friendships, groups, the protection of “outsiders, “those on the fringes” (the brilliant, the mentally unbalanced, or those with nervous system damage). Cultivation and advancement of the most unique and revolutionary parts of ourselves and others is timely.

Jupiter’s trek through the sign of Aquarius – today through May 13, 2021 – facilitates a move away from the safe “middle ground” toward the extremes – for the sake of breaking through blockages to progress. Seeking new answers through unprecedented kinds of research is favored.

(The downside of Jupiter in Aquarius is a type of emotional detachment and alienation that can tolerate any form of injustice or abuse.)

But Jupiter will be joining Saturn in Aquarius. A degree of restraint should not be a problem. You might see a way to easily bypass old restrictions – to commit to a bigger cause, the greater good, or something bigger than yourself.

In summary you might feel the past subsiding as you gain momentum. What’s “been” for the past 11-12 years is receding in the “rear view mirror” of your life.

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