New Horoscopes for the Week of Nov. 25th – Dec. 1st


I always write horoscopes on Wednesdays and end the week on the following Tuesday. This week the days included are Nov. 25th – Dec. 1st. I can’t remember why I do it that way. I just know I’ve been doing it every week (with a few exceptions) for the past eight years.

To put this week’s individual horoscopes within a broader context I’m including a short description of how things will be shaping up for the month of December and the year ahead.

A Saturn-Jupiter conjunction occurs in the first degree of Aquarius on Dec. 21st – the day of 2020 Winter Solstice. A couple of eclipses in the interim add weight and intensity to the changes, endings, and new beginnings that will unfold. Essentially we’re moving into the 11th stage of spiritual growth. There are 12 stages.

Aquarius is enlightened, rebellious, and personally interested and invested in the welfare of the human race. The water-bearer breaks with tradition no matter how deeply entrenched and comfortable old rhythms, patterns, values, and habits have become.

Major reform seem inevitable.

Not since January of 1405 have we, as a race, experienced such a profound and permanent break with the past. The year 1405 was considered to be the final year marking the end of the Medieval age. A rubicon was crossed at that time as the door opened to the age of enlightenment – the Renaissance.

Cycles repeat. A long dark cycle related to corruption, increasingly oppressive, exploitative governments, and a lack “nourishment” for the starving masses is likely coming to a close.

Aquarius incapable of expressing in a profoundly disruptive ways that targets whatever stands in the way of progress, flourishing communities, and a more utopian existence for the masses. Authority is seriously challenged. Old myths, excuses, and rationalizations are rejected.

As above, so below. On an personal level we’ll be overthrowing what’s become oppressive and lifeless in our own lives.

Hopefully individual horoscopes for each sign will be more meaningfuL put within this broader context. Lots more is likely to be written by many concerning this monumental opportunity to create a profoundly significant breakthrough. Timing is everything. The “gears of the cosmic clock” are positioning themselves in a synchronous way. We’re on the cusp of a breakthrough the likes of which have not occurred for 615 years.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
On Thanksgiving day the Sun in hopeful, inspiring Sagittarius trine Chiron in Aries. What has been painful with regard to taking confident action, feeling ineffective, or weak with regard to initiating something new is less so. Wounds aren’t so painful. Something healing may take hold. Sharing or empathizing feels soothing. The future is likely to begin to feel more promising. Uranus in Taurus also opposes Venus in Scorpio on Thursday. Something previously hidden or existing outside the realm of awareness comes into view. What you value and prioritize may change unexpectedly or within a split second. A lifelong, habitual approach to money, finances, and financial partnerships changes as a result of a personal breakthrough or something more enlightened. A quiet opportunity for collaboration could promote your goals and ultimate success. Interestingly you might gain some “magical traction” as Neptune turns direct. Inspiration takes hold. Your free to inform your work, health, and routines with the inspiration, intuitive messaging and spiritual insights you receive. Your mindset or perspective moves “out of the darkness and into the light.” New possibilities, plans for the future, or emerging opportunities for expansion are liberating.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
You may be in your own isolated world, putting one foot in front of the other, following a schedule, and providing support for someone who needs your care. You may be satisfied with a rhythm, repetitive routine, or becoming increasingly unavailable to to the outside world. Your work may be informed by what intuitively feels right. You may be taking your cues from a higher source that provides direction. Mercury moves into the sign of Sagittarius. Your mindset and perspective changes with regard to a promising transformation, financial partnership, or issues related to death, debt, trust, and intimacy. The truth sets you free to let go of old beliefs, tendencies, and something that no longer holds much promise. You may be faced with a decisions to go “all in” or to avoid it. Uranus awakens you to what’s true. It’s part of a longer term “shake-up” in your overall style and approach to life and your role within relationships. As Neptune turns direct a soothing, “other-worldly type of traction” takes hold where friends, allies, and community concerns are involved. The timing might be right to consider your legacy or a commitment to working on the most important contribution of this lifetime.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
There’s a potential breakthrough taking shape this week behind the scenes or within the most private and personal area of your life. Restrictions and limitations (obsessions and compulsions) deeply embedded in your subconscious mind may be uprooted this week. Karmically speaking it might be the right time for a release and the subsequent liberation that follows. Mercury, your chart ruler, moves into the sign of Sagittarius. Your mindset and perspective shifts toward issues involving marriage, partners, relationships, support, give and take, fairness, etc. Mentally you may be entering new territory that allows you room to breath, to think straight, and enact plans for the future. Neptune turns direct in your 10th house of success and goal achievement. You may be gaining traction in the direction of following your dreams while making the necessary sacrifices. Confusion lifts. A focus on the past is replaced with something more current, relevant, and promising. An update is set in motion. Forgiveness and a willingness to let go of what’s run its course is the magic ingredient that makes life interesting and exciting again.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
The Sun’s trine to Chiron in your 10th house of success and goal achievement lessens the intensity of the chronic vulnerability you might feel interacting with the public or taking full responsibility for successful outcomes. Something painful is put to the side for a refreshing, nourishing moment on Thanksgiving Day. Groups, the community, friends, allies, and “audience reaction” stimulates a drive to creatively transform the possibilities involved in moving humanity in a promising direction. On a personal level the truth is “front and center” involving issues related to sex, love, romance and receptivity. A breakthrough is indicated. Mercury moves into the sign of Sagittarius and your 6th house of work, routines, health, and making the needed improvements. Your mind shifts into a new gear. This may involve integrating more of what you love into the work that you do. Your perspective shifts from the heavy influence of Scorpio into the more hopeful, visionary, and inspiring sign Sagittarius. Now may be the right time for expanding your vision for your work life. Ideally work should be something you love because it’s enjoyable and lovable. For you work could be an indulgence you can’t resist rather than a means to an end. Upgrades along these lines are possible especially if you’re open to informing your work with intuitive insights and “other-worldly” sources of guidance.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
A liberation from the past is in play. What has provided a reliable fundamental sense of stability and security allowing you to build your life, career, or current life direction, on “solid ground” has been undergoing a destructive, undermining, destabilizing, and transformative process. It’s been insidious so the extent of the destruction may not be obvious. On Thanksgiving day it’s possible that a sudden flash of insight wakes you up to the fact that a change in plans, course correction, or career adjustment, needs be made. A move in the direction of something more enlightened and liberating may be considered. Values and priorities may be changing. Mercury’s move into your 5th house of creative self expression might shift your mindset and perspective. Financial, self-worth, or resource management considerations and improvements might be involved. It might be time for a new vision for your life. You might need to fall in love with your work and routines to stimulate improvements to your physical or mental health. What might feel most promising is unfettered freedom to pursue a creative path on your own terms. It might be time to go with the flow or something a partner has been suggesting for awhile.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
Mercury, your chart ruler, moves into the sign of Sagittarius this week. Your mindset and perspective shifts in a more promising or hopeful direction. An ongoing transformative process related to recognizing, incorporating, communicating or integrating the truth changes the nature of the game for you. A sudden flash of insight or realization (on Thanksgiving day) might be revealing and liberating. Old plans or visions for the future could change in response to the new doors opening, a new opportunity, chance to expand, travel, or transcend old limitations. Your ability to initiate something within your home, family, or with regard to dealing with the past feels encouraging. Your role within the realm of relationships could change in a positive direction. What has seemed elusive, weak, or confusing might shift into something that allows for progress within the realm of relationships. It might feel dreamy 🙂 A revolt re: your work situation, routines, responsibilities or health is on the horizon. Something more enlightened and authentic is newly possible.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
A source of vulnerability with a partner, within a marriage, or with regard to your role within the realm of relationships is less painful than usual. Something on Thanksgiving day may heal or soothe you. A sense of confidence or the feeling that you’re being effective may take hold. On a different note financial partnerships, debts, or “squirm-worthy topics” may need to be dealt with in truthful ways. A lack trust may be revealed. Issues related to intimacy and satisfaction may need to be discussed. Something unexpectedly freeing may be achieved as a result of a willingness to destroy what was built in the past. Starting over or “from scratch” might be necessary. Mercury, the ruler of your hidden 12th house, encourages you to arrange for alone time, to connect with your dreams, your intuition, and internal guidance system. Meditation is advised. Creating and reinforcing a promising vision for the future is timely. Doors open for the development of something more interesting. You’re headed in the direction of a creative revolt that has the capacity to move the community, your social life, and the masses in a promising direction.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
On Thanksgiving day something disruptive, truthful, or revealing involving a (potential) marriage partner or commitment might feel unexpectedly liberating. A flash of insight changes your role, your approach, or the entire game. Pretending or hiding is no longer necessary. Mercury’s move into your 2nd house of money and resource management feels promising, expansive, abundant, and more hopeful. As a result of an ongoing transformation you may be ready to partner with another, to trust, and to achieve a deeper, more satisfying level of intimacy – despite your suspicion or fear that the rug will eventually be pulled out from under you. You’re nearing the end of a long trek through the “desert” involving scarcity, exhaustion, and a lack of adequate nourishment. You’re headed for a revolt and something more authentic, liberating, independent, and enlightening involving family relationships, home, roots, and connections to the past. The issue involves setting your creative talents free and trusting that love and your intuition will lead you in the direction you were meant to go. Something chronically painful related to your work or lack of improvement may be lessened or healed.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
It’s likely adjustments will need to be made when it comes to your newly energized natural style and approach to life. An old belief regarding what the nature of what your role “should be” within the realm of personal or professional relationships might need to be released. A shake-up involving old habits, patterns, and something deeply ingrained may be imbalanced, de-stabilizing, “off the mark” and less efficient than it could otherwise be. Letting go of old beliefs isn’t easy. But you’re tasked with essentially providing a “homing signal” for others. Your influence guides people back to themselves and their most natural and powerful way of being. You may have to provide this service to yourself first. These days your intuition and what lies just beneath the surface awareness may feel risky or adventurous. Time to dive in, ask for answers, and empower yourself through meditation or solitary contemplation. Neptune’s move into direct motion in your 4th house of what’s fundamentally essential allows you to gain some gentle but powerful traction – “hitching a ride” on something from the past that will magically move you in a more aligned direction. Your headed for a revolt and a breakthrough regarding the way you access the information and communicate it to others. The time may be just about right.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
On Thanksgiving Day your usual vulnerabilities or the chronic pain that consistently accompanies you will be somewhat alleviated. Something important may be clarified with regard to issues of healing and mentorship. Venus in your social sector opposite Uranus retrograde delivers a sudden change or ending to a friendship, group association, or with regard to your social image. In some cases, a romantic attraction can present unexpected results. You could open yourself to something you weren’t expecting or didn’t ask for. The Sun highlights the hidden sector of your chart this month. What’s private and kept hidden from view rattles around and competes for your attention. Something involving old beliefs related to expansion, liberation, and the possibility of informing your work with something more deeply satisfying is suggested. The shift might feel disruptive to the scarcity, hard work, lack of support, or self-sacrifice you’re used to. You’re now being invited to incorporate the kind of creative work that involves artistic immersion, getting lost in work you love, with no ulterior or “justifiable” reason. You do it because you love doing it. No other reasons or justifications need to be manufactured. A fortunate future financial development or change in values and priorities moves you forward.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
The Sun energizes your 11th house. Community concerns, politics, creating breakthroughs, and leading the masses in a more promising direction comes more naturally to you than most. Aquarius is said to have fewer personal concerns giving her more space and time to work on contributing to the common good. That influence may be especially highlighted now. Venus in your career sector opposite Uranus retrograde delivers a surprising twist regarding a professional relationship or your professional image. Changes at home will encourage this. An unexpected shift in your life direction, career, goals, or the traditional nature of your public contribution is indicated. Mercury moves into the sign of Sagittarius. Your mindset and perspective becomes preoccupied with something encouraging, hopeful and more interesting. This has a direct and positive influence over your approach to creativity, love, romance, and children. Your most cherished vision for your life begins to feel doable. More than most, for Aquarians, the future brings a very visible change in your style and approach to life. It might take others a while to figure out how to relate to you in an updated way.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Neptune, the traditional ruler of your sign, moves into direct motion this week. It’s likely you will be able to gain some traction this week akin to “hopping on the right train that magically transports you in the direction of your most cherished dreams and visions for your life.” Something effortlessly moves into a better alignment with yourself. A shift in your mindset or perspective brings an opportunity for professional expansion into clearer focus. You might be at the peak of your powers to influence the public in an inspiring and hopeful direction. Your reputation and visibility attracts the attention of the public. It may be the perfect time to introduce a new idea, something unusual or culturally interesting, mind expanding, or foreign. First you may need to put in place a framework or foundation that will support something new. Pisces moves into the future as a compassionate but powerful disruptor with a sense of enlightenment that may profoundly influence the nature of their work and the direction of the masses.

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