Pisces Full Moon

A flowing trine in earth signs connects the energizing and practical Virgo Sun with Uranus in Taurus and Pallas, the asteroid of brilliant plans and strategies. The Pisces Moon itself represents a powerful, unstoppable flow. It becomes difficult under this full Moon to continue to nurse a sticking point or memories from the past that block our ability to move forward.

Release comes more easily. Self discipline and focused efforts in the past might have produced the kind of results that empower practical solutions and a clean break from what was. It’s likely you’ll feel supported in any attempt to move forward. The work you’ve done might produce results you were hoping for.

Expressions of courage that have allowed you to “break the mold,” while going your own way and doing your own thing are rewarded. Writing your own script vs. following other people’s scripts – heeding your own inner voice vs. hearing the critical voices of other’s in your head – in retrospect could seem like a very smart choice. (It seems wise to continue that strategy.)

This full Moon falls on the Mars/Pluto midpoint. Rheinhold Ebertin defines this as “an injury caused to a woman; audacity and daring, determination, impulsiveness and ambition.”

Under the powerful Pisces flow old injuries (and the memories that have long accompanied those) may be healed and washed away. Something newly liberating could take hold. The boundaries and limits of your imagination and what you envision for the future will likely disappear under this full Moon.

Endings are likely to be permanent. You can’t go back. But that looks like a very fortunate development.

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