New Horoscopes for the Week of Sep. 16th – 22nd


This week kicks off with a Virgo new Moon tomorrow (Sep. 17th) at 7:00 AM Eastern time. Most likely you’ve spent the last couple weeks quietly and maybe reluctantly releasing an old cycle, letting go of what doesn’t seem to be working – wishful thinking, old dreams, or a reluctance to do the hard, healthier, more efficient, and effective thing you must do.

With the impending new Moon something more practical or realistic, becomes the focus and the mandate. It’s likely we’ll be taking some fundamental or down-to-earth actions to promote the kind of success that’s been “just beyond reach” or “out of our hands.” Better routines and solid measurable improvements are supported and likely to characterize your new beginning.

Working overtime to “keep all the balls in the air,” coupled with an un-willingness to take risk, fear of the future and the unknown might be preventing you from recognizing or considering a promising opportunity. This could be the right time to consider something more interesting that seems to be “calling your name.” It might be important to consider responding. (There’s more support for this on Tuesday, Sep. 22nd.)

Now that progress is possible (Jupiter turned direct on Sep. 12th) and you’ve had a couple weeks to let go of a cycle that holds no further promise, it might be a challenge to organize your thoughts and decide on a direction to pursue. It might take work to clarify the kind of future you most desire – and the most practically efficient means for getting yourself from here to there.

Improvements are the direct result of being realistic, doing the work, getting organized, prioritizing, or exerting a fair amount os self-discipline. Building something of value on a firm foundation receives support and assistance.

An underlying fear of loss may need to be brought into the open and discussed. Ideas involving negotiation or compromise may feel risky. But letting go of something you thought you couldn’t live without could open a flow of promising ideas that have been gestating beneath the surface of consciousness.

The need to slow things down in order to “get it right” involves additional adjustments. Being instinctively guided, Mars is likely to be impatient to take action and not so concerned about getting it exactly right. Virgo needs perfection. Mars needs to act. This is a reflection of the inner struggle.

Relationship commitments become more intense as Juno moves on from the conciliatory and sometime superficial sign of Libra into the more intense and complicated sign of Scorpio. Relationship commitments (or commitments in general) become more complicated.

Mercury in Libra may struggle explain or to put a “pretty face” on darker motivations and instincts. Exploitation is a possibility. The truth may be that things are becoming more imbalanced or dangerously unstable. The underlying cause needs to be clarified.

In the interest of progress, success, expansion, and future happiness something essentially childish, prideful, or overly exuberant might need to be toned down and reined in. Venus may be in a celebratory mood. But Jupiter in Capricorn wants to know the plan and how it aligns with beliefs, the future, higher education, or getting the book published.

By Tuesday there’s support for moving in a more promising direction.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
The impending New Moon in Virgo is likely to affect the nature of your work, health, or routines. Adjustments are required that may involve the introduction of something disruptive, upsetting, or unexpected into the mix. You may be able to actualize the dream by doing the work or the most grounded and practically effective thing you can think of.

The need to slow things down in order to “get it right” or to adjust the time line involves more internal adjustments. Being instinctively guided, Mars is likely to be impatient to take action and not so concerned about “getting it exactly right.” For the Virgo Sun it’s the opposite. Mars is in a slightly stronger position in his home sign. But neither Mars nor the Sun will be totally happy with the outcome. The ongoing internal struggle for something more perfect could feel exhausting. But it’s ongoing this week.

Juno (the asteroid of commitment and marriage) moves from the conciliatory sign of Libra and your 7th house of relationships into the more complicated/intense sign of Scorpio. Relationship-wise now may be the time when more is at stake. In retrospect making the commitment may have seemed easy compared to trusting another implicitly or throwing your entire (financial) lot in with another. A deeper, truer, more honest and risky level of commitment or engagement might be required.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Yesterday you may have received a wake-up call or sudden revelation concerning relationships, values and priorities, finances, pride, and the need for something more fundamentally stabilizing. “Getting the cart before the horse” or “running with” something that hasn’t been adequately supported or understood may require some backtracking or a reversal. Insisting that the world or a relationship revolve around getting what you want or having it your way most of the time could require some reconsideration. requires some reconsideration. Accessing some timeless wisdom guides you back on track. Ultimately a personal liberation from something too insistent or inflexible is a gift.

The impending full Moon in Virgo involves taking practical action to “match the performer with the audience.” It might also involve matching your specific way of expressing romantic love with the right responsive recipient. Caring for your children in a way that accommodates their specific interests might also be an issue or an an opportunity. It could be the right time to match your drive for perfection with those who appreciate it. An easy give and take is more likely if you know what you love, give yourself permission to pursue it, and become more discriminating about who you’ll advantage with your presence, talents, and love.

Juno, the asteroid of commitment and marriage transits into the sign of Scorpio on Sunday. A shift in focus from work, health, responsibilities, and routines in the direction of primary relationships is indicated. Relationships become more demanding, intense, or complicated. A change in focus or the nature of your engagement with another may be required. An end-point may be reached. More attention to the deeper or hidden aspects of a relationship seems important. Decisions may need to be made. The question for you may be may be “Am I willing to go “all in” at considerable risk to myself to make this work or should I let it self-destruct if that seems to be direction it’s moving in. Some deeper soul searching seems important.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21
Tomorrow The urge to be conciliatory and compromising, to say nice, “not necessarily true” things in a nice way is challenged by Jupiter in Capricorn. Jupiter is more interested in the truth, freedom of speech, and making measurable progress toward a future vision. There may be some internal conflict and indecisiveness regarding communication. relationship issues may be highly sensitive in some regard. Mercury may be trying to make some internal adjustments that would not totally dilute or confuse the message while keeping it kind or civil. It’s an internal struggle that may be exhausting. (Next Tuesday your path forward might be clarified and supported).

The impending full Moon involves doing the most practically effective thing when it involves home, family, reinforcing a your security and foundational base. The base of your life needs to be designed in way that supports dreams, intuitive healing, intuitive messaging, and something deeply responsive.

Juno, the asteroid of marriage and commitment transits away from the compromising sign of Libra into the transformative sign of \Scorpio. You may find your relationship with work, health, routines, self-improvement methods, and co-workers becoming more intense and complicated. It’s also possible you could take something you love – a hobby or interest – and transform it into a service you’re willing to provide for the public and for the masses. Some kind of work is required to enlighten what feels stagnant. Toxic comes after stagnant. Do what it takes to transform that.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Cancer is usually extraordinarily intuitive and responsive to an impending new Moon. You may sense (before the rest of us) the nature of the new beginning that is about to unfold. For you this may involve discussions, communication, the fuzziness of the facts, and the need to do the practical thing that will align you with your most authentic beliefs. Manifesting your vision for the future might require a healthier routine change in routine), and a willingness to release the past in favor of something more promising. Something artistic, healing, or intuitively inspired may be considered. Trusting your instincts when it comes to your work might feel risky. But that too might move you forward or onto a better track.

It appears that taking action to disrupt the status quo within your profession – or with regard to the usual strategies and methods you employ to achieve what you want to achieve could be advantageous. Disrupting the usual flow of events within the public realm could place you in a (stronger) position of leadership while at the same time presenting a challenge to your (professional) relationships.

Juno, the asteroid of commitment and marriage moves from the compromising, conciliatory, often superficial sign of Libra into the more complicated, truth-demanding, sign of Scorpio. This might represent a new and exciting attraction that flies beneath the radar and adds an element of risk to the entire relationship/marriage equation. Something more intense and possibly confusing is likely to be involved. You might need to be more honest with yourself about issues involving sexual satisfaction, or the complicated taboo) motivations that lie beneath the surface of consciousness.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
The new Moon in the sign of Virgo encourages a new beginning – possibly within the realm of financial partnerships. Most likely it relates to improving or clarifying your approach to managing finances and resources. A closer accounting might give you the power you need to achieve your dreams and what you’re envisioning for the future.

Something creative combined with realism, practicality, and hard work has the potential to improve your financial standing as well as your sense of self worth, security, and stability. On Saturday you may need to make some internal adjustments. An inner struggle relates to some immediate desire, impatience, or disruptions regarding the manifestation of a long term goal or future vision vs.the need to commit to a meticulous, incremental building phase that will provide more stability for the long haul. It could be a challenge to harmonize or integrate the two very different impulses and energies.

Juno, the asteroid of commitment and marriage transits out of the sign of the sign of Libra – a sign prone to doing what it takes to make a relationship work – into the more complicated, potentially treacherous, and transformative sign of Scorpio. This change could involve your relationship to your home and family or to a (marriage) partner. It might be time to take the relationship to a deeper level. (Libra keeps it superficial – Scorpio “dies on the vine” without some added depth, risk, trust, and intimacy. Sexual satisfaction may become more of an issue. Whatever you’ve carefully avoided thus far within the realm of relationships you may be forced to deal with when Scorpio takes over. The give and take of financial partnerships may intensify in some regard.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
On Thursday the energetic, action oriented, self-improving, perfection-oriented part of yourself is supported by Saturn. His ability to keep you focused on what you love most – your talent for creating order out of chaos, building something emotionally and physically substantial, or for knowing when it’s time to expand and employ the most effective strategies feels strongly supportive.

The New Moon in your sign (Virgo) signals a strong and courageous new beginning the may impact your role within the realm of relationships or a more independent and assertive role for yourself in the world at large. Some confusion, uncertainty, loss, or lack of support might be motivating you to start anew.

Juno the asteroid of commitment and marriage transits out of the conciliatory, relatively superficial sign of Libra into the more intense, complicated, and transformative sign of Scorpio. It may be time to tell yourself (and another) the truth about the nature of your current relationship. It might be time to speak directly to what you’ve been glossing over for awhile. Juno in Scorpio thrives on honesty, trust, sexual satisfaction, and the willingness to be more vulnerable for the sake of taking it to the next deepest level.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
On Thursday of this week you may be verbally assertive and straight forward but fair – possibly at some risk to the progress being made on the home front or with regard to the past. Your ability to deflect old expectations that challenge your independence or right to act (speak) on your own behalf might represent real progress. On the other hand a decision to move or relocate may be difficult or contentious. Success may be measured in the size or beauty of the home you’re able to establish – or the secure foundations your able to cultivate. Speaking up and being an influence for moderation and balance makes an impact.

On Friday you may be making some difficult internal adjustments. Discussions and incoming information are more confusing than enlightening. You may be trying to figure out if stating your case or asking the question will clarify options, clear up confusion, or render a loss less damaging. It’s hard to know how to improve things especially with regard to your health, work, or daily routines. The full Moon suggests a new beginning at the subconscious level. Something begins to gestate behind the scenes and out of site that may change the nature of your routines, health, or work environment – most likely for the better. You may be more willing to inform your work with flashes of intuitive insight.

On Sunday something transformative seems necessary as Juno (the asteroid of commitment and marriage) transits away from compromising Libra into the more complicated and controlling sign of Scorpio. A financial imbalance may need to be addressed in a straight forward way. A financial partnership may get more complicated and tend to affect your sex life or willingness to trust. Sometimes with Scorpio a relationship needs to be transformed and taken to the next deeper level – or “die.” It’s likely you’ll get to the bottom of an issue that’s made you feel “less than” for awhile.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
The main event this week occurs on Sunday as Juno, the asteroid of commitment and marriage transits away from the sign of Libra into Scorpio and your 1st house. You’ve reached an end-point with wishful thinking, unsubstantial agreements, weakened partners and partnerships. What has been confusing within the realm of relationships is likely to clear. What you’re facing is a clarification that might feel intensely complicated. Your relationship with yourself and with your power enters a transformative stage. A deeper, more honest relationship with yourself might be the issues around which everything else revolves. Values and priorities may need to be reset. A soul-searching question or meditation might clarify why you’re attracted to the partner’s you’re attracted to.

Thursday’s new Moon impacts your personality, creative talents, romantic love, dreamy scenarios, and possibly a loss that fuels a new beginning. This new beginning may involve something practical, useful, or service-oriented directed toward the community or your social life. Letting go may be an important part of the emerging picture. So might working in altruistic ways to achieve something more perfect and ideal for the masses. An important contribution the transcends yourself and your desire to not be exposed may be in play.

Next Monday Mercury in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn (retrograde). Incoming (intuitive) information may threaten the power and influence you’ve built over time. Corruption and massive change may “skew the game” or “distort the playing field.” Financial stability may be threatened in some regard. You may have an inside track, greater awareness, or “friends in high places” that tell you the truth. On Saturday you may be involved in an internal struggle that pits something practical, hard-working, and perfectionistic against impatience, excitement, and an urge to “jump the gun.” Settling for something that’s “just ok” may create resentment or inner conflict.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
On Thursday the Virgo new Moon and your new beginning involves doing the practical, useful, service-oriented thing to strengthen your reputation, enhance your leadership skills, and achieve what you most want to achieve. If you’ve been delaying putting in the required work this new Moon will assist you in getting it done. Something more focused and consistent changes the game in your favor. If you’re holding onto something from the past that no longer holds any promise let it go. Saturn in your 2nd house of money, values, and self-worth is strongly supporting your success – and your success is strongly supporting a better financial outlook. But within the financial partnership/financial stability realms you must do the thing that is hardest or most inconvenient for you to do. Delays will diffuse your power. Organize and prioritize.

Also on Thursday it’s possible your mindset and the desire to filter out unpleasant details (as well as the truth) could stall your progress. It’s important to align your path to success with your beliefs about self-worth and financial stability, as well as the values and priorities you cherish. It might be important to assess friends and your social life in terms of their ability to continue to support you or move you in a promising direction.

On Sunday Juno, the asteroid of commitment and marriage, transits out of the sign of Libra – where compromise and settling is easy – into the sign of Scorpio where telling the truth is critical. For you at the same time things get more intense they may also get more confusing. It’s time to transform the nature of a significant relationships. Endings are emphasized. The superficial or unbalanced nature of a primary relationship may have put it “on life support.” On the other hand it might be salvageable if you’re willing to be more honest with yourself, to dig deeper for answers, and to have the discussion that’s been put on hold for awhile. A fresh new beginning is a definite possibility.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Thursday’s Virgo new Moon implies new beginnings characterized by the infusion of something practical, shrewd, efficient, and grounded with regard to your vision or plan for the future. Something more fundamentally sound may need to be put in play. Mercury in Libra implies some level of laziness or temptation to take the path of least resistance that could leave gaping holes in your otherwise well-considered plan. You may be sufficiently inspired by a new willingness to take the needed actions and supply the missing ingredient.

Also on Thursday Mercury in the sometimes lazy, “path of least resistance sign of Libra” may not be doing what could be done to advance progress. Jupiter is full steam ahead but Mercury may be hesitant to make the change, do the work, or challenge themselves to achieve what they most want to achieve. You may need to learn something new, to agree to take on more responsibility, or to take lead. Something important could pass you by if you don’t assert yourself strongly or allow your ideas to make an impact.

On Sunday it becomes clear that friendships must move to a deeper level or fade away. Relationship commitments and marriage must be allowed to function according to their own unique rhythms. Following the rules or abiding by status quo routines and definitions of marriage and commitment may no longer be advisable – or possible. Juno in Libra may have had some set expectations of what a relationship should look like – possibly from childhood. But Juno in Scorpio demands something grown up and honest. Telling the truth feels important. Trust is critical. An advantageous transformation and different kind of commitment may be possible. Examine your expectations and make sure to notice if those are outdated and making things harder than they need to be.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
On Thursday the Sun in Virgo trines Saturn in Capricorn. Beneath the surface and maybe outside the realm of consciousness things are changing at deep levels for you. It’s as though the template or program that has informed your actions for the past 30 years is changing in the direction of something more supportive. It’s likely to be liberating but at such subtle levels that it’s hard to recognize. You might vaguely feel some new support or evidence of a breakthrough. But it’s not blatantly obvious.

On Thursday the new Moon and the new beginning takes hold in your 8th house of intense transformative change, deeper motivations, the things you don’t want exposed, the conditions of financial partnerships, and the resources you jointly own. This is the house where you need to be honest. So it’s likely your new beginning will involve more honest discussions about trust, intimacy, feeling vulnerable, etc. This meshes well with Juno’s move into the sign of Scorpio.

Juno moves on from the inspired stage of beautiful future imaginings and goals into the “making it happen stage,” proving you have the ability as couple to to be build something of real value. This is a “coming down to earth, staying focused, and making it possible” stage. It’s intense especially if one partner or the other isn’t exactly sure of their real motivations or goals, The old excitement needs to be transmuted into something intensely focused and organized. What you may be taking on could profoundly change and transform the relationship and both people involved.

pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
On Thursday Mercury in Libra in the intense and deeply powerful/vulnerable 8th house sector of your chart threatens to stall your progress in some regard. Mercury in Libra likes to keep it superficial and light, harmonious and agreeable. But the 8th house is the exact wrong place for that level of discussion. Your best strategy might be to address something very difficult and taboo in a light, non-threatening way. But courage is required. Skimming the surface threatens to stall some recent progress or the traction you’ve been able to gain thus far.

Tomorrow’s new Moon in Virgo highlights new beginnings within the realm of relationships. It’s possible to achieve a new level of balanced give and take through a practical, down-to-earth, realistic and consistent approach. It might take more work or focus your part. Losing your focus, backsliding, having a few extra glasses of wine, or drifting off into the way it’s always been is a pitfall that threatens a fragile new relationship beginning. This week you may struggle with some internal adjustments that need to be made in order for things to be perfect. You’ll likely have to settle for something that’s better but not exactly perfect. It could feel exhausting.

Juno, the asteroid of marriage and commitment transits from the sign of conciliatory Libra into the deeper, darker, more intense waters of Scorpio. The nature of your future, a commitment to the future, or future planning may become more intense. Old commitments or expectations may need to considered from a deeper level of engagement. You may notice lots of conflicting motivations, overwhelming fears of exposure, and the drifting nature of your approach. Elevating your self above the fray into realms where you have access to higher wisdom seems important. Struggling might sink you deeper into quicksand making it harder for you to feel inspired and in control. You can trust that your process is moving you in the right direction. Not knowing or being uncertain may not be the disaster you could make it out to to be.

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