Mars Retrogrades in Aries Sep. 9th

Keep in mind that retrograding Mars in Aries (a rare occurrence) happens within the context of the impending Jupiter/Saturn alignment taking place on Dec. 21, 2020 – the day of the winter Solstice. Things might get pretty wild until Feb. 19, 2021.

Jupiter and Saturn join forces about every two decades. This astrological event signals a new era. Old structures die and new ones come into being.

The two most previous Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions occurred in 1980 and 2000. The impending conjunction on December 21st occurs in the first degree of Aquarius. Jupiter and Saturn have not aligned in an air sign since the 1400’s.

This time “speed-of-light” technological progress is likely to drive monumental change within the structures of global societies and within your own life. In the midst of lightening fast change there’s a rare opportunity to elevate yourself above the fray wile grounding yourself in deeply sourced reserves of timeless wisdom.

A Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is a big deal making 2020 and the years that follow a momentous period of change. You probably already feel that. The alignment of these two planets signifies a time of great social, economic, and political upheaval. It portends an all-encompassing, pivotal, watershed moment in history.

Always the alignment of these two planets has been the significator of pivotal social, economic, and political change.

Mars is now, and will continue to be, placed in Aries (the sign of his rulership) from June 29th, 2020 until January 7, 2021.

The courageous warrior planet begins an important and rare retrograde phase from September 9th – November 13, 2020. The current Mars in Aries retrograde phase will not be repeated until the year 2067.


The last time Mars retrograded for approximately two months in the sign of Aries was between August 27th and October 23rd of 1988. On the same day Mars turned retrograde at 28 degrees of Aries there was a full Moon eclipse in Pisces. A reversal, loss, or gradual realization of an unsustainable (relationship) imbalance was indicated. The emotional magnitude of the loss fueled by that eclipse might have taken a while to sink in.

Something previously existing beneath the level of consciousness is sometimes revealed when a planet turns retrograde.

In August of 1988 an event or realization might have triggered a turning point in the unfoldment of your destiny. Three active Yods or “Finger of God” aspects characterized the eclipse chart. A reversal or loss might have altered your focus or clarified your understanding of the direction of your life would take in the absence of action or the creation of an alternative.

You might have experienced a “life flashing before your eyes” moment. Figuratively speaking you may have been thrown into deep water. Your survival depended on a closer connection with spiritual guidance or figuring out a different life plan. That might have actually taken about five years to unfold.

The Mars retrograde chart for Sep. 9th also involves a fateful Yod – but only one. Even that is pretty powerful and rare. The apex of the Yod (the direction in which “God’s finger is pointing”) is Vesta at 12 degrees of Leo. There’s a message about creating realistic plans and strategies to build something new as issues of governmental abuse, neglect, and decay remain in play. You’re fate depends on keeping your inner creative fire burning bright. But it’s not easy. That challenge and how you address it will impactfuture course of action and your future.

Sep. 9th, 2020 puts Mars in a position of expressing his energy in it’s purest, truest, most direct form. Opportunities to make the world a better place through bold action are plentiful. People in general are more likely to put their physical bodies on the front lines, to take more risk, testing their strength and courage on a regular basis, and devising challenges that force them to compete and win at progressively higher levels.

Life may become more dangerous or risky especially during that Dec. 21, 2020 – Feb. 19, 2021 window. Mars recognizes more is at stake regarding issues of survival. Caregivers, paramedics, doctors, nurses, fire-fighters, and all kinds of courageous actors might willingly rush to the front lines. The average person recognizes they feel most alive fighting for a cause bigger than themselves – protecting, defending, healing, and serving. Athletes (and would-be athletes) embrace the pure Mars energy as an opportunity to push through their previous bests. Sexual energy is expressed directly and maybe forcefully.

Mars can be impulsive, violent, frustrated, impatient, angry, trigger-happy, destructive, etc. He can be prone to taking what he desires without asking permission.

But if the astrological “rules” hold true, Mars is generally more likely to express the best (not the worst) of who he is and what he represents. In Aries he’s placed in his home sign of rulership. This is traditionally a strong, straight-forward, and honest position.

In retrograde motion Mars trains his sites his on his deeper, truer desires. As (personal) progress slows during the Sep. 9th – Nov. 13th time frame you’ll likely have time to re-think and consider whether or not you want to build on what you’ve created or create something entirely new. Leaning in the direction of what ignites your (creative) passion and what you love seems right.

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