Leo New Moon Horoscopes

New Moon Today at 7:42 PM Pacific Time at 26 Degrees of Leo

Yesterday there might have been some hint of the new beginning to come as the Sun and Mercury aligned in fire signs. Like all new Moons this one presents an opportunity for a new start. But this one’s potentially extra fiery and action oriented. The lines may be clearly drawn between past and present. The results are in and the cosmic timing is right for an ending to be followed by the next chapter. Trusting your urge to act seems important.

Interestingly Mercury’s placement in the New Moon chart triggers the August 21st, 2017 total Solar Eclipse whose path cut a diagonal line across the United States from coast to coast. It portended divisions and weakening of an ability to pull together in a cohesive direction.

On a personal level we might have been similarly “cut in half” – aligned against ourself with two separate parts unable to agree on actions that could move us forward.

Mercury, the trickster and the messenger illuminates, clarifies, and may be bring an end to the division. We’ve come as far as we can working against ourselves. Mars trines this new Moon supporting the kind of courageous action that will move us past indecision, paralysis, frustration, and pain.

There’s a charismatic, royal, or “destined feel” to today’s new Moon. New beginnings may involve taking on leadership role aligned with the part of you that senses you were born to occupy a regal and important position.

Starting anew might involve aligning yourself with a courageous or heroic mission. Taking on a leadership role with the confidence and inherited wisdom of a King or Queen heals internal fractures while making you whole. It’s time to move “all of you” forward.

There’s lots of illumination, clarification, and sunlight clearing away remaining doubt and confusion.

The New Moon is part of a Yod – a destined challenging configuration that requires significant adjustments. An elongated triangle points to Saturn. (You can see the formation mapped out in the center circle of the new Moon chart.) Some refer to this as the “finger of God” aspect pointing you in the direction you need to go.

The base of the triangle is occupied by the North Node in Gemini and New Moon in Leo. Moving on from an old discredited belief or ideology is important to keep you from being ineffective and stuck. Trusting your instincts seems important.

Moving forward demands you adjust in ways that might require humility and the willingness to learn – while staying connected to the confidence and courage required to attract followers who sense you were destined to lead.

The Sabian symbol for Saturn at 26 degrees of Capricorn: “A group of travelers passing a graveyard wreathed in a luminous mist. When a frightful man appears the leader of the group yanks a gawking child forward so everyone can move on.”

This symbol speaks to handling evil people intelligently while extricating yourself from bad places, jobs, or relationships to avoid getting sucked into a negative vortex. Taking decisive action for yourself and the group seems important. Making progress by getting past a series of obstacles requires self-discipline and the courage to act instinctively and decisively for the benefit of all.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Something new involves the courageous activation of your most creative and benevolent talents – a new love or sense of playfulness that moves you forward. A pregnancy is possible. Breaking through old ideas, fears, and limitations that keep your vision for the future smaller and potentially less satisfying than it otherwise might be seems important. The sky is the limit when “all of you” agrees on an inspiring new direction. Saturn in your 10th house of career, leadership, and success requires a willingness to learn through the experiences of the people, places, and things you encounter everyday, while cultivating the confidence you need to lead. It’s easier if you don’t deny that your mission is heroic and you’re birthright is to lead. It’s important to make the adjustments you need to make to be a recognized leader in your field or in the world.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Something new relates to your home, family, roots, ancestry, and the past. Fresh energy pours into moving your relationship with the family (or whatever it is that makes you feel secure and grounded) in a forward direction. Courageous action may be taken behind the scenes or within the deepest recesses of your mind and heart to align you with something stronger and more cohesive. You may need to learn more about cultivating a comfortable abundant, and beautifully arranged lifestyle that feels like a “good fit.” Comfortably inhabiting a Matriarch or Patriarch role seems right. Envisioning and articulating a future that inspires the masses seems wise. You seem destined to focus on materializing your vision for your life by making the needed adjustments.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
It may be time to go public with your creative ideas – to spread them far and wide for the benefit of a whole and cohesive world. Love is an intricate part of the message you convey. Changing minds and perspectives with a style and approach that is both benevolent and authoritative is powerful. Actions that benefit the group or a community cause you feel deeply connected to is important. Saturn as the focal point of a Yod is placed in your 8th house. Your destined to move in the direction of exposing lies, empowering yourself to perform magic, and using your power to transform what feels deeply embedded or misunderstood. It’s important to make the adjustments you need to make to further empower yourself.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Whatever ideas, opportunities, or positive responses you received yesterday support new potential in the direction of generating an income, acting on an idea that feels potentially lucrative, or creating something new that aligns more closely with your values and priorities. Learning to more effectively use your intuition to guide to you – or engaging in a regular meditation practice to connect with invisible sources of information seems wise. Saturn in your 7th house of relationships suggests the need to develop a sense of authority, respectfulness, balance, and cooperation that will require focus and maybe some hard work. Keeping your values and priorities straight is part of the evolving picture. Stating your case and telling the truth is important. Something will be newly illuminated or clarified in this regard.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Your style and approach to life is highly energized under this new Moon. You may be inspired to move in a courageous direction, to reveal the extent of your talents, to take on a leadership role, or to take more chances. Life itself may seem more exciting. Opportunities to make your mark, to play the heroic role you want to play, and to influence the world in the direction you want it go seems doable. Now is the time to get creative and to take action to make your vision for your life more real. Learning more about the community and how your talents might align with it’s needs seems important. Keeping remedies practical, down-to-earth, pure, and healing seems wise. A humble “I’m willing to learn” message or approach might be especially effective this week.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
There’s lot going on behind the scenes and within the deepest recesses of your mind and heart. Something old and limiting is over. Within your private life something new and refreshing takes hold. But it may be intangible. A feeling of being psychologically unchained and free may be new and different. Love might overwhelm fear and worry for a change that could be permanent. Information, an opportunity, or a sense of clarity that flowed in your direction yesterday might motivate you to pursue a different kind of success – to teach others how to do what you’ve learned how to do. Sharing information to accomplish a goal seems wise. Combined with a “private release” you may be motivated to take charge of a creative project that will require focus, organization, self-discipline, and hard work. It’s destined to be.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
A refreshing new chapter in the story of your life might involve the group, friends, your social life, and the community. Cooperative action may be required as well as an authoritative, respectful, and “I was born to do this” attitude. It may all be very brilliantly creative, cutting-edge, or innovative. Broadcasting a message far and wide through the benefit of technology might be part of the unfolding picture. You’re destined to fortify your foundation, to increase your power at home, within the family or with regard to your sense of security. You might be destined to relocate or to reconnect with family in a role that is more reliable, authoritative, transformative, and less limiting. Something more balanced, cooperative, and courageous is required.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
A freshing new beginning involves your professional life, new opportunities for accomplishment, discussions with colleagues, leaders in the field, or the implementation of a new and different life direction. Courageous, creative action is required in the field of healing or with regard to providing a selfless service. Perfecting your “game,” organization, and hard work – or something healthier – may be involved. It may be time to expose something that has been festering beneath the surface. It might be time to broadcast a message about wielding power in a more effective and interesting way. A secret story may need to be told. Uncomfortable adjustments may need to be made so you can move forward in a destined direction. Being the voice of authority and truth may feel like the role you were born to play.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
The New Moon falls in your 9th house of opportunity, emerging possibilities, and the joy that results from expansion, travel, higher education, publishing, believing in yourself and your potential. A new chapter makes doing what you love a more important consideration. As Mercury transits into your 10th house moving forward relates to your professional/leadership role in the world and the talents you’re choosing to highlight. Creative action is indicated. You may be empowered by a collaboration with someone artistically talented who can help you move forward. Taking on a partner may be up for consideration as you make the necessary adjustments to move yourself in a destined direction. That probably involves working smarter rather than harder and something more lucrative that aligns with your most natural way of of being.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
The new Moon brings more opportunity while throwing something refreshing into the mix that involves joint financial partnerships, shared resources, and creative agreements that move you forward and onto the next new challenge. Information signals the need to free yourself up for a new adventure and the next chapter. Gathering the relevant, practical, and timely (financial) information seems important. Gathering the facts that give you something to work with is a step forward. You seem destined to get serious about orchestrating an expansion beyond the limitations you’ve been dealing with for awhile. It’s time to get organized. A marriage partner provides the love and security you need to move on from a place you’ve outgrown.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
A new partner or a change in the nature of an existing partnership opens the door to an exciting new chapter. A life changing conversation ignites something transformative with practical implications. You may be open to taking on more risk. Fiesty exchanges result in a new level of understanding and cooperation. A partner provides the missing ingredient that sets you free as a couple to arrange for something more expansive and adventurous. Secrets may need to be revealed. A sensitive, deeply ingrained psychological issue may need to be unraveled before advancement is possible. You are destined to listen to your intuition and to contribute to the discussion information you’ve received intuitively (or through a divination technique) with a sense of authority. It’s up to you to refuse to be discounted based on the invisible or unorthodox source of your wisdom. When it comes accessing enlightened information, you are the authority.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21))
New enlightened methods, strategies, practical organized approaches, and some healing support allows you to move forward. Your work, health, and emerging possibilities may be the result of your willingness to get creative with alternative approaches. Those may deliver results that move you in a refreshing new direction and onto the next chapter in your life. As Mercury moves into your 7th house a new kind of partnership or potential marriage partner may arrive on the scene. Or you may have a better idea of what needs to be done to move you toward a lasting commitment. You may have a better idea of what you’re seeking or a better idea about the circumstances you need to create and materialize love. It seems you’re destined to have a receptive partner who thrives on the kind of love you can provide. But you have to be disciplined and focused and willing to make the needed adjustments.

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