Aquarian Full Moon Aug. 3rd

The Aquarian full Moon culminates today, August 3, 2020 at 11:59 AM EDT.

This full Moon is directly challenged by Uranus in Taurus. Old habits and sources of comfort will be uprooted. An end-point is reached. Change is inevitable and may feel like it’s forced upon us.

This is a dead serious and potentially violent full Moon – especially if ending are resisted as they’re likely to be. Leo and Aquarius represent the Sun and Moon in this full Moon chart. They aren’t adaptable signs. Something has run it’s course and it’s over. Emotionally it looks difficult.

Theoretically Aquarius has no personal concerns. The end point for you and for everyone is part of a plan to move the group in a better, more utopian direction. There’s something greater at work here that requires the obliteration of what’s not in the best interest of the masses. Aquarian’s reason for being is to create something utopian communities and societies.

Mars forms a square (challenging) aspect to Jupiter in the sign of Capricorn. Limited beliefs related to “zero-sum”, scarcity, who controls the narrative, and who’s in charge are confronted and challenged. Mars in Aries is a “hard hit.”

As the week progresses an angry Mars will continue it’s “hits” on Pluto (a potentially brutal confrontation) then Saturn who tends to use the rules to oppress and restrict. It’s a combative week that follows the culmination of the full Moon.

The tightest aspect in this full Moon chart (other than the Sun/Moon opposition) is Saturn’s opposition to Mercury. This reinforces opposing ends of a spectrum. Passionate devotion to ideas related to caring, sensitivity, home, and family oppose financial interests. Ideologies are locked in. Fear runs rampant. But an end point or breaking point seems inevitable.

The Sabian symbol for this Moon is the following:

“A magpie feathers her nest as fledglings chatter away. When she overhears her children planning some kind of nonsense she cocks her head and listens in.”

Instincts are primed to detect stupid scheming that has lost sight of what’s good for the group. Progressive ideas could be disseminated in the most innovative and entertaining ways. (Leo Sun)

Creative artists and entertainers challenge cultural norms gleefully. They find ways to scandalize the traditionalists and those who benefit at the expense of the masses – skewering oppressive norms and the gate-keepers who scheme to keep the supposed “adults” in charge.

If you’re familiar with Sarah Cooper and her online antics it won’t be surprising to learn she has Mars in entertaining Leo – exactly conjuncting the Sun’s placement at 11 degrees of Leo in this full Moon chart. She’s a mischief-maker and disruptor in the mold of an Aquarian seeking to dramatize the absurdity of the authorities (adults) in charge.

Putting an end to what makes life hard or intolerable for the masses while communicating a beautiful new vision for the world and for your own life is the promise of this full Moon.

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