New Horoscopes for the Week of July 8th-14th

The week begins with a tight and tense conflict between Mercury retrograding in the sensitive sign of Cancer and aggressive Mars in angry/impatient Aries. We might be in the mood to fight or to initiate an argument over something from the past. Families may be pushing past the boundaries you’ve set. This is an aspect where vigorous exercise might defuse the urge to say something you’ll regret. An issue you want to resolve – or thought you had resolved – re-ignites.

Mercury’s been in retrograde motion (in Cancer) since June 18th and will turn direct this week on July 12th. It’s likely you’ve been revisiting the past or remembering for the past month. Old insecurities may have demanded your attention. But time’s about up. You may be on the cusp of moving forward with a sensitive decision – with relocating, or a decision involving family.

On July 10th, Venus in Gemini makes a harmonious sextile to Chiron in Aries. Something gently supportive and healing involves sharing old wounds and a source of vulnerability with friends who are like-minded, supportive, and empathetic. A healing effect may be realized. Wound healing has been a focus since April 10th. It’s challenging. But it’s also likely you’ve made some progress in navigating through your own fears and vulnerabilities. What comes next (Chiron retrograding on July 11th) may take you deeper or closer to the source of the wound. You might narrow down or identify something more specific.

By Sunday information you need will flow in your direction. What has been in the “waiting, preparation, or re-assessment” phase begins to take shape and progress.

Ceres in Pisces turns retrograde on Sunday in the sign of Pisces. Something related to care-giving, acceptance, or an ending supports a more realistic plan for the future. You may realize you’ve taken something as far as it can go – or outgrown what once worked. A re-assessment related to parenting may be timely. A clean break frees you to align with your values, priorities, and something that will stand the test of time.

The Sun conjuncting passionate, devoted Vesta trines Neptune. Intuition is strong. Dreams are clarifying. This week invisible assistance of all kinds may be there when you need it.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Today Mercury retrograding in Cancer forms a tense square to Mars – your ruling planet. Home and family issues interfere with your independence. A source of old pain may be triggered. Something left unresolved continues to annoy or upset you. You may realize it’s time to confront something you’ve been tolerating for awhile. Mercury turns direct on Sunday.That might be the right time to start the conversation. Venus in Gemini gives you the chance to reveal old wounds and a source of vulnerability with supportive friends who are like-minded and empathetic. A healing effect may be realized through the act of sharing. Wound healing has been a focus since April 10th. It’s challenging. But it’s also likely you’ve made some progress understanding how a chronic area of vulnerability limits and how you can find the courage to navigate through. Chiron retrogrades in action-oriented Mars on Saturday. You can pinpoint something more specific related to the pain you feel and address it more effectively. Ceres retrogrades in Pisces on Sunday. Taking a step back you might realize you need to reverse course when it comes to care-giving, providing for, protecting. Self-sacrifice may have become debilitating. This week it may be wise to be ask for some time and attention in return. If your needs have been put on hold for awhile it’s the right time to re-balance the scales.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
This week Venus, your chart ruler, sextiles Chiron in Aries. An exchange of information between friends or with an empathetic, trusted “listener” allows you to reveal some hidden source of pain you’ve had to endure for awhile. You may be encouraged or supported in revealing a source of anger or resentment related to self-less care-giving, what you’ve been contributing, or something related to finances. You may find the courage to confront or to speak more honestly about what you need. Mercury in Cancer turns direct on Sunday. That may be a good time to state your case or to tell the truth about what’s going on within the privacy of your home or within the family. Chiron retrogrades in Aries on Saturday. This has the effect of taking you to a deeper level of understanding concerning the “need” to suffer in silence or to put yourself “last.” In some fairly direct ways this can seriously undermine your health. You might be ready to disrupt or change the game. It may be time to call on the support of friends and (in general) to be more receptive to the love and support that’s available to you. Reaching out could be a good idea.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
This week might start off with a bang as Mercury (in the care-giving sign of Cancer) squares Mars in Aries. Anger, rage, or frustration may surface today. On a personal level this could relate to something unfair or unbalanced – restrictions related to money, resources, or a financial partnership. But more generally it involves a feeling related to broader community/collective concerns and the urge to disrupt the status quo. The pandemic and public response may unleash a viscerally angry response within you. Fear for your safety (or the safety of the family) may be an issue. When Mercury turns direct on Sunday it might be time to state your case regarding nurturing, protecting, and the social welfare. What you say publicly makes a difference. Venus in Gemini connects you personally with collective pain as well as your own personal source of pain and vulnerability. A deep level of empathy and understanding could make a strong and direct impact. A commitment to love, children, and your own personal creativity might trigger an area of social vulnerability. This week you can make some real progress understanding the specific nature of your wound and find the courage to move through it. Sharing your knowledge and insight with the public seems important. If you have the urge to write or post an editorial do it. It will be enlightening ad powerful. A re-assessment related to parenting may be timely. A clean break frees you to align with values that have stood the test of time.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Today your commitment to home, family, and keeping the peace triggers a source of vulnerability or old pain. Mercury’s square to Mars might motivate you to speak the angry words you’ve kept under wraps for awhile. Something related to self-sacrifice or overwhelming restriction is debilitating. Get your thoughts straight and courageously state your case or take some corrective action on Sunday when Mercury moves into direct motion. Wounds and areas of chronic vulnerability are highlighted this week – both personally and collectively. It may be that you have the chance to share with like-minded, empathetic friends the nature of your personal vulnerability and fear. You may benefit greatly from the support. It might be healing and clarifying. You may be on the cusp of getting closer to the specifics of what an old wound represents. It’s probably related to career/achievement or family commitments that encourage you to courageously confront and move through an old source of pain. Ceres retrogrades on Sunday Something related to care-giving, acceptance, or an ending supports a more realistic nurturing plan for the future. You may realize you’ve taken something as far as it can go – or outgrown what once worked. A re-assessment related to parenting may be timely. A clean break or some radical/revolutionary action frees you to align with values, priorities, and actions you support.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
The Sun has been illuminating a dark, distant, hidden, or confusing area of your life for about 15 days. Emotional self-sacrifice – it’s value and it’s cost – may be clarified. Anger related to an area of vulnerability surfaces. It involves something foreign or the need to transcend personal goals and aspirations for something more globally beneficial or worthwhile. Self-sacrifice in general may be called into question. The courage to confront and to clarify areas of chronic vulnerability and pain (possibly related to family and an emotional imbalance) is energized this week. It’s helpful when like-minded, empathetic friends can compare notes and remove some of the the guilt or shame that can make healing more complicated or painful than it needs to be. A realistic, practical, open-minded review involves a commitment to self-improvement while aligning more closely with your most natural instincts and inclinations. Something more internally motivating may be developing to guide future action. A change in life direction or clean break may be triggered by Uranus in your 10th house of career and relationship to the public. Connecting with internal guidance may be more possible now than it was 15 days ago. Old beliefs about love, talent development, and a more playful, instinctual approach to life may be worth consideration.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
Today a tense square between Mars in Aries and Mercury in Cancer triggers some anger or resentment. You might sit with this for awhile. But by Sunday you may need to state your case or take some action. Issues may be related to the need for something more emotionally balanced related to love, restriction, and a more balanced “give and take” dynamic. You might find yourself taking more responsibility for your own happiness and peace of mind. Relationship commitments trigger old vulnerabilities related to balance, financial partnerships, intimacy, what you owe to a partner and what you owe to yourself. Guilt may be a factor – always it seems for Virgo. There’s a real chance this week to make some progress courageously navigating through an old wound or source of vulnerability – as opposed to avoiding it. It may be that you have the chance to share with like-minded, empathetic friends the nature of your personal vulnerability and fear. Providing and receiving support is clarifying. As Chiron retrogrades on Saturday you may get closer to identifying and focusing in on the specifics of an old wound and how it impacts your life. The Sun trines Neptune this week energizing spiritual healing and internal guidance. For you this might relate to intimacy and feeling more receptive to love.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
Balance as usual is the issue this week. Broadly it relates to balancing your commitment to yourself and an area of vulnerability related to partnerships, marriage, and “the other.” Mars in Aries forms a tense square to Mercury today. The sparks could fly surrounding issues related to selfishness, aggressive action, or getting what’s desired at all costs. The need to speak (publicly) to sensitive issues related to emotional security, family, and the future come into play. On Sunday Mercury moves direct. You might be ready to state your case (and a harsh truth) publicly. The opportunity to enact something wiser, more diplomatic, and aligned with enlightened values and priorities may be possible. This is a good week to plan for future travel, to work on writing your book, or to advancing the goal of publication. Now it may be easier than usual to elevate yourself above the fray and to expand and promote ideas that advance the cause of love. What you say to yourself and others is important for the future. What you learn and communicate now benefits and advances your most cherished vision for the future. An area of vulnerability related to partnerships and partners (marriage or otherwise) is a focus of clarification. Your ability to focus on courageously navigating through the more specific aspects of an old wound is enhanced.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Today there’s a tense aspect between Mercury retrograding in Cancer (reconsiderations surrounding safety, security, family and the past) and some real anger/frustration related to daily routines, health, work, and the need for improvement. This has the “makings” of a tense confrontation or explosive reaction. Mercury turns direct on Sunday. You might say what you have to say and take the kind of action that needs to be taken then. Meanwhile Venus in your 8th house of intimacy, financial partnerships, and deep transformational change makes everything involving this sector of life easier and more beneficial. The time might be right to let go of old beliefs about who you are when you’re being your most natural self, what you’re meant to contribute to the world, the kind of future you envision for yourself, and the importance of breaking down barriers that keep your mind constricted or running along the same repetitive tracks. There’s a chance for some significant change that makes everything look different this week – or at least some major progress in that direction. Additionally the Sun in Cancer in your 8th house of the future (higher education, publishing, teaching, and the need to elevate yourself above the family/emotional “fray”) trines Neptune. You may get the access you need to tap into the kind of guidance you’ve been hoping for. Instinctively you may know what needs to be released or eliminated within the realm of love, children, or personal, creative, self-expression.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
If you’re in the process of releasing old beliefs related to the way you make your living, your style and approach to your work, and relationships, while embracing something with more depth, potential for growth, or imaginative involvement, you’re on the right track. Old mental restrictions may be lifted infusing a degree of newness and excitement into the mix. The potential of something that once seemed promising may be exhausted. Questioning everything including your general style and approach to life, your role within the realm of relationships, and the kind of impact you want to make seems wise. Adopting a more spacious or powerful philosophy allows you to emotionally connect with a source of ancient wisdom and power. To the extent your making more room for yourself to expand into realms of greater power – again, you’re on the right track. Something more interesting may have you fired up. The Sun in your 8th house of the occult and all things transformative clarifies and energizes emotional issues. Something related to home, family, intimacy, and an old emotional framework is transformed. Death, re-birth, and healing may be triggered. It’s a good week to courageously clarify and confront an area of pain and vulnerability related to love, creativity, and the development of your talent. Sharing your updated creative gifts with the world is the point.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Today Mercury in Cancer (ideas and communications involving home, family, and emotions) forms a tense angle with Mars – the God of War. Balance within the realm of relationships is threatened by emotional issues or the demands of family. Currently the home and family represents an area where Mars wants to lead, make the decisions, and to have his desires prevail. An explosion or serious confrontation may be in the works. On Sunday Mercury moves direct. This may be the time for some push-back and a discussion that revolves around compromise and evidence of something more sensitive and tuned-in. An area of vulnerability for Capricorn can be courageously addressed this week. As Chiron turns retrograde you may be able to focus in on something more specific related to the pain or vulnerability you feel. Discussions with those capable of empathizing or commiserating with you might lower the temperature or diminish the shame. .It’s likely you’ve made lots of progress over the past year controlling your urge to control. Something more partnership oriented may need to be more full integrated when it comes to decisions related to home, family, and emotional accommodations. The source of your fear might be something worth investigating and more fully understanding.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Today Mercury in Cancer (ideas/communication involving home, family, and security needs) forms a tense angle with Mars, the God of War. A duty, responsibility, or something routine may force a reckoning with your fear of communicating, public speaking, or a lack of confidence expressing your ideas and opinions. An explosive exchange is possible especially if a compromise is not considered. Mars wants he wants when he wants it. You might have to deal with yourself and your fear – or with what another is demanding in terms family, communication, and an area of chronic vulnerability for you. Currently you may be in the process of reconsidering what your obligations are – to yourself and family. By Sunday (when Mercury turns direct), things are clarified. Chiron turns retrograde on Saturday. This has the effect of focusing you in on a specific specific area of vulnerability, it’s source, and how you might courageously confront and move through old, chronic pain. Aquarius is in the process of releasing old beliefs related to politics, the community, social obligations, friends, allies, and their highest ideals. A revolutionary approach to your social life is indicated. You may use your writing talents to influence public discussion. Behind the scenes, for all Aquarians, a massive transformational change is taking place. You may see evidence of it as you reconsider the things that have always worked for you in the past but no longer do. At the same time you may begin to feel less restricted and more empowered to wield the kind of influence you want to wield.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
This week the Sun in the “love, romance, creative, playful” sector of your chart is illuminated and highly energized. Neptune – the god who dissolves boundaries and makes everything possible – forms a harmonizing aspect to your 5th house. This week you can expect lots of artistic inspiration and love to flow in your direction. Healing is facilitated. Your soft, gentle, style and approach enhances and beautifies the home, supports the family, and creates a magnetic effect as it applies to attracting the right romantic parter for you. It can feel ideal or miraculous. At the same time Ceres is retrograding in your 1st house in the sign of Pisces. There’s some backtracking going on related to parenting, letting go, or serving the needs of a child vs.serving your own needs. On a different note a decision to remain childless may be reconsidered or reversed. Ceres in the 1st house could trigger memories of abuse related to a care-giver or parent. Selfless care of others with little regard for the self may be revealed as unsustainable. Rewards for self-sacrifice could disappoint. Nourishing and caring for with no expectation of reward or a “return on your investment” elevates the role of parent to something more uplifting and sacred. If you’re a parent you may be ready for that kind of transition. Letting go could be the most selfless, nourishing, and deeply satisfying act possible when Ceres moves retrograde through the sign of Pisces.

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