New Horoscopes for the Week of July 29th – August 4th



The major planetary changes this week involve Mercury’s transit away from the sign of Cancer and into the sign of Leo. Mercury transits change your focus, perspective, the nature of the discussions, and the way you go about making connections and decisions.

In the sign of Cancer the mind is focused on security, support, comforting upgrades for the home, and family. Memories from the past drift into your thoughts more frequently. The past seems relevant or instructive where decisions need to be made.

In Leo the focus shifts to “me, myself, and I.” Creative ideas are easily and naturally generated. Relationships with children, lovers, romance and the more playful side of yourself take hold. Questions like “what would bring more joy into my life” seem more important and easier to answer.

Next Monday (August 3rd) there’s a Full Moon at 11 degrees of Aquarius. The Moon is squared by Uranus in Taurus. This can represent the sudden demise of a bad habit, the end of a period of stagnation, the adoption of more enlightened values, or taking a revolutionary stance within the political/civic/community realm – or at home.

On Thursday Mercury in Cancer opposes Jupiter and Pluto – both retrograding in the sign of Capricorn. An ending, official resolution, security oriented decision, or legally binding (financial) partnership opens doors giving you “standing,” more power, or greater assurance that something will be fair and equitable.

On Friday (July 31st) the Leo Sun trines Chiron retrograding in Aries. Creative dynamism, playfulness, and warm-hearted support gives you the confidence you need to move through areas of vulnerability with ease.

On Sunday (Aug.2nd) the Leo Sun moves into it’s exact square with Uranus in Taurus. There could be some fireworks related to stubborn refusals to move away from what’s become too comfortable, safe, repetitive, or locked-in. The fireworks themselves could be entertaining or amusing enough to promote an important change in values or priorities. Progress wins. Liberation is the result. What’s comfortable and familiar may be overthrown.

On Monday August 3rd Mercury in Cancer exactly opposes Saturn. What you say or think could be subject to restrictions. Something more rational, realistic, responsible, or controlled is required to infuse balance or something more supportive and soothing into the conversation. Thinking before you speak requires adjustments that may not come easily. Saturn is a teacher. You might be in the process of learning a hard lesson related to words that wound.

On Tuesday Mercury leaves the sign of Cancer and enters the sign of Leo. The conversation moves away from security needs, home, family and the past and into the realm of something joy-filled, creative, generous, and entertaining.

If it wasn’t a Tuesday, and the Pandemic didn’t exist, it would be a great day (or evening) for throwing a party where you would naturally be the center of attention – entertaining, generous, attractive, warm-hearted, and in “rare form.”

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Aries strives to achieve an authoritative leadership position in the world through focused effort, realism, and using the hard lessons learned to transcend occasional failure and dominate their field. There’s a beautiful supportive trine between Chiron (an area of vulnerability) and the warm-hearted Leo Sun. Vulnerabilities usually manifest as liabilities or impediments to progress but this week they’re most likely to function as assets rather than liabilities. Something playfully creative and childlike – or romantic and loving is powerful in unlikely ways. Black Moon Lilith, the destructive disruptor, seems focused on targeting old strategies for achievement that might be outdated, well-worn, no longer interesting, or capable of moving you in the direction you want to go. The full Moon in Aquarius in your 11th house of the outsider might seek to put an end something that fortifies your ego in terms of audience response versus the introduction of something more risky and less reliably satisfying to the ego. Uranus encourages a break from tradition, from old comfortable habits, and creative repetition. It might be time to insert something shocking or electrifying onto the scene. if your audience disapproves you might need to seek out a more progressive audience that will challenge your assumptions and strategies.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
This week you may be the instigator in pushing someone past their current limits, out of a rut, and beyond their comfort zone. Stagnant energies operating at home or within the family will most likely be break apart as a result of your influence. It might seem harsh but unavoidable. You might feel the need to take more risk within the realm of relationships. Neptune in the 11th house relates to social isolation or the disappearance of social supports friends, allies and community involvement that makes connecting difficult. But Jupiter retrograde sextiles Neptune retrograde. There’s something fortunate or opportunity-enhancing about the wisdom you’ve accumulated and the invisible support you receive for keeping your cherished dreams, hopes, and wishes alive. An old hidden vulnerability is supported and comforted by the unconditional love you have for your family. However you may be acting as a change agent at the moment delivering what appears to be some tough love. This week’s full Moon in Aquarius might portend an ending related to your public vs. private role in the world. It’s time to focus on wrapping something up. Maybe you’ll need some time to gather your thoughts and say what needs to be said or to make something official or legally binding. But by next Tuesday times up. It looks like you’ll be moving back to the unconditional love that has always sustained you.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
The increasingly intense and rebellious energy of the impending full Moon may require you to act in a way that puts the full weight of the law or the “officials” behind some practical actions designed to ensure future security, freedom, and a steady flow of progress. You may need to do the (financial) paperwork you’ve neglected for awhile. In fact you may need to assert your power or take some practical action to make something enforceable beyond your current capabilities. Mercury is more than halfway through his trek through the sign of Cancer and the self-worth/net-worth sector of your chart. Stabilization in the values and priorities that are important to you seems important. Old values and priorities may be changing rapidly. It seems we have to check in every now and then to see where we’re at. By next Tuesday your focus will change and the decisions that need to be made will be more obvious. The Aquarius full Moon triggers the 9th sector of your chart. Liberation, the future, legalities, and beliefs are emphasized. You might find your self rebelling against old beliefs. The objective fact may no longer seem to support them. Behind the scenes and out of sight you may be acting as a change agent. Behind the scenes or in moments of privacy you may be breaking through old habits and changing the game. You may be taking more risk to transcend the limits of your ego and what new ideas you will allow in.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Cancer strives to achieve the goal of courageous leadership within a high visibility sector of life. The stakes are high. You may be grappling with old wounds that have produced a lasting vulnerability. Because of your vulnerability, not in spite of it, it seems you may be able to achieve something unprecedented in terms of accomplishment this week. The Leo Sun in your 2nd house of self-worth, net-worth, and financial stabilization gives you some clues as to what needs to be your focus and how you will succeed. Something of lasting value is indicated. Mercury opposes Saturn and Pluto in your 7th house of relationships. It may be time to do the practical thing, to complete the paperwork, to make it official, to enlist the force of the legal system or the power of the government to sanction what has been unofficial or undecided up to this point. Old strategies and “battle plans” may work against marital or domestic commitments. Those need to be reconsidered and possibly disabled. Mercury in your 1st house could have you focused on your role within the realm of relationships, your security, domestic issues, initiating something new, your appearance, style and approach, etc. Something needs to be resolved or decided upon by next Tuesday as Mercury moves into the self-worth/net/worth sector of your chart. At that time financial security will be highlighted and the generation of creative/ lucrative ideas will accelerate. By then values, priorities, and resources will be highlighted and energized. You may realize a need for something more substantial, comforting, and stabilizing, and enduring.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
The Sun in your 1st house makes you immediately and acutely aware of your style and approach to life and the effect you have on others. For the most part you may have reason to feel proud of what’s you’ve initiated and the doors that have swung open as a result. The impending Aquarius full Moon promotes an ending. What has been previously did not do justice to what was possible. Doing the paperwork, making it official, getting the full power the law or the government behind your dreams, hopes, and wishes makes it possible to actualize something that represents progress and achievement. It may be time to take more risk with regard to your leadership ability or to push the envelope in terms of what you might actually be capable of achieving through your connections and the allies you’ve cultivated. Building more wealth looks promising as long as you stay realistic, informed, light on your feet, and ready to act on opportunities that come your way. The full Moon signifies an ending within the realm of relationships followed by a new beginning the outlines of which will take several days to clarify. The Sun in Leo trines Chiron. Vulnerabilities are highlighted in the sector of your life that has a hard time trusting the unknown, expecting positive outcomes, or believing in the future. This week the Leo Sun is unusually supportive and aware of the vulnerabilities that can stall progress within the realm of relationships. But this week an old vulnerability is more likely to function as an asset than a liability.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
An impending full Moon in Aquarius most directly influences your 6th house of work and health. But the invisible aspects of your life – unmet needs, subconscious desires, or things you’re only vaguely aware of are unusually well illuminated and energized through the upcoming week. You may have some life-changing revelations that inform your work, your health, and your future. Untapped artist talent might encourage you to make some practical decisions that allow you to move in a more deeply satisfying direction. If you’ve been an “un-official artist,” healer, or creative collaborator now may be a good time to make yourself official – or to take a few important steps in that direction. Doing the necessary paperwork may be all that’s involved. Where your future is concerned you might be encouraged to take more risk, to come out of hiding, or to refuse to “play it small” where your future is concerned. There’s a pull in the direction of showcasing your talent. The public looks to be unusually receptive to what you have to offer or communicate. Old beliefs about home, family, responsibility, and accomplishment might need to be fact-checked. In other words what you believe may no longer be based in fact. Telling the truth or making yourself aware of the truth by asking the questions you’re afraid to ask seems wise. Old wounds within the realm of relationships might actually work in your favor this week – if for no other reason than painful experience is a great teacher.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
Libra strives for security and the safety and comfort of a stable and loving home base. Cherishing the past, nourishing the bodies and souls of the public, being an authoritative voice for sensitive leadership in a safe, secure forward direction is important. Eliminating obstacles to peace of mind while promoting what’s fair, balanced, and equitable is your strength. It might be time to put an end to something that straddles the fence, remains undecided, or fails to allow you to gain the kind of traction you need for future fulfillment. You might need to seek out an official endorsement or to get the full force of the legal establishment behind your efforts. Doing the paperwork or asking the relevant questions might be the one practical thing you can do to achieve what you want to achieve. The full Moon highlights an ending related to creative input, romantic love, children, and concern for the masses. The Sun in the 11th house highlights your distinctiveness while soothing an area of vulnerability or pain within the realm of relationships – including relationships with or among groups. The Sun’s square to Uranus encourages you to take more risk or to work for a compelling community cause at some risk to yourself. Sensitive issues involving financial partnerships, financial uncertainty, underlying tensions and fear may need to be dealt with in a straight -forward way.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Scorpio aims for making a dramatic impact – a strong statement that cannot be ignored concerning their unusual or somewhat shocking past. Scorpio aims to be a force to be reckoned with, someone with high visibility, possibly the recipient of substantial fortune and fame. The impending full Moon in Aquarius might encourage you to re-balance the scales, to disconnect from the past, or to find a way to integrate more of your most unique and rebellious qualities for the sake of the public and the masses. You might need to orchestrate an end to something ego-gratifying and flattering but not substantially satisfying or interesting. A clean break from the tendency to attract (or to be attracted to) “shiny objects,” cultural symbols of success, or old routines and habits that feel comfortable but fail to nourish or stabilize you at the deeper, more enriching levels may be possible. Mars is impatient with old work strategies and patterns that lock you in. A breakthrough mimics creating something disruptive that gets you more interested in the kind of future that feels promising and worthy of the power and influence you were meant to wield in the world.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Sagittarius aims for the pure essence of a truth that guides him. He wants to know that he’s working from a place of integrity and accuracy. Self-sacrifice and learning is intricately involved in his quest to understand. Ideas acted upon must be authentic and well thought through. Working from a base of “purity of intention” or something approaching perfection is non-negotiable. To that end something involving your beliefs about the kind of impact you’re making – and how you make it – needs to be re-considered. Your approach to initiating of something new – to your physical body or independence vs. dependence issues needs to be reconsidered. What you see in the mirror might not be what others see. What you believe might not be based in fact. It’s wise to converse with a partner or neutral party, to ask for feedback or to be open to taking practical action to correct a small distortion that over time can throw you off track. Sagittarius has a deep ego-attachment to their beliefs so its not a simple thing to ask for feedback at the risk of undermining long held beliefs and your entire sense of identity. But keeping it objective, pure, and accurate is central to achieving your primary goal. The opportunity this week revolves around something that illuminates and energizes your future prospects. The Aquarius full Moon might give you the push you need to end something that interferes with the truth. A small practical act of courage makes you the hero in your own story.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Capricorn aims for a stable balance within their own life and within the realm of relationships. Capricorn prides himself in his ability to compromise, negotiate, and exercise diplomacy to achieve wealth, power, and a dominant, authoritative position in life. To that end it may be time to take action to incorporate the dreams, hopes, and wishes of a financial partner, employee, or spouse into your plan for the future. Capricorn tends to be a loner. But that strategy might instigate simmering anger or resentment on the domestic front that interferes with your goals, dreams, hopes, wishes, and overall effectiveness. It’s likely you’ve had good results in the past doing the hard thing as opposed to what’s easiest. The impending Aquarius full Moon activates the axis of your chart that involves personal contribution, earned income, and stabilization that’s balanced by trust and cooperation within the realm of life where vulnerability and betrayal is an ever present possibility. Adjusting or putting an end to “hedging your bets” or refusing to be “all in” with a partner is highlighted. As Chiron trines the Leo Sun a recognition of, and respect for, personal vulnerabilities moves you past a sticking point and forward into the future.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
The impending Aquarian full Moon changes the structure and nature of your primary relationship. It looks energizing and opens doors to the kind of future you’d like to materialize. What you’re aiming for is truth, power within the realm of decision-making, getting to the root of what’s hidden, and control over the direction your life takes. Making a transformative impact on the public mind seems important. The means for incorporating a more effective personal strategy might involve taking a practical or shrewd action that opens doors. Getting the full weight of the law behind a partnership commitment or official recognition by the designated authorities” seems important. Reining it in, stabilizing your focus, and getting on the same page with yourself is an important step. You may be in the process of fortifying your power. The full Moon in your 1st house might represent an ending that could be related to an old insistence on independence or going it alone despite the involvement of a partner who could help. Joint creative decisions and solutions may be put in play as Mercury transits into Leo and your 7th house of partnerships next Tuesday. Chiron trines the Sun this week making an old liability more of an asset. Because of an old distorting wound you’re somehow better able to negotiate and navigate your way toward your goal.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Striving for a spiritually elevated, philosophically resonant, uplifting goal entails a focus on your security, family/home, and domestic considerations. Something needs to be clarified or “made official” to ensure a kind of liberation from the past or past patterns. Taking some practical action or obtaining the paperwork necessary to put the weight of the authorities behind you and a very personal cause is timely. Essential you have until next Tuesday to focus on fortifying your future security, to find a suitable home, or the elusive tribe to which you truly belong. Things begin to look very encouraging after next Tuesday. Creative ideas and strategies for solid accomplishment are generated at an accelerated pace. A playful process takes hold and what you love most may be clarified. On a different note reconsiderations involving parenting, being a parent, and issues related to mothering are up for review. Those have an impact on your style and approach to life. Something abusive or painful from the past (possibly involving parenting) keep you in a holding pattern for awhile longer. But something related to child-like exuberance, playfulness, adventure, and love is powerfully supportive of healing this week. In November of 2020 Nessus turns direct. Moving on from old the pain becomes possible.

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