Eclipse Horoscopes for the Week of June 17th – 23rd

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Mercury retrogrades at 14 degrees of Cancer beginning Thursday, June 18th, at 12:59 AM EDT – ending on July 12th at 4:26 AM EDT

The Sun leaves the sign of Gemini to enter the sign of Cancer on Saturday, June 20th at 5:44 PM EDT.

But the main event this week is the NEW MOON ANNULAR SOLAR ECLIPSE AT ZERO DEGREES OF CANCER 21′ ON SUNDAY JUNE 21, 2020 AT 2:41 AM EDT It’s the most powerful eclipse of the year because it culminates just a few minutes before the the summer solstice.

Unlike the complete blackout of the Sun during a total eclipse, during an annular eclipse the outer ring of the Sun remains visible. It appears as a ring of fire – a symbol that implies the destructive phase of creation. Burning away what once was represents the “priming phase” before the new cycle begins.

We’ll be feeling the strong intensifying effects of the Solar Eclipse all week but especially from Friday through Tuesday.

The path of this eclipse runs through the Central African Republic, the Congo, Ethiopia, up to southern Pakistan, through northern India and China.

Because the eclipse occurs at the zero degree mark of Cancer (a notoriously highly charged point) it portends a personal, emotional, and collective turning point beyond which there is no going back. Feelings guide you in the direction of your dreams. The possibilities are unprecedented.

A threshold has been reached and is about to be breached. An old cycle ends. New dimensions open up. What has previously been impossible no longer is. The old trip is done and a new one begins.

With Leo on the Ascendent and Juno trining Venus in the Eclipse chart the most powerful energy has the feel of something loving, kind, dreamy and romantic. All the power resides now in leading with the heart – past an old sticking point and beyond into future realms.

Pisces on the midheaven conjunct Mars implies the need to act in service of an ideal.

It’s possible when the Sun and Moon align in Cancer to begin to feel more comfortable, at home, and at peace with yourself. Attracting the right romantic partner gets easier.

You and the entire human race are primed for a breakthrough. What could previously only be imagined as an ideal will begin to manifest. This eclipse gives power to your intentions. (Don’t forget to set them.)

Saturn in the sign of Aquarius – also at the critical zero degree mark – inconjuncts the eclipse point. This is the tightest aspect in the eclipse chart. It has a powerful impact. It implies major life adjustments to restrictions and delays – and the fact that values and priorities have changed.

Governments are represented by Saturn. Action and massive pressure on the old systems push them to align policies with stated collective ideals.

This is one of those rare moments when the “gears of the cosmic clock” are in sync and aligned – personally and globally. It’s a time to “storm the future” and to change the course of history for yourself and the world. It can feel like a rare privilege to be alive at this particular moment in time.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
The significant turning point/decision point beyond which there is no going back for you involves the realm of life related to your home, family, roots, and the foundations of your success. Something is shifting and re-aligning. You may be in the mood to completely transform the nature of your professional life or to re-align your current life direction. The gears of the cosmic clock are aligned and in sync as you quietly prepare to storm the future. Now is a time when you’re aligning the priorities in your life with your ideals. Within the bigger picture you may be working to push policies that support stated ideals. Action needs to be taken on the home front – heart-felt, compassionate, emotionally responsive action. Now may be a time when you start to feel more comfortable in your own skin. In fact you may be called to take the lead in a group, community, or global effort. That has the potential to distract you from your personal goals and your mission if you let it. You’ve got something percolating on your own. Cultivating that might ultimately be the best case scenario for you or for everyone involved.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
The significant turning point/decision point beyond which there is no going back for you involves the realm of life related to truth telling, communication, connecting, and possibly issues related to siblings. Something from the past may need to be discussed. An emotional shift or realization moves you forward. Integrating something soulful into the deep philosophical and emotional reservoir that defines your life energy is a possibility. Arranging your life and your actions around your highest ideals is newly relevant. As a builder you might need to destroy something first before beginning a new creative process. This annular eclipse is perfect for igniting something along those lines. It’s also good for getting some accurate answers. The quality of an answer depend on the quality of the question. It might be time for you to ask some good questions. Saturn in your 10th house of your career – or the part of your life that is public – might feel awkward or misaligned with your ideals and goals. It might be time for a major adjustment that bypasses tinkering around the edges.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
The significant turning point/decision point beyond which there is no going back involves the realm of life related to your second house of personal self worth/net worth, ownership, values, and priorities. Finding your own natural rhythm to plug into is part of the picture and the new emerging cycle. Making a living through dealing with emotions, the past, real estate, the home, family, maternal lineages and legacies might play into the evolving picture. Something is shifting within. You may be clear on the idea or the dream and seek to find a way to meld together something soulful and stabilizing with some light, airy, flexible, storytelling, energy. Now that the gears of the cosmic clock are aligned and in sync it seems you’re ready to move forward. You may be the clarifier – the one who illuminates the the major issues of our time while cutting through the nonsense and getting directly to the heart of the matter – within the social realm. An inconvenient or awkward presence in your 9th house of freedom and future may be weighing you down. It could be time to consider a major adjustment or break-through related to the future and something exciting/disruptive that’s gestating within the deepest recesses of your mind and heart. Regular alone time is a necessity.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
For Cancer the significant turning point/decision point beyond which there is no going back involves the realm of life related to courage, confidence, initiation, blazing trails, and making emotional impact. As a result of some intense transformative experience within the realm of relationships it seems you’re ready to burn down what’s always been and to create something new. The “gears of the cosmic clock” are aligned and in sync. Ushering in what’s on the cusp of breaking through depends on your “go for it” attitude and your ability to lead from the heart. Sensitive, responsive, compassionate action can be taken to move individuals and groups beyond their current comfort zone into the realm of a more ideal future. Integrating your highest ideals into your life plan while kindly urging or assisting those who lag behind is something you can do. But Cancers know how to get from here to there and they’re motivated to do so. Saturn’s awkward inconjunct from the 8th house of complicated/painful transitions and honest self-assessment demands something related to a major adjustment. This is not tinkering around the edges. It the impetus to make a dramatic change that actually changes the game.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
For Leo the significant turning point/decision point, beyond which there is no going back involves the realm of life experience related to what’s hidden, isolated, deeply personal, spiritually comforting, highly sensitive, neglected, or secretly undermining. Actually as a result of some self-less, heart-felt, compassionate action within the realm of financial partnerships or honest self-reflection you might begin to feel more comfortable in your own skin – as sensitive as it is and as sensitive as you are. An ongoing transformation within the workplace has taught you a lot about providing invisible support and not necessarily making a big show of it. Something inconvenient or awkward involving a primary partner and their demands requires you to make some major adjustments. Tinkering around the edges might not do the trick. Something requiring more effort/more pain/more willingness to compromise/or the need to do something that’s hard for you to do may be required. A change in what you value most might be the pre-requisite to changing your perspective. Any move you make to release old beliefs about love and loss seems especially liberating. You do seem to be the ideal candidate for anything related to community activism or aligning policies with community/global ideals. You simply see the problems and strengths more clearly than the rest of us.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
The significant turning point/decision point, beyond which there is no going back for you involves the realm of experience related to community service, social ideals, activist roles, or an intense galvanizing focus on manifesting your highest ideals for the collective. Burning away the impurities that could manifest in the form of obsessions, compulsions, self-sacrifice, and perfectionism seems important. Actions taken are most effective when they’re intuitively inspired, compassionate, or taking place behind the scenes. There is something awkward and inconvenient lurking within your 6th house of work, service, and health that might distract you from being able to move forward. Within the work environment or with regard to your health, you may be in need of a breakthrough. Your values are changing, Some kind of major adjustment may be required. Tinkering around the edges probably won’t do the trick. Your role in ushering in a new age might be as a leader who is very clear about importance of aligning policies with stated ideals.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
The significant turning point/decision point for you beyond which there is no going back, involves your 10th house of your professional life, interactions with the pubic, leadership skills, and your most soulful life direction. Can you infuse your soul into your current profession or life direction might be the most important question you can ask. The answer is probably yes if I’m reading the tea leaves correctly. It’s likely in a more general sense you just feel more at home and comfortable with yourself. Something restrictive or awkward is thrown into the mix within your 5th house of romantic love, creative self-expression, and children. This may be an area of life that’s in need of an update or a breakthrough. Stagnation can threatens to throw you off course or hold you back. A major change may be called for. Your values and priorities are influx. Lead with the heart as your naturally prone to do and you’ll be fine. You may have the enlightened ideas that influence the masses and lead them in a forward direction.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
The significant turning point for you beyond which there is no return involves the realm of life experience related to expansion, psychological liberation, cherished beliefs, and the freedom to elevate yourself above the mundane and routine into a more rarified/purified form of existence. This might involve telling yourself a hard truth that finally allows you to settle more deeply into yourself – to feel at home with yourself and comfortable in your own skin. Compassionate/heartfelt action might be required within the realm of experience involving romance/love/and children for the purpose of manifesting your highest ideal. Something inconvenient or out of step with your ideals might involve the domestic sphere and something confining. A major adjustment might need to be make with regard to your physical home, the family, or the past. Your values and priorities have changed with regard to your relationships with others and your relationship to yourself. The new cycle encourages you to keep updating, adjusting, and moving forward despite the urge to confiscate and to hold everything close – forever.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
This eclipse falls in your 8th house of occult secrets, transformative healing power, and begin to unravel old psychological frameworks. This is the are of life where you face yourself and finally tell yourself the truth about something that’s likely been a source of shame. It’s in this area of life that you’ll feel a profound shift take hold. It’s here that you’ll make a decision and come to turning point beyond which there is no going back. The best approach here is to lead with the heart. You might find a good reason to beat yourself up once again. But it’s just not what this moment in time will respond to. Something kinder, gentler, more loving and compassionate seems to be the most effective approach as we move away from a brutal past. Saturn in your third house of communication and truth telling requires some kind of major adjustment that re-aligns you with an ongoing change in values and priorities. You might need for the work that you do or the service you provide to provide something more satisfying or deeply nourishing to you. You might look for new and different methods to integrate into your work routine. You might seek to tap into that deeper reservoir of philosophical and emotional depth that you now seem to require.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
For you the eclipse occurs your 7th house of relationships. It’s the area of life experience where the turning point and decision point beyond which there is no going back occurs. Leading with the heart is a challenge for practical, controlling Capricorn. But you may go out on a limb to embrace something that nourishes your relationship, makes you feel more “at home” with a lover or life partner, and more deeply connected. This could represent an unprecedented sea change where a break from routine interactions materializes. Saturn in your second house of financial stability, self-worth and net-worth, is the awkward presence of something that reminds you of your built-in fear of scarcity. As an old cycle dies and a new one takes it’s place it might be easier for you to let go of that fear. Maybe you’ve already experienced a change in values and priorities that places more importance on love and relationships than wealth and financial stability. It’s doubtful you’ll go off the deep end where money is an issue. But prioritizing a relationship over money could go a long way toward feeding your soul and nourishing a bond.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
The turning point for Aquarius beyond which there’s no going back relates to new beginnings within your 6th house of health, routines, and work related issues. You may be looking for the key that unlocks the mysteries of the world or a new more healthful routine that restores your body and mind. Something from the past – possibly related to the need to strenuously control your appetites and instincts is in the process of being transformed. Saturn in your first house presents a challenge that seems to require self-discipline and a breakthrough with regard to a new and different approach to life in general. A different way of thinking about your physical body and the feedback it provides seems relevant. Working less and indulging your senses with beauty, music, and a deeper connection with the natural world seems important. Action can be taken to develop a more trusting and compassionate attitude toward yourself. The “gears of the cosmic clock” are in sync and aligned – personally and globally. Along with the rest of the world you can break the old cycles and routines while moving onto something more stabilizing and deeply nourishing.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Aligning yourself with yourself is an epic task. But it appears you’re taking the kind of compassionate, “go with the flow” actions that can move you in the direction of feeling “at home” with yourself and at home when your surrounded by love. This eclipse creates a massive shift in your 5th house of romantic love, creative expression, and issues having to do with children. The eclipse trining your ascendent is very supportive of naturally kind/gentle/artistic/love-centered initiatives. Leading with your heart may be easy for you. You may be the living example of the kind of low-key power that’s somehow able to push through massive resistance and centuries of pain. Saturn in the 12th house represents something undermining or misaligned that can throw you off your game. Major adjustments may need to be made so you can feel safer exposing more of your authentic self. Discussions with those who are accepting and comfortable with whatever you choose to share empower your ability to manifest a type of artistic or compassionate leadership that could break through decades of stagnation and pain.

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