Taurus New Moon Horoscopes for the Week of April 22, 2020

On Wednesday, April 22, 2020 at 10:26 PM EDT there is a New Moon at 3 Degrees Taurus 24′

Full Moons love being in the sensually abundant, beautifully stabilizing, deeply satisfying sign of Taurus. This new Moon symbolizes the official beginning of an emotional evolution. It’s ultimate goal is stabilizing at a level that feels deeply nourishing, inwardly at peace, unhurried, timeless, and profoundly appreciative.

Both Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius pose a serious challenge to smooth, seamless, evolutionary transitions. Achieving the ultimate goal looks like a struggle – with Saturn presenting the biggest challenge.

Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius represent an abundance of fixity and stubborness. Neither sign has the advantage of flexibility. While Taurus prefers to be traditional, rock solid, and stable, Aquarius is progressive, intensely focused on ideas, impatient, and likely to throw tradition overboard.

The new “sheriff in town” as of of March 23rd of this year is Saturn in Aquarius. He’s making the rules and enforcing them.

Aquarian rules are created around the idea that no one wins unless everyone wins, groups theoretically wielding more power than individuals, removing blockages to progress, ensuring justice, fairness, and tolerance. Innovation, humane solutions, and experimentation must be cultivated. Self-discipline and focus is not optional, and the occasional extreme “shock to the system” may be required to promote progress.

Being stuck in a frustrating place (between a rock and hard place) might be part of the current reality. Facing new restrictions and requirements and a future that feels especially uncertain is challenging. If you want something stabilizing to hold onto you’ll have to look within. Under this new Taurus Moon it’s unlikely you’ll find anything reliably stabilizing outside of yourself. That’s always been the case – it’s just extra highlighted at this moment.

The coast was cleared for you to make progress under the previous Libra full Moon of April 8th. An ending then may have paved a way into a future with more potential for deeper connections to the sensual world and to what’s most uniquely and profoundly satisfying to you. You might have had a taste of whatever this is in the past.

You could be “flying blind” now (everyone is under a new Moon) but instinctively you probably know what you need and where your attention needs to be focused.

Venus in Gemini (the ruler of this New Moon) is associated with two’s – twins, yin and yang, keeping two balls in the air at all times, creating light and captivating environments, connecting to deeper rhythms, using music to settle you in and settle you down, making connections to the natural world, and following your instincts. Trial and error seems an important part for this evolutionary process.

Saturn in Aquarius requires the removal of what stands in the way of (emotional) progress. Looking to others to model a lifestyle for you is antithetical to everything Aquarius represents. You have to find your own way toward something that feels authentic individualized.

Ceres, the asteroid of parenting and being parented, cultivation, nurturance, seasonal cycles, and abundant crop yields, – currently interjects a critical turning point. In the 29th degree of Aquarius Ceres has come to the end of the road, landed on a conclusion, or feels intensely the “last chance” nature of what’s at stake.

Under this new Moon the planets align in ways that make it easier for you to move away from chronic anxieties and habitually fearful reactions. At some point in the past fear might have been energizing and motivating for you. But it’s no longer necessary. You can let that go. Your being comically assisted in doing so.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
New beginnings for you center around a more realistic and focused approach to building wealth, stabilizing finances, managing resources, and adding to your reserves. Most likely your values have changed. But creating a life where you’re free to manifest your dreams and to live the kind of authentic life you want to live requires careful planning and maybe a reconnection with the original dreams, hopes, and wishes you once had for yourself and your life. Envisioning in more detail the kind of life you want for yourself is important in some very practical ways. Building emotional intensity around the kind of future you want amasses the power of the universe to assist you in reaching your most cherished goal.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Generally speaking Taurus is patient and good at waiting for her turn to act when there are practical reasons for doing so. But sometimes there aren’t any good reasons for further delay – especially when it comes to creating something artistically inspiring or asking for what you want and need. Under this new Moon it’s good to tell the truth about the reasons for delay. Some things that might hold you back could be the comparisons you make between your own talents and another’s. You may talk yourself into feeling small in comparison to the achievements of others. That may be your current reason for further delay. Now, under this new Moon, is the time to push through old fears and to act on your own behalf. It seems wise to initiate something new and more balanced within the realm of relationships, to expose the lies you tell yourself, to produce a “work of art,” or to allow yourself to do what you love within a more public (online) venue. Saturn seems to be suggesting that despite any discomfort you feel, you need to be more visible and accessible to people who need what you have to offer.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Saturn has demanded you get more serious about your future, taking more responsibility for how it unfolds, creating and nurturing a vision, and making the kind of grown-up sacrifices involved. It is likely the new Moon in your 12th house is connected to mysterious sources of guidance and information that support an ending or clarification. The way has been cleared for this new beginning under the April 8th full Moon in Libra. A quiet, private shift within has taken hold. What you value most may be reflected in concrete lifestyle changes and/or a change in focus. Something related to a chronic fears associated with financial partnerships, trust, money, and what’s owed, may begin to disappear as sources of deeper satisfaction and a more passionate youthful approach to life take hold. By May 7th you’ll recognize emotional progress and possibly be ready for the next phase.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Under this new Moon a seed is being planted within your 11th house of things that are considered unusual, outside the realm of “normal,” unique, and possibly threatening to family/cultural norms. When you find yourself telling yourself the truth under this new Taurus Moon – as Saturn in Aquarius demands that you do – you might have to admit you long for something more authentic, unusual, original, freer, or somewhat “dangerous” in that sense that it would be rejected or misunderstood by most. It’s time to experiment with your own ideas about what men do and what women do, about how you define and broaden your own definitions of gender, and how you move beyond restrictive ideas about clear distinctions, artificial norms, and broad categorizations.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
A new seed is being planted in your 10th house of creative success, keeping your life and career under control, pleasing others, and keeping it all stable and protected. Most important this week seems to be Pluto’s turn into retrograde motion on Saturday, April 25th. Some kind of heavy-handedness, insistence on controlling the narrative, keeping the power in your own hands, or inflexibility will be re-thought. Saturn is demanding a more inclusive, more tolerant, flexible, or democratic approach. It may be time to listen more carefully to another’s ideas and to allow for some new input to open your mind and influence your decisions. The cosmos is arranging for an easier than normal release of old habits, reactions, and responses related to fear of loosing control. That has outlived it’s usefulness and if you don’t stand in the way it will fade away. In general a new emotional beginning and inner stabilization is related to how you deal respectfully with others, their ideas, and desire to be heard.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
It is likely opportunities for foreign travel will play into this new emotional beginning. Something expansive and exciting related to your future is opening up. This could include higher education and publishing as well. Saturn in your 6th house keeps you focused on challenges with work, within your work environment, and with your health. Your attention to detail and commitment to steady improvement is required. An openness to breaking free of old habits, routines, and mindsets may be necessary. Mercury in the impulsive sign of Aries is placed in your 8th house of financial partnerships. Tensions may break out into the open. Impulsive spending and old vulnerabilities involving a lack of trust may need to be addressed directly. You might see some positive results from work you’ve done to undo old psychological programming. A new romantic love may feel fated and intense. As Pluto moves into retrograde motion a reversal might be cause for reconsideration.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
This new Moon in Taurus – and every new Moon in whatever sign – is a potential unification of the Sun and Moon representing the ego and the soul. It’s more possible under this new Moon for your ego to be on board with your soul and for your soul to be on the same page with your ego. How you define yourself to yourself might represent in some complimentary way how your soul defines its own needs and longings. A harmonious collaboration is possible. The source of most conflict in the world can be traced back to these two parts of the self being in conflict. What it feels like when they’re aligned is a sense of comfort, wholeness, completeness, support, stabilization, and empowerment. What happens when they’re not is a tendency to attract conflict. Saturn is throwing something unexpected, uncontrollable, and upsetting into the mix that challenges this inner sense of wholeness. You may need to deal with the real cause of dissension and conflict with another. It may be coming from something misaligned within yourself.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
This week the New Moon in Taurus trines your south node in Capricorn. It’s time for some old reflexive fear within the realm of communication and truth-telling to dissolve. This new Moon is capable of giving it a final shove out the door. The implications may be pretty profound given the nature of what you have to say. Something could open up that gives you the motivation to write. Any form seems fine. Maybe you take notes, write letters, write a short story, or an entire play. It doesn’t seem to matter. What matters is that you might have a whole new respect for your ideas and thoughts as being influential within the bigger context of a conversation the world is now having – or needs to have. It might be related to love and the dual nature of love – the light and the dark. Pluto retrogrades in your third house of communication. The pressure subsides to control the conversation, to say what another wants to hear, or to come up with the right information.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Under this new Taurus Moon it is likely you will feel the need to improve your approach to your work – to make it better, more deeply satisfying, more efficient, more meaningful, more relevant, etc. Work is a broad term that encapsulates almost everything we do – from saving lives, to raising the kids, to doing the laundry or washing our hair. The overriding message is that there’s value in putting forth your best effort no matter what your doing. Attention to detail is part of it. But the greater challenge is to simply connect with the subtle messages, dreams, and support we receive from invisible realms. Collaborating with higher sources of information informs our work with something more highly refined and powerful. It’s important to protect subtle information from getting lost amidst background noise. The best way I know of to turn up the volume on subtle incoming information is to insist on uninterrupted alone time at regular intervals.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
The Taurus new Moon represents the potential for a new emotional beginning in love – a “taking it to the next level” opportunity. This new Moon trines Capricorn suggesting some newly available support for easing into something more intense, all-encompassing, and deeply satisfying. The same reliability, commitment, hard work, personal sacrifice, and desire to improve on your “best performance to date,” is likely to be enhanced under this new Moon. Capricorn craves a challenge. This one might come in the form of taking some risk especially when it comes to trusting another. Capricorn will be cautious with “too much” risk especially when it comes to money, ownership, and taking on more debt. A new attraction may come as a surprise. A pregnancy may come as a surprise. You may feel the need to reverse a decision or to pull back from something you’ve already set in motion.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Aquarius may notice some new developments and some stabilization related to emotions and desires surrounding home, family roots, and the past. Some old resistance to settling in, getting too comfortable, relaxing, and feeling unafraid (or guilty) may be lifting. Settling in and settling down may be clearing your mind. This may come as a surprise to you – a cause to reverse course or to rethin it. (Strangely it might also feel like a bit of a loss). Parenting issues may be at a turning point. What you’ve been cultivating may have been taken as far as it can go on it’s current course. There is a challenge to get serious about directing your focus into something related to teaching, learning, communicating, and informing within a group setting. Engaging in work you’ve found emotionally satisfying since November of 2018 is about to become less satisfying – if it hasn’t already. The timing is perfect for you to take your talents to the next level.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
When Taurus is emphasized in the third house of thought, communication, and the mind, the likelihood of a head/heart, body/mind, right brain/left brain connection is likely. This new emotional beginning could represent a time when you get on the same page with yourself – your whole self. With fewer contradictions and disconnections you can better devise a satisfying plan for the future. The perfect collaborative partner for you might make an appearance. Accommodations going forward might amount to your willingness to produce or provide two available options for yourself. Pisces might need two different residences on two different continents with complimentary cultural features meeting complimentary needs. A “house divided against itself” will begin to be unified by keeping it honest and authentic. A regular yoga/meditation practice seems wise.

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