New Horoscopes for the Week of April 8th – 14th


Last evening (April 7th) the full Moon reached it’s culmination point at 18 degrees of “balance-seeking” Libra. We’re past an emotional apex point. Something significant has been illuminated. The tide turns Libra Lunar energy begins to subside. This is a (relationship) turning point.

Today Mars in Aquarius (action aligned with the truth) sextiles Chiron in Aries. Generally it’s important to act in ways that protect your health and diminish vulnerability. An opportunity is created to address a wound you’ve lived with for a long time in a new, different, more honest, and effective way. Mustering the courage to accept the truth about what has kept you hobbled ineffective, in pain, or “off-course” for awhile is now possible.

On Friday Venus in Gemini sextiles Chiron in Aries. Gemini’s nature is dual. A “union of opposites” dynamic may offer unusual and surprisingly effective solutions. It’s likely you’ll find a way to effectively address two divergent/polar opposite visions. A single element might represent both the cause and the cure. The “you win-I lose” dynamic doesn’t usually apply when Gemini energy takes hold. Either/or mindsets morph into something life “both might work even better.” This happens most often when Venus is involved as she now is.

Loving communication might clarify what needs to be done to set yourself and a relationship on the right course.

On Saturday, April 11th, Mercury enters the sign of Aries and sextiles Saturn in Aquarius. Mental clarity, focus, and discipline combine in ways that create opportunities for you to develop and apply your most original ideas.

Rebellion against old ideas and methods may be timely. Your mind is primed to innovate, experiment, and newly discover. You might choose to do nothing and simply enjoy the exciting thoughts you’re able to generate. Conversations could fuel something unexpectedly exciting.

On Sunday Mercury in Aries squares the North and south Nodes. You’re encouraged to move into the future and away from the past. This may be a critical decision point in terms of the direction your life will take. Something kinder, gentler, and more deeply satisfying could replace cold, outdated, unfeeling, profit-driven/success-driven, models and mindsets.

Next Tuesday the Sun in energetic, impulsive, assertive Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn. Motivation matters. But we can be blind to the nature of our true motivation. That could be dangerous from the standpoint that we could steer ourselves wildly off course in terms of what we actually desire.

You could use this week to practice being especially honest about why you do what you do, and choose what you choose. By Tuesday you may be well prepared for whatever challenges comes your way.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
This week Mercury’s move out of your remote and hidden 12th house and into the first house is significant. Mercury in the 12th house where it’s been since February 4th of this year is the place where thoughts, ideas, and potentials gestate and where old outdated mindsets and perspectives dissolve. So this week we’ll see in Aries what emerges in the form of a new and different attitude and the desire to act on original ideas. You may be able to approach old wounds and areas of chronic vulnerability in a different, more courageous, and honest way. The bottom line involving what you truly desire and the actions you need to take may be clarified. An vibrant conversation or exchange of ideas might kick-start something new and exciting. Partnerships with like-minded fellow travelers may be considered to disseminate progressive ideas – possibly within the community setting – when it’s safe, of course.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Yesterday’s full Moon in your 6th house of health might have signaled a turning point regarding your health, responsibilities, your work and the work you’ve done to improve relationships or achieve a better balance. A sudden, unexpected development or event is likely to force a change in your life direction, your approach to your profession, and current goals and aspirations. Your role within the realm of relationships may need to be adjusted. Venus in Gemini enables productive discussions regarding finances, stability, values, and unusual/unprecedented actions. Something may be relatively easily reversed. You may stage a rebellion or become the final authority over the direction your life will take. Self-care is incredibly important now.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Mercury’s move into your 11th house of friends/allies/ and the community represents a clarification of some kind. Bold, courageous ideas are energized through conversations that stimulate creativity and the motivation to further develop talents or to pool the talent of a group. At the deepest levels Gemini may be best able to grasp the profound nature of the impact and opportunities this moment in time represents. Social distancing may actually have a beneficial impact on your ability to create or to build on your vision for the future. Foreign or global elements may be involved. Writing and publishing, higher education, and a loftier view of the world, and what’s newly possible for the “scheme of the universe” is in play. It’s easier to be your most authentic self this week. Your gift to the world is your mind and your ability to use it to distill vast amounts of information into something clear, concise, and informative.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Yesterday’s Libra full Moon may have represented a high point or a turning point with regard to your relationship commitment to family and to your highest aims in life. Subtle forms of abuse may have been clarified, rejected, or called out. A wash out phase ensues for the next couple weeks. You may be newly able to transfer your vision for your life into something concrete or actionable. It looks like efforts made to clarify your hidden motivations or fears are successful beyond what you expected. A mandate to satisfy yourself in terms of the way you live your life meets with some resistance that needs to be broken through. Living a lie to any degree may feel like a betrayal of the self. A rebellion against “socially acceptable” life choices, the need to conform, or to define success in the same way everyone else does can be very effective and advantageous now. It may be time to do it your own way even if it scandalizes the “authorities” or jeopardizes what you assume provides you with stability.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
The Sun in your 9th house might clarify something that brings you down to earth in terms of the the nature of your relationships. A turning point may be reached. Changes may be in order. A wash out phase ensues for the next couple weeks. The backdrop is an expansive breakdown of old frameworks that determined you approach to work, health, and self-care. It’s likely your mind is being pried open to consider new possibilities. Perspectives are changing in ways that allow you to clarify what it is your actually desire. Overwork may have prevented you in the past from having to make the effort to specifically define what you wanted. Now it’s time. A new vision for your life may be clarified this week. It will take some courage and further introspection to put it in play. For the next couple days it’s good to contemplate the truth about your underlying motivations. A sudden change in life direction is possible.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
Mercury’s move into your 8th house this week signifies a time to consider the degree to which you’re able to trust others, to advocate for yourself within financial partnerships, to achieve a level of intimacy that is deeply and personally satisfying, or to risk throwing your entire lot in with another. Something will be clarified this week in terms of how much further or deeper you can go within the realm of relationships. A moment of truth and a clarification will be highlighted. It might be most effective for you to address an old wound that continues to affect your life in a new and novel way. That could be significantly empowering in some regard. Something freer within the workplace – something more independent or creative may be working in your favor. A healing effect takes hold. You may get serious about moving in a direction that allows you transfer what you love doing into a service or form of work that more authentically represents who you are. Health improvements are the result of a willingness to focus on healing.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
The full Moon in your first house may have brought you to a turning point within the realm of relationships. A wash out phase ensues for the next couple weeks. Mercury moves into your 7th house of relationships on Saturday. A clarification and conversation regarding what you desire, the truth about the extent to which old wounds are projected or remain influential could be valuable. A (potential) new lover may emerge on the scene forcing your hand and a decision. Or you may need to take action within the realm of financial partnerships or considerations affecting children. Venus opens the door to a more interesting future. Travel, foreign influences, publishing, higher education, and legal matters might tend to work in your favor. The one constant for Libra is that whatever the question the answer is always love – and for now maybe breaking a few of the old rules.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Yesterdays full Moon energized turning points and endings in the most deeply personal, invisible realms of your life. The effects may be evident or reflected through the status of your health, your work-life, and daily routines. A clarification involving your work environment may take hold. Something hidden, confusing, or previously unclear comes to light. Someone disguised as something different from who he or she has actually is changes the nature of your approach to work, care-giving, and your ability to feel confident about what you’ve dedicated your efforts towards. Venus in your 8th house sextiling Mars in Aquarius suggests some kind of more honest or rebellious messaging between your family and yourself and your ability to dig deeper into your true motivations. A transformation involving the discovery of what’s true for you (and what you actually want to attract) takes hold. Superficial conversations won’t cut it these days. Overall it seems you’re in a better position to wield power now that something more deeply meaningful and truthful serves as an anchor.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
This week it seems especially important for you to cooperate with the expansive eight month break-down phase currently in progress. What has previously defined your values, your approach to financial stabilization, sense of self-worth, and your role within the realm of financial partnerships is changing. An old fearful approach or perspective is trying to disengage and dissolve. You’re advised to consider dismantling an old framework where financial partnerships are concerned. It might be time for you to accept more responsibility for the management of resources and the things you own. If you’re not as sure as you used to be about your old tendencies or attitudes toward money that’s a good sign. For the sake of protecting your future vision for your life, it may be time to shift more of the power (and more of the responsibility) in your own direction. Your probably know through past experience that can materialize what you envision. But you have to release the notion that your less capable than another to to take the lead.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Yesterday’s full Moon in Libra might have represented a turning point involving your profession goals, and the direction of your life. Now the pressure to choose between the past and the future may be more insistent. Your choice (as I see it) is to continue to release your hold on the notion that you’re essentially a “one man show” carrying a very heavy load on your back, with no help, because you’re the only one who can do what you do and you have no choice. That belief may be the result of an old and outdated but very real requirement or demand. But that requirement probably no longer exists. It could feel comforting to pretend it does. A place full of possibility for you is sharing the load, working hand in glove with a partner, and refusing to expect that you will be let down, unsupported, or left to fend for yourself. Equal support and give and take is the new, more exciting frontier for you. Pay close attention to your thoughts. Override the ones that elevate you above the need to appreciate what others want to do for you. It holds you back.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
The full Moon in your 9th house of opportunity might have resulted in a culmination or success involving travel, legalities, publishing, and your vision for the future. Beliefs in the ability of a relationship to grow and expand beyond previous limits may be supported by “the facts on the ground.” This week the ongoing 8-month expansive deconstruction/dissolution phase involving hidden aspects of your life may be your focus. You may guess that some old unconscious fears and restrictions are beginning to dissolve as you see evidence in the fact that your health is better, your mood is better, your work feels easier and more rewarding, and your daily routines are more enjoyable. Self-care may be paying dividends. On a different note you may feel compelled to reach out to family members. But there is some risk involved. Something unexpected may force your hand. On Saturday you may receive an important clarification regarding your unique influence or impact. You may receive information that heals you in some regard. It might relate to having the the courage to do what you love.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Yesterdays full Moon in your 8th house may have culminated in a realization involving the true nature of a financial partnership, your ability to trust, and issues involving intimacy or betrayal. Behind the scenes activities or a big, unexpected dose of truth, might send shock waves through your mind as they destabilize old beliefs. If you’ve been confused about what you value most, what you need in order to financially stabilize, or how to feel a greater sense of self-worth – that may be clarified on Saturday. The ongoing deconstruction of an old social framework is in play over the next 8 months. There’s something about your approach to groups, old assumptions, friends, allies, and your self-image, that feels a little outdated. What you desire most is in the process of being clarified. Most likely it involves a deeper engagement with yourself and the part of life that feels inspiring, magical, mysterious, and uplifting. A move in the direction of developing your most unique talents (and becoming madly in love) seems most satisfying.

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