New Horoscopes for the Week of April 29th – May 5th

Today Pallas, the asteroid of creativity, pattern recognition, and brilliant strategizing transits into the sign of Aquarius. (It’s been transiting through the sign of Capricorn since January 19th). A overall change in strategy using more unusual methods is timely.

Tomorrow, (April 30th) Mercury in Taurus conjuncts Uranus. There is a nervous systems acceleration. Flashes of insight and unexpected announcements/information is delivered. Shocking news is a possibility. Sudden shifts in perspective could alter your current values and priorities. Financial instability might register as extreme.

Venus in Gemini (currently aligned with Vesta, the asteroid of passion and devotion,) squares Neptune in Pisces. Love affairs may be duplicitous, unreal, or in the process of dissolving. Under current circumstances traditional values and priorities might make no sense or be undermined in some way. It’s likely we won’t be seeing something for what it is. It’s easy to be fooled (and undermined) with lies, misinformation or a lack of information. The “fog” is thick. Be wary of what seems to good to be true. Believing what you want to believe is easier now.

(Venus in Gemini squaring Neptune in Pisces is part of three step process highlighted on May 3rd, May 20th, and July 27th).

It may be necessary to call out lies or two-faced approaches. Keep your feet on the ground and know that not everyone wants to hear the truth. Maybe I could say lots of people don’t at this point.

Venus is on the cusp of an important retrograde phase. It’s important to begin to think about what we want to do over and what we’ve lost that needs to be recovered.

The Sun conjuncts Mercury in the sign of Taurus later in the week. It’s a good aspect for connecting with and appreciating what’s solid and substantial.

The Nodes change signs this week (May 5th) from Cancer and Capricorn (emotional security vs.fear and control) – into Gemini and Sagittarius. The nature of a personal challenge to evolve changes.

The new mandate (broadly) is to let go of old beliefs no longer substantiated by the facts, to develop our ability to see both sides of an issue, enhance mental flexibility, sharpen our mind, learn something new, or write the story you’ve been meaning to write.

Embracing change will become increasingly important. Being light on your feet will work to your advantage.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
You may be the recipient this week of some unexpected information or flashes of insight that impact your values and priorities as well as your sense of self worth or net worth. The Sun energizes the sector of your chart that reveals and clarifies what is most satisfying, comforting, deeply settling, and of priceless value to you. Something along those lines could become crystal clear this week. Evidence suggests it could be something different or the exact opposite of what you originally assumed and believed. Mars is energizing something unusual in your 11th solar house. It might be time to get more serious or committed where social justice issues, the group, organizing, and rebellion are concerns. You are advantaged this week if you slow down and consider the details and the facts. The gift is the ability to distinguishing between what holds real promise in terms of moving you into deeper, more satisfying realms – and what doesn’t. Wait to make important decisions until July 27th if possible.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Something especially enticing and attractive – friendships, groups, community support, and “ideal” situations may prove to be insubstantial or unreal. On a different note cherished dreams that have materialized may fall short of the kind of deep satisfaction that was originally anticipated. A let-down or ending moves you closer to considering the possibility of a do-over – backtracking to recover what was lost within the financial realm, with regard to your self-worth, and the possibility of feeling deeply nourished, settled, and ultimately satisfied. Time is in short supply when it comes to releasing old restrictions and control related to future, expansion and the unknown. Old beliefs involving sex, death, the occult, healing, and deep transformational change may need to be discarded. But there’s more time to accomplish that.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Venus in Gemini, a placement that loves mental stimulation, variety, flexibility and freedom predominates at the moment. In a challenging aspect to Neptune you may be missing something related to leadership – possibly within the spiritual/healing realm. Something may be slightly disillusioning or not what you assumed it would be. Something related to a burning passion for the exchange of ideas or socializing could be exposed to dissolving effects. You may feel weakened in terms of your ability to lead. But a new challenge moves over the horizon this week. Something related to your beliefs about relationships or your role will begin to be challenged in ways that encourage you to let go. Writing, storytelling, learning, or journaling, seems especially promising now as a means of ultimate gratification. Dreams, artistic imaginings, inner guidance, flashes of insight and everyday life is worthy of documentation. In dual or contradictory ways you life and the information you have access to seems extraordinary.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
What holds lots of promise now in terms of your ultimate personal satisfaction relates to your ability to build something of value within the community. Something related to your most unique set of (healing) talents makes it so. Social justice, balance, the promotion of stabilization, and the ability to rebel against what’s exploitative may seem especially promising. Pallas’s move into the sign of Aquarius enhances your ability to build on strategies and “battle” plans that are unusual, surprising, targeted, and powerful. This week caps off an 18 month cycle where the goal was to make an impact along the lines of something more emotionally authentic and responsive – kinder, gentler, more deeply satisfying. It was a time of connecting with soul cravings. Your role within relationships may have changed. This week the focus changes. Your challenge now may be to let go of old beliefs about work and health. Recovering something you lost may be possible and very important.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
This week your ability to be an effective leader depends on your ability to shift gears and to adjust quickly to unanticipated changes, destabilizing information, shifting goals, and shocking developments all while remaining a force for calm, centered, productive, operations. This may be a challenge to the kind of inflexible but strong leadership style you ordinarily rely upon. Attention to detail and to the nature of how groups function may enlighten you in ways that will serve you well in the future. Something you lost with regard to an interest in the community, social justice, or the functioning of the group as a whole might need to be recovered. It might be something related to communication – something that once brought you joy but has somehow been lost. A belief about the “optional” nature of infusing your life with as much joy as possible may need to change. It’s not optional. For you it’s the whole point.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
Now the sky’s the limit for the Virgo imagination. Envisioning, anticipating, expanding, planning, and turning over in your mind the kind of future that would feel most exhilarating and exciting to you aligns with the Virgo astrology of the week. Now is the perfect time to begin to explore (from the safety of your home until the corona virus threat is over) a wide array of options. Something you believe about the importance of staying close to home and family and to the original foundations of your life may need to be examined and possibly over-turned. It may be time for you to consider traveling or living abroad. Along the coarse of taking on more responsibility, working toward goals, and cultivating your success, something that once brought you joy may have been lost. Now is a good time to clarify what that was and to begin to work on recovering it.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
Anything superficial no longer satisfies. Now is the time to take a much deeper dive into dark, mysterious territory to recover something richer, more deeply satisfying, and solidly grounding. It’s likely you’ll need to move through some difficult or frightening memories and imaginings you were hoping to avoid. Trying to get around this a missed opportunity. What needs to manifest in order for you to feel more deeply satisfied and connected to your most natural rhythms cannot manifest if you operate above the surface. It may be necessary to find someone who will ask more probing or difficult questions and expect you come up with some better, more truthful answers. If you feel stuck in a repetitive pattern it’s time refocus. Your dream life may be especially important in dredging up hidden treasure that initially don’t look like much. But on closer inspection they could hold the key to a more deeply satisfying life. Keep a dream journal – the runes, crystals, tarot cards, etc. handy.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
There’s some negativity influencing your horoscopes this week. But to me, it looks like an opportunity to identify what you don’t like and don’t want. Too much flexibility (Gemini) and tolerance rules your 8th house of personal power. Rather than directly confronting something that moves you off your game it’s easy to automatically switch mental gears and lose your focus when faced with something that doesn’t feel right. This may be how you unwittingly lost something you loved – a small detail or characteristic that once brought you joy and slowly, imperceptibly slipped away. It’s time to insist on getting it back. Now you might feel it’s absence in the form of a flat mood or diminished passion for life/relationships. In the future focus on letting go of an old belief about allowing something distracting to get in the way of you manifesting your power in the form of information, communication, writings, and connections that enlighten the world.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Something vague missing, unclear, denied, or avoided could prevent the kind of communication with a partner that might bring you closer to clarifying what needs to be clarified. This could involve your home or family in some regard. The issue may be a degree of uncertainty or an expectation of change that leaves things up in the air for now. It may be time to get serious about having the conversation you’ve avoided. A calm, effective strategy or approach designed to get to the truth of the matter without damaging anything you cherish might be the kind of success you need in order to feel confident about your freedom and your future. Something needs to be stabilized or decided upon. The intensity of fear or desperation that used to surround an old issue may be dissipating. It’s likely you’ve made lots of progress dealing with your emotions more effectively over the past 18 months. You may find yourself in a more stabilized and powerful position. Delay decisions until after July 27th.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Over the past 18 months you probably made lots of progress releasing the fear of losing control and lightening up a bit. Something more flexible in terms of your style and approach to life and relationships is making things better. Now is a time when you’re naturally very good at gestating new ideas, connecting with inner sources of nourishment and guidance, and having the kind of dreams that clarify your deepest longings and desires. You may be required to release old limiting beliefs about work, responsibility, the nature of reality, what’s practical, and what’s possible. Your greatest resources over the coming year may be your ability to innovate, to think in futuristic terms, to make a clean break, to generate something original, tell the truth, rebel against blockages to progress, and to take the “greater good” into consideration. A time frame for when you might need to have everything in place for a new beginning would be April/May 2021

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
A discussion may need to be had – something you may have been avoiding for awhile related to home improvements, family, roots, and/or the past. Some fear of confinement, limitation, or the dissolution of cherished dreams may be involved. Some unexpected news related to your past (maybe your mom) may be delivered. From now through May 20th the home, family, and your source of security is the focus of your attention. You may be contemplating a move. Your sense of enjoyment may be limited by financial concerns. This is definitely not the time to ignore financial realities, to over-indulge, or neglect long term financial considerations. Saturn in your first house signifies it may be time to take some concrete steps in the direction of the kind of future you want to manifest. April/May 2021 is a time frame you might consider for having the structures in place for what it is you want to manifest next.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Mercury the messenger is undergoing a series of squares with Neptune – the shape-shifting dissolver of boundaries, reality, and clarity. It’s hard to make decisions in the current climate. Your frame of mind is caught up in the shape-shifting process. One day you might decide to do something that the next day seems all wrong. This is essentially not over until July 27th. Wait until then to make important decisions especially if those involve your home, family, the past, or sources of security. Thoughts are vague. The urge might be to avoid discussions and the truth. But that might not be possible. Saturn in your 12th house of dreams, what’s hidden, disguised, or only indirectly revealed, further complicates the current picture. It’s hard to gain traction or to manifest an idea. However the North Node’s move into your 4th house is a fortunate influence. Whatever unfolds looks positive for the long term.

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