New Horoscopes for the Week of April 1st – 7th

This week we’re moving progressively closer to the April 7th culmination of a Libra full Moon. This represents a slowly emerging realization or answer to the March 24th Aries new Moon when new beginnings were initiated. Something was “planted” then. But it wasn’t entirely clear what that was. But something new and maybe permanent has most likely taken root in your life. I’ll clarify the outlines of what that might be for each sign in this weeks horoscopes.

Venus enters the sign of Gemini on Friday, April 3rd at 1:10 PM EDT. It forms a trine aspect to Saturn newly in the sign of Aquarius. Now it might be easier to limit a tendency to push your own interests aside in favor of meeting the constant demands of the outer world. Saturn’s tendency is to support a talent or valuable piece of yourself that’s been neglected for too long. Saturn might provide the needed focus to generate ideas, to learn, to write, or to further develop a specific area of interest that serves to make you whole. As you take refuge within you might encounter something of personal value that deserves to be protected or resurrected. It might feel more essential that you set limits and manage your time effectively in the interest of responding to an important inner mandate.

Mercury also conjuncts Neptune in the sign of Pisces on April 3rd forming an inconjunct angle to the impending Libra full Moon. What’s culminating and “coming to light” might require a significant adjustment on your part. Trusting the natural flow and your intuition to move you gracefully through a relationship situation you’d prefer to control may be challenging. Finding a middle ground may be the result of your ability to infuse the situation with compassion while placing yourself in “the shoes of the other.” Justice and fairness standards must be applied.

Jupiter conjuncting Pluto on April 4th further supports an opening of your mind to discover your deeper desires. In contradictory, typical Aquarian fashion, you might come to know what you desire most through a clarification of the kinds of people or possessions you envy most. Identifying who and what stimulates your jealous nature could be revealing.

Under this Jupiter/Pluto aspect you could identify the kind of lifestyle or adventure you crave – but haven’t been able to pinpoint or acknowledge. Now is a good time to know, to embrace, and to take the practical steps needed to achieve what you want most – even if (and especially if) it seems unusual, weird, or outside the realm of what most would consider normal.

It’s hard to predict what Saturn in Aquarius will do other than present us with a new and different kind of challenge. That will probably involve the acknowledgement of the obvious fact that our fate is intimately tied to the fate of humanity as a whole. Any effort to discount or ignore that fact is doomed to fail – spectacularly.

Aquarius is prone to use shock, chaos, and disorientation to move us in the direction we need to go. Aquarius is determined, focused, and fixed. He’s every bit as determined and focused as Capricorn – but somewhat less entitled and more socially enlightened.

Basically you might as well give up on efforts to protect the comfortable status quo – in your own life or in general. Aquarius has no respect for blockages that stand in the way of progress. One way or another he’s determined to remove those.

It might be time to decide whether you’ll be leading, following, or getting out of the way. Progress is not optional when Aquarius is in charge. Old standards and limitations will broken and cast aside. Saturn in Aquarius leads us into the future.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
This week Mars in Aquarius, your chart ruler, trines Venus newly in the sign of Gemini. This looks like a prime time to make the connections, to cultivate the relationships you need to enhance your image, to enhance and further develop your ideas, and to feel loved and appreciated within a group/community setting. Friends might be especially supportive at this time. But it’s wise to keep things flexible and maybe noncommittal as Venus moves into retrograde motion on May 13th. On June 25 things are more certain and it seems safer to move ahead. Jupiter conjuncts Pluto signifying an intensification of a transformational process. Your mind is opened to what you truly desire through a three stage process that begins this week and ends in November. A seed planted on March 24th begins to bear fruit. Dealing with an old wound or source of vulnerability at the New Moon lands you in a more emotionally desirable place. Something more balanced and integrated takes hold within the realm of relationships. But further adjustments involving endings, sensitivities, and compassionate, may still need to be made. It might be wiser to go with the flow rather than to try to control the path relationships will take.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
This week Venus, your chart ruler changes signs – from Taurus and the 1st house into the sign of Gemini and the 2nd house of money and values. A conversation involving financial partnerships, values and priorities, ownership issues, self-worth, and/or equal sharing is likely. Problem solving is timely. But Venus reverses course on May 13th. It may be important not to agree to anything you can’t adjust, change, reconsider or reverse around May 13th. On June 25th Venus moves direct and it seems safe to commit for the long haul. A clarification is in play regarding your routine, health, or work status. Whatever was silently initiated on March 24th begins to bear fruit. It might relate to an ending, a private pact, or promise you made to yourself. It might have involved some personal pain you you were willing to sit with for awhile rather than reflexively dismiss. Your status may be elevated in some way with Venus supporting Saturn and Mars in your the 10th house of your career and public image. You may be the one chosen to to lead the way in this period of flux and instability. You may sense where the world is headed and others may sense they can count on you as a stabilizing force – someone who intuitively understands the nature of what’s taking place.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
This week Venus moves out of the 12th house where things have been dissolving and ideas coalescing behind the scenes. On private levels since May 6th you may have loosened your grip on relationships or contemplated an ending. Old feelings, stubborn resentments, denials inflexibilities may have been washed away along with old sources of stabilization. A new beginning related to communication, writing, sharing ideas, cultivating new connections, and telling the truth takes hold this week. Values, priorities and issues related to ownership and money are up for discussion. But Venus backtracks on May 13th. Don’t initiate anything you can’t reverse or rethink now until June 25th. Venus trines Mars and Saturn in your 9th house. Issues related to publishing, higher education, (psychic) travel, and expansion are supported and facilitated. The future could seem especially bright when you envision an enlightened leadership role for yourself.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Sensitivities are heightened this week as the Moon approaches a culmination point in the sign of Libra. What was initiated – (maybe subconsciously) on March 24th begins to bear fruit. Something vague is clarified. This may relate to a subconscious, internal progression and release – to your home, family of origin, or the past. Maybe you experienced some rejection that triggered an old wound or vulnerability. But maybe you interpreted the meaning of your pain in a new way. Instead of immediately dismissing the familiar feeling you might have acknowledged it, thought about it from a different angle, or just sat with it for awhile. This week as the Moon culminates in the sign of Libra and you may realize that the foundation of a relationship may have shifted. Jupiter and Pluto conjoin this week to open the part of your mind that knows what you actually desire. You may begin to know better what it is you want and what you need in order to fulfill that desire. An ending may need to be initiated. But don’t commit to anything until after June 25th.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
The Sun in your 9th house this week keeps you focused on the future, the unknown, travel, legal affairs, publishing, and/or higher education. The impending full Moon may hold you hostage to more intense feelings, personal unmet needs, areas of vulnerability, and private sensitivities. You may need to “rise above.” It may be difficult to stay focused. But taking refuge within yourself seems to be a good idea. It helps to simplify and clarify what you truly desire. Relationships may be problematic. You or a partner might come up against a brick wall. Something chronically and intensely frustrating is difficult to contend with. Anger/rage may be difficult to avoid. But the nature of your work within the realm of relationship for the foreseeable future may be clarified. Decisions may need to be made. Venus’s move into the the sign of Gemini makes communication easier – especially when it involves love and “receptivity to love” issues. Venus retrogrades on May 13th. It may be wise to avoid new commitments in relationships until after June 25th. not be set in stone. Keep your options open. A Jupiter/Pluto conjunction is opening your mind in ways that clarify what you want. It’s a three step process taking hold now, intensifying in June, and concluding in November of this year. What you desire will likely be very clear by them.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
The intensely transformative 8th house is highlighted for you this month. Issues related to shared resources and financial partnerships are highlighted. All kinds of hidden landmines may need to be observed and worked around. Jupiter and Pluto conjunct this week. That means what needs to be destroyed and reformed is expanded and may permeate all areas of your life. The good news is that you’re mind is opening and expanding. You’re on your way to clarifying what you truly desire and what needs to be done in order for you to be able to satisfy what you want. This JupiterPluto thing is a three step process that begins this week, advances mid-June, and concludes in November with more certainty. Venus transits into the sign of Gemini and your solar 10th house this week. It’s likely your professional goal and chances of success can be more easily realized. Your focus may be on your life direction, the decisions you make, and the advantage of putting in some extra effort as this is a time when any effort is likely to pay off in a big way. Venus retrogrades May 13th so something is reversed or reconsidered then. But by June 25th your life may look very different than it does now as a result of work and a fortunate opportunity that’s thrown in your direction.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
As a result of something you initiated on March 24th a culmination/clarification takes hold on April 7th. Most likely this relates to a partner, pain, old wounds, a new role, or some area of vulnerability you were willing to approach in a different, more courageous way. Maybe you were willing to learn from or to resist a habitual or reflective tendency you were intuitively driven not to repeat. Maybe you took some courageous risk to heal yourself, another, the nature of the relationship you had with yourself, and your physical body. By April 7th a culmination and emotional clarification will be evident. Something more balanced, more deeply satisfying, and effective may be available to you. Venus transits into your 9th house of expansion, publishing, legalities, and higher education. Teaching methods may expand into futuristic, telepathic realms. A new opportunity lights a fire within. But Venus retrogrades on May 13th. It’s good to remain a “free agent” until June 25th at which time you’re (cosmically) free to commit.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Something you initiated on March 24th that involved your routine, responsibilities, care-giving, health, and your work environment is waiting for a result, a resolution, an answer, or clarification. That will be forthcoming this week on or about April 7th. On April 7th a full Moon in Libra culminates in your 12th house. Something hidden, deeply private, imaginary, and confusing comes to a close. The past fades away – at least in the way you previously interpreted it, relied on it, or connected to it. An act of courage is rewarded. The effects may manifest within your most important relationships. Venus moves into the communicative sign of Gemini and into the area of life experience symbolized by the emotionally complicated 8th house. Conversations move into traditionally taboo territory. Trust and intimacy may be topics for discussion that ultimately benefit you, your foundation, your strength, and sense of security. You may be overwhelmed as you confront a new challenge symbolized by Saturn and Mars in the sign of Aquarius. New rules and mandates are presented. You may need to create more distance between yourself and your family and between yourself and the past. More effort may need to be applied when it comes to taking actions you’d hoped you could avoid. The reality may be that you can’t.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
This week sensitivity intensifies as the Libra Moon moves in the direction of a culmination. Something you initiated that came from the heart – a spontaneous gift you offered related in some way to your unique talents, or a courageous act that felt risky culminates this week. Something simultaneously might have triggered an old wound or source of vulnerability. You might have acknowledged it in ways you haven’t previously been able to. Something may have been magically integrated as a result of your willingness to act with greater awareness and less fear. An answer or result is forthcoming and it’s clarifying in terms of your public image, the community response, your social life and friendships on April 7th. Jupiter and Pluto conjoin in your 2nd house of money, financial stability, values, and self-worth. You’re entering into a 3-stage process designed to clarify what you actually desire between April 4th and November 13th of this year. Communication/connection/writing/storytelling/teaching issues may demand more of your attention.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
The advancing full Moon in Libra intensifies your sensitivity to relationships, success, accomplishment, and professional advancement. Something you initiated on March 24th begins to bear fruit. The result of what you set in motion on the home-front then will be clarified on April 7th. Saturn’s move into Aquarius demands that you take financial partnerships and financial stability more seriously. Venus’s move into 6th house makes it easier for you to fill in the missing details and to make some decisions. But make sure those aren’t set in stone. On May 13th Venus transits into retrograde motion. Something is likely to be reversed that changes the equation. Not until June 25th will the situation and the “numbers” stabilize. Jupiter and Pluto align in the sign of Capricorn in your first house. Your mind may be opened in ways that clarify what you actually desire. But it may take until November of 2020 for you to really “get it.” It probably relates to having the control, discipline, and dedication required to make a success of your relationships – your primary relationship specifically.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Your 3rd/9th house axis is highlighted this week. Communication that clarifies the nature of your future seems important. But what you desire most may remain a mystery. You’ve likely noticed you’re being challenged to confront what stands in the way of complete satisfaction. You have to know what you want. You don’t have to know what’s possible before you know what you want. The outlook is hopeful. Jupiter and Pluto align to open your mind to possibilities you haven’t previously considered. A 3-step process between now and November 13th moves you in the direction of being able to clarify what you desire. The right possibilities materialize when you can clearly define what you want Frustration may be mounting. But Venus is moving into your 5th house of love and the things/experiences you love. Venus supports you by immersing you in the kind of world that brings you the most joy. It’s part of the answer to the question of what you desire – but not complete. Expect to make some valuable new connections this week. But don’t lock yourself into any commitments until after June 25th. The full Moon in Libra hands you the result of what you set in motion at the new Moon on March 24th. In some way it relates to the future of your relationships – and maybe your kids.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Saturn is laying down the law, informing you of the new rules, and handing you a formidable challenge within a realm of experience that is notoriously nebulous, poorly defined, and beyond your level of awareness – the 12th house. So this could be a little tricky. What you’re being challenged to do is to “not do,” – to release, to allow the natural flow to proceed, to get out of the way, to embrace compassion, your soul, art, healing, feeling – and to look behind the veil that obscures some hidden treasure. It might be time to let a wash-out process take hold and to suspend the need to control and direct. Maybe it’s time to align your decisions with intuitive leanings. You may be given the task of healing yourself and others through indirect methods. It may be time to enhance your telepathic abilities and to join or lead an enlightened group. It’s likely you will clarify what you desire most over the next seven months. Whatever you initiated on March 24th is coming full circle. The results will culminate on April 7th. So it’s time to look within for answers, to relax, and let go. But make no mistake. This is a mandate that’s fixed and inflexible. It’s not imaginary or shape-shifting.

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