Horoscopes for the Week of April 15th – 21st

This week Mercury in Aries conjuncts Chiron. Your mind is sensitized in a direction that awakens a “sore spot” or an area of vulnerability that feels very familiar. Your mind goes to places it’s been before – many times. Considering a more courageous and direct approach to what hurts (an honest conversation) could be more advantageous than dealing with it in the way you’ve always dealt with it.

The Sun is at the end of it’s trek through the bold, action-oriented sign of Aries triggers an ending. Squaring Jupiter in Capricorn this aspect signifies a challenge to your current belief system and a push in the direction of considering breaking old rules and routines. Finding creative ways to expand, break-through, and to make some progress seems important.

The Sun in Aries also squares Pallas You might notice old familiar strategies that used to work beautifully no longer seem applicable or useful. The development of bolder, more original, or effective presents a challenge.

Saturn’s inconjunct aspect to the North Node requires some deliberate adjustments that may not feel voluntary. An area of life requiring more self care or responsiveness might require a clean break from something old and increasingly in danger of becoming toxic. Adjustments could be unconventional – a creative mishmash of innovative or brilliant accommodations that spring from a rebellious, brilliant, or original impulse. Adjustments made could serve to move you in a more authentic future direction.

Mercury in Aries sextiling Venus in Gemini presents you with an idea and/or an opportunity of a dual nature. An innate talent can be cultivated, shared, or applied as a result of a conversation, more information, and some new clarity. It seems wise to accept what’s being offered despite the fact that in your mind (and maybe in real life) there is a level of risk involved.

Mercury in Aries also sextiles Mars in Aquarius making it more likely that you’ll take some unusual action to get what you want. Something considered impractical in the usual sense of the word might be applied. Magic spells, for example, might work especially well.

On Sunday, April 19th, the Sun enters the sign of Taurus and immediately squares Saturn in Aquarius. Taurus and Aquarius are fixed signs so this represents a challenge that may be difficult to navigate or to negotiate your way through. This is a clash of two inflexible demands. Money, financial security, and the things we value most are highlighted along side the requirement that we set ourselves free to operate in a more personally authentic/truthful way.

On Monday April 20th the Sun moves into a sextile aspect with the North Node. An opportunity emerges to move us in the direction of our life’s central purpose. We have the opportunity to take better care of ourselves in some regard. It’s an opportunity to reach out and ask for something you need.

This week we’re shedding the remnants of an emotional attachment to the way relationships used to be. A new Moon in Taurus on April 22nd (Earth Day) suggests the need for something more grounded, substantial, realistic, and genuinely satisfying. The new Moon looks like a wake-up call and the need to internalize an important message about a return to timeless values and love.

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Apr 15, 2020, at 1:02 AM —– Mercury 6 Aries 34 conjunction Chiron 6 Aries 34

Apr 15, 2020, at 6:59 AM —– Sun 25 Aries 56 square Jupiter 25 Capricorn 56

Apr 17, 2020, at 2:01 PM —– Saturn 1 Aquarius 31 quincunx True Node 1 Cancer 31

Apr 18, 2020, at 1:36 AM —– Mercury 11 Aries 47 sextile Venus 11 Gemini 47

Apr 18, 2020, at 11:55 PM —– Mercury 13 Aries 26 sextile Mars 13 Aquarius 26


Apr 20, 2020, at 1:04 PM —– Sun 1 Taurus 04 sextile True Node 1 Cancer 04

Apr 21, 2020, at 3:00 AM —– Sun 1 Taurus 38 square Saturn 1 Aquarius 38


ARIES (March 21-April 21)
This week the Sun in Aries brings a close to what was first initiated around March 21st. A new phase or focus entails stabilization, financing, values, and a new strategy for the long haul. You might feel yourself settling into the part of you that is infinitely sustaining and never changes. Maintaining your ability to cultivate what you want to cultivate in your life may be especially challenging over the nest few days. Parental issues could be painful and demand some kind of direct action. Mercury in Aries sextiles Mars in Aquarius, the current ruler of your chart. It’s more likely you’ll take some unusual or extreme action to get what you want. Something considered impractical or “out there” might reasonably be applied. Magic spells, for example, might work especially well. There’s an opportunity to act on your most original, disruptive, or innovative ideas. Creating a “home/family atmosphere” that feels comforting, nourishing and deeply satisfying could require some major adjustments. Making it all work could be a challenge as competing demands seem non-negotiable. Again the consistent application of something humane, group-oriented, inventive, or progressive seems most effective.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Taurus’s faces a new beginning possibly after a significant breakthrough related to your sense of self or an idea that’s been gestating for awhile. Acknowledging, directly confronting, and telling the truth about old fears related to something potentially hurtful is advantageous. “Taking a leap” might involve accepting an opportunity presented through a conversation or new information. Support is available for making a courageous choice that previously seemed too risky, outside your comfort zone, or out of the realm of possibility. There may be an opportunity to generate an income doing what you love. You might be moved to accept a new role, a new way of presenting yourself to the world, or a new way of making a bigger impact. A new strategy may need to be devised but the impending new Moon in your 1st house implies a disruptive and challenging but promising new beginning. On Sunday the Sun moves into the sign of Taurus and immediately squares Saturn in Aquarius in your 10th house. A challenge to act relates to your unusual or disruptive role within the public sphere. Your reputation may be an issue. Actions that confirm you are who you say you are reinforce trust in your ability to lead.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Something initiated around March 21st – possibly related to a group effort, a community cause, or the development of your talents is coming to a close. You’re on the cusp of a new focus that involves taking an interest in serving the community, developing talent to the next level or taking what you know and giving it wings within the spiritual realm.
Trusting that you will be provided with the guidance you need at the right time gives you the advantage when it’s time to act. Advancing the cause of humanity and the group is the central issue. A personal “housecleaning” may be in order from April 21st to approx. May 21st in preparation for a new beginning. The impending Taurus new Moon rises in your mysterious 12th house. This is a time to be alone and to connect with invisible sources of strength and love (ancestors). Mercury in Aries sextiles Venus in Gemini. It’s increasingly likely that a prophetic or promising dream could set you off in a new and promising (artistic) direction. Keep the pen and paper at your bedside this week.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
The immediate focus and challenge this week may be related to dealing with a painful or complicated parental issue – or a financial partnership issue related to the cultivation of trust and/or an unorthodox arrangement. Cancer may continue to mull over a relationship commitment until May 26th at which time you’ll know better which direction to take. The Sun’s move into your 11th house on Sunday highlights something new and clarifying involving your work, involvement with groups, friends, and community causes. Something stabilizing conflicts with something more (psychologically) cutting edge and potentially de-stabilizing. Saturn requires something more truthful, more enlightened, innovative, transformative, unpredictable and progressive. But Taurus likes things to be predictable. So this is a challenge to make room for both requirements. Fortunately Venus in Gemini trine Mars in Aquarius presents the option of an unorthodox combination of opposites to create an exciting new strategy or solution. The Sun’s move into Taurus makes it more likely you’ll feel increasingly comfortable in your own skin. Actually you’ve been working on this since November 7, 2018. To the extent you’ve moved away from judging yourself harshly and unfairly you’ll be celebrating some real success in this regard.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
If you’ve made a more honest and truthful attempt to acknowledge and directly confront old vulnerabilities and fears surrounding the future, the unknown, expansion, and your belief system, you may be in a better place to spread your healing influence. Something has most likely been clarified regarding the future of your relationship and what you desire most within the realm of relationships. Mars exists in harmony with Venus and Mercury this week. That’s a lot of opportunity flowing in your direction. You can accept and work with it or let it go. Either way it’s fine. Partners may request something different, more exciting, innovative, unorthodox, or less confining. To the extent you can reach an agreement this works to your advantage. Staying connected to friends – maybe two of them in particular – might keep you optimistic, balanced, and relatively happy. Connections might prevent you from overdoing or moving into an area that’s too risky. Arrogant or prideful tendencies need to be kept in check. The Sun moves into your 10th house of your career on Sunday. Your focus shifts to your professional life. You may be challenged to do something different from the the way you’ve always done them in the past. Something more innovative and flexible may be required. Something is clarified that could cement your success. What you build will likely stand the test of time.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
Mercury, your chart ruler, sextiles both Venus in Gemini and Mars in Aquarius. This represents an opportunity – a couple of opportunities actually. The first relates to the nature of your work or your work environment (maybe your health). There’s an opportunity to make a clean break or to take actions that set you free in some regard. Mars in Aquarius represents an unorthodox, outside the box, brilliant or innovative solution. Venus in Gemini might represent two of something – two gifts, two choices, two leaders, a partnership, or job sharing solution. Along the lines of health the use of technology to keep track of your health routines and progress might be especially effective. Mercury in your 8th house exists in harmony with Mars and Venus. A deeper, more honest conversation can clarify your true desires and assist you in prioritizing whats most important to you. As the Sun moves into the sign of Taurus and your 9th house your perspective broadens. What’s clarified may be the direction in which you’d like to expand. Travel planning, publishing, higher education, and stabilizing your future may be new areas of focus. Be wary of old lovers attempting to make a come back into your life. What they bring with them may be toxic at worst, repetitive at best.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
Libra may be in the process of finishing up an active or clarifying relationship phase that began on March 21st. Part of this phase entailed addressing old areas of relationship vulnerability in new, more direct, and honest ways. This healing process may be about to get more intense with the Sun highlighting more deeply embedded and sensitive issues involving trust, intimacy, and the extent of your capacity to throw your entire lot in with another. An impending new Moon culminates in your 8th house on April 22nd emphasizing new beginnings within the realm of financial partnerships and intimacy. The parts of yourself that resists change can be problematic/traumatic under the upcoming new Taurus Moon. But the Sun’s trine from the 8th house to the North Node seems to imply something favorable. To the extent you’ve focused on cultivating more satisfaction within your professional life – or the extent to which you’ve cultivated a more satisfying life direction in general – you may have achieved something that represents your highest aim in life. The caution is to keep yourself from falling back into old familiar family patterns. Keeping your distance seems wise.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Scorpio may be winding down an important phase of action and decisiveness within the 6th house of self-improvement and dealing in an organized way with current responsibilities. The Sun’s move into the 7th house on Sunday represents a critical “coming-out” event. Since October 24th of 2019 you’ve been perfecting and improving upon various aspects of your private life in preparation for this April 19th event – the Sun’s move above the Taurus horizon. So in a sense you’re more complete, integrated and whole – essentially capable of holding your own within a loving relationship. The focus on your private life gives way to something more social and extroverted – as social and extroverted as you can be within pandemic lockdown conditions. But you may feel like reaching out. You are a more powerful and integrated force to be reckoned with than you were six months ago. Mars in Aquarius’s trine from your 4th house of home, family and the past, to Venus in the 8th house of transformation implies that families might have the opportunity to address deeper issues in a more truthful way. In fact you might be the one most capable of starting the conversation about the dark and the light and the old contradictions that remain a source of confusion and pain.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Sagittarians are approaching the end of a highly creative, possibly experimental or innovative phase. A realization or clarification regarding what you really love (or really love to do) moves you into the future. For about a month you may need to rest, settle in, and distill your experiences and what you’ve learned before considering where to go from here. Maybe you’re on the verge of finding a way to translate doing what you love into the structure of your work, or a service you provide. Letting go of financial fear seems timely despite the current unfavorable environment. It may no longer be necessary to work extra hard and extra long hours to ensure your financial stability. The better option appears to be creating a emotionally satisfying financial partnership where trust and support for one another – and an equal/fair distribution of responsibility and reward – reigns. Maybe your talents combined with anothers’ works more efficiently to deliver something of real value. In any case Venus in Gemini promotes partnerships, two’s, and an unorthodox “dual” solution. Enlightened connections seem important. Necessity is the mother of invention. It may be necessary to take action to create a highly innovative solution or structure. That’s likely to be something you’re eventually very proud of.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
For many years it seems you may have been “running on empty,” putting one foot in front of the other, doing what needed to be done, but essentially feeling burned out, spiritually and psychically depleted, exhausted, or drained of the passion for life you once felt. But since November 7th of 2018 you’ve had the opportunity to recharge some very depleted “batteries” within the spiritual realm of your life. Something hidden deep within has been better nourished, replenished, strengthened, and encouraged to come back to life. On or around May 6th the world might witness your newly alive re-energized self. You might feel like yourself again. The Sun’s move into your 5th house triggers spontaneous self-expression and your responsibility to infuse more joy into your own life – and the life of others. Cultivating financial stability under strange, unorthodox, unpredictable conditions represents a challenge you’ll likely address successfully. What you want to avoid is reverting back into the familiar mode of shifting into automatic and carrying more than your share of the load – essentially depleting yourself all over again. It’s a choice.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
The Sun’s move from your 3rd house of bold and honest communication in dealing directly wit what hurts into your 4th house of home and family could represent a transition into something healthier. But it’s complicated. The area in which you’re broken cannot be fixed by you. But others, broken in similar ways, you can help to a considerable degree. It’s twisted and painful – a paradox I think. But the honest acknowledgment of an area of chronic vulnerability you can’t fix has most likely made you more powerful within larger healing realms. Aquarians may be the voice of reason for the world these days. Most likely the voice of reason is the voice of dissent. You were born to tell the truth and to lead the way in a more progressive, humane, and just direction. Between now and March 8, 2023 is your time to step up. This week a clash ensues between what’s stimulating and keeping you interested vs. what’s comfortable, protective, and secure. Finding ways to meet both needs is the challenge. You may still be in limbo regarding future commitments. Something more definite may be decided by May 26th. Finding ways to make your daily routine more deeply satisfying is easier this week as the Sun moves into the sign of Taurus sextiling the North Node.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
On Sunday the Sun in Aries transits into your third house of communication. A new focus and something newly clarifying materializes. This may relate to your home and family, your mom, a decision, and the quiet ongoing gestation of unusually enlightened possibilities. There’s lots of energy in your mysterious 12th house urging you to break through old blockages to progress. Those might exist beneath the level of consciousness though. But you’ll likely feel something unsettling pushing you forward. Saturn challenges your old mindset and ideas, encouraging you to rebel against them and to align yourself with what intuitively feels right. Acting on a hunch, a dream, or intuitive information may be the challenge. Hiding your outsider, eccentric instincts, downplaying your rebellious nature, and suppressing your (artistic) brilliance may not be possible going forward. Most likely you need a new strategy. The Sun’s move into Taurus on Sunday encourages you to focus on making yourself more comfortable with uncensored, playful, purely joyful (and loving) self expressiveness. You may be challenged to choose what you love over something repetitive you could do in your sleep.

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