Aries New Moon Tuesday March 24th

On Tuesday, March 24th at 5:28 AM EDT a new Moon in the sign of Aries rises. It’s the first new Moon of the astrological calendar year and sets the tone.

Black Moon Lilith aligns with this new Moon. She’s a rebel and a disruptor of tradition – an outsider who goes her own way, does her own thing, follows her instincts, and suffers the consequences of refusing to “play along.”

The Sabian symbol for this new Moon:

“Holding the neck of his electric guitar straight up in the air, a rock musician improvises a wild solo. Some audience members are enthralled; others are totally lost.”

Individualism is implied. Taking responsibility for the standards one adhere’s to and the level at which one live’s his life; developing an innate talent as far as it can go; experimentation; improvisation; being a strong vibrational force that others plug into; irrepressibility.

In whatever house the new Moon resides (in your own astrological chart,) that will be the “field of experience” where courageous new beginnings start to take hold – over the period of about two weeks.

Whenever Aires is highlighted, it’s opposing sign (Libra) kicks in. “Others” are strongly influenced by your actions and what you choose to initiate. The other, the opposite, or the counter-balance shapes this unfolding, new Moon story. Balance may take the form of a reversal or taking a strong opposing position.

Significantly, this new Moon squares the nodes. Current cosmic configurations impel actions that signify a (stark) choice – a move forward or backward. It’s good to be conscious of what you’re choosing because the coinciding lunation makes it more consequential. Your choices now could set the tone for the year – and maybe for years to come.

Acting as an agent of disruption ((or being subjected to massive disruption) is a challenge. Moving from “the land of the wounded into the land of the healer” involves a deliberate focus on your greatest vulnerability or source of pain. Courage may be in stronger supply than usual – and it builds over the next two weeks.

The “enemy” comes in the form of an out-dated, toxic past, the familiar (boring) road, and whatever unconscious motivations/fears continue to linger beneath the realm of consciousness. For better or worse your “underworld” comes to life and is mobilized under this new Moon. It is (potentially) a motivating force for change.

Aries and “Mars the warrior” come to life when survival (on some level) is at stake. A stronger connection to your instincts and the need to rely on them could lead you in a new direction. Under the warrior’s influence it’s usually true that your first “thoughts” are best. You may realize that in retrospect.

Heroism is most likely expressed in a willingness to develop/showcase your talents (despite underlying vulnerabilities) and to be generous with your contributions to a collective cause.

Uranus in Taurus exactly trines the centaur planet Pholus. The floodgates open as a result of a seemingly insignificant act. A powerful cascading effect is initiated.

Saturn, newly in the sign of Aquarius, supports the new Moon’s experimental/collectively-conscious actions.

Venus’s sextile to Neptune promotes opportunities that combine compassion and personal values/priorities with what you’re trying to attract.

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