Pisces New Moon Sunday Feb. 23, 2020

Pisces New Moon Sunday February 23rd at 10:32 AM EST.

Today the new Moon in Pisces symbolizes a vague and boundary-less new beginning. Anything and everything is possible. The general feeling may be one of cautious excitement, anticipation, and something newly hopeful.

Jupiter in Capricorn squares Venus in the bold, combative, courageous sign of Aries. Something exciting and new begins to take shape in your mind – a possibility that is the result patience and a well-calculated deliberate effort. Maybe the timing is just right for something new to emerge. The gears of the “cosmic clock” may be perfectly in sync.

“All that is” (the collective unconscious) is a prominent underlying influence. But a well-earned reward seems to be the result of a firm belief in the power of shrewd planning and persistence. Staying grounded in reality may serve you well as you notice an sense of magic boundlessness take hold.

Pholus (a minor centaur planet), and Mars in Capricorn unite in a square aspect to the new Moon in Pisces. What’s being stimulated is a cascading effect. Something seemingly inconsequential or inconclusive (something invisible or easily dismissed) is deceptively powerful.

The myth attached to Pholus involves an initial innocent act – the removal of the cork from a bottle of wine. That triggers the series of events that lead to the fall of Rome and a profound change in the traditional organization of the world.

A semi-sextile between Mercury in Pisces and Ceres in Aquarius indicates subtle connections between the message (or messenger) and the Persephone myth. Ceres is related to the ability of the world to sustain life through the cultivation of crops and the assurance of substantial crop yields. The perpetuation of life and collective environmental concerns underpin the possibility of negotiation, unification, and the realization of something more just and sustainable.

Mercury remains in retrograde motion. What seems to be emerging could stall or be reversed for a segment of time.

Juno in retrograde motion continues to reconsider initial commitments. Maybe you want to change your mind or back out.

Again – anything is possible under this new Moon. But generally it all seems profoundly promising.

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