Leo Full Moon Sunday, Feb. 9th


There is a Full Moon at 20 Degrees of Leo on Sunday, February 9, 2020 at 2:33 AM Eastern time.

Emotions are outsized under any full Moon. This Leo full Moon opposed by the Aquarian Sun triggers the the expression of emotions through some kind of creative/artistic effort. Leo Moons seek security and the chance to make themselves whole through creative expression.

Don’t be surprised if you’ve had the courage to risk failure or humiliation through some new venture and are finding a supportive audience for your fledgling efforts.

Under any full Moon the past is illuminated. When the Moon is full memories bring the past to life. Childhood memories especially reflect the (playful) Leo influence.

During this full Moon Ceres in Aquarius forms a challenging square aspect to Uranus in the sign of Taurus. Issues of loss, distancing, detachment, and the severing of a basic foundational source of security (sometimes sudden and unexpected) involves mothers, grandmothers, and care-givers.

The difficult truth about the cycle of life is that no matter how successful you become and no matter how much good fortune comes your way, there’s always a part of you that will remain empty or broken.

Emptiness and brokenness are feelings that have launched and fueled some of the most treasured works of art, fiction, poetry, theatre, dance, and design.

Ceres symbolizes the whole cycle of life – birth, loss, death and rebirth. It’s possible under this Leo full Moon you may be experiencing a rebirth or re-unification with a part of yourself, a member of your family, or source of security, you’ve had to live without for awhile.

Co-existing alongside memories that trigger separation anxiety and eventual resignation is a deep appreciation for life’s incredible depth and richness – for love and moments of pure joy you’ve been able to experience along the way.

Mercury in Pisces trine to the Cancer North Node is the tightest aspect in this full Moon chart other than the Sun/Moon opposition. This aspect effortlessly provides you with the ability to imagine into being a deeply satisfying path forward. Mercury in Pisces is a powerful visualizer. You may notice that you’ll begin to get some fleeting impressions of the kind of future you were born to create. Your safety and security is an important part the unfolding clarification.

It’s time to translate vague longings and feelings into something you can actually manifest – a plan for the future.

You’ll know when you hit on the right idea and the right plan. It may take awhile to fill in the details but the universe is working with you in this regard through March 21st.

The Sun’s positioning on the Neptune/Pluto midpoint signifies that supernatural influences may be accelerating your spiritual progress and evolution. Making connections is not limited to the earthly realm of existence. You may find yourself able to cross barriers of time and space to connect with those you love – and those who love you back.

An inner source of wisdom and know-how can now serve as the guardian of the wider stream of events.

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