Horoscopes for the Week of Feb. 26th – March 3rd


Today Mercury retrograding in Pisces sextiles Mars in Capricorn. Things (information) can get very confusing, vague, and elusive when Mercury transits through the sign of Pisces. When in retrograde motion what we thought we knew we aren’t sure of anymore. Something threatens to overwhelm. But information is unreliable or inconsistent. We can’t make sense of it. It’s hard to come to conclusions or settle on a solution.

Taking courageous action – a direct and honest approach – seems important. Acting with integrity and telling the truth clarifies something while placing us on more solid ground. It’s reassuring to know that when information is vague we can safely rely on ourself to do the right thing.

Mercury trines the North Node today. We can decide to turn away from old restrictive habits toward something more deeply satisfying and soulfully nourishing. Choosing to leave behind an old way of life is (relatively) easy now. Something hasn’t been working for a while. It’s time to change our mind and change direction.

We might receive an important clarification as Mercury conjuncts the Sun and reaches the midway point in the current Mercury retrograde cycle. The “light bulb” comes on and we can see what we previously couldn’t.

On February 28th (Friday) Venus in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn. This can be potentially destructive to relationships, the promotion of justice and fairness, and/or financial stability. Underlying, unconscious (potentially ugly) motivations – jealousy, vindictiveness, manipulation, and the need to overpower or destroy – present y a challenge along the lines of being more straight-forward and stating the truth.

Also on Friday Mercury sextiles Uranus in Taurus. This is further clarification of information – maybe a sudden flash of insight or a revelation made possible by the ongoing collapse of old stabilizing forces.

On March 3rd (next Tuesday) Venus in Aries squares Saturn in Capricorn. Take action to remove (intolerable) restrictions from within the realm of relationships is possible. Independence and financial security may be threatened. Again, telling the truth and acting with courage and integrity makes this doable.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Mercury sexting Mars from behind the scenes adds a degree of inevitability, intuitive insight, or invisible guidance to actions taken within the public realm. The clarification of information highlights a professional opportunity that might be worth pursing. You could be privy to some inside information. Venus’s square to Pluto adds a layer of complication and risk, the possibility that a situation is being driven by dark motivations, manipulation, or underworld “power-trippers.” Relationships might be in need of some difficult adjustment or a readjustment toward something more balanced and/or fair. Professional restrictions or the blind pursuit of wealth could exert a depressing or restrictive influence. Boundaries might need to be re-drawn. You could feel compelled to move in a new direction toward something more personally satisfying. For Aries that looks like an emphasis on home, family, or roots – possibly the fortification of a foundation that better supports your success – a move or relocation?

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Love and relationships continue to present a challenge. Belief systems, old patterns, or resentments related to restrictions or confinement might be brewing beneath the surface. Black Moon Lilith disrupts and messes with any sense of inner peace. The destruction of the status quo could ignite old painful memories and more anxiety. Pluto and Saturn are both working overtime – urging you to take some (distancing) action that bring things back into balance. You have experienced growth with regard to solidifying your future. Maybe you need to focus on believing in yourself, trusting the process, and wrapping your head around the magnitude of your true worth and value. Setting boundaries, creating new rules and enforcing those might be necessary. A growing power imbalance might need to be intercepted. Something bold and independent (or angry) gestates behind the scenes. Re-thinking a commitment is in progress for another couple months. It’s hard to go wrong if you tell the truth.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
There may be some clarification or incoming information related to your life direction, the role you play within the public realm, or your thoughts about the nature of success. There is an opportunity to take courageous action to move away from past patterns involving power struggles, manipulation, lack of trust, and/or issues related to intimacy. It might be time to use a clarification or new insight to end what’s complicated, dysfunctional, or motivated by something dark or potentially destructive. Old patterns and habits can more easily be broken this week. A reconnection with your physical body – something grounding, more deeply nourishing, self respecting, and stabilizing is possible. An ongoing, behind the scenes, liberating phase slowly releases you from deeply embedded, distorting, undermining compulsions. This looks karmic and destructive in ways that make room for healing.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
This week an open mind receptive to foreign perspectives, visionary imaginings and newly clarifying insights regarding your future encourage you to move in a more satisfying direction. You may need to move toward independently initiating something courageous and potentially impactful – something that makes a difference. Something only you can contribute reflects your unique approach to nurturing, cultivating, and protecting. Moving away from dependence on a partner or old habits that may feel confining within the realm of relationships is the opportunity. Partners benefit and support you most by supporting your independence and adjusting their own role to assist and support you in taking the risks you need to take. You may be challenged this week to completely transform the nature of relationships and underlying motivations. Compulsions and fear could complicate your progress. But transitions and updates are likely to take hold.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
There’s a Sun/Mercury retrograde conjunction this week at the midpoint of the current retrograde phase. This marks a moment of clarity and illumination in your 8th house of power – power struggles, sex, death, taxes, and all areas of life experience known to cause people to squirm. Underlying, difficult-to-control motivations influence developing (relationship/financial) situations. Something more just, fair, or truthful may be required. New revelations involve a flash of insight or the ability to access an important message. It might be time for a moment of relationship truth that could be destabilizing. Financial partnerships may need to be re-arranged and updated. Issues related to trust may need to be discussed honestly and openly. Future plans, beliefs, or legalities may be a source of contention. A more emotionally satisfying path forward is wide open. For you this probably involves stepping into a very personal/private realm of experience with a new willingness to indulge your emotional needs. Deep introspection may be part of this picture. Something habitual and reflexive involving work (overwork that numbs the pain or fear) can now be released.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
An area of growth related to what you love most or the development of your talents is in the process of making a “long-shot” dream within the realm of relationships or financial abundance come true. A move away from feelings of undeserving-ness or restriction in exchange for the freedom to express yourself, – your talents, playfulness, love and sheer joy exuberantly is a good deal. A cause that feels aligned with your instincts – a friendship, community outreach, or social situation could provide something deeply emotionally satisfying for you. You might be drawn to developing a unique talent in service of a cause. Something bigger than yourself and your own personal interests might provide the impetus for change. Primary relationship transformations may be initiated. They’re complicated. Telling the truth is important. Dealing with underlying issues of jealousy/vindictiveness or invisible destructive urges complicate and distort love. It could be time for a purge.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
Venus squaring Pluto moves you into an area of intense vulnerability with regard to committed relationships. Power struggles, justice and fairness issues, underlying motivations, jealously, revenge, fear, and deeply sourced compulsions can overwhelm rational responses. Relationships challenges require require honesty and a level of personal introspection that can feel threatening. But it’s time to tell the truth and maybe to name the problem. A complete transformation of the way you relate or of the role you play within the realm of relationships intensifies this week. Something may be clarified. A courageous insistence on justice and fairness seems wise. Growth beyond traditional family restrictions is possible. A nurturing role within the public realm (efforts to elevate your status within the public realm – to be known for your sensitivity and expertise) feels more emotionally satisfying than sinking into the traps laid for us by family structures and expectations. The endless search for something permanently secure and fool-proof can be abandoned.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Actions demand a high level of integrity, truth, honesty, and self-respect. A willingness to risk naming the problem, to speak the truth, and to act with courage and integrity seems non-negotiable. You may be experiencing growth within the area of honest communication. Telling yourself the truth un-complicates things. The manifestation of a life-long dream in October may be the result of personal efforts/risks involving new connections and communication – or the opportunity to expand beyond familiar everyday experience. Behind the scenes you may still be pondering the extent to which you’re willing to commit. You may be attempting to untangle yourself from a commitment. This week there’s likely personal pain involved in managing your responsibilities, feeling competent in the face of a loss, or uncertainty. You may be under some pressure to “come into your own.” But some kind of push/pull remains in play. Aligning yourself with your beliefs, higher teachings, higher powers, or something that transcends the everyday limitations restrictions seems critical. It’s likely you’re moving in the direction of a miracle – the kind of love you’ve been waiting for. Stay grounded in the truth.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
This week a clearer diagnosis of the problem may be revealed. Some straight-forward honesty on your part might serve to move things along in the direction of a (financial) resolution. The opportunity to increase your financial stability or independence and to promote something more just and fair might be the result of a willingness to enlist a (financial) expert. A knowledgeable neutral party might serve to liberate you from a locked-in, limited, powerless, or overly dependent role. A lopsided distribution of power might have taken hold to your disadvantage. But your courageous, honest approach to naming the problem might ultimately set you free. A heaviness or chronic worry could be lifted. Some kind of long-shot magic involving your home base, family, or the past is in the process of materializing. You might need to hang loose until May to be able to fully commit with confidence to a life-long dream. You may be free to choose a more emotionally satisfying direction where trust, full disclosure, and a stabilized balance of power within a (financial)partnership situation is your reality.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
The new Moon might have triggered the need for honest communication, an airing of grievances, or an uplifting exchange of ideas. Following through might have resulted in something less restrictive and worrisome for a partner. A move in the direction of being more supportive of a partner’s emotional needs could feels more emotionally satisfying to you. Solving problems, being logical, carrying the weight, and staying in control is your thing. But a warmer, more re-assuring, balanced and comforting role is worth exploring. You may be headed for a transformational relationship experience. It looks kind of challenging. It may involve your need to control your urge to be controlling. You might become aware of a a calculated approach that comes off as cold and self-serving. Being the problem solver you are the fix may be easier to recognize and implement than originally thought. In conversation the underlying emotions are more important than the words. You might be well positioned to alleviate fear.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Ceres in the first house in the “distancing” sign of Aquarius dominates the picture this week. Parenting yourself is an issue. Cultivating and updating a style and approach to life that nurtures freedom and independence for yourself and others is emphasized. Parental pain may be involved in setting free those you love (your children). But it is ultimately the gift that provides the most accurate reflection of who you are and what you were born to symbolize, protect, and contribute. It is currently your path to becoming more authentically who you are. Selfless service and healing is your most emotionally satisfying path. Moving away from limitations involving fear of failure or loss, lack of confidence in your ability to succeed despite lots of contradictory evidence, or the inability to achieve anything that would ever feel like enough is timely. Supporting those you serve, improving your skills, healing, and coming into your own as an efficient practitionaer or expert diagnostician amounts to a happy life for you between now and May 5th.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
The new Moon in Pisces set in motion a new beginning for you – possibly related to your style and approach to life as well as the kind of role you play within the realm of relationships. Venus squaring Pluto indicates it may be time for a transformation or deepening of your relationship to friends. More honesty or a willingness to speak a hard truth might be necessary. Financial considerations might be involved. The collapse of a restrictive social life you’ve outgrown sets you free to explore new possibilities. Your public image may be transformed in some regard. Abandoning your values in order to fit in is a plan doomed to fail. This week you’re free to wallow around in the ’embarrassment of riches’ that is your 5th house of creativity and self-expression. Finding your most unique talent or interest and developing it is the path to deep emotional satisfaction – and a happy life.

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