Cancer Lunar Eclipse

Mosaic Art – Kasia Polkowska

Today at 2:21 PM Eastern time there is a Full Moon eclipse at 20 Degrees of Cancer. Issues surrounding emotional connections with family will be highlighted. Partnerships will be intricately or peripherally involved in what is changing, culminating, or reaching an end point. An old situation has been played out. The results will be revealed.

You may have noticed the British Royal Family is undergoing change, a break from family traditions/expectations, and rumors of tension within a partnership between brothers. On a personal level and more privately a similar theme may be playing out in your own life.

Something involving nurturing, mothering, your own mother, family structures, emotional security, and the past is brought to your attention in ways that might require a decision. Partnerships are under strain. They might feel unfair or unjust in some regard.

A Cancer “home-family-mothering wash out phase” begins. It’s time for an emotional release of what’s been heavily restrictive, unfair, depressing, and burdensome – possibly (or especially so) since February of 2018.

The Sabian Symbol for 20 Degrees of Cancer is the following: “A Noble rides up a thorny mountain track towards a castle followed by a straggling line of subjects. He is going to ask the king to give higher status to his people.”

This is about having a mission that defines one’s path in life; being heroic; gaining insight into the true possibilities of a situation; being a champion for the oppressed; taking a passionate stand for your beliefs; surviving tests of moral courage; showing one’s love for humanity.

It might be time to let go and move on into a form of service your specific family struggles have prepared you to take on. It might be time to transmute and rise above emotional pain involving family, mothering, and difficult partnership themes into something more heartfelt and heroic that uplifts the world.

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