Taurus Full Moon

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On Tuesday (Nov. 12th) at 2:40 AM Eastern time there’s a full Moon at 19 degrees of Taurus.

The impending full Moon occurs at 19 degrees 52 minutes of Taurus. Those born with personal planets at approximately 19 degrees of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) are strongly challenged or sensitized by this Taurus full Moon.

Most significant is the fact that the Moon aligns almost exactly with Vesta – the asteroid goddess of passionate focus and commitment.

For awhile you may have been deeply engaged in a search for something that feels more profoundly significant, soul-satisfying, sacred, or of timeless value within the overall scheme of your life. Something that stabilizes and enriches your existence has been, and continues to be, doggedly pursued.

The Scorpio Sun, it’s own light being directly reflected off this full Moon, signifies an engagement with the deeper, hidden aspects of what you really want and need. Nothing superficial will satisfy. You may feel surrounded by things that feel increasingly flimsy and cheap in light of what your soul craves.

You may have been involved in some (unofficial) research, prolonged investigations, or action to discover what might be more fulfilling. Efforts to be more brutally honest with yourself have gotten more serious.

You may be on a mission to identify what you value most or to arrange your choices, priorities, efforts, and focus around something more permanent solid, and lasting.

Under this full Moon a priceless gift in the form of information or a clarification could be handed to you. Taurus is ruled by Venus, and Venus is the gift giver. Essentially you may be newly empowered to make a statement about who you are at a very essential level because now you know. Your efforts are paying off.

Because the boundaries between the conscious and subconscious mind are thinner under a full Moon it’s easier to see what you haven’t been able to see – to recognize the nature of a chronic soul craving or repeating message.

You may be given an answer or information that has eluded you forever. A small change in perspective triggers a tectonic emotional shift. A burden is lifted. An answer may finally feel right (but also (initially disorienting.) An “Aha” moment tales hold. Something sacred and life-enhancing is within reach. The long search is bearing fruit or coming to a close.

Something peaceful and settled may begin to sink in as you finally know what you were destined to focus on, materialize, and present to the world in the form of a gift. But first you might wonder if this is the real thing – because that’s important and trust is essential.

Being reflected under this full Moon is a strenuous process involving a long-term transformative effort – maybe a lifetime of striving to detach from what has kept you in a soulfully deprived, restless, or painful place.

Extraneous, confusing side-shows are being dissolved. What you’re left with is something honest and authentic.

Change might feel mostly disorienting before you begin to feel a deeper satisfaction taking hold. There are uncertain feelings surrounding a change in course or reversal as Mercury progresses through his current retrograde phase.

The tightest aspect under this full Moon (other than the Sun/Moon opposition) is Jupiter in Sagittarius’s sextile to Mars in Libra. An opportunity to make an honest statement about who you are as a partner – or the role you play within the realm of relationships or cooperative efforts in general – is highlighted.

There is no more powerful sign of abundant generosity than Jupiter in Sagittarius. Gift giving or being given a gift is doubly emphasized. The future, something foreign, uplifting, educational, and timeless is signified.

An opportunity to build the kind of (sacred) relationship your soul has longed for through purposeful action, sacrifice, and a statement of truth upends the primacy of your ego and clarifies something sacred, solid, and stabilizing at the core of your being. That is the promise of this full Moon.

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