New Horoscopes for the Week of Nov. 6th – 12th

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From now until November 20th Mercury continues it’s retrograde transit through the sign of Scorpio. The Sun is also transiting through Scorpio landing us in the midst of the intense Scorpio Season.

A detoxification process takes hold when Scorpio rules. Lots of hidden information rises to the surface. The exposure itself disempowers what’s been dark and debilitating. It’s a strenuous process though.

Saturn in his home sign of Capricorn sextiles Neptune in his home sign of Pisces for the third and final time. This same aspect was exact last January and continues to be quietly supportive of our dreams. Now we are able to more easily create what our mind imagines. The builder is also a dreamer and the dreamer is also builder.

Saturn pulls Neptune back from the brink of a total suspension of reality while Neptune softens Saturn’s hard edges. Saturn/Neptune supports the manifestation of your dream through persistence, practical planning and self-discipline. It’s an inspiring, artistically prolific aspect.

On Friday November 8th, the Scorpio Sun trines Neptune in Pisces and sextiles Saturn in Capricorn. Extra energy is infused into the whole “dreamer/builder” creative effort. Synchronous events, signs, and evidence of progress fuels confidence. It may be time to decide or to make your presence known. Something that’s been a little “iffy” for awhile becomes better defined.


Next Tuesday (Nov. 12th) there’s a full Moon at 19 degrees of Taurus. As the week progresses you’ll be increasingly under its influence.

The impending full Moon occurs at 19 degrees 52 minutes of Taurus. Those born with personal planets at approximately 19 degrees of the fixed signs – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius – are most directly challenged by this full Moon.

It’s Sabian Symbol symbol:

“A girl has discovered a passage behind the floor-length curtains in her new home. She beckons her siblings to follow, and steps boldly into the darkness.”

The boundaries between the conscious and unconscious mind soften and temporarily dissolve under every full Moon.

It’s easier during a full Moon to get a feel for what we actually desire – the nature of our motivations, cravings, and longings. For better or worse the entire dark and devouring underworld opens up.

For a fleeting period of time we have access to the world that exists outside the realm of consciousness. There’s something more to be discovered and explored – a level of truth that in daily life eludes us.

The potential for finding something of timeless value – something personally meaningful, connective, deeply transformative and satisfying exists under this full Moon.

On the plus side we might feel compelled to wander around in the dark without trying to force our experience into safe, ready-made categories. Exploring a mystery and remaining self-possessed with only partial knowledge of what’s going on is possible.

We might be more willing to allow mysteries to unfold in their own time as we enter into a synchronous vortex. Stepping outside our normal (psychic) framework brings a new level of understanding.

A priceless gift in the form of hidden information is handed to us. Taurus is known for being inflexible, stable, and stuck in her ways. This full Moon will demand more flexibility and a better appreciation of opportunities to grow and expand beyond current limits.

As more pieces of the puzzle are revealed we can see more clearly the meaning in a massive sweep of larger events. It seems we’re caught up in a downward cycle of decay and neglect, and a detoxification process that is necessary and inevitable.

The deteriorating environment or backdrop can be personally debilitating if we don’t understand the it’s purpose within the bigger context. Previously hidden information is exposed under the full Moon allowing us to connect the dots, cooperate, and make more sense of it.

Vesta, the goddess of passion, conjuncts this full Moon. An eternal inner flame ignites our passion for something more deeply rooted, more connected, substantial, and of lasting value. Something connected with our personal history, family ancestry, or shared ancient history, might finally satisfy what everything else has failed to satisfy.

The tightest aspect under this full Moon (other than the Sun/Moon opposition) is Jupiter in Sagittarius’s sextile to Mars in Libra. Opportunity supports cooperative action and vice versa.

The ruler of the Taurus full Moon is Venus in Sagittarius. We’re attracting something adventurous and expansive that’s intricately connected to something old and enduring – the thing we’ve secretly (unconsciously) longed for – for a very long time.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
The roots of an old betrayal involving love and money fuels a transformation that is life changing if you’re up for engaging with previously hidden (unconscious) information that seeps through boundary cracks. An old framework can be dismantled in ways that invite new opportunities. Financial partnerships, personal relationships, and a new approach or attitude (a renewed faith in humanity or willingness to trust another) might open the door to a particularly lucrative opportunity. You have the know-how and the experience to imagine a cherished dream into being. If you fall in love in the process that could light a fire that would be life-changing. But it might require a leap of faith.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
An old dream, deeply rooted in a history of love may be materializing. But it isn’t happening by accident. Most likely it’s the result of careful planning, persistence, patience, consistent cultivation, and “keeping the faith.” A role you’ve always wanted to play may be in the process of materializing. A continued willingness to navigate through what was previously hidden or disguised within the realm of relationships is required. A deep transformation takes hold as new information seeps through. It’s possible you have some remaining work to do as you discover the past – or an old way of relating – is still “alive and well” beneath the surface. A deeper truth may be reflected back to you through the actions of a partner. It’s time to rebel against who you always thought you were.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Gemini’s seem especially sensitive to the impending new Moon. What is energized is the nature of your work or the service you provide – your health or healing methods, and the inherent desire to improve. New information regarding you potential or your sense of identity as a healing influence seeps through. You are challenged to reconnect with deeper source of power and influence. You might be encouraged to rely on ancient history, ancestors, family blood lines, and old traditions to inform the work that you do. You might also be encouraged to rebel against being an exact replica of what used to be. You bring to the table something fresh, new, and improved. You may need to rebel against total conformity to a tradition – or to your traditional idea of who you are within the service arena. A professional dream or dreamy life direction materializes as a result of your willingness to engage in a difficult personal transformation.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
The full Moon in Taurus sensitizes you to the people and social situations that feed and encourage/ or discourage and diminish your ability to love. Your own, personal self-expression and creativity – and willingness to further develop and showcase your talents, is up for review. Something toxic may have slipped into the equation unnoticed – maybe a long time ago. Now may be the time to rebel agains an social scene or audience that doesn’t support you. What could be most effective is a rebellion against the old version of who you thought you were as a lover, an artist, or someone with a unique talent to share. As unconscious information seeps through you might recognize that separating yourself from old, toxic, relationship patterns is the preparation you do to manifest your dream. That dream may relate to freedom, independence, international travel, education, publishing, or legal pursuits. Define what it is specifically and be ready when it’s handed to you.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Under this full Moon previously hidden information seeps through. It gives you information about what’s essential for you to be able to move through life in a more soulful way – and what’s not. Your home base is up for review. If something toxic has seeped into the equation it may be time for a sweeping renovation or the elimination of what no longer feeds your soul. Mars in Libra sextiles Jupiter in the 5th house of love, defining the specific things (and mindsets) that bring you joy. It’s time to eliminate some of things you do automatically because you were previously programmed to. You no longer have the luxury of operating in automatic ways. Actually you do but it amounts to the waste an opportunity to move in a more soul-satisfying direction. Under this full Moon it’s important to become aware of the resources you possess, the kind of foundation that will support and stabilize you, and the deep and loving connections that feel most satisfying.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
The full Moon in Taurus aligns with 9th house of opportunity, expansion, and something foreign that enlivens a part of your brain that’s been set on “habitual” or “automatic” for a long time. Virgo’s mind is primed to focus on the practical and the problematic. But recently it’s being unsettled. An opening is created for the release of something old and toxic living in the deeper layers of your mind. There’s something more balanced, beautiful, exciting, and adventurous in need of your attention. Putting some distance between yourself and a routine re-introduces you to something more soul-satisfying, refreshing and alive. You may be working on making a dream come true – materializing a dreamy committed partner, for example. Shifting your focus to a source of eternal and maybe international beauty, art, and inspiration, prepares you to receive what you’re now in the process of manifesting.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
Under this full Moon a deep personal transformation involves taking some time to notice what you love, to define more precisely what would be most sensually satisfying to you, what you would want to taste, smell, see, hear, and touch that would define or more accurately represent who you are. The detoxification aspect of this full Moon involves cleansing yourself of all the things you’ve agreed to own that don’t really belong to you. Maybe others think they know better than you who you are and what you love – and feel free to reinforce their own ideas. It might be time for you to rebel against what you’ve automatically accepted as being representative of the you and what you love. It’s a good time for you to take back ownership over who you actually are what you actually love. (Throw some stuff out.)

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
As your style and approach to life transforms into something different others will need to adjust. And as a partner’s style and approach changes you may have to adjust. Relationships that used to feel right may have run their course. A traditional role you used to play is being reconsidered, restructured, and rearranged. Maybe you’ve never been who you always thought you were. New information seeps in from the underworld to undermine old approaches, ideas, and beliefs about relationships that have been invalidated. Mars in your 12th house accelerates the rate of dissolution ensuring that a lot will change with regard to your social life and maybe the kind of partners you’ll choose to engage with in the future. Many connections will dissolve. You may be working on changing an old mindset for the purpose of materializing a dream. It requires hyper-vigilance and maybe continual reminders that you’re not going to be who you used to be.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Everything is magnified when you’re a Sagittarian. This week will be tricky. Your perspective will determine whether you’ll be grateful for enlightening information seeping through the boundaries of your conscious mind – or upset and threatened. .For you there’s a lot going on beneath the surface that needs be flushed out. Mercury retrograding in your 12th house has you rethinking the whole idea of whether or not you want to be more enlightened and aware. But the Scorpio Sun continues to illuminate a lot of what you may not want to know, regardless of your second thoughts. It’s nothing you can’t handle. It’s more a matter of facing the truth about the nature of your work, habitual routines, and whether or not your heart’s still in it. It may be time for a rebellion that can re-align you with the changing nature of your passions.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
The Taurus full Moon ignites something fearful about the unpredictability of love, the danger of falling in love, or becoming too vulnerable to the whims of a lover. Capricorn is known to play it safe in love – not because it’s necessarily their choice. Saturn (and Capricorn) learn at young age that the world and the people in it can’t be trusted. But actually there are people who can be trusted. It may be time for you to adjust your default settings and take a little more risk with those who haven proven themselves to be honorable. Bottom line – it’s easier to say that most can be trusted than to admit that something within you is in need of transformation and further development. Previously inaccessible information seeps through to remind you that you need to be in love – to give AND receive.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Behind the scenes you have a plan and it appears you’re building a solid case for being able to manifest a cherished dream. It takes lots of patience, self-discipline, and the ability to delay gratification to slowly undo something solid and safe that’s been built over time. You have about five more months to let the past dissolve before something new can be initiated. But you may be well on your way to manifesting a cherished dream. It could involve financial freedom, stability, and a more equitable balance of power. An old life direction or professional goal may be in need of detoxification. There is the need to shake up an old foundation to provide a better base for something more powerfully healing and deeply satisfying. Expect to be faced with previously hidden information that challenges you to look in the mirror. Something you project onto others may reflect what’s alive and well within you.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Pisces may be in the process of working within the social realm – with groups, among friends, in service of a cause, or community project. But it may be a means to an end – the end being the manifestation of a dream. You may be laying the groundwork for a role that involves a new, more loving, artist, or inspired approach. Living your life on some rarified, pure, or transcendent scale is within reach. Persistence, patience, and a realistic approach is required. Expect to be confronted with some previously unavailable, unconscious information that triggers a personal transformation. This may involve a deeper truth about you and the future. You may be reconsidering a financial partnership or the implications of throwing your lot in with another. An end to an old mindset leery of committing to anything long term may be in play. Now you may get the information you need to make sense of it.

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