Horoscopes for the Week of Nov. 13th – 19th

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On November 13th (today) Mercury in Scorpio (currently in retrograde motion,) trines Neptune in Pisces in retrograde motion. This is the second trine of a series. The first occurred on October 15th. The third trine occurs on November 28th at which time Neptune will have turned direct.

This is a slow progression into deeper layers of thought and a closer connection to an intuitive flow. Neptune (and a square to Neptune from Venus) suggests we may be confused about what we want. We might think we know. But it could be an illusion.

We’ll figure it out and it might all be fairly effortless in the end. But in the meantime we could feel confused, frustrated, dissatisfied, and wondering if we’ll ever have clarity or be able to gain some meaningful traction.

On Sunday, Nov. 17th, Ceres changes signs – from Sagittarius where she’s resided since January 26th of this year – into the sign of Capricorn where she’ll reside until Jan. 31, 2020.

This transit represents a change in nurturing/cultivation practices, priorities, styles, and approaches. Ceres embodies the Persephone myth (Demeter’s daughter was kidnapped and taken into the underworld by Pluto. Demeter was devastated and in retaliation destroyed all the crops and their ability to grow again, leaving the land barren and the people to starve. Eventually there was a compromise that restored the status quo – but never completely. Sacrifice was central to the theme.)

Ceres in Capricorn is dead serious about facilitating growth. (This is a change from Ceres in Sagittarius who is more flexible, fun, and adventurous but intent on hitting the mark). Issues related to child rearing could become more challenging. A more focused, disciplined approach may be involved.

We may feel that we need to get control over a situation that has, or could potentially, veer out of control. Reality sinks in. Something that may feel depressing, frightening or restrictive with regard to nurturing takes hold for the next couple months. A (painful) personal sacrifice may be involved,

On Tuesday, Nov 19th at 2:40 AM Mars enters the sign of Scorpio. The focus of your desire changes – from cooperative efforts, partnerships, and marriage to navigating through a deeply personal transformation. We’ll struggle to gain mastery over ourselves and the things that distract and dilute our power. Concurrently we’ll be very attached to those things. It will be hard to let go. We seem to be approaching crunch time.

Circumstances intensify the need to cooperate with a life-changing process. What we desire can’t be acquired from where we stand now. We have to move, change, or release an old way of being that’s run its course.

On November 24th (not this week, I know) Mars opposes Uranus and Jupiter conjuncts Venus. This looks like a wonderful surprise.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Aries may be coming to the end of the road as a challenging relationship/cooperation/compromise issue winds down. The clarity you’ve received points in the direction of the need for deeper, more substantial, personal healing and honesty. This issue intensifies through the week and beyond. Financial partnerships may be involved. Deeper levels of thought – particularly related to the past (past betrayals) allow you to access deeper levels of honest information. A more thorough release of what’s old and outdated is energized. Empowering yourself is the issue. Gaining additional mastery over yourself and your life is the goal. You may need to slow down to remember and feel something from the past you’d like to forget. There’s some promise involved in a reconnection with old (family-centered) pain and your emotional self. It looks empowering and soulfully enriching.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
An ongoing personal revolution continues and it’s happening at the deepest levels of your being. Given the personal pain you keep to yourself your approach seems heroic. To the extent you’re cooperating with the release of an old way of being, gaining increasing mastery over yourself, and wielding more power, you’re on the right track. In some way the future or future prospects remain challenging and maybe restrictive. For you advancing along the lines of personal mastery may involve the willingness to change something that’s overly controlled and disciplined – a belief or meticulous adherence to a belief – in exchange for a more flexible perspective that can take your feelings into account. Moving away from extremes allow you relax into something more humane and honest. Cultivating a softer, more supportive, sensitive approach to yourself looks promising. Say something kind and more truthful to yourself more often.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
There’s a major invisible revolution taking place at the deepest levels of your mind and heart. It’s changing the nature of your health, your routines, your work, habits, and ability to gain further mastery over yourself. Small things that used to throw you off track can now fade into the background. The ongoing challenge is to maintain and further cultivate what stabilizes you amidst the vague (or not so vague) feeling that what’s to come is unpredictable. An energetic move away from the need to over-control toward a clarification of what you value most, seems wise. Ceres move into your 8th house of personal transformations gives you what you need to get “dead serious” about releasing an old attachment while you cultivate a more trusting approach to yourself. Most likely that will involve your health, your work, and a deeper, more integrated mind/body connection.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Ceres move into your 7th house of relationships (balance and cooperative efforts) signals the beginning of a two month period where you get “dead serious” about cultivating/nurturing what you want to grow in your life. You may feel there’s little room for error and the approach you need to take is realistic, disciplined, and may entail a sacrifice. You may see things potentially veering off course and need to assert more control. Fear may be a factor. Giving yourself more breathing room as you nurture a softer, kinder relationship with yourself seems promising. Mars move into your 5th house energizes healing/artistic talents, while making you irresistible to an entire pool of potential (transformational) lovers. What will satisfy you is hidden beneath the surface. You’ll have to dig deep to access deeper levels of satisfaction and truth.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Mars move into your 4th house exaggerates and continues to intensify issues surrounding home, family, the past and foundational support. Coming along for the ride may be your professional life or a public role that could be highly impacted by home/family considerations. Emotional security may be at stake in some regard. Some level of conflict may entail a fight or pushback. Keeping it all honest and above board may be challenging. Cultivating love and growth may involve a personally painful sacrifice. You might not get what you want – or have to pay a exorbitant emotional price for getting what you want. On the other hand Pallas in the sign of Sagittarius in the house of love is really good at strategizing how to make this work in a more satisfying way for all concerned. It may take some doing but you should be able to construct and adhere to a brilliantly devised plan. Emotionally you’ll need to stay tuned-in, connected, honest, and true to the values you hold.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
Mercury in Scorpio continues to dominate the scene and to demand the truth. Communication of all kinds intensifies. Skimming the surface is ineffective. Investigative activities uncover what lies beneath. Mars finishes up his trek through your second house house of self-worth/net-worth, what you value most, and how you revolve your life around those values. Something involving a financial partnership will be winding down or entering the next phase. Potentially it looks more challenging or confrontative. The unsettled nature of your future may be a factor – or the need to stabilize things for yourself by delving beneath the surface becomes necessary. Something more assertive or aggressive but hidden or disguised is at play. Something inauthentic will be unmasked. Groups, friends, and affiliations may be especially supportive. Cherished dreams are worth protecting.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
Venus (your chart ruler) in the sign of Sagittarius moves into a challenging aspect with Neptune. Something unseen, unclear, or confusing in relationships is thrown into the mix. It’s hard to get a grip on what’s real and relevant – and what’s not. More is being given to you. Generosity flows. But clarifying what we want is the issue. An underlying feeling of dissatisfaction may haunt you. Over-compromise may be an issue. Something is in the process of dissolving. But Venus doesn’t want it to. Letting go may be necessary but Venus is worried about the emotional insecurity letting go entails. Venus can fall victim to skimming the surface and mistaking something that looks good for something that is good. Money (the abundance or lack of it) may disguise the truth. Mercury, Mars, and the Sun demand a deeper dive to access something more satisfying. You may be pressured to come to terms with the truth or an ending despite it’s temporary destabilizing effect. The alternative is mounting frustration and eventually cynicism.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
This week Mars in Scorpio gets ready to break through the surface and present himself in a new, improved form. His more effective, confident, courageous, approach is the result of unloading some heavy emotional baggage (an old relationship) since the beginning of October. You may soon notice that your sex life has improved and that you feel even more energized when it comes to putting your personal stamp on the world. As a rule trust is hard to come by for a Scorpio. But you may have managed to improve in some regard. The opportunity sector of your chart is highlighted. Good fortune flows in your direction. The future feels more secure. But old habits die hard. You may still need to be hyper- vigilant with regard to the thoughts you think, the limits you place on your mind, and some fear of the truth. Mastering the mind is a monumental challenge. You’ll be led in that direction and it will feel increasingly intense and complicated through January. I predict you’ll make progress. The stakes are too high not to.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
The area of money, values, stabilization, and balancing power within the realm of financial partnerships remains challenging. It’s hard to navigate through the many complications (emotional and practical) involved in money management and the balance of power. Fear is deeply ingrained in this realm of life. Past experiences may have encouraged you not to trust. It appears there’s more to work through. But you may be making things harder than they need to be. An underestimation of your true worth and value could be root of the problem. It’s demanding to be addressed and up-rooted between now and the end of February of 2020. The Sun, Mars, and Mercury illuminate your 12th house of buried treasure. They’ll help you connect you with the essence of true worth and value. You could resist or ignore them. But don’t do that. Meditate more and be open to the possibility of releasing an old tendency to devalue yourself and your contributions. It’s time.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
There is something disrupting old (financial) habits, rhythms, values, rules, and sources of stability in your life. It’s creating some chaos in your house of self-expression. The time is right for Capricorn to welcome the “breath of fresh air” that flows in when something deeply ingrained, outdated, and restrictive is unearthed and released. A highly controlled and limiting approach to life may continue to function on automatic. But when you’re tuned-in and aware you can feel the old approach has been undermined – no longer necessary but always an option. This opens the possibility of leading a passionate life more aligned with what you love. Friends and associates may sense your more relaxed and open demeanor. It’s possible to develop a new flexibility that allows you to be more sensitive and responsive to others – and to yourself. It’s doubtful you’ll ever lose your desire to succeed. But success will likely be infused with more joy.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
It may be time to be more honest about the true, highly skillful, unusually brilliant nature of your talents and most important contribution to the world. It’s not a matter of arrogance, over-confidence, or the unseemly nature of putting yourself above the rest. It’s a matter of telling the truth – about the extent of your talent and what you love. You may know you’re extraordinary in an informative/healing way. But you may sense some dissatisfaction with the relatively superficial level at which your operating. There is something more powerful to be accessed – something more challenging, meaningful, and aligned with your full potential. As your current foundation (figuratively) undergoes the disruptive effects of a revolution, earthquake, or sudden release from old patterns, you are being aligned with something you love more. Maybe you can’t give yourself permission to access something more powerful yet. But will soon be able to. Ask Ancestors for help. Something is likely to break wide open around Nov. 24th.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Mercury continues it’s transit in retrograde motion through your 9th house of opportunity and the future. An issue that was a point of focus about a month ago is revived. It has to do with clarifying a dream or being able to put a dream into words. Because Pisces is attuned to the invisible world where everything is boundary-less and undifferentiated it might be wise to immerse yourself in the ocean, in healing waters, a bath, or natural springs to access some deeper knowledge you’ve been thus far unable to access. You may benefit from a flash of insight that comes from the depths of who knows where when you’re especially relaxed and “in your element.” On a different note, it’s important to meticulously maintain your professional standards this week (not excluding every other week) to avoid a misunderstanding or a hit to your reputation. Moving in the direction of what you love and are intuitively drawn to flips you onto the right track if you’re not there yet.

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