New Horoscopes for the Week of Oct. 23rd – 29th

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Today the Sun moves into the sign of Scorpio where it will reside for the next month. All things hidden beneath the surface come to life and demand your attention. It becomes more of a struggle to pretend “there’s nothing to see here.” It gets harder to delay what needs to be dealt with. A deeper truth demands recognition and acknowledgement. Shadowy operations are exposed as we move deeper into the darkness – ultimately to connect with something for soulful and meaningful.

Within the realm of committed relationships Scorpio seeks to destroy whatever interferes with the progression into deeper levels of intimacy Trust (or lack of it) is highlighted. Taking some personal risk to forge a deeper union feels more possible when the Sun resides in Scorpio. Telling the truth is powerful and empowering. (The painful final ending of a relationship that has run it’s course or served it’s purpose is also timely).

As the week progresses we’ll more intensely feel ourselves under the influence of the impending Scorpio New Moon. It occurs on Sunday, October 27th, at 8:38 PM Pacific time and 11:38 PM Eastern time.

The impending new Moon can throw us off balance – or expose how off-balance we already are. A deeper dive into yourself is necessary to bypass a blind spot or to see through a hidden source of limitation.

Uranus exactly opposes this new Moon at 4 degrees of Taurus. Lightening strikes and we can see how damaged social or personal structures have become – or we receive a flash of insight that changes everything. Old value systems, rules, and structures may be outdated and irrelevant. The imbalanced nature of things is pushed to the brink. A final, “no going back” unexpected, moment of truth, or end-point is reached. Old habits die hard but they die under Scorpio’s influence.

A major re-ordering and re-structuring along more earthy, pragmatic lines seems important.

Now is when we’re “brought home” in a sense…when we discover if we’re solidly grounded in a value system (perspective, belief, or source of wisdom) that will stand the test of time, outlive waves of passion, or the next passing thing. It’s a time to simplify, and to trust your instincts more, and to untangle some tangled webs.

Significantly under this Scorpio new Moon, Saturn in Capricorn squares Mars in Libra. A difficult challenge is thrown in our direction. The challenge or difficulty was first brought to your attention on September 22nd. It involves a retreat from what you’ve painstakingly built, a change in loyalties, a change in focus, a new emotional commitment to something more satisfying and alive. (The Death Card in a Tarot deck aligns with this aspect, the new Moon, and the entire Scorpio message).

The Sabian Symbol for this Scorpio new Moon – “An old house perched on a cliff is buffeted by the Sea. A young woman leaves the house to attend a party on a houseboat but finds the people unsettling and soon returns home.”

Being unsettled is useful if it inspires a new beginning and a new direction based on what you value most – something more honest, updated, authentic, and deeply sourced.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
There is a challenge thrown in your direction that seems to be coming from a partner or committed relationship. A significant “other” may have some influence or power over decisions regarding career versus home and family – competing to succeed within the public realm versus retreating into a more emotionally comforting and satisfying “warm space.” Financial partnerships might require you to make a break from the past, to strongly stand your ground, fortify your sense of self-worth, claim ownership, and demand that what once was, is no longer. Allowing your own personal values to “speak louder” within complicated, financial relationship situations may be an important step in the right direction. It’s possible, especially under a Scorpio Sun, that joint financial issues simply reflect deeper problems with intimacy, trust, and fear of betrayal. Throwing out the outdated rules, and informing your work with something softer, kinder, and more nourishing looks promising and possible.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Relationships are highly energized under the impending new Moon. For the next month it’s where all the action is for those born under the sign of Taurus. Expect some enlightening developments with regard to the kind of role you want to play within relationships – and maybe the need to be free of old expectations. Something that used to feel right may come to an abrupt end. Self-care and/or a health challenge involving your responsibilities, work, and the heavy load you carry brings something outdated into focus. Old rules you had for yourself involving the future and future security involved stringent self-discipline, dealing in an “adult way” with emotional limitations and restrictions, being infinitely patient, financially sensitive, “rising above” may have produced a (relationship) imbalance that needs to be corrected. You can do that by clearly communicating what’s emotionally true for you.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
A challenge is thrown in your direction that involves self-expression, romance, children, and the ability to feel deserving and abundantly confident when it comes to showcasing your innate talents. Since Sep. 22nd the nature of financial partnerships has made spontaneous self-expression, creative freedom, and feelings of deservingness difficult to come by. The old rules within the realm of shared resources and financial cooperation may be outdated – or moving in that direction. (Limitations involving emotional and sexual intimacy intensify joint financial problems.) A new system may need to be put in place. There is something exciting happening in your 6th house of work/health. A radical new beginning may suddenly manifest. It may relate to a service you provide or a change in your health status. If you’re overdoing it stop. You may be under more invisible relationship/work pressure than you realize.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
For the next month the Scorpio Sun highly energizes your 5th house of romance, playful self-expression, and love. It’s fun and maybe unexpectedly complicated or deeply transformative. A challenge or more pressure coming from a partner or a family partnership encourages you to undo or defy the old rules that applied to committed relationships in general. Something authoritarian, limiting, cold, disciplined, and financially-oriented may leave you longing for something more emotionally satisfying. A new attraction could interfere with what you’ve built over time. But you may want to be out from under obligations that weigh you down. A significant, unexpected change in your social life enhances creativity – in all ways. A pregnancy or creative “tour de force” could materialize as a result of something more exciting and receptive being thrown into the mix.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Your home – the past, family, roots, and security needs are highly energized under the impending Scorpio new Moon – and during the entire Scorpio season that begins today and lasts until November 22nd. A exciting, revolutionary, unpredictable transformational phase tales hold. It may impact your professional life in unexpected ways – and also your home life. An unplanned relocation, career change, or new life direction may unexpectedly manifest. A challenge is thrown in your direction that involves a change in perspective, what you’re now willing to consider, acknowledge, or communicate that you previously were not. When making life decisions your tendency is to mull over what’s pragmatic, realistic, financially safe, and on the conservative side. But the old rules no longer apply. What you may be encouraged to consider – or what may be revealed to you – is something more aligned with what you emotionally long for. Beyond your control larger forces are moving you in the direction of something more soulful and central to your highest aspirations for yourself and your life.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
Your mind, future plans, and beliefs are highly energized under the impending Scorpio New Moon, and for the entire Scorpio Season that begins today and ends on November 22nd. A financial challenge is being thrown in your direction. It may be time to take the plunge into financial independence – or to get serious about how you will finance what you need to proceed forward. Limits and self-imposed rules placed on love, romance, self-expression, and the urge to showcase your (writing) talents are outdated. To continue to follow them seems self-defeating. There is new life associated with a social scene, connections, and new friends who can help make your dreams come true. But a change in focus and perspective is needed. Doors open in the areas of foreign affairs, publishing, legalities, and advanced education. Since September 22nd, Saturn has been encouraging to do the hard thing you need to do to move forward. It’s time to make progress.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
Under the impending Scorpio New Moon and for the entire Scorpio Season that begins today and lasts through November 22nd, finances, financial independence, and financial partnerships will be emphasized and energized. Difficult issues affecting the cultivation of deeper levels of intimacy in relationships may be expressed through financial problems and increased financial stress. Revelations about a partnership may cement your efforts to achieve financial independence. A difficult choice is presented involving a decision about working with the public, a profession life, and worldly success versus staying at home or dividing your time between the two. There is lots of emotional baggage and tradition that makes this decision a difficult one. You may be pressured to live up to the expectations of your family and what has always been. But the old rules about home and family are outdated for you. The most promising opportunities may be coming from the public/professional realm. Tuning into your instincts and aligning more closely with your own progressive values seems important.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Under the impending Scorpio New Moon and for the entire Scorpio Season that begins today and lasts through November 22nd what is highly energized is a total, radical transformation of the role you play within the realm of relationships. Mars in your 12th house is challenging you to leave behind a previous role that was unrealistic, misleading, and/or driven by fear of abandonment. You’re too powerful for such a role to be satisfying in any regard. A solid, upstanding, exciting, and unpredictable (new)partner may be demanding more of you. The more adventurous “road less traveled,” holds more promise than the one where you needed to be very careful about telling the truth, revealing anything about who you actually were, or that you wanted and needed to be more. Scorpios are set free through a relationship with someone who understands your potential for unlimited growth and exploration – and encourages you to rise to the challenge.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Under the impending Scorpio New Moon, and for the entire Scorpio Season that begins today and lasts through November 22nd, what is highly energized is the hidden, mysterious, magical, most powerful realm of your life. The nature of what has informed your work in the past is being radically transformed. The service you continue to provide may no longer feel seamlessly aligned with your instincts, passions, and the kind off magic you feel like conjuring up. Something regarding your work, health status, or work-place environment reflects a restlessness or end-point that encourages you to move in a new direction. Relationships that encourage you to downplay what you value most, to feel unworthy, and to keep it superficial and light can be abandoned in favor of those more open to something deeper, more meaningful, and more powerful. Challenging yourself to engage in something more trusting, intimate, and alive feels most promising.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Under the impending Scorpio New Moon, and for the entire Scorpio Season that begins today and lasts through November 22nd, what is highly energized is your social life – friends, allies, connections, community interests, and concerns. There is something frustrating going on that flies in the face of your values and blocks your progress. Someone or something more powerful (more financially powerful) may have the means to defeat you. But something newly revealing – a new approach maybe – changes you public image in positive ways. A friendlier, more cooperative, less threatening, and congenial approach is more emotionally satisfying for you. And it may feel more authentic. Something more sensitive, flexible, and receptive is attractive in a way that empowers you. Giving an inch may feel like a personal betrayal. But a more expansive perspective allows you to change course in a way that doesn’t betray your values. It allows you to express them in a more personally meaningful way.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Mars is your 9th house is presenting you with a challenge regarding your future direction. This may involve travel, publishing, higher education, or your belief system. You are presented with a choice that is difficult. Something is diminishing or coming to a close. A window of time may be closing. It seems important to meditate regularly and to find ways to reduce your stress. What you do to keep yourself healthy and sane moves you in the right direction. Under the impending Scorpio New Moon, and for the entire Scorpio Season that begins today and lasts through November 22nd, what is highly energized is your career, public life, and life direction. Something involving your home and family may undergo radical change. A surprising new life direction opens things up and gives you the freedom you need to to live life at a deeper, more meaningful level.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Mars in Libra in your 8th house presents a challenge in the form of something within you that needs to be released and transformed. You may want to blame someone else for the frustration and anger you feel but you may sense that this is essentially a personal “inside’ job and more courage (or financial independence) may be required. You may be up against the prevailing wisdom, social norms, feeling like an outsider, unable to justify or define what you want most. A direction or home base that reflects your most unique qualities and what you love most may be what you’re aiming for. But it’s pretty vague and elusive at the moment. Under the impending Scorpio New Moon, and for the entire Scorpio Season that begins today and lasts through November 22nd, you will be receiving flashes of insight that allow you to recognize surprising new opportunities related to higher education, travel, publishing, and the work that you do. A step in the direction of a deeper commitment may be timely.

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