New Horoscopes for the Week of Oct. 16th – 22nd

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On Thursday October 17th, Venus in Scorpio trines the Cancer North Node and Black Moon Lilith. Venus in Scorpio loves what exists beneath superficial layers, investigating subterranean levels of reality, seeing through shams, and challenging herself to move relationships into progressively deeper levels of intimacy by trusting her instincts. It’s a challenge.

Fundamentally Venus in Scorpio has a passion for living on the edge. Constant vigilance is required to sustain the balance of power and to keep oneself emotionally alive and responsive.

This week there is a beautiful, nurturing flow (a grand trine involving Venus, the North Node, and Black Moon Lillith) that leads you in the direction of what you love. A disruptive influence is encouraging you to rebel against old limits that keep you at a distance from what you love.

There may be no further growth potential possible in maintaining the old, rigid, emotional boundaries you set up long ago.

Planetary influences create an opening for you to move in a softer, more honest, and comforting direction. It might feel easier to let down your guard and to make the adjustments that lead you in a more purposeful life direction. It might also feel new, unfamiliar, adventurous, and more exciting than the direction you’ve been pursuing for awhile.

On Thursday October 19th, Mercury in Scorpio sextiles Pluto in Capricorn. Revealing more truthful information – information that makes you emotionally vulnerable or exposes you to more risk is a decision you might need to consider carefully.

Pluto in Capricorn brings issues of (harsh) reality into play. It also brings issues of personal character into play (doing the right thing when it’s hard, being true to yourself and your values, standing in support of youself when you know how to play a high stakes game well but no longer want to.

The sextile between Mercury and Pluto creates a fortunate, maybe life altering opportunity. But you’re free to ignore it. It’s always wise, though, to at least consider the opportunity that’s coalescing. It might be a chance to free yourself of something that’s slowly eroding or undermining your best (“true”) self.

On Friday October 20th Venus in Scorpio sextiles Saturn in Capricorn basically reinforcing issues of personal character and a complicated balance between you and another in love. More promising opportunities for doing it differently than you have in the past are presented.

On Tuesday Oct 22nd the Sun moves into the final degree of Libra. If there’s something left unfinished within the realm of relationships (negotiations, balancing, beautification, justice and fairness) it’s time to bring it to a close or onto the next level.

On Wednesday, October 23rd, the energy and focus changes when the Sun moves into Scorpio and all things dark, mysterious, hidden, and left for dead magically come to life.

Today the Moon moves into Gemini and lots of emotional heaviness is swept away.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
The grand trine this week emphasizes an emotional move in a fortunate direction. For you this involves an invisible revolution at the deepest, most mysterious, and hidden levels of your being. It involves a a deeper dive into acknowledging and sharing what’s true for you, and a retreat from the brutality and eroding effects of competing in the public realm – trying to fit yourself into a model of success that doesn’t fit. This week something softer, more honest, and comforting (possibly involving family and the past) moves you in the direction of your life’s central purpose. In this current incarnation accepting and accommodating your emotional needs may be central to the purpose of your life.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
This week Black Moon Lilith is busy disrupting an old cherished dream or unrealistic expectation involving love or a lover. The North Node is setting your mind free to accept an emotional truth that opens doors in the direction of your central life purpose. Something that’s always felt socially acceptable within the framework of a cherished dream may be undermined. What once seemed like an ideal love or dream may dissolve. The gift being offered is an easier way to integrate your own emotional needs and truths into any relationship or plan you construct for the future. It may be necessary to stop carefully filtering the information you’re willing to receive. In fact the North Node may make it impossible to do so. This all works in your favor if you have faith in the higher wisdom of the universe – even when it doesn’t align with a cherished plan or dream for the future.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
The grand trine may reveal your life’s central purpose this week and move you onto a more fortunate and pupose-driven track. There is a message about the centrality of (financial) stability, the importance of knowing what you value most, and having more faith in the transformational nature of a partnership, or partner in transition. Maintaining your balance and stability in the midst of an overwhelming or complicated “storm” is the point. Black Moon Lilith is quietly undermining and disrupting the nature of your audience, your reason for creating what you create, your reason for developing and showcasing your talent, and expressing the love you feel. Creating the emotional environment you need regardless of any instability that surrounds you may be easier now than it’s been in the past. Fundamental stabilization is central to the nature of your life’s purpose.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Black Moon Lilith is busy disrupting the part of you that believes what she’s always believed regardless of evidence that flies in the face of something rational and realistic. Or she may be disrupting your ability to function with a lack of faith in the future. Black Moon may be asking you to dream bigger and to have faith that those bigger dreams will come true. This may relate to love relationships and deeper bonds that are able to stand the test of time. It may relate to a willingness align with deeper values or causes bigger than yourself. What seems central to your life’s meaning and purpose is your willingness to cultivate and nurture your ability to lead, to initiate, to be first, and to confidently put your personal, caring “stamp” on the world in ways that make a difference.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
The grand trine this week emphasizes a fluid move in a fortunate direction. For you this involves the transformation of something fundamental to the way you were influenced in the past to express or repress what’s emotionally necessary to more deeply bond with another. Something habitual and deeply ingrained is being invisibly disrupted and powerfully undermined. A move in the direction of something more adventurous demands a level of emotional honesty you’ve been successful at evading in the past. Something or someone more honest challenges you to expose what you’ve kept hidden and to take the risk of making yourself more vulnerable. A fortunate development encourages you to embrace and nurture the true essence of who you are and what you secretly long for.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
The grand trine makes it easier for you to move in a fortunate, more centrally meaningful, purpose-driven direction this week. Venus in your third house of communication is making it easier for you to tell the truth, to hear the truth, or to recognize something genuine and powerfully honest when you see it – though it’s risky. The transformation of an old mindset or thought process allows you to be more certain of your ability to move into a future that is supported by the things you value most. Emotionally there is the need to manifest a dream that is unique and outside the realm of what’s traditionally acceptable. There is the need to be free to do it your own way. A partner may invisibly disrupt old fears and set you free to believe more deeply in yourself, your partnership, and your future.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
What appears central to life’s purpose is your ability to continually refine and beautify your way of relating to the public. You care for, nurturing, and comfort the public in ways that give your life meaning and purpose. A powerful harmonious flow seeks to align the nature of your work more closely with your own personal experience and definition of success – what success means to you. Black Moon Lillith may be staging a quiet rebellion involving your health, the health of your work life, and your ability to infuse something more instinctive and intuitive into the kind of services you offer. You may need to trust your instincts more and “standard expectations for competence and success” less. A closer connection to the physical body involves trusting your instincts and intuitive guidance more. Stabilizing what’s been destabilized involves cultivating what feels honest and detaching from what doesn’t.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
This week your ability to go with the flow where love is concerned may feel easier. Black Moon Lilith is busy disrupting your old ideas about what love is – what kind of lover you can be, and what kind of lover you can be receptive to. Something immediate, “in your face,” exciting, adventurous, and unpredictable, is deeply challenging your old way of being. Now you may more easily trust your instincts even when you feel exposed, vulnerable, and uncertain. This represents some real resilience in terms of old wounds you may have suffered in love. The North Node makes it easier for you to have faith in your emotional needs and instincts and to let them guide you in the direction you need to go. You may be more optimistic about your future and your ability to be less emotionally isolated in the foreseeable future – for good reason.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
This Week Black Moon Lillith is busy disrupting and rebelling against the past and an old inherited way of being within the realm of relationships. You may have learned not to trust early on. Now is your chance to unlearn that for the sake of your own emotional well-being. The North Node is guiding you in the direction of taking some risk within the realm of relationships. The emotional part of you that’s been carefully suppressed, denied, and detached explodes in the form of an emotional volcano that can no longer be controlled. This opens the door to deeper possibilities in love and the exposure of what’s been hidden. The North Node facilitates a way of being the feels comfortable with the degree of vulnerability necessary to feel close, intimate, and more connected. A distant and detached way of being has run its course. The most promising possibilities lie within the realm of deeper, moore trusting, and meaningful bonds with another.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
This week’s grand trine will most likely hand you the means to access your life’s central purpose and a way to align more closely with it. Black Moon Lilith is busy disrupting an old mindset, an old belief or limitation involving love, passion, exposure, vulnerability, and what may be newly possible for you. You may be given the opportunity to feel safer with, and more receptive to, a kind of love that is less complicated and less contrived – more natural, instinctively informed, sensually satisfying, and straight-forward. The North Node signifies a partner’s influence – an invitation to a way of being within relationships that’s less restrictive, more trusting, and more emotionally satisfying. This week you’ll likely make lots of progress in the direction of embracing the essential purpose of your life.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
A warmer, deeper, more personally satisfying, emotional involvement with your work may be the center around which your life purpose revolves. The distance you create between your work and your instincts, between what comes naturally, what you long for, and what you intuitively perceive – may dissolve. The more personally satisfied you feel with the nature of your work the more powerfully transformative and healing your influence becomes. The more deeply aligned with and informed by your intuition the greater access you have to the deep reserves of wisdom you’ve mysteriously accumulated over lifetimes. It may no longer be necessary to improve your skills in the traditional sense. It may be of greater value to you and the world for you to trust the subtle messages you receive and to seamlessly integrate those into the service you provide and the work you do. The North Node is offering you a relatively easy transition in this regard.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Pisces is in the process of more easily entering into a flow of life that will clarify and energize your central purpose. You’re being given a gift that requires only your acceptance. But it may involve leaving the past behind. There is a more powerful harmony cosmically influencing your life this week. It has the ability to flip you onto a track that effortlessly moves you in a less familiar, more adventurous and enlivening direction. Black Moon Lilith is quietly disrupting your old approach to life and the role you play within the realm of relationships. She’s making it easier for you to believe in your ability to create a mindset that frees you to pursue a more deeply satisfying, intimately connected, powerfully transformative, loving relationship. The mind may more easily give way to the heart. A gift of something warmer that exposes and clarifies your deepest longing for love may be handed to you.

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