Horoscopes for the Week of Oct. 9th – 15th

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Venus, newly in the sign of Scorpio as of Oct. 8th moves relationships in the direction of something more honest and truthful. Encounters with the lies we tell ourselves opens the door to something more satisfying and meaningful.

On October 12th Venus in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus. Something enlightening changes your perspective on the nature of your relationships. It may no longer seems impossible to get what you want, love or value within the bounds of a partnership. The problem (culprit) may not be who or what you’ve always thought it was. An important underlying truth is exposed and acknowledged.

Also on Oct 12, Mercury in Scorpio trines the Cancer North Node. A hidden truth dredged up from the emotional depths allows you to move in a more tuned-in, emotionally nourishing, instinctively aligned direction.

On October 13th an Aries Full Moon squares Pluto. Results constitute the final, brutal blow to a dead or dying situation. There is no going back. Nothing further can come of what was. But an Aries full Moon likely signifies a passionate fight to the bitter end to convince yourself otherwise.

The Sabian symbol for the Aries full Moon on Oct. Oct 13th sets the tone for the week: “A boxer lowers his guard to bring his opponent off-balance then follows through with an unexpected uppercut.”

It is likely that something institutionally powerful – a supporting structure, (personal) set of rules, enforcement mechanism, or commonly agreed upon standard, will be totally destroyed in a final brutal blow.

This Aries full Moon falls on the Vesta/Neptune midpoint. A passion for preserving safeguards that enforce equality, the balance of power, justice, and the protection of personal dignity are dissolving in a sea of confusion and disillusionment. The spark of life that once infused an aging set of common or personal values is being overwhelmed and dissolved.

But interestingly the tightest aspect in the Aries full Moon chart is a Jupiter/full Moon trine. Something better, freer, more expansive, and hopeful is being cosmically arranged under current planetary influences. An ending opens the door to something more promising. The “right” door opens. An emerging opportunity leads you in a better, more meaningful direction.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
A courageous, but refined and beautiful action hastens the end of something that undermined your relationship with yourself. Issues of power, control, professional success, and status benefit from an honest, truthful, statement/admission that risks leaving you vulnerable, weakened, and exposed – but instead will render you more powerful. The truth actually does set you free. It appears that an emotional ending is leading you in the direction of something more adventurous and maybe foreign. You seem to be in a position to teach others what you have learned through direct experience. A publisher may be waiting in the wings for the kind of information you have to offer. Legal decisions work in your favor. Travel reveals new and promising possibilities. You may finally be able to achieve the kind of success that’s most meaningful to you because you can now let go of the need to prove yourself to another.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
The full Moon in your 12th house illuminates the dissolution of something you’ve historically had a hard time seeing, acknowledging, or integrating – your blind spot. The emerging, more accurate/honest picture may be upsetting or destabilizing in ways that are reflected in your health, work environment, or routine responsibilities. But it is possible that you will feel newly empowered and set free by an ending or the death of something that’s run its course. It is also possible that you will begin to believe in the magical power of your mind to manifest the things that are most nourishing to you. A deep personal transformation or agreement to release something dishonest or delusional moves you in the direction of freedom. expansion, and what’s most meaningful to you. A more fulfilling dream can manifest in the form of something your mind fuels and energizes.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Venus in your 6th house of health and routine opposing Uranus might have awakened, revealed, or intensified the need to bring something (a relationship or public role) to a close. It may be increasingly obvious that doing what you love, being with who you love, advancing a rare skill in an unusual area of interest, and opening the door to something more promising is necessary. Pluto in your 8th house of transformative healing empowers you to create a new and different kind of magic/healing. It may also trigger some fear involving a financial partnership, dependence, and stability, A committed partner may have an influence over your ability to accept an opportunity, to change, or to make your move in a more personally meaningful (public) direction. This may involve your life’s work and a newly discovered, deeply personal gift rooted in the past.

CANCER (June 21-July)
The full Moon brings to a close an old way of relating to others – mainly because your sensitivity to others will become more powerful and deeply penetrating. The penetrating, X-ray-like impressions you receive in any relationship encounter will most likely require stabilizing, grounding, personal adjustments. It’s as though you can see through others. But this enhanced ability goes both ways. You and “the other” may both feel more vulnerable or exposed in the encounters you experience. The role you play within the realm of relationships- and relationships themselves- could change in fairly profound ways. Within the relationship realm you may discover things that are very difficult to accept and integrate. It’s possible you will be able to bring a loving relationship to a deeper level. Your (healing) work with the public becomes more powerfully transformative because of what you can now see and comprehend.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
It appears your foundational stability may be undermined in some regard as relationships move deeper into more sensitive or threatening (emotional) territory. Ghosts from the past come back to life to “mess with” what you thought was resolved awhile ago. It may be difficult for you to change – Leo is a “fixed” sign But a challenge is being thrown in your direction. What was settled and reasonably comfortable may be further upended. When something old has run it’s course it must be released – preferable before the toxicity and decay begins to set in. Something more expansive, free, or foreign may be calling your name. New and interesting opportunities may require consideration. What’s done and complete opens the door to something more meaningful. A new chance to follow your most purpose-driven life may present itself – along with the chance to clarify, update, and embrace the truth of who you’re becoming. Learning to tune into another’s needs seems critical.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
Something you once felt very inspired and passionate about may be losing steam. Where you once felt very alive doing whatever you were doing, what has evolved may now need to be viewed through the lens of something more honest. If you’re putting one foot in front of other but feeling a little flat or uninspired it might be time to accept that an end point has been reached and something new is required.
What’s coming to a close may be infused with intensity and fear. Endings and the release of old attachments are especially intense. You may have been fighting against the inevitable for awhile. A leap of faith is required. Passion and the feeling of being alive and inspired by the direction your life is taking is important. The door appears to be opening to something more meaningful, satisfying, and alive.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
Something within the realm of relationships has reached an impasse or end-point. There is no further growth that is possible without a change in direction, perspective, the role your currently playing, or a “next level” more intimate kind of experience. It’s good to release what’s going nowhere before toxicity and decay set in. A change in values or priorities may accompany a sudden flash of enlightenment, insight, or clarity. It may be important to consider releasing whatever feels dishonest or distorted. An old belief or fear surrounding the hazards of telling yourself the truth about the actual nature of a (financial) relationship can now be reconsidered. Telling yourself the truth changes your life and moves you in a more promising and meaningful direction. Reject a relationship strategy you might have inherited and do it your own way.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
It is possible that you have, or soon will be, experiencing a deeper level of intimacy within the realm of relationships. It may be both deeply satisfying and somewhat threatening. Fear of exposure or a more intense level of vulnerability is exactly the kind of challenge Scorpio craves and dreads. But it may be happening and you may be dealing with both its beauty and many new complications. Something magical/synchronous/haunting/dark/synchronous and devouring may be in the works. It’s likely you’ll be pushed to your limits. A deep and maybe brutal level of honesty with yourself (and another) is required. You may be forced to face the parts of yourself you’ve spent a lifetime denying. But it appears you’re on the threshold of an entirely new, more meaningful way of relating. Your capacity for love is expanding. One stark warning – don’t lie or mislead. Be present and scrupulously honest.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Emotionally it appears you will hit a dead end trying to be someone other than who you are – pretending you don’t need what you actually do, and/or trying single handedly to keep a relationship in it’s current form from falling apart. This is unsustainable. A break or breakdown may need to materialize for you to finally tell the truth about what you need. Realistically it may be hard for you to define what what you need. It’s probably unclear. The progress you make seems related to pressures building and something you can no longer control or hide. Unexpectedly a flood of emotion may burst into the open as something more honest (finally) emerges. Tight controls are released. But you may have come “kicking and screaming” to get to this point. The good news is that you’re being set free to be who you are and to need what you need. Communication is key. The possibilities for more meaningful and authentic relationship are endless once the truth is acknowledged.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
What is being exposed and set free within the realm of relationships changes the nature of your role. A final, “no going back” line in the sand has been drawn. It’s time to do what it takes to stretch yourself in a direction you probably fear. Flexibility is required for a relationship to succeed. Capricorn thrives on challenges. But this is an emotional challenge – the hardest kind for Capricorn. Deeply ingrained emotional patterns must be released for you to succeed in ways that are most meaningful to you. An ongoing battle to retain the stability of your foundation by sticking with what’s old and (dubiously) reliable is no longer an option. Now you must connect with and rely on a deep faith in yourself, your instincts, and intuition – something that was likely discouraged in the past. A leap of faith may be required to revive your inner life and to get it back in working order. It’s the only thing that can guide you in the most meaningful future direction possible.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Forces outside your control are upending what’s always been. Endings mysteriously materialize. You may become aware after the fact. What’s happening beneath the surface of consciousness is deeply transformative. It may feel like someone or something has moved into the driver’s seat of your life. You may be getting the idea that you’re on the threshold of a profound end-point. Something is exposed that finally allows you to put the pieces together. Something enlightening or unexpected clues you into the progress you’re making despite any conscious effort on your part. Success may be measured in the depth of connection and intimacy you’re able to achieve. Old blockages (karma) disappears. Something more honest replaces what’s become irrelevant. Doors open into new, more adventurous social scenes. Change moves you in the the more meaningful direction you were always meant to go.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
The social environment you prefer – the one that feels most conducive and seamlessly aligned with who you are, what you value, what you crave, and what you love – becomes more important now. The truth is you need to be invited and warmly welcomed into a social environment or surrounding atmosphere that promises a mystical experience of “one-ness.” Boundaries between you and your environment can be very thin or non-existent. A powerful discriminating faculty combined with a heightened sense of awareness allows you recognize when you’re ‘home’ in the spiritual sense. What you thought you wanted and needed may no longer be. Something has run it’s course. Your delicate sensitivity requires a rarified environmental experience. A feeling of being separate and distinct is not conducive to Pisces mode of operation or most natural way of being. What you crave may be a greater sense of intimacy with all that is. Explore and tune-in. Be very picky about where you land.

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