Pisces Full Moon Horoscopes the Week of Sep. 11th-17th

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On Saturday Sep. 14th at 12:33 AM Eastern time a Full Moon rises at 21 Degrees of Pisces 05′. Full Moons represent the harvest, reaping what you’ve sown, a full blossoming of potential, a completed cycle. Having taken something as far as it can go in one direction we experience the full bloom or harvest. A seed that was planted at the August 30th Virgo new Moon begins to bear fruit.

Now there’s an opportunity to equalize, harmonize, and bring into balance. A retreat from overdoing or under-doing is possible.

Relationships are always highlighted under full Moons. The promise of the August 30th Virgo new Moon is being clarified in subtle ways. Something has ripened or improved – the result of a precise, targeted focus and actions designed to heal or correct.

This full Moon shows the Virgo Sun in opposition to the Pisces full Moon. Specifically we may be aligning with an intuitive or natural flow to move ourselves in the direction we want to go. A targeted effort combined with intuitive knowing and a willingness to go with the flow reflects the best of what can be at this time.

Under this full Moon Venus and Mercury align at the 29th (final) degree of Virgo. Communication and precisely defining a goal improves relationships and brings closure to something that had been left unfinished. This may be related to what was initiated last February (Feb. 18th?) under a 0 degree Virgo full Moon.

A clean-up operation may be almost complete. It may be time to release what has been a pre-occupation or all-comsuming effort. The clock is ticking.

A dynanmic t-square and supportive earth trine dominate the full Moon chart. Jupiter in Sagittarius is a focal point – a symbol of freedom, expansion, opportunity and the possibility of disciplining an urge to exaggerate and overdo.

Capricorn supports Virgo’s long-term focused efforts in a specific area of life.

This Full Moon on the Vesta/Saturn midpoint is about work and a devotion to keeping your inner flame and passion for life alive. You may reap what you’ve sown in a good way if you’ve persisted or insisted on somethig more exciting or promising when it was an option to give in or give up.

There’s value in keeping your situation fluid (mutable Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Gemini) and finding ways to integrate higher forms of invisible guidance (trusting your intuition). But it’s equally important to follow up, to verify, to test your ideas, to share responsibility, and to know where you stand. Routine measurements and timelines keep you on track.

The Sabian symbols for this full Moon speaks to themes of maintaining a code of ethics, high standards, and centering/ordering personal/social routines. Staying true to your beliefs, dreams, and a moral philosophy of life seems important.

It may be necessarry to put something of value on the line even if it puts you in a precarious position. There may be opportunities to connect metaphysical powers to earthly powers – to heal, protect, and reform. An opportunity to take responsibility for social healing and justice in some small corner of your world presents itself. The 29th critical Virgo degree involving Mercury and Venus emphasizes the fact that with regard to human relationships and standards we’re teetering on the cusp.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
A renewal of life and revival of passion can be attributed to a realization of positive developments in your financial sector. A fortified sense of self-worth and devotion to shared values works to your benefit. You may feel more alive and focused – on the cusp of finishing up a phase of hard work or self-improvement – on the verge of a new, more balanced way of relating to yourself and others. The full Moon in your 12th (hidden) house intensifies feelings, sensitivities, and your ability to access intuitive knowledge and guidance. It seems useful and advantageous to trust and integrate what you sense. Be cautious of escapist tendencies or the desire to live in a fantasy world full-time. Career obligations serve to keep you grounded, on track and focused on improvements. You could tap into some limitless potential and expansion through your ideas re: process, methods, endings, cleaning and completing. You may be on the cusp of a personal debut or more extroverted “coming out” phase.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
There is something very romantic, harmonizing, creative, and magnetic going on in your 5th house of love and personal self-expression. Mercury gives you the power to speak the truth with beauty, clarity, and eloquence. Ideas reflect your desire to serve and heal. Self expression may reflect a desire to shake things up or disrupt the status quo by maneuvering behind the scenes, presenting a false reality, or attempting to deceive through something imaginative or elaborate. You might want to re-envision or re-imagine or rethink a plan through the lens of trust. Foundationally it may be time for something new and improved especially since it may be time to move a romantic relationship from the sexually exciting, playful phase into the more responsiblle, day-to-day “are we willing to do the work” phase. Old pain involving loss and deception may come back with some force. Your 3rd house of truth-telling seems esepcially charmed and fortunate. A break from the past and an old approach sets you free.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Mercury (your chart ruler) and Venus in the final degree of Virgo signals an impending change in focus – away from home, family, the past, and foundational issues, into the realm of something more fun – playful, loving, and self-expressive. Financial details, costs involving home improvements and family expenses may demand your attention. Partners may be especially encouraging re: career but something may be exaggerated, over-the-top, or not totally accurate. You may sense somethng being off, confusing, or operating at the level of something deceptive or misleading. You may be good at getting to the source of the problem. A challenging and thorough transformation may be necessary to support your relationship and the foundation of your security. Trust, intimacy, betrayal, debt, the structure of financial partnerships and the balance of power might give you some clues as to the delicate nature of what needs to be addressed and transformed. Values and priorities change at the soul level. Your work environment or health may reflect the change.

CANCER (June 21-July)
Security and a sense of stability is critically important to Cancer. Under this full Moon you may be encouraged to expand your reach and to continue to materialize (piece by piece) a vison for the kind of future you dream of. A disciplined approach to communication, to learning what you need to learn – to keeping it interesting, honest, focused, and connected – may be moving you incremmentally closer to an ideal or unshakeable belief in yourself. A leap of faith may be timely especially if it’s related to travel, higher education, legal maneuvering, or publishing. A culmination, success, or new freedom may be the result of something more balanced and aligned between your present and future, your beliefs and the facts, reality and fantasy. There is some unlimited potential for expansion related to your responsibilities, your work, health, habits, and routines. Supporting a more satisfying and happy relationship with yourself may involve meticulous attention to seemingly insignificant thoughts. Attention provides a form of fuel and energy. Be discrimminating about where you direct your attention and where you will allow your mind to go.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Under this full Moon what may be most rewarding and satisfying to you is the ability to apply your intuition and internal guidance system in ways that benefit your work, health, goals, and ongoing self-improvement efforts. You may find solid evidence and support for trusting your instincts – and a partner or partnership that reflects back to you the justification for an increasing sense of confidence and self-assurance. You may be reaping the rewards of a meticulous approach to a financial partnership – or a realization that it’s time to take an old approach to the next level. In some regard you’re set free to express yourself in a more balanced, healthy ways. Profound transformations are in progress. Dreams are coming true. You can afford to attend to your health. Expansion into something more self-expreessive and joy-filled may be the new frontier. You can experience the full extent of your magical power to attract what you want by upgrading a disciplined approach to finacial/resource management – and by organzing your priorities to more closely align with your values.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
Something exciting, expansive, foreign, and freeing supports a new approach to life, to relationships, and to the idea of cultivating a mmore supportive reelationshp with yourself. You may be getting the message that it’s time to construct a different kind of foundation from which to launch your goals and ambitions. It may be time to move, to set yourself free of old, restrictive family influences, and to up-size your vision for your life and expectations for what you can accomplish. The full Moon in your 7th house has taken you as far as you can go with a current approach to relating. It may be time to reap the rewards of a disciplined appraoch to life and to allow yourself free rein to follow your heart. It may be time to expand your reach and to expect that your most rewarding point of focus may involve activism, service to the community, a cause, or group effort. It seems you may be newly awakened to your visionary potential. You can see what’s possible and ideal – for you, your relationships, and society in general. You may already possess natural executive talents that attract condtions requirring organization and tthe ability to keep track of lots of moving parts.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
Libra is at the end of an ending phase – a cleaning, clearing, “throwing-it-all-out” phase. If all has gone well you might feel light and unencumbered or ready to reveal what has been gestating since Feb.of 2019. The possibility remains that that you might have one last thing to release over the next few days. It might be the most difficult thing to release. By next Saturday you will be at the beginning of the beginning. A new role within the realm of relationships is possible. A new career or change in life direction may materialize. Your way you begin anything is with an eye for beauty and design, the motivation to promote balance, harmony, interaction, relaxation, justice, fairness, and equality. You may need another to spar with you, to listen, to help problem-solve, or reveal your latest writings and imaginings to. A new beginning brings hope and something refreshing. Your health or work environment may reflect changes and developments at deeper levels of your being. A profound transformation of values and priorities supercharges your ability to create something brilliant, inventive, progressive, and undermining to the status quo.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
This full Moon encoourages and enables you to keep the passion and a flickering inner flame alive with a combination of controlling and disciplining your thoughts and communication while nurturing a revelation, a flash of insight, and maybe a change in your value system regarding what’s most important within the realm of relationhships. A cause that may be closee to your heart – a group effort or cherished dream serves to balance the equation and to keep it real. Being of service may be its own reward. You may be on the cusp of something that brings inner peace, closure, an exit, ending phase, or social adjustment. Your relationship with your spiritual life, yourself, a hidden relationship, lost relationship, intutive source of power, or haunting element, is over… or revived in a way that encourages you to delve deeper for the truth. Controlling your thoughts and disciplining yor mind may set you free to receive love from a new source or to experience a prfoundly romantic kind of love that refuels your passion.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
This full Moon gives you the freedom to expand your role within the realm of relationships and to set yourself free of some chronic sense of confinement or limited opportunity. A negotiation, agreement, or discussion, accompanied by refusal to back down or to go with the flow may have given you greater influence, the power to cultivate a cherished goal, or more interesting life direction. Initiating a negotiation or opening up the discussion – hearing what the other has to say could prove to be pivotal turning point. A strong sense of self worth and self-discipline re: finances, values, and resource management supports further developments with regard to personal goals and what you aspire to. Venus and Mercury’s move into your 11th house revives dreams, hopes, and wishes – and your ability to give and receive the love. The full Moon may bring you new friend, ally, source of social suppoort, or fortunate piece of information. A message from a loved one heals an old source of pain. The past and future, personal and public, heart and soul are brought into balance.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Your opportunity sector is highlighted and emphasized. New information or a clarification gives you the power and confidence you need to create the kind of future you desire. After being in a dark, confusing, fear-filled personal space – especially with regard to finance and relationship goals, now you may be in the process of breaking free. An important piece of information or time spent clarifying what was real and what was not changes the game. It’s likely you are (or soon will be) in a better space with more options and freedom than you previously assummed you could be. What may become evident are options providing something more flexible, effective, or workable. The flexibility of your mind along with an ability to channel valuable intuition and guidance along side rational thought is one of your biggest assets – along with a partnership that serves as a source of encouragement and opportunities for growth. Old pain needs to be transformmed or transcended. It cannot be left alone to interfere with the expansion you’re about to experience.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Gaining mastery over hidden fears and finding ways to rely on your inner power and strength opens doors to a new, more powerful way of being. A surge of confidence may give you the courage you need to say what you feel – come what may. Pushing a little harder to open a “locked door” makes a difference. Being willing to discuss touchy subjects involving intimacy, self-esteem, money, debts, betrayals, and trust could pay off in a big way. You have four days left to finish a difficult transformational phase before the door swings open to new opportunities for travel, expansion, freedom, something more interesting, educational, or adventurous. As usual it’s important to maintain some discipline in the area of personal finance. You may neeed to say no to yourself or another. Maybe there’s room to improve your methods for managing resources. Positve changes involving health and work satisfaction can be expected if you continue to focus on mastering your ability to control fear and to taking on (relationship) burdens that don’t belong to you.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Under this full Moon you will be encourageed or challenged to form a more supportive, balanced, responsible, artistic or harmonious relationship with yourself. Essentially you will be given the opportunity to improve the nature of your partnership with yourself. A change involves something more loving, playful, joy-filled, and entertaining. You may need to give yourself more opportunities to showcase your talents, your ability to beautify, harmonize, and to make any interaction or space feel more comfortable and secure. You may need to pay more attention to the details of your relationship with yourself – to tone down the desire to please, to live up to anothers expectations, to need to make yourself useful, self-sacrificing, and always ready to pick up the slack. You might need to say no to yourself when you start thinking you should be more productive, efficient, effective, or “not alone.” A social cause, social environment, group of friends, or allies might clarify how you could be a better friend to yourself. You’re on the cusp of a profound transformation involving the nature of your relationships, roles you play, old, unresolved pain, and your ability to wield power through the written or spoken word.


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