New Horoscopes for the Week of Sep. 4th – 10th

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This week we’re dealing with a very dynamic “pressure cooker” configuration of planets. In astrology it’s known as a t-square.

A stellium (grouping) of practical, earthy, Virgo placements (five of them) oppose Neptune in the ethereal “who knows if it’s real or not” sign of Pisces.

We’re being challenged to balance dreamy, escapist, poorly defined, boundariless, (spiritual) energies with an infusion of precision, the facts, and focus.

Completing the t-square and adding to a higher dose of tension is the placement of Jupiter in Sagittarius squaring (conflicting with) both Pisces and Virgo tendencies. Something significant is being pushed to the brink. (See the chart below.)

An opportunity is lost if you allow yourself to drift off into “delusional” states of mind, or to overdo the workaholic, judgemental, perfectionistic/detail-oriented tendencies of Virgo. Anxiety and confusion will increase if you can’t find ways to balance the Virgo/Pisces polarity.

The t-square allows you to benefit from a revelation, clarification, or illumination of something that requires your attention.

A flood of compassion, artistic inspiration, or instictive knowing (Pisces) can be overwhelming and connfusing if it doesn’t translate into an improvement or something practically useful. Actions (Mars in Virgo) can lack meaning and direction if there’s no over-arching vision (Jupiter) to guide decision-making and your next best move.

The good news is that Saturn, the South Node, and Pluto, currently transiting through the sign of Capricorn, provide lots of support for keeping it real, grounded, and focused. There’s something to hang onto when you get confused or overwhelmed. Corrections and improvement are easier to make.

Meanwhile Uranus “the outsider” is working to set you free of something you’ve been committed to – a set of values you’ve outgrown, a limiting way of being within the realm of relationships, wishful (ungrounded) thinking, and a mindset that feels restrictive and somewhat punishing.

The t-square is tricky and challenging but it helps assess what you’re currently dealing with. It will guide you into a more balanced, realistic, and expansive state if you’re open to the need for change.

An issue from the past is coming to a head. The t-square is doing it’s part to keep you grounded and to push you past a sticking point.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
The point of illumination for Aries is the 6th house – the house of routine, work, health, daily responsibilities, and self-improvement. Actions may center around finding more effective methods, disciplined self-improvement regimens, or gaining a higher level of mastery in a specific field. Whatever it is requires a focused effort. Facts may be obscured, though. Physical symptoms may be magnified. It seems you may need to trust your instincts as much as you trust the facts you can identify. Run it by someone you trust. There may be no shortage of optimism, hope, future plans, and expansive ideas. To keep from getting carried away deliberately focus your mind on how you can transform an outdated professional, career-related way of being into something updated and more aligned with an inner knowing. Make it your own even if you have to break your own rules.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
For Taurus the fifth house of love, romance, children, and self-expression is illuminated. There may be something potentially very exciting taking shape. Underlying your efforts may be something highly inspired, (or tense and tenuous) – a strong faith in yourself, the rightness of your beliefs, and the methods you use to interact socially and with the community. But Neptune in your 11th house is tricky. There’s the possibility that you may be miscalculating public reactions. What you think is effective and acceptable may not be. What you think is unacceptable may not be. It’s time to question and maybe let go of the pressure you feel to live up to others expectations – and to be right. A long-standing approach or style may need to be tweaked or completely overhauled. Your natural instincts regarding love and social interactions (separate from other’s expectations) may need to be trusted, revived, and applied. Methods you’ve counted on may benefit from a disruption or admission. Taking a look at facts and outcomes (and being honest) is key. A beautiful dream may be on the cusp of being made real.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
The stellium of Virgo planets are energizing your 4th house and all things having to with home, family, roots, and the past. Something is illuminated. You may be encouraged to act, to have a conversation, to bring the family together for a problem-solving session. Real estate or old commitments may come into play in some way. Ghosts from the past may be alive and well and demanding your attention. In a broad sense your foundation needs attention. A partner may speak words of truth that you may or may not want to hear. The family may come into play as you assess the feasibility or rationality of current career goals and expections. Your foundation (your location or home) may not support what you want it to support. Your life direction may be fuzzy at the moment. For you it’s best to tune into your gut instincts and to take them into consideration. Underneath you may just want to be free to chart a new course. Transforming the rules or the financial workings of a partnership may be key.

CANCER (June 21-July)
The t-square illuminates your 3rd house of communication and thought. It’s the house of knowing and telling the truth. Lots of energy may be directed along the lines of problem solving, clarifying, choosing “the best” amidst an array of options, choices and ideas. This may be a challenge if you don’t have a clear vision for your future and where you want to be headed. You may prefer to keep it fluid and open. The truth is that your instincts are very good when it comes to your future. You may be prophetic or aware of incoming trends before the public realizes what those are. Now is the time to pay attention to your instincts especially when it comes to higher education, publishing, travel, and plans for expansion. Your mind is a sourcee of strength you can lean into. Old relationship “rules” can be broken. It’s time to be a solid and reeliable partner to yourself. Something is ending or coming to a head.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Undr this t-square configuration your money, values, and priorities are illuminated as well as what you own and how much you value yourself and others. Practical resource management comes into play and the facts matter. The issue of balance involves a (financial) partners influence, dreams, hopes, and wishes. Complications or sources of confusion may involve intimacy and trust. Financial deception or the temptation to deceive may be a factor. You may have to answer the question “how much are you willing to bend to accommodate something that’s fluid, intangible, and intinctively driven. How vullnerable are you to breaking a commitment to yourself, to overspending, or ignoring your values for the sake of appeasing another? Achieving balance is all very tricky. When in doubt lean into a sense of self-respect and scrupulous honesty. Don’t be afraid to break some old outdated rules regarding work, stability, and your life direction. When you’re alone and at peace, nurturing love, your soul, and your connection to all that is, you’ll know if you’ve moved into a place of balance.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
You may be feeling courageous, confident of what you know, and excited about making the kind of impact you know you can make. Something exaggerated or overwhelming on the home-front might be a challenge that distorts your presentation of yourself to the world – or the role you play within the realm of relationships. Something instinctive may be telling you that another needs your help or your input. Your “fix-it genes” may be telling you it’s time to kick it into a higher gear when actually this might be a miscalculation – the result of being pre-occupied with security needs, something domestic, or anxiety-producing. It seems safe now for you to lean into something more joy-filled – a chance to display your talents in the art/business world – or some kind of self-expression that frees you of old, outdated ways of being. Being receptive to an invitation, a love imterest, another’s input, or a chance to display your talents within the community seems to work in your favor.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
What’s happening behind the scenes or within the darkest corners of your mind and heart is most important. A revelation regarding a blind-spot, sub-conscious motivation, love interest, or old confining (karmic) commitment could be very useful going forward. It seems important to pay close attention to your instincts this week especially when it comes to your work or your health. If you feel something is off, the facts aren’t what they seem, and assistants or experts are giving you inaccurate or misleading information – you could be right. You may need to investigate – to check and double-check. Your future may be guided by your current mindset which could be overly optimistic, idealistic, or impatient. You may have a lot of ideas or problem-solving concerns – too much running through your head – that could distort the truth and your ability to discern fact from fiction. What seems supported is a break from the past and old connections with family, home, and roots. The breakdown of an old, toxic foundation seems important.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
An unveiling or public announcement that may be valuable for the community or group is put forward. What has been created behind the scenes is a “work of art” in some sense – something compassionate and fluid but also easily misunderstood, or not what it seems. It’s wise to be cautious of what you’re putting out there, what you’re endorsing, or representing. Something you’ve owned or supported may be too idealistic or too generous. A distorting influence may be in play. The truth may be trickier than it seems. But Scorpio can always find the facts, sense the motivation, and unmask the truth. It’s wise to lean into what you know, what’s official, a legal safeguard, or something irrefutable. Tune out the noise and embrace what’s solid, real and factual. Something may be coming to a head – or to a close.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Under this t-square is an opportunity to clarify, illuminate, reveal, and maybe define with precision a life direction, goal, or career choice. But something distorting involves an overwhelming urge to put your expansive, freedom-loving, independent, most interesting self forward. Making a big, bold, idealistic statement about who you are may be a distraction that’s obscuring or confusing the main point or ultimate goal. Something more practical and factual may need to be taken into consideration. Your instincts regarding a home base or a new foundation are powerful and need to be taken into consideration. A partner may need to be taken into consideration as well. Balance is key. It’s tricky. Resource management is important and you may be benefitting in some way. Financially things may be improving. An old focus may be coming to a close as new understanding takes hold. A resolution or ending is in sight.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21
Yourr 9th house of travel, independence, freedom, and expansion is illuminated under this t-square. You may be plannning to take some action to make your world bigger. But secret fears regarding expansion, loss of opportunity, or a history of past future plans failing to meet expectations may need to be acknowledged and resolved. Keeping it small does not make you useful to yourself or to a partner. But dealing with the small,practical, details of an expansion does. This could apply to working through the practical details of going back to school, getting something published, winning a legal case, stepping into foreign territory, or freeing yourself from a confining situation. You may need solid proof in a life situation that’s calling for something intangible like an unshaleable faith in yourself, the future, a higher power, etc. You may have the power to bring an old way of being to a close. Leaning into a stable but free-spirited partner seems wisee

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
A conversation involving a financial partnerships – knowing the financial facts, being brought up-to-date on debts and assets, current, practical strategies, what you own, and considering mutually agreed upon changes, etc, can reveal what you’re missing – or suspect you may be missing. Psychological issues may come into play in ways that influence money management. It’s good to have a deeper understanding of why specific decisions are being made and how those influence an individual’s self-worth and independent decisions re: money. Something is unclear – maybe deliberately so. Instincts and old fears need to be taken into consideration. A complete transformation may be required to correct an balance of power. The power of social influences to sway your decisions re: money (overspending) can now be clarified. Something hidden (hidden fears) can be brought into the open and disempowered. The time is optimal for a resolution and ending.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Within the realm of partnerships, one or the other of you (maybe both) are motivated to make some practical improvemments. With Pisces this can be confusing. Pisces boundaries are thin so they’re prone to not knowing “what belongs to who.” Is it you who is being controlling, obstinate, unavailable – or the other? The accusations may fly this week because Mars is involved and he likes to spar. But you may have to conceentrate on using your discrimminating and intuitive faculties to know whether an accusation is valid or not. You may have to do some self-examination and reality testing before you accuse another of doing what you’re doing or acept criticism that’s not valid. The point is there is an opportunity to take action to improve partnerships/marriages/love affairs. For you the future – or a future life direction – may be all-consuming. If “moving on” or setting yourseelf free is not materializing you may be frustrated and blame “the other” for blocking your path. You’re looking for answers. The convenient one’s probably aren’t real. ou may need to alter your consciousness in a healthy way (meditation) to get to the truth. Now is the time to find the answers within and to make the changes you’re aiming for.

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