Libra New Moon


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The long-running Jupiter/Neptune square is separating. It seems we’re coming out of a fog, waking up, seeing what’s there, noticing what’s real, and getting a grip.

Today Venus in Libra squares the Capricorn/Cancer nodal axis – and Saturn. It’s time to decide on a focus and direction. Something limiting, confining, punishing, or guilt-ridden, has played out. Old tendencies and approaches are trying to find a way to exit your life.

A new and different focus must be considered. Future growth depends on choosing a kinder, more nurturing, emotionally relevant path. You’ll feel the pressure to decide.

Venus’s square to Saturn puts limits on love. Relationships, financial security, a sense of balance, and what you need to feel stabiliizing and supported is being challenged. New and different actions (responses) are required. Self-discipline is required.

On Thursday, September 26th, Mercury in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn. Communication within the realm of relationships is complicated, manipulative, or revealing in a way that could feel deeply disturbing.

Motivations may be dark or hidden. Power struggles intensify. The darker truth is intuited and exposed. Verbal conflict is likely but fraught with risk. Caution is advised. Lies could be costly. Temporary fixes will further complicate what probably needs to be completely overhauled.

Saturday’s New Moon in Libra is a new beginning within the realm of relationships. It’s accompanied by a longing for love, romance, beauty, kindness, support – and peace.

As the week progresses increasingly you’ll feel under Libra’s spell. You may feel the need express what you feel in artistically beautiful ways. (If you find yourself wandering through a bookstore, for example, you might feel like lingering in the poetry section for awhile.)

Materializing a dream or mastering the finer techniques/technical aspects of your craft is supported and encouraged. I predict lots of marriage proposals over the next couple weeks as this new Moon falls on the Juno/Mercury midpoint.

I also predict more break-ups as what’s flimsy or false is recognized and cannot be tolerated.

Uranus in Taurus forms an exact inconjunct to this new Moon.

What you value most – the things that strengthen a relationship, make it durable, and abundantly nourishing in consistent and satisfying ways – may require a significant emotional adjustment. Protecting and sustaining a supportive personal environment may be the issue.

A financial arrangement may need to be adjusted for a new emotional beginning to take hold.

Neptune inconjuncts Venus – the ruling planet of the impending new Moon.

Boundaries dissolve in ways that reveal a hidden truth. A justice/fairness/values issue is brought forward.

Within the realm of relationships you may find yourself acting as an agent of justice, a protector of what you value most, or quality control expert. You may watch a dramatic dissolution play out on the world stage – or experience it within your personal life. Something insubstantial or unreal is revealed for what it is. An emotional/role adjustment or new aproach is required.

It is likely you will conclude – sometime around Saturday’s new Moon – that going back to what was is not a sustainable emotional option.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
A new Libra Moon highlights your 7th house of relationships. A new emotional beginning involving all one-one relationships triggers an old wound and challenges you to find ways to make relationships work despite some inherent challenge or unhealed wound. Venus in your 7th house of relationships may be challenging you to make a choice to go forward or back. The growth potential seems to revolve around settling into yourself and cultivating a home base that provides you with a sense of stability and comfort. The past needs to be left behind. This involves an old approach to success, the meaning you ascribe to success, ambition, reaching your goals, and dealing successfully in public realms and venues. Something more foundational seems important. Uranus inconjuncts the new Moon. Your values may have changed in ways that allow you to settle down and settle in. Financial needs lead you to adjust in ways that are unique and brilliant.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Something new may be introduced into your daily routine. Your health status may change. The nature of your style and approach to life may change. And your role within the realm of relationships may change. There’s lots of adjusting to do as your usual routine may be upended. Maintaining your sense of balance is important. Venus’s square to Pluto has you struggling to keep it light, civil, and kind. But you may not be feeling it. It seems important that you’re being challenged and disrupted in the ways you are. Sameness and predictability can allow you to lose your edge or to not be as observant as you need to be. You need to stay edgy, truthful, and keep those around you on their toes. Your mind needs to stay sharp. Take breaks and be kind to yourself especially if you feel like you might be thrown off balance or treated unfairly.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
There is an opportunity for something new and growth producing within the realm of relationships and finances. You may have the opportunity to do what you love and to advance your desire to be financially independent and more powerful in the proceess. There may be some fear involving financial partnerships. But that fear seems purposeful and advantageous beyond just making you insecure or afraid. Your 5th house of creativity and children is highlighted. Something lurking in the darkness (fear of scarcity, mistrust, or losing control) is challenging you to maintain your balance. Subconscious issues can add an edge to communication that initially seemed light and non-threatening. Venus is forcing your hand or forcing you to make a choice this week. What looks right and promising is something grounded in the values of the (ancient) past, down to earth, natural, and environmentally sound.

CANCER (June 21-July)
An element of emotional “newness” is associated with your relationship to home, family, roots, and the past. You may have relocated or resolved something from the past. But it’s not pain-free. Something painful involving courage, goals, or success may be triggered. A challenging partner, challenge to your primary relationship, or upsetting conversation involves a primal struggle for power and control and maybe something dark and secretive. You may be struggling to maintain your balance amidst professional, domestic, and relationship change and upheaval. You’ve got your hands full. The growth potential seems to lie within the realm of your style and approach to life and the role you play within the realm of relationships. You could infuse some balance into the equation by launching something supportive, nurturing, soft, kind, soulful, or caring in your direction. It’s good to take care of yourself as something old is released.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21
The new Moon your 3rd house of communication highlights a new emotional beginning – or the need for a new emotional beginning. Something uncomfortable may be related to expansion, the unknown, travel, publishing, or higher education. Health routines or health issues may be resolved or reach a point of closure. Sickness or healing – or the desire to make improvements – may be laced with sommething controlling, resistant, powerful, dark, or untrustworthy. Words matter and carry a lot of weight. How you say what you have to say may reveal something that makes you vulnerable. Still the discussion needs be had. There is growth potential attached to self-examination and an acceptance of the mind’s influence over the body. What changes the equation and allows you to move forward may be your ability to find the flaw in your thinking. It may be related to the unknown or the future. Meditation seems “not optional” this week. The more you cultivate a transcendent relationship with yourself the freer you become.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
The impending Libra new Moon highlights a new beginning related to your finances. More independence or the freedom to make your living doing what you love is a possibility. But it’s complicated. You may have to strategize or enlist some professional help to deal with taxes, debts, or a challenging situation that makes you too anxious to think clearly. An old wound may be triggered as you navigate your way toward something more aligned with your innate talents and what you love. What seems promising is something kind of support with growth potential within the social/group realm of your life. You may have the talent and experience to lead a cause, organize an effort, or provide know-how and expertise for groups attempting to organize. It’s likely you have friends in high places who can ease your way into something new.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
A new emotional beginning or role within the relationships accompanies the impending new Moon. But it looks painful in some regard. Something knocks the scab off an old wound or reminds you of all the times you’ve been hurt in relationships. The challenge to let go of the past – of family, home, and roots intensifies under this new Moon. Something dark and undermining may have a hold on you but you need to find a way to release it’s grip. Now would be good. Essentially there is no growth potential attached to living in the past, in close contact with relatives, or in a home that feels unsupportive. Growth potential seems to exists within the public realm or with your ability to infuse your soul into your work/relationships. Offering comfort, a soft place to land, and a safe, supportive place for yourself and others to pursue their goals is life-enhancing. Uranus accelerates a transformation. Adjustments need to be made.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
For you a new emotional beginning takes shape behind the scenes and out of sight. Your relationship to the invisible, romantic, artistically beautiful, transportive, all-encompassing realm of life is highlighted and energized. You may be in the gestational phase of materializing a dream, a dreamy lover, partner, or situation that makes you whole. You may be recognizing and feeling the power of your mind to shape your reality. But all of this might lead back to a painful reminder that you need to do the courgeous work required to become whole and fully integrated in your own right – self-possessed, fulfilled, and satisfied in the absence of partner or stabilizing relationship. An old, contracted way of thinking may limit an expansion or delay a move forward. The urge to engage in an adventure may not need to be put off. Internal freedom can be nurtured through direct experience. You need to prove yourself wrong to be free of something you assume is true that actually may not be.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
A new emotional beginning involves your 11th house. This is where you need to find the courage to be an outsider, to refuse to tie yourself in knots in order to fit in, and to follow your heart in a direction that might leave you with only a couple close friends who love and “get you.” A new emotional beginning triggers an old source of pain – maybe the need to suppress what you desire and love in service of what the “group” will tolerate. It might be time to rebel against an old emotional relationship you’ve had with friends and social social situatins in exchange for something more self-nurturing. A transformation is in play with lots of potential for connecting with something more meaningful. But you’ll have to release an old source of fear, confinement, and sameness.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Venus and the new Moon in your 10th house of your highest, most valued accomplishment in life (money and balanced relationships) is offering a new emotional opportunity that increases your chance to succeed. But something primal and painful from the past is triggered presenting a crisis or challenge that needs to be addressed. Capricorn has an especially hard time letting go of the past. But now it’s the realistic thing to do. An old role within the relationships, or regarding your style and approach to life, has run it’s course. A partner may be asking you to play a different role – something more sensitive, emotionally tuned-in, and supportive. A different, kinder, more forgiving relationship with yourself is filled with growth potential. The old rigid/fearful way represents a dead end. The gift your given is a new emotional beginning that supports the kind of success you value most. It’s time to let go and move forward.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21
Aquarian’s current work is to figure out how to confidently navigate through the dark, to trust their instincts, to control their thoughts, to further the integration of their mind and body, and to basically go it alone. I’m rethinking the “going it alone” part though. What’s real and what’s not can be especially confusing now. Maybe it’s time to consider (during meditation or down time) enlisting the help of an ancestor who’s passed on to be your guide and a source of support. He or she could serve as someone who clarifies for you what’s real and what’s not, the meaning behind any pain, exhaustion, or disturbing disolving influence you may be experiencing. Invisible guides exist just in case you might think to ask for help. If it’s not your thing to ask for help think in terms of making a valuable, trancendent, source of wisdom feel useful. It’s a mutually beneficial thing.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
The new Moon in your 8th house of financial partnerships, debts owed, taxes, and death ignites some primal fear and invites an intensificaton involving issues of power/powerlessness and balance. Something needs to be transformed within the social/community/activist/friendship realm of your life. Old psychological conditioning may have put extra pressure on you to socialize in situations that feel irrelevant, meaningless, beside the point, or having nothing to do with who you are and what you love. The past is losing it’s grip on you. It’s looking for the exit ramp. Social obligations may becoome increasingly intolerable. You’re free to change your focus in a direction that allows you to nurture a deeper, more meaningful, “uniquely you” engagement with life. The new Moon supports an important new emotional beginning.

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