Horoscopes for the Week of Sep. 18th – 24th

Overview for this Week:

Today the main event is Saturn’s shift into direct motion. Since April 30th Saturn in his home sign of Capricorn (structure, limitation, self-discipline, achievement) has been in retrograde motion. We’ve had about four and a half months to reconsider the nature of our reality – to get things under control, to adjust and clarify goals, sift through possibilities, re-focus, re-structure, and more clearly define what needs to be reined in. Time’s up.

You’ll notice yourseelf able to gain traction as momentum begin to build. There is an acceleration in a forward direction as delays and the need to backtrack evaporates.

Pluto in Capricorn trines Mars in Virgo. Practical actions may may be transformational, powerful, or carry lots of weight. Our motivation may be heavy and “dead serious.” We’re very invested in getting it right. To be effective we may need to “die and be reborn” into a new way of being. Desire consumes us. But this is a trine aspect. We are supported in our efforts to change by self-discipline, a clear idea of what’s at stake, and what’s required.

Saturday, September 21st marks the third and final Jupiter/Neptune square. The other two squares occurred on Jan 13th and June 16th of this year. Since January we’ve been encouraged to dream big, to escape what feels limiting or painful, to slip into something unrealistic, or downright delusional. There may be a confrontation with the truth – with what’s actually practical and possible and what’s not. The trade-offs become clear.

On the other hand we may be in the process of transcending a mental sticking point regarding our future and what’s possible. We may have inspired ourself with our dreams – or be the recipient of some magical manifestation. Or we could be disappointed by the intrusion of reality and need to compromise or let go.

On Sunday Mercury in Libra squares Saturn in Capricorn and the nodal axis. A difficult decision regarding whether to move forward or back toward something that feels familiar may be presented. The choice seems to revolve around relationships and a mindset that encourages pain and suffering or something more emotionally nurturing.

On Tuesday (Sep. 23rd) the Sun leaves the practical, earthy sign of Virgo and enters the sign of Libra. Our relationship to another or to a specific realm of life experience will be newly illuminated.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
The Mars/Pluto trine may define your reality this week (see overview). A desire to more fully integrate the various pieces of yourself into something more whole – fully self-contained and self-possessed – may be strong. Maybe the Mars/Pluto trine provides support for freeing a better flow between your mind and body, for increasing the flow of intutive information to make yourself more efficient or magical. It’s a good week to assess your fitness for navigating through a relationships without losing some important part of yourself – a desire to succeed, to achieve, to be noticed for your talents, and the down-to-earth, seemingly small and insignificant or mysterious ways you make yourself a force to be reckoned with in the world.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
This week Mercury in Libra (ruled by your chart ruler Venus) in the practical, work/health oriented 6th house, is challenged by Saturn in your 9th house of the future. Taurus tends to worry about the future – or to map out the future in ways that are realistic, limited, rooted in fear, or infused with anxiety. Your faith in yourself, a relationship, and the future may be tested this week as Mercury and Saturn face off. A hard decision may need to be made. Will you move in the direction of cultivating an emotionally supportive mindset based on what’s true – or back to something fear-based, limiting, and mmaybe undermining – a lack of faith in yourrself or the willingness to downsize your future to accommodate fear. Love (and maybe health) is the bottom line. Decisions are challenging. But Saturn’s turn into direct motion may end the waiting game.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
This week Mercury in Libra your 5th house of love, romance, children, self-expreession and keeping it all balanced is presenting a challenge. Fear intensifies. Getting it under control may be critical to alleviating the anxiety that keeps things unbalanced or moving in a direction you don’t want to go. A viscious cycle rooted in fear and the past may need to be broken or overwhelmed by a (hidden) stabilizing inflluence. You might need to dig deep. The central enduring value around which your life revolves may need to be clarified. It could serve as a stabilizing point of focus. A clarification of your worth and value is timely and useful. The issue is staying calm within the eye of a storm. There is a (mental) space within which you can feel relaxed. But you may need to exert maximum effort to discipline your mind and maintain your focus. Releasing what is too habitual and too fear-based is the opportunity. This week it may be accompanied by a sense of urgency.

CANCER (June 21-July)
Cancer may experience the acceleration of some kind of concrete change involving the past, pain, and relationships. A focus on the self as opposed to the other may be working in your favor. Reining yourself in, changing old habits, mindsets, and beliefs, or transforming the way you relate to others in general may be paying dividends in terms of your ability to make the kind of impact you want to make. Your role may be changing in the direction you want it go. A release of power and control may be giving you more power and control. It may be a process infused with an element of magic. This week yoou may need to make a difficult decision involving going back or moving forward. A continued focus on nurturing yourself may require a courageous decision. A return to what’s painful and maybe destructive (but familiar) may be tempting. An old source of pain or limitation involving your home, family, and your ability to achieve your highest aim may be revived. Don’t be side-tracked.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
This week delays and indecisiveness evaporates as the pace increases. We’re moving past a sticking point. Something involving practical financial consideration is winding down as the Sun moves into the sign of Libra. Something more balanced, just, and fair is on the cusp of capturing your attention. An old source of pain involving the future, courage, and faith in the self is revived and maybe seen through a different lens. It may trigger a desire for a rebellion of some kind against a common enemy or partner who is shown to be erratic and unreliable. A delusional or idealistic expectation may be falling short of being realized. You may feel betrayed by another or victimized by your own enthusiasm and desire to believe that justice would prevail. An old wound regarding your lack of faith in yourself or the future may be revived. Don’t let it sidetrack your soul and it’s longing to protect, defend, and preserve something of profound worth and value. Stay connected to your soul and the practical expression of your soul’s deepest longings. It’s time to disconnect from an old way of measuring success.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
Saturn’s move into direct motion may free you of some old limitation involving love, romance, and a sense that you actually do deserve a joy-filled life. It may also clarify the need to showcase your talents through a business venture of some kind or a willingness to commit to something that could stand the test of time. You social life may be charmed at the moment – a source for what will encourage you to progress in a forward, more adventurous direction. Friends, a caring, community, faithful ally, or source of emotional support may motivate you to open your heart to a lover – to romance, playfulness, creativity, or an adventure that warms you up or decreases the distance betweeen you and what you love. This is not the time to go it alone, to retreat from social involvement, to play it safe, or to play it small. This is the time to showcase your talent for making a success out of just about anything – but not for the dubious distinction being good at depriving yourself of joy or what you love.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
A part of you stuck in the past – chained to family, your home, or whatever represented sameness, familiarity, and security – may be shaken loose today. You may feel the strength of your focus taking hold, the promise of success calling you to an emerging professional opportunity, or an entirely new direction in life. Something more caring, kind, and nurturing may feel unfamiliar and somewhat risky. But choosing an emotionally supportive professional environmment or public role may symbolize the progreess you’ve made in moving away from something punishing and cold. Mercury in Libra in your 1st house presents you with a choice. What kind of role do you want to play? It’s tempting to go back to what’s familiar. But it’s wiser to move in the direction of what feels adventurous and a little risky. You may have the dubious distinction of being able to tolerate painful, challenging, competitive, or conflict-riddled relationships. Maybe you have nothing left to prove in that regard.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
It is possible you’ve had a brush with something or someone unusually powerful, desireable, magical, or tuned-in at the highest levels. It may be stimulating and supporting a profound transformation of some kind. This could be related to personal improvementts, upgrades, a deathand rebirth, or accelerated integration of some kind. You may be made whole in the process. You may be given back some power you gave away. But something old and deeply ingrained must die. It’s hard to unring the bell. A fated relationship may be part of this picture. Old relationship habits and patterns may be in the process of being undone. Your attitude and approach to life and to relatitonships in general may change – profoundly. You may need to step into a new role with different way of operating. Essentially you’re being set free. It will be a challenge to trust the process but it seems inevitable. Free will always gives you a choice. But it may be stenuous to resist what’s been set in motion. A new sense of clarity facilitates progress.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
A mysterious soul-craving allowed you to launch yourself off into a dream world – escaping reality, rationality, something stable and confining for the past nine months. Family members may have wondered about you as you cultivated a vision you could make real in your head and maybe broadly define. But you may have been willing to fight for it. You may have known that even though it sounded impractical, unrealistic, or unnecessarily complicating in some way, it was a dream and a part of you that couldn’t be lost or given up on. You may have elicited a few concessions from a loving partner or someone who believed in you. Things are entering a new phase when it will be time to make it real. That will most likely entail some practical disruptions and a moment of truth. As Mercury squares the nodes you may need to decide whether to back off or to push forward.
Fianancial realities may need to be taken into consideration without destroying the magic. The truth is with the north node hovering in your 8th house of magical power you can make it happen and it looks very beneficial overall.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Today Capricorn feels more acutely than most that something has become unstuck and the wheels are beginning to turn again. Progress can be made. Delays evaporate. What’s most emphasized is the need to progress and to better your approach to the world in general. Most improtantly it involves making progress in the kind of partner you are to yourself. Often it seems unforgiving and controlling. You may have gotten used to treating yourself as a slave with no choice but to acquiesce to the demands of a cold and cruel master. At times when you feel the most emotionally vulnerable you may abandon yourself, beat yourseelf up, or put yourself in isolation until you get over it. It’s a harsh relationship that seems to have outlived it’s usefulness. In fact you may be sensing that the old ways aren’t effective and never really have been. In fact the old ways may be devolving into something that’s taking a bigger toll than it used to. Small concessions and changes can be made and they should be recognized and acknowledged for the progress and success that they represent. This week you’ll be faced with a decision about moving forward or sticking with what’s always been.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Saturns move into direct motion accelerates and facilitatees a wash-out phase that involves leaving the past behind in preparation for a new beginning. You may have something to prove to yourself that can only be accomplished by addressing old fears buried deep within the most delicate, mysterious, and hidden aspects of your mind and soul. You may be moving in the direction of “prison-break” – clearing the way for your soul to take the lead in creating a life that feels more connected and meaningful, less fearful, and more exciting. The North Node in your 6th house is way on board, bringing you the practical stategies and know-how to accomplish something personally monumental. A move to a place that reflects your personal updated set of values may be part of the picture.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
For nine months Pisces (Neptune) has been challenging Sagittarius (Jupiter) to believe in himself and his dreams. And Jupiter has been challenging Pisces to ask for more and to find ways to express the essence of her soul in authentic, expansive, public, or adventurous ways. Visons for the future may have been cultivated and refined. For Pisces the main criteria taken into consideration might have been defining what you sense and what your soul craves. Pisces senses there is some practical application that can be extracted from what they sense. As Saturn moves into direct motion in your 11th house of dreams, hopes, and wishes it’s time to begin to manifest something real based on a dream, intutive information, and the desire to understand a mystery. The 11th house also represents groups and causes. It may be time to sense the meaning and purpose of a group in an attempt to unravel a mysterious connection. Pisces is suspicious of what seems arbitrary. A search for truth is likely to reveal patterns that are empowering in practical ways.

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