Virgo New Moon Horoscopes

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New Moon at 6 Degrees of Virgo Friday, August 30th 2019 at 6:37 AM EDT

This six degrees of Virgo new Moon is a super black Moon. It’s “black” because it’s the second new Moon of the month (unusual). And it’s super because it’s placed very close to the earth.

Friday’s new Moon is connected to the following Sabian Symbol:

“In a palatial harem the eldest wife teaches the youngest wife how to play the lute.”

This symbol implies the diversion of base, sexual, biological impulses into a higher, more refined, social, ethical, moral, or artistic forms of self-expression. It involves nurturing one’s relationships through acts of generosity, kindness, and protectiveness. Making graceful compromises necessary to earthly existence vs. prostituting oneself is a choice that is highlighted in some way.

This is a fairly subdued but powerful, stabilizing, detail-oriented New Moon. All five “personal planets” – the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus,and Mars (and Juno the marriage asteroid) – are placed in the healing sign of Virgo. This is a concentrated infusion of healing energy.

Mercury takess on the role of the “ruler.” He is the underlying, controlling influencer and motivator – the problem solver. He’s youthful and interested in making progress.

But he’s also the “trickster” of the Zodiac so his methods can be convoluted, surprising, or humorous. His methods can trick us into a higher level of understanding. In the sign of Virgo he’ll encourage us to materialize healing improvements, upgrades, and commitments.

Mercury is placed at 2 degrees of Virgo exactly conjoining Juno, the marriage and commitment asteroid.

The Sabian symbol for Mercury at 2 degrees of Virgo is the following:

On a trek up a mountain, a husband and wife come on a branching of the path and stop to argue about which way to go. Over them, unseen, hovers a shining angel.” This symbol alludes to finding a soul mate – someone who is following the same spirituall path; orienting oneself to the angelic or divine side of one’s partner (balancing the sexual and spiritual sides of a partnership); inner knowledge that love can take one to a higher place; withdrawwing to get a fresh perspective, and the protection confered upon the good at heart.”

Making graceful compromises to earthly existence involves Saturn’s influence. Currently in the sign of Capricorn (conjoined by the South Node/Pluto and sextiling Black Moon Lillith) Saturn offers an opportunity to respond to a difficult, hurtful, and limiting past (or challenging present) in a more mature, wise, and potentially disruptive way.

It’s accurate to say Black Moon insists on defining herself to herself and to interpreting things in her own way. She folllows her intuition and pays no attention to prescribed standards, or what other’s “expect” of her. She’s free and comfortable in her own skin even as she unnerves the group and the “status quo.”

In the context of this new Moon’s symbolism, someone belonging to a harem may be expected to act in self-debasing ways and ultimately simply “fall in line.” But Black Moon doesn’t respond to that kind of pressure. She ignores it.

Black Moon gives herself the freedom to seet her own standards. pursue what she loves. She hasn’t been to “charm school” and doesn’t “sugar-coat” or pretend. She’s truthfull and unapologetic – immmune to rejection.

Ceres in Sagittarius forms a graceful trine to Chiron. Freeing yourself of suffering, self-imposed limitations, or limiting self-definitions might involve a change in perspective or commitment to love, beauty, and the primacy of love.

New Moon’s always represent new beginnings – planting a seed, cultivating it, and seeing if it will grow into a symbol of who you are and what you value.

Uranus might unexpectedly validate a new beginning you’ve started to contemplate. A clarification or wake-up call is a push in the direction you’re wanting to go – or permission to leave behind something self-limiting or needlessly harsh.

If you want to heal, upgrade, improve, or make progress, an infusion of love, liberation, beauty, and strength is most effective. Taking action is likely to attract what or whom you desire.

Practial healing strategies come with an innovative or brilliant twist. Problem solving is detail-oriented, relentless, and inventive.

On more mmundane levels the universe supports improvements and upgrades to your financial situation. Lucky breaks are indicated by Uranus’s trine to all the personal Virgo planets. Financial freedom may come in the form of a reward for hard work, and service to others. It may be unexpected or the result of another’s commitment to you.

An abundance of Virgo energy, while practically useful and healing, comes with a few pitfalls. You are most likely not a saint even if you’re obsessively self-sacrificing – so don’t put yourself under that kind of pressure. It’s a distorting/distancing influence. Something a little flawed is warmer and more loveable.

Over the next two weeks progress can be expected. Clarity and a depth of understanding is the gift. Consistency brings results. Self-criticism is a double edged sword depending on what you do with it.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
The New Moon in your 6th house of work, health, and routines encourages a new beginning that will most likely be innovative, effective, and maybe just plain brilliant. Experimentation and research may stem from intuitive leanings or hunches. New methods may be developed. You as an innovator might mmake some significant contribution. You might also improve or stabilize your financial situation. A patent or two may be in your future. Action is required. Your actions and routines may be liberated and veer off their usual course. A clarification may trigger a change in focus. Saturn encourages something business-like or professionally oriented within the realm of relationships. Lucrative partnerships may be formed. Risk may be necessary but you might insist that is be a calculated risk. That seems wise.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Under this new Moon you may be embracing something new and unusual, breaking from your usual patterns, experienceing something new and subtley exciting, a personal gold mine, or source of love and beauty. A slow building process is underway that supports and benefits your effofts to improve and solidify relationships with lovers, friends, and children. Incremental progress is being made. Your intuition orr a few sensitive friends miight guide you in the right direction. An old wound buried deep within is being healed. If you’ve cultivated a deeper level of engagement with yourself you may see indirect signs that it’s actually paying off. You’re being introduced to a valuable resource that feels timeless and priceless. You might want to own it.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Something unexpected or unexpectedly restorative – beauty, love, artistic immersion or appreciation may be liberating you in ways that enhance improvements within the home. Beautification efforts are rewarded. The integrity of the family is supported or restored – or maybe incremmentally improved. Old wounds from the past may be healed or may show signs of being receptive to healing. Broken relationships may be fixed or show signs of moving in that direction. The family may benefit from a change in perspective on the past. Small steps and a change of heart seem to be leading in stabillizing direction. Ajustments are required. Maybe you’ll have to do something that’s hard to do especially if you’re trying to restore a relationship. The Saturn/Venus trine is very supportive of any effort to acknowledge a deeper commitment or greater sense of responsibility to stabilize what is foundational.

CANCER (June 21-July)
The impending new Moon in your 3rd house of communication favorably aspects your 11th house of friends, social contacts, allies, and love attractions. These two areas of life mutually benefit one another under the new Moon. Your ability to communicate clearly, truthfullly, and beautifully builds friendships and enhances your social standing. Your thoughtfulness does not go unnoticed. Your commitment to immproving your social life and to being sensitve to those within earshot is undergoing subtle but important improvements that will make a real difference. Consideration of siblings may enter into the mix in some way. You may find it easier to stabilize a relationship or to attract a new one. You’re just better at it than you used to be. And people are becoming more receptive to the uncensored truths you’re willing to share. They’re a gold mine

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Professionally it appears you are in a fortunate “break out” phase, distinguishing yourself in some important ways, building your brand, getting some lucky breaks, and reaching into the realm of a “professional force” to be reckoned with.” Liberation on both personal and professional levels may materialize. Financial stabilization, rewards, improvements, and upgrades may be flowing in your direction. It’s easy to undermine what you’ve worked hard to build by becoming too impressed with yourself. I know I say this often to Leo. But it bears repeating when the dominant energy is Virgo. Virgo is humiliity. She has a way of putting Leo in his place. Trust me. It’s better to avoid that. Efforts to improve your health and work environment may be stabilizing relationships you need to keep you efficient and effective. Attention to detail seems well worth the effort.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
As you know better than most, the details matter. It’s the small incremental steps that eventually land you right where you want to be. Someone has opened the doors and the windows and let some fresh air flow into your life. Something new is in the works. Your entire style and approach to life may be changing in a positive direction. It’s wise to follow up and to take action. Expansion seems necessary. This could come in many forms – a newly opened mind, a move, a bigger space, foreign travel, or just giving yourself permission to be free of something you were oncee committed to. New commitments are possible. You may be able to attract what you want as your attraction capabilities are extremely powerful this week. Stay focused on what you desire.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
Changes, upgrades, and improvements may be subtle or hidden. Sommething behind the scenes or invisible to others feels better to you. You may just sense that something beneficial is gestating behind the scenes. Current astrology validates that. The revelation of a secret may be especially liberating. Or you may not know exactly what’s been released but your inuition may tell you that it’s something significant and that it will be liberating for you. You may have completed a self-imposed “prison sentence” – or found a way to use alone time in fulfilling, constructive ways. You may notice an improvement in your physical health or in the atmosphere surrounding your work environment. The stage is being set for a major beautification or “love” project that will stabilize and support.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
A change, improvement, or upgrade in your relationship status enhances your social life in measurable ways. Sommething or someone has set you free allowing you to attract something more aligned with what you acttually desire. It may change the game for you. Something more high profile can be achieved. Friendships are easier, more authentic, more aligned and supportive of your dreams, hopess, and wishes for your own future and the future of a community or group. Expansion and creating or enjoying more space and freedom serves you well. Some adjustments regarding money and relationships may need to be made. Values may change. Your sense of self worth may be upgraded. Travel or foreign influences continue to move you in promising directions.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Something liberating or unsual may exert a positive, improvement-oriented influence over your professional/public life. Your status may be elevated in some way, supported by love, a release from the past, and the integration of (or assitance from) your right brain. Something financially stabilizing may allow you to shape your career in a more service-oriented or personally effective way. Your words and influence may be broadcast to a progressively larger audiences. Your relationship with yourself, your partner, and your life may be upgraded or improved in incremental but specific ways. Change may seem small, too slow, insignificant, or inconsequential – but it liberates you in some way – and that’s always a big deal for Sagittarius.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
The opportunity sector of your chart is highly energized under the impending new Moon. This has to do with making improvements and learning what you need to know through travel – most likly to romantic places or for romantic reasons. You may crave a transportive atmosphere that will improve your ability to connect and heal. It’s likely that expanding your life experience fits in with a long term goal. A partner or partnerships may be your focus. The future is looking good for Capricorn as long as you can relax into accepting that optimism, generosity, and the expectation of success is more effective than fear in getting you where you want to be.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
The new Moon influences your 8th house of shared resources and financial partnerships. An old commitment involving family and the past is influencing your financial picture in very positive ways. Debts may be paid off and a new degree of financial freedom is thrown into the mix. You may have money to spend on the kind of beautification you value most. The sex/intimacy realm of your life may improve in some unexpected, convoluted, “trickster” kind of way. Memories of abusive financial situations or scarcity can be released in favor of something more stable and supportive. Be cautious of hanging on to old situations that have been corrected, problems that have been solved, relationships that have improved, or wounds that have been healed. A new focus, approach, method, or strategy may soon be needed. Keep adjusting, improving, moving forward, and feeling grateful. (Don’t get stuck).
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Something appeears to opening up within your mind – a new perspectve on love, beauty, and things of lasting value sets you free and measurably improves the relationship/ partnership sector of your life. An upgrade is materializing. A disruption to an old style and approach is facilitating something more healing, more liberating, and more aligned with universal love, personal love, and maybe your soul – or a soul mate. A new chapter in an existing relationship is indicated. Relationships in general might feel stabilizing. A sudden flash of insight or unexpected encounter might feel reassuring. Follow up is encouraged. What you’re currently cultivating feels healing.

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