New Horoscopes for the Week of August 7th – 13th

(Veneciano Mosaico)

Today the Sun in Leo trines Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius. An exciting, creative, loving possibility is strongly suported – along with freedom, independence, exhileration, and expansion. Sun/Jupiter’s “default setting” is happy, resilient, and optimistic.

But Saturn inconjucts this Sun/Jupiter “pairing.” He sobers things up a bit by challenging you to make a needed adjustment. Maybe you’ve been set free of an old situation that once provided structure, security, and predictability. Now it’s your responsibility to create a new structure tailored to fit you. Taking some action and accepting more responsibility for the direction of your life entails an adjustment. Despite fear you may need to take more risk to create a happier, healthier lifestyle. Even if you’re comfortable where you are, doing what you know, it could be time to step into a leadership role that allows for growth. Cultivating more faith in yourself might take more effort. Setting limits for how you will be treated or pushing back against someone whose ego has gotten out of control (a Leo season hazard) might be necessary. Putting the brakes on something that’s expanding too rapidly is a possibilty.

Sunday, August 11th, brings some major astrological shifts. Jupiter stations direct after being retrograde since April 10th of this year. The time for review, reconsideration, and backtracking is over. A clarification emerges. The coast is clear to proceed with an expansion. Future plans can be set in place and set in motion.

Also on Sunday Uranus turns into retrograde motion at 6 degrees of Taurus. It will remain in retrograde motin until January of 2020. The need for radical change intensifies. It’s important to remember where your area of brilliance lies and what your gift to world looks like. It’s easier during this Uranus retrograde phase to tap into a well-spring of inner wisdom. A mandate to live in harmony with your own nature and with nature itself intensifies. Protecting a tranquil place within seems more urgent. Down-to-earth, practical solutions to better management of personal resources are supported.

On Sunday Mercury, now in direct motion, re-enters the sign of Leo where it was originally placed on June 28th of this year. Current events, ideas, discussions, realizations, connections, perspectives, or messages received are connected to what originated then.

The realm of your life that will be clarified, energized, expanded, revolutionized, or set free will be signified by the house placements of Jupiter, Uranus, and Mercury. Within this week’s horoscopes I will personalize that for each sign.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
A gathering of planets and asteroids in your 5th house of love, creativity, and self expression continues to be challenged by the need to adjust to professional and personal realities It appears what you’ve been most proud of may need to be thrown overboard or transformed into something more aligned with your current aims. A thorough and complete purge of the past is in order. Hanging on to what’s over can have debilitating effects. You can say goodbye to old commitments. Your most distinguishing feature might be in need of an adjustment. Something that more accurately reflects the updated you could be introduced. A new and different kind of relationship with yourself and your profession is timmely. More space for the revoutionary and edgier parts of you can flourish now. A (sudden) clarification materializes. Jupiter is primed to actively support an expansion and new freeedoms. Momentum starts to build. And the ongoing Uranian revolution gets more personal. Values change. Methods of managing money and resources are revolutionized. Protecting a tranquil place within is important. More faith in yourself allows you to change in ways that can revitalize the masses.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
The ongoing revolution of your entire approach to life and to relationships takes a dive into the realm of something deeeply personal, spiritually significant, and more closely aligned with your essential nature. A well-spring of inner wisdom is readily available – particularly as it relates to home, family, and the past. Something simple and workable may be replacing what was once a tangled web of confusion and pain. You are both a lightening rod for change and a source of stabilization. Love transcends every other consideration. Still adjustments need to be made to the pressures that continues to demand a thorough and complete transformation of your relationship to realities. Some truths about the future need to be acknowledged. Something practical or limiting needs to be taken into consideration as you make plans. Personal transformations accelerate as Jupiter turns direct. You make great strides in mastering your tendency to overdo. Your power to nurture, cultivate, and heal through humor intensifies. Your capacity for intimacy grows. What you communicate is raw and truthful.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
A clarification is connected to something that originated at the end of June. It might involve a child, a lover, or a creative project – maybe all three. The long review regarding the nature of committed relationships is almost complete. Something having to do with mothering and/or what you’re trying to cultivate may take hold. Progress will feel easier. Still there are adjustments that need to be made. This may involve financial realities or a financial partnership. It may involve setting yourself free to take another step toward a deeper, more binding sense of commmitment to another or to yourself. Intimacy issues can be complicated. Trust issues may be front and center. Something signifcant is clarified. Information regarding your relationship to what you love (and fear) creates on opportunity. The revolution takes place behind the scenes for you. Your health reflects the extent to which you embrace or resist change. It seems important to connect with what lies beyond the realm of consciousness. Some experimentation may be needed Meditation seems essential. You may want some assistance from an enlightned healer. Now is the perfect time to engage one or to realize your own potential to heal in magical ways.

CANCER (June 21-July)
The long review involving future possibilities is about over. Yoou may have received a clarification that allowed you to make a decision. Progress can now be made within the realm of accessing hidden information to promote healing, to cultivate something both practical and magical, to develop “new” methods rooted in the past, and to adjust your habits and routines in the direction of something more aligned with the “wisdom of the ages.” Behind the scenes Cancers are magicians and adepts. But they may not feel comfortable advertising the fact. The revolution is getting more personal. Old dreams, hopes, and wishes may need to be revolutionized to fit the needs of the day. You may need to dedicate yourself to a community cause that seeks to enlighten and to re-align the masses with something more natural and sustainable. On a personal level you may need to invest more fully into something you love that has dark roots or sinister beliefs attached to it. Skepticism and fear cannot be allowed to derail you. Now is the time to amass an army of allies – or just a few – and some money to help you bring the spiritual revolution to the masses. There’s enough passion to fuel it.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Today the Sun and Jupiter align in a supportive trine to ease your way forward. You’re at the peak of your attractiveness. The way you present yourself to the world is most likely sparkling, entertaining, loving, and generous. Hopefully you’re not getting carried away your wonderfulness. But if you are it’s likely you’ll be reined in. It’s better if you pre-emptively rein yourself in and make the needed adjustments on your own. Maybe you don’t need to emphasize that you’re the victim of the “incompetents” who surround you – that you’re the fall guy, the savior, the one responsible for upholding high standards, the one who takes on all the responsibility and blame – the virtual saint. That comes from an insecure place. Setting some limits for ego within your work environment seems critical. Maybe your methods are in need of improvement. Developing a more equitable or flexible approach to relationships seems wise. Future succeess may depend on a personal revolution that encourage you to treat your personality as a work of art. It’s about time, though, for you to take center stage and to create the kind of fun you’re famous for.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
Mercury re-enters the sign of Leo this week. What’s gestating in the deepest realms of your mind and heart is comparable to a wildfire. Something has been ignited deep within. Inspiration is abundant. Intuition is alive and well. Daydreams and new possibilities emerge in raw form. Vague, aritistic outlines give you some hints as to what you might want to manifest when the Sun moves into Virgo on August 24th. That will be a time when you staddle a line between two worlds – the imaginative and the real. It’s the ultimate for anyone with artistic or beautification tendencies. But something realistic or practical demands an adjustment. Maybe you’re an artist or profoundly creative in a service oriented way but limited by the need for financial stability and a job that occupies most of your time. Maybe there are other excuses for putting what you love on the back burner. Using your creative talent and acceess to guides to devise a more fulfilling direction for yourself is possible.Dreams are rich with information. Something freeing within your home and family or regarding the past enables forward movement. A deeply personal and passionate revolution regarding future expansion and freedom encourages you to align yourself with your most natural inclinations.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
As a friend and ally you are at the peak of your attractiveness. The way you present yourself to the world now is most likely sparkling, entertaining, loving, and generous. You are an incredible asset to any cause you’re dedicated to and to the dreams, hopes, and wishes you want to manifest. You are a rare combination of brilliance, unusual talent, revolutionary know-how, and cutting edge ideas. But some difficult adjustments involving hard realities and practical limits.Those adjustments may be related to family, your home, and the past. Most likely they involve leaving the past behind along with some inflexible family members, exploitative work environments, inherited patterns, and habits. Whatever undermines your confidence and feels unsupportive or disrespectful needs to be limited. Old habits and conditionning die hard for Libras. But Uranus is revolutionizing the realm of your life responsible for deep transformational change. It is unlikely that you will be able to sustain the status quo. Instead you will have opportunities to take back the power you gave away – especially within the realm of financial partnerships. At the same time you will enhance your ability to heal in magical, futuristic ways.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Mars continues to form a supportive, opportunity angle to Pallas in Libra. Relationships that have ended – or magical relationships with invisible entities – provide you with the means to succeed in a big, maybe high profile way. Actions that are guided by intuition and what feels right work out pretty well for you. At the same time adjustments need to be made. An inflated sense of specialness may need to be reined in. It’s better to pre-emptively rein it in yourself. There is a reality or difficult truth that needs to be acknowledged. Something deeply transformative needs to take place with regard to your communication style, attentiveness, and/or inflexible mental framework. Soomething cold and calculating may have run its course. Financial considerations may outweigh the importance of staying connected to innate wisdom and a vision for the future is comforting in the ways that matter most. It is likely your approach to relationships – including your relationship to yourself -will be revoluttionized. An inner revolution takes place at progressively deeper levels as Uranus turns retrograde. Jupiter sets your 2nd house of values, priorities, self-worth, and net worth in forward motion. Momentum builds and progress accelerates.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
You might feel that you’re finally getting on the right track. The equivocating and uncertainty is fading. A four month long review and reconsideration involving your future, where you’re headed, or in which direction you’d like to expand, is finally ending. You’re free to accelerate the pace. Everyday you may get some new confirmation that what feels righ is right. Optimism fuels you. In fact you may be feer of nagging doubts than you’ve been in a while. And you may be exited about the future. Still there may be adjustments that need to be made. Tightening up or keeping closer track of your finances may be part of the picture. Working to improve personal resource management skills, making a few sacrifices and making some effort to deliberately undermine any existing feeling of undeservingness or guilt could be very important. You might need to finance the adventure you have in mind. As Uranus turns retrograde it’s time to revolutionize your approach to your health, your work, and yourself. A closer mind/body/emotional connection is needed. Something more natual and pure that harmonizes all the pieces of yourself into a healthy functioning whole is possible. Old habits may need to be overthrown. Sticking stubbornly with something that hasn’t worked is a problem. For Sadge the issue is usually overindulgence. An unorthodox, internally driven approach is likely to work best.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Currently Capricorn’s 8th housee is packed with vibrant Leo energy and power. You may feel proud of the power you wield, more intensely in love with the person you’ve become, fired up by your ability to act effectively in the most complicated situations, and enlivened by the committments you’ve made and the partnerships you’re a part of. But you have things under control. Hopefully. Maybe. With Leo there’s always that fine line between feeling proud of who you are and feeling more special than the rest. Something imperious can creep in. You might not have time to notice your impact on others. If you lean in that direction you’re likely to be reined in. But it’s more dignified if you rein yourself in. Cultivating a higher level of awareness of your impact on others is important. It’s likely you’ll begin to expand your awareness and sensitivity as Jupiter moves into direct motion. More progress can be made as you cultivate compassion for yourself and others. Something very wise could emerge from the depths of your being. What is being revolutionized is the realm of your life that allows you to freely infuse as much joy as possible into your own life and the livees of others. An old framework and a few outdated beliefs need to be destroyed so you can reconnect with a source of un-selfconsciouness and child-like joy.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Aquarius is closley aligned with the planet Uranus. It’s considered the ruler of your chart. As Uranus turns retrograde in your 4th house of home, family, roots, and the past, something old and outdated, traditional and confining, needs to be demolished. If you resist the urge to be stubborn and resistant, you have the chance to develop a totally different (better) kind of relationship with your home, your family, and your environment – one that is more deeply satisfying to your soul. Something that harmonizes bettter with your most natural way of being is becoming a distinct poossibility. But you may be more attached to the past than you think. There is some kind of a difficult adjustment required that involves your role within the realm of relationships and the reality that exists within – maybe just beneath your level of consciousness. Something sad or frightening – old financial fears maybe – needs to be brought into the light of day. While you feel that you’re in a happy, healthy relationship something unsettling continues to distract you. Your job is to bring to the surface a reality that needs to be dealt with. The more time you can spend in quiet contemplation the happier and more secure you’ll feel.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
As Uranus moves into retrograde motion a revolution of your mind is in play. Old outdated ideas, beliefs, communication patterns, connections, and fears need to be demolished. Your knowledge base has increased over ttime. You have more experience under your belt. You may have exposed yourself to foreign environments and languages and still be protecting an old confining mental framework that cannot accommodate the new perspectives, beliefs, and ideas that are flowing in your direction. Some old mental inflexibility needs to be destroyed. On a different note your relationship with a sibling may need to be destroyed, re-invented, and re-invigorated. It’s all very personal and deeply rooted in something dark and complicated. There is cause for optimism, though. Delays and reconsiderations that have been in play for the past four months are reaching an end point. Progress accelerates. Adjustments may need to be made that make it easier for you to love with less fear and less restraint. That’s probably an inside job. A willingness to release the past is required.

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