New Moon Horoscopes for the Week of July 31st – Aug. 6th

New Moon in the Sign of Leo – July 31, 2019 at 11:12 PM EDT

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Leo New Moon Interpretation:

The general theme of this Leo New Moon is clarity. Mercury turns direct just 46 minutes after the rise of the New Moon. The change in Mercury’s direction (and the message itself) is therefore super-charged.

A specific realm of life experience is highly energized by a large grouping of Leo planets in one specific area of your life. as Something is coming to life in a highly energized form. A possiblity or point of clarity that was unlikely or impossible before the July 16th full Moon eclipse in Capricorn can now materialize. It was then that the final “nail in the coffin” of a life defining phase was put in place.

Venus, the goddess of love, in the sign of Leo conjoins this vibrant but fragile New Moon and new beginning. Uranus in Taurus delivers something surprising and unexpected – something fortunate most likely that eases your path forward. A consequential new beginning is triggered. Expansive new possiblities emerge. Love, romance, relationships with children, and creative new ideas are infused with new life. But new life is by defnition delicate and needs protection.

Leo is the self, your sense of identity, how you define yourself to yourself. It’s self-involvement, self-love and self-mastery. Leo is a fiery, playfully creative, enterttaining celebration of the self – and life itself. But in this new Moon chart Leeeo is someewhat restarined and challenged to adjust to Capricorn’s disciplined influence. Thankfully Leo never really grows up. But under Capricorn’s influence he might have to take on more responsibility than he’d like to.

Reality demands to be taken in to consideration. Adjustments may be financial in nature. Giant celebrations and over-the-top excitement may need to be toned down. Maybe more time, more thought, moree caution, or something disciplined needs to be infused into the equation. Tamping down your enthusiasm or expectations in the short term may be wise.

To bring a new possibility into manifestion both enthusiasm and restraint are required. Jean Miro says it best;

“The works must be conceived with fire in the soul but executed with clinical coolness.”

It’s likely you’ve been tested and purified in the forge of worldly experience. Gaining mastery over yourself, your craft, forging a sexual identity, and carefully gauging the amount of force you apply to any interaction, relationship, or creative project seems especially important.

A rare and surprising opportunity to cultivate something new and fragile (something of real value to you) demands a thoughtful, refined approach. Tuning into the deeper levels and requirements of the emerging possiblity is critical to keeping it alive.

Cancer’s influence is still pervasive, though. Family, the past, ancestors, and the home are central to this new Moon’s message.
Nasty family skeletons and old fears come to life. But so does the invisible support of family members who have passed on.

It’s a good time to ask for guidance from the ancestor who loves you most. It seeems they’re anxious to reconnect and to be of assistance – maybe to repay you for the generosity and love you gave to them in the past.

Venus and Chiron form a beautiful, close to exact trine with one another. New beginnings are accelerated. Lots of seemingly effortless healing is taking place. Your sense of confidence may be renewed. Relationships with children, a sense of playfulness, and creative purpose comes back to life.

If you’ve been looking for the perfect mentor he or she should not be hard to find. Don’t dimiss a connection that feels too easy or synchronous.

Pluto, retrograding in Capricorn and squaring Pallas in Libra speaks to the deep healing and renewal that is likely to occur when you let go of old habits, emotional patterns, perspectives, and automatic responses.

Old habits developed when you were painfully alienated (or held at arms length) from something you loved must now be transformed. This will require courage and self-discipline. It’s time to center your success around your ability to be self-focused, self-disciplined, and self-aware.

Giving yourself and others permission to change – to let something go, or to bring an “offical” end to an old commitment that required you to act in a limited, subscribed way is the opportunity. (Neptune inconjuncts the Leo Mars/Juno conjunction and so does Pluto. Yes. This is a Yod configuration indicating a fateful encounter and turn of events.)

There is something personally liberating about the emerging new beginning. The past can now be put in the past. Values and priorites are changing. A new day and everything it brings to life frees you to expand beyond old limits. Within the scheme, purpose, and story of your life this does seem like a clarifying, fateful, pivotal time.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
There is the possiblity that your heart and soul are merging into a singularly powerful entity that brings great potential for success if you can keep it together. There is something from the past that is brought back to life in ways that encourage new ideas, exciting possibilities, and unexpected encounters. Inspired ideas are triggered. A romantic possibility, something playful, child-like, and exciting enters or re-enters the mix. Cooling or slowing things down may be important to the viability of whatever delicate new beginning begins to manifest. Tuning in at deeper levels allows you to accurately guage the requirements of the situation and the force of your approach. It’s important to harness the excitement you feel to protect and thoughtfully cultivate an emerging career or life direction – and what feels destined to be.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
A clarification of the past puts you on the same page with yourself. A sense of wholeness or completeness you’ve felt alienated from for a long time enters the mix. A renewed sense of confidence may be emerging to coincide with some promising romantic potential, inspired idea, or the freedom to finaly manifest the secure and solid future you’ve had in mind. There’s lots of effortless healing going on that changes the nature of the game for you. You’re being made whole in ways that make you a force to be reckoned with. But it’s important to guage the requirements of the situation and the force of your approach. It’s possbile to under-do or over-do and in the proceess to destroy handicap new beginning. Tuning in at deeper levels of engagement is important. Adjustments along the lines of something more restrained, toned down, and disciplined is required to harness the potential that is emerging.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Your mind is always on fire with new ideas. But a clarification of priorites and values or a new and different connection with your physical body may be fueling a sense of wholeness or completeness you’ve been alienated from for awhile. A sense of wholeness – a sense of being on the same page with yourself – increases your confidence and the courage to take some risk to do what you’d actually love to do. But something involving merging resources with another, your role within a financial partnership, dealing with sexual intimacy issues and debt requires an infusion of restraint, thoughtful planning, and harnessing exciting ideas to make sure your on solid financial footing. It seems important to think in terms of managing your resources in ways that liberate you. This new Moon gives you some clarity as to how this can be done – along with the courage to cultivate something more authentic, independent, and original.

CANCER (June 21-July)
Mercury is on the cusp of moving into direct motion in your 1st house. Something clarifying allows you to move full steam ahead, to courageously make your mark in the world, and to influence outcomes. An approach that is a pure manifestation and reflection of you is now possible. Your second house of values and priorities – and the extent to which you’re capable of managing your resources to promote what value most – is on fire. New, exciting ideas motivate you to merge your resources with another or to go “all in” in a relationship. Maybe this is about going all-in with yourself or solidifying your relationship with yourself. In any case a careful evaluation of the reality of a relationship seems to call for something more restrained, self-protective, and sustainable. It’s important to take your body into consideration and to know that you’re playing the long game. Harnessing your excitement to ensure that you’ll be able to go the distance to cultivate what you value most is wise. Someone is relying on you to be the voice of reason and a source of stablization.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
A clarification involving an old loss and the unconscious expectation that you might lose what keeps you alive and excited can officially end under this new Moon. A new and liberating awareness ends a habitual response that undermines what give you the most joy. You may begin to feel more whole and more confident with the role you play in your most significant relationship. You may be excited about asserting yourself in a new way. Essentially you’re reborn and on the cusp of a year long project that involves infusing more of your most joyful self into life and into the relationships you love. It’s important to see yourself reflected back in the form of a relationship that is authentic, original, brilliant, independent, and humane. It’s also important to carefully gauge the amount of force you apply within your relationships. You may get carried away with the excitement of feeling liberated. A certain amount of restraint may be required within your work environment or with regard to your health. Yes you are amazingly talented, attractive and newly unleashed. Make sure you harness that energy in a direction that allows you to carefully cultivate what you value most.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
A community project, social environment, friendship, or energies directed toward activism may have you feeling especially hopeful, excited, and inspired by a new, as yet to emerge, possibility. A liberating clarification or choice has empowered you to undermine something depressing or limiting involving families, homes, and the past. A powerful behind the scenes effort characterized by investigation, research, attention to detail, and the courage to expose something dark and dishonest may be leveling a lopsided playing field. But methods and tactics of partners and opponents can be biliant and unpredictble. A clash of values may be in play. There is cause for caution and vigilance – especially in matters of finance. Celebrations may be premature. Arrogance is foolish. Being wide open and receptive is risky. A newly gestating, life-enhancing possibility needs to be nurtured and protected.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
Old relationship patterns and habits are being seriously challenged in ways that require you to die and be reborn into a more so elevated and empowered position. The past is dead. It died under the eclipse of July 16th. A new approach to relationships in general is required. The current environment enlivens and energizes your social life, your receptivity to love, and a renewed commitment to personal dreams, hopes, and wishes. Something loving that comes to you in an original, unusual, brilliant, or surprising form is irresistable. It’s just important to make sure your not finding the same kind of love that encourages you to repeat old patterns – a “new” lover who requires you to play the same role you’ve always played within the realm of relationships. It’s too confined by what you’ve inherited from your family of origin. A delicate new possibility is emerging. But it can be easily killed by something influenctial from the past. It may be wise to keep some distance between you and your family or the past until you have a chance to establish new pattterns that are uniquely and authetically your own.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Neptune and Pluto inconjunct Mars and Juno this week. Translation: Elements of a purified intensfied soul life mix with peculiar states of soul experience involving juggling, illusory tricks, falsehoods, and fraud. Relationships tend to have a fated quality. Actions that are highly creative and inspired or selfishly self-centered, childish, and arrogant seem to be those you’re destined to commit to. There’s a destabilizing energy that continually circulates through actions you’re commited to. Something ungrounded, imaginative, sinister, and hidden is always in play – especially now, under the influence of this new Moon. But there is a delicate new beginning emerging. It involves the cultivation of what you love, aiming for a professional goal that reflects the essence and briliance of who you are, and effortless healing that returns to you something that was stolen – a sense of courage and confidence probably. It’s wise to be cautious, restrained, and conservative regarding your thoughts and what’s true. You need to keep an eye on whatever provides the stabilizing basis for your future security.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Travel and exploration, expansion, and exposure to something foreign could provide relief from a chronic sense of restlessness and confinement. Something clarifying could provide the liberation you need too get on with it. The second guessing and confusion may subside under this new Moon. It favorably aspects the essencee of who you are and what you’re about. It’s time to feel proud of who you are, what you know, the open, humane nature of your mind, the need to communicate clearly, to connect, and to appreciate the brilliant, unpredictable nature of your thoughts. When it comes to creating a joy-filled future no sign is as brilliantly creative as yours. You’ve experienced a lot of hard stuff and learned the hard way. It’s time for some effortless healing, renewed confidence, and maybe some kind of reward. The long review and reconsideration phase is about over. Decisions can be made. The only caution I would advise is to use your resources wisely and to consider that a more relaxed routine might connect you with what your soul craves and eliminate the urge to overdo.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
It might be time to take a playful approach to undoing and transforming old, confining, psychological conditioning that continues to keep you at a distance from the intimacy you crave. Or you might need to have a say in – or to influence – the financial management of a partnership where your reources are merged with anothers. Something more leadership oriented may be callled for. Arrogance or childishness can be left behind. At this point you have nothing left to prove. What you have accumulated is a wealth of informmation, brilliant insights, unusual methods, and an original approach to building wealth. It’s important to be cautious of your need for exclusive control or something inflexible. What seems clear now is that what’s of most value is for you to play a cooperative, commplimentary, protective role. Your attention to detail makes you indispensible and your parterships unstoppable.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Partnerships, commitments, and marriages are highly energized. Attention to the details of what goes on behind the scenes and beneath the level of consciousness makes you unusually useful and effective in keeping relationships alive and vibrant – fresh and exciting. Partners may not know what to expect next from from you and that looks like a good thing as long as it remains interesting and not completely destabilizing. You tend to stay in tune with the deeper levels of what’s going on within the realm of relationships. You might sense barely detectable changes in a partner’s affect. But you might need to focus more on destroying some old obsessive patterns that are undermining your health or work life. The most important thing is that you may be on the cusp of something new, exciting, and joyfully expansive within the realm of a committed relationships. Effortless healing frees you of a lack of confidence . It is now more possible than ever for you to take a relationship in an authentic, original, brilliantly creattive direction. It is possible for your relationships to reflect more of who you are and to feel very proud of the balance that represents.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Your work life and routine may be taking on a life of its own that reflects the hidden, soulful brilliance of who you are. A clarifiying liberation is in play. It involves what you actually love, where you most want to live, what or who makes you feel loved and secure, and a release from a confining past. Soon you will be actively engaged in achieving what you’ve been aiming for. A new milestone or level of personal success is on the horizon. After a series of delays and the need to reconsider all aspects of new and different life direction you may be coming to some conclusions about how and in what direction you want to expand. Someething surprising and fortunate is being thrown into the mix. It appears to involve your ability to communicate in ways that will allow you connect with something foreign and deeply satisfying. What you’ve always thought you wanted may actually be what you want. As long as you can stay disconnected from the fray you float with ease into the next soulfully satisfying possibility.

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