New Horoscopes for the Week of July 24th – 30th


Within the current Mercury retrograde cycle we’re past the midpoint – a point of clarity. Now we anticipate Mercury’s turn into direct motion in the sign of Cancer on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week, depending on your time zone.

Between now and then we can finish the “finishing up” process, go back and correct the record, reverse an old mindset, back away from an old role we used to play within the family, or put an end to our current relationship with home and the past. We can continue to undo what is counter-productive or unsustainable going forward. Information begins to flow. Connections are re-established. We’re less likely to experience delays and false starts. Things get moving again.

Currently Mercury retrograde and Venus are traveling through the sign of Cancer – at the moment in opposite directions. Something we recover during this Mercury retrograde phase might be beneficial- financially or otherwise. A financial partnership (relationship) from the past could be a source of delayed rewards and benefits. Old paperwork and records from the past might entitle you to something that makes life easier.

This week Mars in Leo trines Jupiter in Sagittarius retrograde. Confident, expansive, fiery actions are supported. Past expansive experiences involving travel, writing (publishing), higher education, legalities, are calling you to something more adventurous. It’s time to be bold and courageous and to pursue the thing that will infuse more joy into your life. The freedom to expand may have recently been gifted to you. If you choose to use the trine to expand your reach you’re likely to have lots of cosmic support and cooperation – and success.

Currently Mars in Leo inconjuncts Saturn retrograde in Capricorn. Adjustments can or need to be made. You may be required to relocate in order to more fully develop and express your talents. You may need to accommodate a commitment to yourself, your kids, or a lover that will require a significant or challenging adjustment. Undoing the past by distancing yourself from continual remminders of what’s over seems to be part of the picture.

Powerful authorities, the “grown ups in the room,” or the voice of reason in your head demands that you make some changes. Of course you can refuse and keep going down the path you’re on. But because Mars is desire what you want will be hard to get if you don’t adjust to a different role, a new scene, or a new attitude.

Pluto continues to be locked in a challenging aspect to Pallas, the feminine strategist and warrior. He’s challenging you to destroy old, destructive, relationship habits, deeply ingrained controlling tendencies, authoritative or exploitative pattterns. In the process you’ll be setting free a treasure trove of competence and talent involving creative intelligence and the ability to strategize effectivelly.

On a different note Pluto may be creating harsh, inhumane environments that challenge you to use your creative intelligence and strategizing talent to find a remedy. Your negotiating skills may be highly developed. But when survival is at stake Pallas is capable of delivering a “deadly blow” if something she values (life itself) is threatened.

On Sunday Venus enters the sign of Leo joining the Leo Sun/Mars/Juno “show” already in progress. It’s time to get the party started – to be bolder, more social, and publically interactive. It’s time to show the world how special you are in fairly dramatic ways – to showcase your talents and attract an audience. It’s time to be proud of yourself and what you can do.

It’s hard not to express generosity and child-like playfulness under Leo’s influence. Kids and art, or artists themselves, might be especially inspiring to you and the world this week. They might provide the impetus for you to act boldly and courageously.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Mars, your chart ruler, is encouraged to act bolldy in the interest of getting what he wants. You may be in the midst of a highly energized creative phase or an unusually “pro-active” phase when it comes to pursuing a lover you find sexually attractive. You may be breaking through chains that bind you to a subdued expression of yourself and your talents. Boldy dramatic, bigger, and more liberated expressions are now supported by Jupiter. He might be reminding you of past victories and the benefits you experienced by making a break for freedom, taking a chance on expanding beyond personal limits, acting boldly in your own behalf, or taking some risk for the sake of love. Your confidence builds under current cosmic conditions. Venus’s move into your 5th house of love suggests your powers of attraction have shifted into a hgher gear. A “shot in the arm” comes in the form of growth and expansion – possibly into foreign territory. The future you’ve been cultivating begins to materialize at an accelerated pace.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21
Venus is moving into your fourth house of your home and family on Sunday. She joins the Sun, Mars,and Juno already happily residing in what can probably be described as a tasteful, art-filled, comforting, nurturing, peaceful (most of the time) space. A Taurus home is usually a simple, or sometimes lavish, work of art – not just in the physical sense, but with regard to the abundance of love, beauty, and comfort that resides there. A Taurus home is often a shelter from the storm, a haven of safety, a soothing, predictable environment. So if you’re at all responsible for any of that it’s time to showcase yourself and your talents preferably in your home. You might want to find a reason to entertain so that others can soak up the nourishment that will surround them – but also because it would be a chance for you to showcase what you do best. Now, during this Leo season is the time to inspire others through the beauty you’ve created.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
An abundance of Leo energy has set your third house of ideas, bold, creative communication, writings, and expressive talents on fire. It may be time for you to find a bigger audience to generously share what you know and to inspire those who would love and admire your style and feel enlivened by your ideas – especially the really unusual, really “out-there” ones. You know a lot and lean in the direction of cultivating what feels futuristic and maybe magical to most. Your beliefs do not fall into “mainstream” categories. They’re brilliant and sometimes shocking. What you say within the realm of conversation is unpredicatable and fascinating. You have educated yourself in things that are all-new and cutting-edge to most. It’s time to make yourself more accessible, to showcase your ideas, your intelligence, and the unusual nature of your mind and thoughts. You enliven the minds of the masses and it’s time to share with a bigger audience your most loving, healing, mind-bending ideas.

CANCER (June 21-July)
Now may be the time when you’re able to easily manifest, and put into action, your most brilliant ideas about nurturing, nourishing, soothing, comforting, protecting, healing, and providing for. Manifestation in all forms is a talent you possess. You could say your area of greatest talent is “making it real” and bringing it down too earth. You tend to manage the resources you have beautifully. Others talk a good game, wish, and hope, and long for. But you are not satisfied with things in the abstract – especially when it comes to your home, your family, and emotional security. Your methods are brilliant and somewhat unusual. The way you live your life and manifest ideas that were once just longings is not mainstream. You could write a book on how to manifest dreams. From a distance you may have inspired admirers who want to put into physical form – a poem, a story, a book – about how you nurture and nourish yourself, your family, and your ideas. It’s possible you’ve struggled emotionally and have had to overcome significant hurdles. But there’s something to be incredibly proud of now. It may be all the emotional victories you’ve accumulated despite the odds. It may be that your current life actually reflects what you once longed for.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
This is your time of year Leo. Everyone is a bit “Leo” now. But it’s true you’re in a class by yourself. No one “does” Leo the way you do. Your heart is abundantly generous. You inspire others through your enthusiastic, fully alive, fun-loving approach to life. Through example you bring the “walking dead” back to life. It’s at once very natural and highly inspired. But beacause there is so much energy fueling this already raging fire (you) I feel the need to add some words of caution. For Leo there’s a fine line between displays of confidence and pride that feel inspiring and comforting to others (like there in the safe hands of a very talented leader) – and outright obnoxious repelling displays of arrogance. Confidence is good. Over-confidence is an accident waiting to happen. Additionally there’s a fine line between an intent focus on the self – as in needing to create a “work art” that requires the full engagement of every aspect of yourself – and the tiresome belief that the world revolves around you. From an astrological point of view that’s clearly symbolized by the fact that the Sun rules Leo. Every planet in the solar system revolves around the Sun. Symbolically you are the Sun. Cosnciously tuning into others is especially important now. Throw a party and be your most entertaining self. But consider sharing the stage.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
Virgo is at the end of the end of a yearly cycle. Fortunately your talents lie in the fine art of ending things with integrity and artistic grace. That talent produces an abundance of rewards on a regualr basis – but especially now. You may find lots of raw material to work with this week that comes in the form of ongoing problems that need to be resolved or walked away from, entanglements that need to be untangled, confining situations that can now more easily be escaped from. Maybe this involves releasing yourself from a nagging sense of guilt rooted in the belief that you haven’t performed perfectly in every situation. A cleaning/clearing process delivers a treasure trove of gifts to you in the near future. It may be time for you to cultivate a bigger audience despite your probable reluctance to do that. Many of us would be interested in the fine art of ending things gracefully. (It’s generally an awkward thing for most). Maybe you could write a book then go on tour to showcase the abundance of talent that exists within you. Consider it a way to provide a service that involves sharing some of your stunning hidden gifts.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
Venus is about ready to kick your social life into high gear. Friendly get togethers with unusually brilliant friends and allies brings lots of joy into your life. You’re more receptive to love so it’s bound to flow in your direction. Dreams, hopes and wishes are re-energized. Participation in community projects benefit you in unexpected ways. Group work becomes unusually satisfying. Now may be the right time to form an informal group with a common goal. The goal might be to futher develop something nurturing and comforting and to offer your services to the community. It’s time to share your specific area of brilliance and originality with the masses. It appears you’ve earned the right to do what you love. Pallas is a feminine warrior, gifted with creative intelligence, the ability to strategize, negotiate, and develop effective (battle) plans. Pattern recognition is a skill but it also suggests the possibility of you being victimized by old, controlling, family patterns. It’s time to challenge yourself to detach from the past and what you’ve inherited. It’s time to set yourself free of emotionally detached patterns that block the flow of truth and love.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Scorpio looks to be on the verge of success. Something easier and more supportive within the realm of your career flows in your direction. Pallas in your 12th house of hidden things appears to be dissolving old relationship patterns and sensitizing you to a hidden treasure trove of creative intelligence, the ability to strategize, negotiate, and develop effective (battle) plans. Pattern recognition is an innate skill. Pallas is courageous and strong and willing to fight for a cause she believes in. Pallas is moving in the direction of a confrontation with Pluto in your third house of communication. She’s asking for you to be more open-minded and receptive to truth and what’s real so her (your) innate talents can be applied in more effective ways. Pallas can be weakened by a closed mind willing to see and receive only the things it wants to see and receive. Pallas is demanding a concession now that she’s more in touch with the magnitude and power of her gifts. Something undermining that you don’t want to see needs to be faced, defined, and disabled. You cant be as effective as you want to be without acknowledging the reality within which you’re operating.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Mars in your 9th house of future expansion, growth, and greater freedom, is being supported by Jupiter currently in retrograde motion. Something you’ve always wanted may be starting to fall into place. Risky bets you’ve made, courageous actions you’ve taken in the past, the fortitude to remmain resilient and hopeful when you there was little encouragement to draw from is paying off. On Sunday when Venus moves into the sign of Leo more pieces easily fall into place. On August 11th momentum kicks into high gear. Your on your way to an adventure that feeds your soul and your success. Foundationally you may need to collect more information, to become more proficient in a foreign language, to connect with brilliant outsiders who’ve had similiar experiences and adventures. The future you’re excited about is probably unusual – not for the faint of heart, or those wedded to a “sure thing.” Stepping into areas of high-minded, expansive exploration (higher education, foreign travel, writing, publishing, ethical leadership, and legal expertise) fortifies your life’s central purpose. Your highes goal is to communicate beautifully – to be known for your exceptional, oratorical, artistic, literary gifts to the world. Keep that in mind as you fill in the details of your future life.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Mars presents an opportunity or demand that you make adjustments or introduce new accommodations involving shared resources, financial partnerships, and ways of dealing with financial issues that are old or rooted in the past. A certain inflexibity, resistance, or the need for ego soothing may need to be accommodated. This looks like a chance to adjust something to make it more of a reflection of you, to highlight a role you’re very proud of, or a financial talent you want to showcase. Methods left over from an old system or strategy may need to be updated. Venus’s move into the 7th house of relationships pretty much ensures things will be magnanimous. A generosity of spirit accompanies relationship negotiatitons. The end goal for all concerned is probably something fair and equitable. Full use of your creative intelligence, your ability to recognize patterns, trends, and to develop effective (battle) strategies for the future hinges on your ability to release an old attachment to independence, power, and sole control of the purse strings.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
The 7th house comes to life this time of year in what looks to be very positive developments. Relationships are highlighted and the partners Aquarians choose are generally an “embarassment of riches” when tt comes to talent. Your love and ability to cooperate pretty ensures that things will proceed smoothly As long as Aquarius is able to speak the truth and doesn’t feel confined she’s good. But a nagging lack of trust on the part of an overly confident partner makes an otherwise happy scene challenging. Pallas the goddess of war and a virtual “treasure trove” of creative intelligence, negotiating talent, and strategic planning, is challenging Pluto in the 12th house of hidden things. The 12 house symbolizes sources of power and influence we’re not aware of. Pallas is courageous and supremely competent. But Aquarious senses her partner might not fully trust her ability to manifest what she can “will into being” with creative intelligence and a laser focus. At root may be your own lack of confidence in the value of your contribution within relationships. Sometimes it’s best for you to take the lead especially when it comes to future planning. It’s time to boldly and confidently claim your territory.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Black Moon Lillith and Neptune are powerful influences in your 1st house. Your approach to life is quiet, soft, behind the scenes, and deceptively powerfull. You may be whittling away at weak excuses, culturally sanctioned expectations, old approaches to life, and old fears that keep you paralyzed. You may be receiving the empowering information you need through a quiet meditative process. Still your impact is strong and quietly confident. Working behind the scenes you may simply focus on dissolving resistance and ignorance and it’s done. Things change rapidly in a more favorable direction for you. But no one suspects your pulling the levers and managing the future. It’s a beautiful thing. Black Moon is not weakened in the sign of Pisces. She’s simply more effective and clear about her soul’s deepest longings. She’s playing the role she always plays – throwing predictable systems and cultural expectations into chaos to set herself free. But she’s doing it behind the scenes so others might not detect the shift. Neptune is supporting your life’s central pupose which is to find your true home. Now that you have access to invisible power life gets easier.

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